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    Peace Frog @replies

    Watched a good Don Mclean documentary today also. Nothing else I can do but stay indoors and chill with some music.

    Peace Frog @replies


    Well that’s one good thing to come out of this…good music can still be shared without actual contact. Has it really come to that?

    Peace Frog @replies

    They are rationing bread and milk here now. Crazy just gets crazier.


    On the plus side, I get to share these songs! 😀

    Peace Frog @replies

    Well, they have my entire state on lock down now. We can’t leave the house unless it’s to go to work or the stores for food and whatnot.

    So I’m going with the classic R.E.M song and some U2.

    Always did like this song, they had a movie of the same name that used this when it first came out.

    One more from the boys out of Athens, Ga…just because I love the song.


    Peace Frog @replies


    Obviously it was something that needed to be repeated…..


    And I’m out! 😁

    Peace Frog @replies

    Ever hear any Front 242?

    Peace Frog @replies


    Don’t ever worry about how long it takes to respond to me. I’m so busy now that I barely have time to sleep. Was working with 6 hours of sleep in a 3 day period over the weekend.

    Here’s a early Ministry song from the time they were moving on from being a Depeche Mode clone and towards the heavy hitters that they became later in the 90s.  Killer video on this one.

    It’s a good one and might have some cling clangs in there for you too.  😀


    Peace Frog @replies

    I’ll save the Skinny Puppy stuff for later. 😀

    Peace Frog @replies


    Did somebody say something about some industrial music?

    Okay then…


    Peace Frog @replies


    Did I do Robots? I thought I did Numbers… maybe both.


    That sounds like something I would do.

    Haven’t seen the last four or five episodes so haven’t been commenting very much.


    Just came in to share this match made in heaven.


    Peanuts and Pink Floyd.

    Peace Frog @replies


    “Now, this is a Doctor who was a grandparent. Either she has forgotten all about that, or Chibnall has. Because it just sounds wrong.”

    Yeah, but how much time has the Doctor spent thinking about his real family on screen. Nothing more than a few vague mentions of having one, even in the BG era other than Susan. At the end of Capaldi’s run we got her picture on his desk, that’s about it. And after Susan stopped traveling with him, did he go visit her? Don’t think so. Something like that should be on the screen if it happened. Her parents are the ones I’d like to learn more about.

    Was it the Doctor’s son or daughter that had Susan? Would it be possible to regenerate during childbirth? I mean the mother, would she cause some kind of genetic mutations if that happened?

    Maybe it’s too painful for the Doctor to remember everyone. That’s a looong lifetime, the people that the Doctor has lost must number in the thousands if not tens of thousand.

    His reunion with Sarah Jane was bittersweet for the both of them. He’s thinking “Awkward….I don’t usually run into the people that I’ve left behind”. She’s thinking “Oh, I see you traded me in for a younger model”.


    Almost missed the “this is a Doctor who….” part. Nice!  😀

    Peace Frog @replies

    Forgot the obvious..




    Peace Frog @replies


    I was thinking Autons when I heard micro plastics. 🙂

    Peace Frog @replies


    “Weirdly I don’t think I’ve ever seen the video for Hit. Which makes me think just how did I ever hear those Sugarcubes songs??!?”

    They had stopped showing videos by the time that came out. 🙂


    Still going with Kraftwerk?

    You can find the “Who” connection yourself.

    Song is too good and I’m too tired.

    Peace Frog @replies

    Okay, so major problem with micro-plastics in the new episode. Sounds like a job for the…..

    Toxic Avenger!

    Peace Frog @replies

    @whisht @thane16






    Peace Frog @replies

    @whisht @thane16


    Don’t know how much airplay this got anywhere…

    My friends and I had it on cassette tape.

    Peace Frog @replies

    @whisht  @thane16


    “Not heard Wildflowers (Tom Petty) before; its rather pretty and it oddly sounds familiar, so I wonder if its a traditional melody..?”

    It sounds like that because that’s the way Tom Petty wrote his songs. From the heart…

    But I looked it up, all songs on this album were written by Petty except for a couple by him and Mike Campbell.

    This is the biggest hit off of the Wildflowers record. Video is perfect too.

    Peace Frog @replies

    @whisht  @thane16  @arbutus

    One of the best videos I’ve ever seen, from back when they put some thought into the stuff.

    Directed by French film director Michel Gondry.

    Best comment?

    “Don’t forget to watch Tank Girl !…. Kiddies”

    Just brought it back around to Doctor Who with the Rachel Talalay mention…..   😀

    Might as well put this one up too…it’s awesome also.

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    Peace Frog @replies


    That’s all I meant. The fans knew. They know everthing.  🙂

    Wildflowers is so good from start to end, it’s crazy how good it sounds. Great production, clear instruments, vocals audible but not to far in the front.

