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    Yes, I think it’ll be well into s13 before we see any of this stuff returned to. I fully expect we’ll be seeing RuthDoc back in some form or another.


    Yeah, there is already what amounts to a DWEU, I suppose. But I wonder if we are about to get something that keeps that extant but has another branch that can be explored…[Read more]

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    Well, lots to unpack here. It’s almost like old times…


    Really? Sherlock is currently over a hundred and thirty years old and Doctor Who has a much more flexible structure than good old Sherlock

    Allow me to clarify slightly. I’m not saying that the cultural text of Doctor Who won’t be around in 2063. It most definitely will. I…[Read more]

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    @missrori I’m not buying that the Irish Garda is a Doctor/Time Lord – despite some similarities with the Police Box visual. Otherwise why would he not regenerate when he was shot and fell from the cliff? As pointed out by @jomomentor the recovery was more Captain Jack in style so lends itself more to him being a fixed point in time and immortal -…[Read more]

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    @missrori. Do we know how far into the future this is set? Would then be interesting to see how that ties in with other future Earth/human stories. Surely you can’t always say… “time is wibbly wobbly” etc! 😅

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    Ah I see, thanks for clearing that up @missrori.

    Think there’s so much to clear up in the last 70 mins of the series… is there possibly to much to clear up, maybe?

    Dont think we’ll be seeing Ruth again this series. I’d imagine she’ll return in a special or S13.

    I keep thinking the lone Cyberman looked like the old Brendan. What did the lon…[Read more]

  • Okay, so I had a chance to rewatch this episode – some thoughts on that.

    Firstly, while I’m going to wait and see what next week’s like, I think I may have to apologise to CC for saying his ‘future-set’ episodes aren’t that good. Given the massive amount of information that had to be given to the audience, this was a very well paced first…[Read more]

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    Time is becoming all messed up because the Cybermen are changing it to benefit themselves.

    This is also  how we can have changes on Galifrey and the Ruth Doc and  Master in current time.

    The divergence does seem rather sudden.  Did  the Master destroying Galifrey  have an

    effect on  these new differences too?   Because he gives…[Read more]

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    Agree @psymon. Think Master and Timeless Child will be cleared up this series, but as much as I’d like to see Ruth again, they could potentially try and cram to much into this 2-parter and ruin it.

    I’d save the Ruth Doc stuff imo. Keep the excitement going.

    @missrori. Is the Cyberium the thing the Alliance sent back through time to destroy the…[Read more]

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    In that link the BBC do make a valid point. It is true that a lot of people have difficulty responding to those who have suffered a bereavement or who are in mental distress, and they do tend either to avoid the issue altogether or to resort to euphemisms or platitudes; if someone has died it seems people have difficulty saying the…[Read more]

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    @MissRori That statement makes it clear that the intention of the scene was good at least, even though it clearly could have been handled better.

  • I agree @missrori that the ending was lovely. It reminds me that even now, with all the challenges facing the world, there are forward-thinking, inspired people with ideas that might just take us into a better future!

    Oh, and nice research @whisht on the Kraftwerk connection!

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    @MissRori     I understand that your special circumstances present particular challenges. But I do relate to the statement “to keep the peace, I just don’t talk to her about much anymore“!

    I love my parents dearly, but they live in a part of Canada where the politics are so different from those of mine that I end up avoiding a lot of topics. It’…[Read more]

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    @MissRori     Responding to you in the pub so as to avoid getting modded!

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    @missrori thanks for the clarification! I have to admit that had me stumped!

    That sounds stressful, and dealing with parents as an adult can be tough – I also live with my mother, though in my case it’s more her living with us.

    I feel for kids nowadays, I hate those memes that get circulated mocking young people for protesting about the…[Read more]

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    @Craig you are indeed Emperor 🙂 And Tim Minchin is fab.

    @missrori @jimthefish

    Essentially, the whole of Nu Who, up until the “fix it” of The Name of the Doctor, has the Doctor as having committed genocide against his own people. In The Satan Pit, the Beast refers to Tennant Doc as “the killer of his own kind” and we eventually find out what…[Read more]

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    Interesting points re. Morality and the Doctor and I think we can say that Doc’s morality and system of ethics sometimes doesn’t resemble ours and is sometimes contradictory to what we’ve seen in the past (largely to do with individual writers). You could credibly argue, however, that the Doctor’s entire character arc from An Unearthly…[Read more]

  • @phaseshift

    That’s a fair point re. Dinosaurs and I think you could be right. That was certainly a theme in s7 up to and including the 50th anniversary

    @juniperfish and @missrori

    Yes, let’s take the question of the Doc’s morality over to the Orphan thread. I’ve certainly got some thoughts on @missrori‘s interesting post above


    I’d be…[Read more]

  • P.S @jimthefish and @missrori I’d like to continue the discussions about the Doctor’s morality, as I think it’s a really interesting topic (and personally I don’t think WhitDoc is more morally dubious than previous Nu Who Docs) but this is a General Open Thread for TV shows other than Dr. Who so we need to take it somewhere else on the forum!…[Read more]

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    @missrori I absolutely love Nausicaa and I totally agree – it wasn’t the Dregs’ fault that they were the way they were – a broken eco-system had resulted in their genetic mutation, so it’s a shame the Doctor couldn’t communicate with them more as a species.

    I agree with you @Rob , it wasn’t clear what level of sentience they had. Were they…[Read more]

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    I don’t know anybody who did. Wonder how he managed to win?

    With apologies to the Beatles and the former C.C.C.P.  –

    “I get by with a little help from my comrades, I get high with a little help from my comrades….”

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