    Live in Europe

    Peace Frog @replies

    @arbutus  @whisht

    “I didn’t know that was Pearl Jam. Cool! And Tom Petty, so beloved and so missed.”

    Oh yes he’s missed.


    Nobody knows that’s Pearl Jam because I don’t think they are listed on the liner notes or anything. But you can tell it’s them from the playing style.


    Here’s the guitarist for Pearl Jam and Layne Staley of Alice in Chains. Mad Season.





    Peace Frog @replies


    Please do, I bought it when it came out but I don’t think anybody else did.  🙂

    Reminds me of this record which is great from start to finish, but it never gets the praise of Full Moon Fever.

    It’s more mellow and reflective, which is probably why I like it so much.

    Peace Frog @replies


    …and that made me think of this.

    Which is completely forgotten and underrated.


    Everything the Doctor knows is a lie so…Truth be known.

    Pear Jam is the backing band on this entire record.

    Peace Frog @replies

    First thoughts on tonight’s episode…

    “Judoon platoon, near the lagoon.”

    That look on Graham’s face when he realizes he’s been mistaken for the Doctor once again…priceless.  🙂

    Possible parallel universes.

    John Frusciante is quite the guitar player.


    Peace Frog @replies

    @arbutus @mudlark @whisht @thane16

    I think I might be on to something here…

    Timeless Child equals a Child in Time?

    Maybe not.


    You guys do realize that it was me in the “It takes you Away” episode. The BBC blew their budget on fancy new cameras and big name guest stars.

    Couldn’t afford to get their first choice for the part, Kermit the Frog. So yeah….it’s me the transdimensional  frog.  😀


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    Peace Frog @replies


    Which came first the chicken or the egg?

    Listen to the similarities between these two songs. Yes, I know Mexicali is in the States…but close enough.

    Peace Frog @replies

    They could all sing, the whole family.

    Peace Frog @replies

    Some quasi-space/Doctor Who related stuff.

    @thane16  @whisht @mudlark  @arbutus

    But first I have to take care of my new friends…anybody that I’ve tagged thank you so much and I’ve probably left out somebody. Sorry if that was you. I’ve been up since 4am trying to shovel all of this ice out of my driveway. We have a good 3 inches of a slushy mushy mess out there.

    You know that I care what happens to you

    And I know that you care for me too

    So I don’t feel alone

    Or the weight of the stone

    Now that I’ve found somewhere safe

    To bury my bone

    And any fool knows a frog needs a home

    A shelter from pigs on the wing….


    Think this would have been too “On the nose” for the “Empress of Mars” episode?

    Still fits it like a glove. 🙂


    Little known fact, this is the only Pink Floyd song with all five members on it. Not even I knew that. 😀


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    Peace Frog @replies

    @thane16  @whisht

    I was there for this. It was as wild as it looks.

    By the end of the riot, the cops brought out the firehoses.

    They maybe got through not even half of their set.

    Place was brand spanking new when this happened. Owners sold the place not long afterwards. They rebuilt the whole shebang.

    Saw Rush there later on. Now there are some professionals. Sounded soooo good.


    Peace Frog @replies

    For being their first record, I’d say it was pretty good.


    Guns & Roses Appitite for Destruction was another good debut.

    Peace Frog @replies

    @whisht @thane16

    Can either of you tell me why this song was not a big hit off of this record?

    I mean Eddie is going nuts here, the riff is better than “You Really Got Me”, I think.

    Peace Frog @replies


    We might need to continue this on the sofa if we go too far into it, but I just wanted to add this.

    You know that any President doesn’t give a hoot about any Federal Department when they put the foxes in charge of the hen house. Know what I mean? The people he put in charge of the main departments hate the government and think that government is the problem. They’ve been gutting and systematically rolling back any kind of oversight and protection in almost all of them.

    Peace Frog @replies

    @mudlark  @arbutus

    I can’t be the only one who is grateful that Roy “The Voice” Orbison had the chance to hook up with these other dudes before he was gone, Tom Petty too.  🙂



    This one is for me because…I don’t need no stinkin’ reason to post this. Just enjoy the madness.

    Young Thane needs to hear this if he hasn’t before. For strictly educational purposes of course.



    Peace Frog @replies


    Drummer here so….Levon Helm. Any drummer that also sings is amazing in my eyes. I can’t do it. Already doing 5 things at once trying to play the drums. And the vocals and rhythm track don’t always match well. Usually they are on different beats.

    Do your thing Levon… R.I.P.

    Peace Frog @replies

    @thane16  @mudlark  @whisht   @arbutus

    Great minds think alike because I was on my way here to post this. Dr. Demento anyone? These are both from his show.


    Also…this! Can’t believe I found this one. God, I remember watching this when MTV first showed it back in the early 80s. Talk about bringing a smile to someone’s face. 😀

    I was like…did I just see what I thought I did?

    Peace Frog @replies


    Glad you liked it, I found that one by accident.

    Only real problem with that video is that even though it’s a dig at him, the bright orange Bozo would take the entire thing if he saw it, and turn it around into glowing praise for himself somehow someway.

    Even to the point of trying to use it as his re-election anthem.   🙁

    Peace Frog @replies

    @mudlark @thane16 @whisht

    And the Nobel prize goes to….

    This guy.

    Congratulations this guy…. you get it.

    He gets it folks…. the maker of this video gets it, a big round of applause for this guy.

    Peace Frog @replies

    @thane16 @whisht

    Yes, I do love Phil Ochs and yes I’m a proud liberal.


    This probably all leads back to this guy so…cut to the chase.

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    Peace Frog @replies


    Which is your favorite Bowie song?

    Here’s one of mine.

    Peace Frog @replies

    @whisht @thane16

    It’s a classic in my book, but you can never tell what somebody else’s musical background is like. As you can see, mine is all over the place.

    I was hanging out with the Metal heads, the Goths, the skateboarders and the stoner burnouts all at the same time.

    Getting back to something @mudlark and I were discussing. I just remembered this song that would be perfect if everything went kablooey.

    Let’s hope mutual understanding and reason wins out in the end though.

    And this song of theirs is more hopeful.


    Peace Frog @replies

    @whisht @thane16 @arbutus

    Hmm…I watched the episode last night and besides really liking it overall, my favorite part was when Graham called Edison and Tesla “AC/DC”.  😀

    I put on my finest thinking cap and then had to toss it when it caught on fire from the very stuck and grinding gears in my head. Thankfully I’ve slightly recovered since then. Enough to post this song at least.

    Ever hear this one from Gary Numan when he was with Tubeway Army?

    Are Friends Electric?


    Peace Frog @replies

    @whisht @thane16

    No worries, if I’m posting too much music too often could somebody let me know. Not sure of protocol on these forums.

    Until then….

    Those Dead songs are from their early “Psychedelic” period. They changed into a Americana/folk band soon afterwards. Crosby, Stills and Nash were a big influence on these next ones from “Workingman’s Dead”

    You told me goodbye

    How was I to know

    You didn’t mean goodbye

    You meant please don’t let me go

    I was having a high time

    Living the good life

    Well I know…




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    Peace Frog @replies

    @thane16 @mudlark @whisht @arbutus

    These two bands always remind me of each other. Not an exact match in musical style, but in musical spirit they are congruent.

    Remedy – The Black Crowes

    Up on Cripple Creek – The Band

    Peace Frog @replies


    Sorry, I was on my phone.

    So, you’re not opposed to messages just the style of delivery? I can’t argue with that, I preferred Moffat’s style myself.


    I’m blaming any typos this time on my fat cat.  🙂

    Peace Frog @replies

    @thane16 @mudlark @whisht @arbutus

    Sad news for fans of American folk music, David Olney passed away peacefully on stage during a performance at a festival in Florida last night. It was reported that he collapsed on stage but fans said that the singer said “I’m sorry” and lowered his head.

    Never dropped his guitar.

    This is what the late Townes Van Zandt said about Olney –

    “Any time anyone asks me who my favorite music writers are… I say Mozart, Lightnin Hopkins, Bob Dylan and Dave Olney. Dave Olney is one of the best songwriters I’ve ever heard — and that’s true. I mean that from my heart.”



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    Peace Frog @replies





    Third Doctor

    Colony in Space – Quick Summery

    Ruthless mining company (In space!) uses fake monster attacks to drive away colonists so they can richer faster. Oh yeah, the Master wants a Doomsday weapon (Who doesn’t?).


    You’re right, no message there about corporate greed or using fear to achieve your goals……carry on.  🙂


    Peace Frog @replies

    And the piano sounds that I was talking about are found at the very end of that song…as it transitions to “The Faster We Go The Rounder We Get”.

    It’s the crackling sound like a guitarist taking his pick and slowly scraping it down a low string.

    Peace Frog @replies

    @thane16 @whisht @arbutus

    Hello there young Thane,

    I think you are ahem….”dead” on with your thoughts about what your Mom would say. 😃

    It’s 4am here and I should be asleep but when duty calls, I must be there to be a new version of  the Merry Pranksters. I must spread the message… The good word, if you will.

    If you enjoy the Grateful Dead, then you must have heard these songs by now.

    Cosmic Charlie


    Mountains of the Moon


    And this one with our troubadour….



    Peace Frog @replies



    I don’t want to “hippie” it up too much in here.

    But I thought @thane16 might like this one.

    See if you can recognize the sound of a gyroscope being used on a piano wire to create a sound that probably didn’t even exist at the time.

    This whole ablum is worth listening to.


    Peace Frog @replies



    Axl could write some good songs…when he wasn’t busy being a jerk. 😀






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