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    This is the dullest bunch of superheroes out there.

    They aren’t superheroes. They are people. One of them has two hearts and a big brain, but still not a superhero.

  • @thane16

    Errr…sorry…do people not know what as “ex” is? Is that unexpectedly English  idiom?

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    Sorry, but this story set in the 1950s speaks so much to a world in which the US President is openly racist, black people in the US are disproportionately the victims of police violence and where, only yesterday over here, fascist thugs completely mis-identified the black person they were hurling abuse at (as well as calling a…[Read more]

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    :shrugs: You literally said your mind was closed because white anti-racists weren’t represented in a story by a black writer about an issue of overwhelming importance to black people.

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    @kevinwho @miapatrick

    The reason the story works so well  is that it never once loses sight of what the story was about just so that it could pause coddle the hurt feelings of whiney white boys.

    But consider me a lost cause please, and don’t try to convince me.

    Or, for that matter, those whose understanding of format-constrained storytelling is…[Read more]

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    just deactivate my account or something

    Or you could just change your handle to something less idiotic. It makes you come across as a whiney 13 year old with anger management issues. Or a US libertarian, which is much the same thing.


    But this one started with a troll name and posted all of the tropes from…[Read more]

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    it’s, if I can coin a term, inciteful

    And describing a scene where a British Asian woman and a British black man discuss there experience of racism as “makes me want to eat gravel” isn’t?


    As @bluesqueakpip alluded a couple of weeks back, the only question is in which Reddit sub they are discussing tactics.

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    It’s the usual misogyny and racism dressed up in a posh suit.

    The clue is in the user name.

  • @scaryb

    It was there to share!

    Not sure youtube wants to control the trollsome. Too much money in hate. Several accounts all using the same splash screens style and same font, all organising from the same Reddit sub, methinks.

  • @scaryb

    Have a word with my ex, not my mum!

    Mum supplied the helpfulnothelpful cooking advice.

  • Oh FFS, we already have an etiquette page.

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    @margaret-blaine @kevinwho







  • @kevinwho

    FFS. Don’t engage. Just report. A clue in the damned handle.

  • @craig @jimthefish

    Intruder in the house. Clue in the handle.

  • OMG! It worked, Too afraid to edit this in. Stand down @craig!

  • Nothing to do with anything, but this twitter thread is the best thing you are likely to see any time soon. Since, for some reason, tweets won’t embed for me, you will have to trust me and click the link (if you have a moment @craig, could you fix?).

    It was started by The Museum of English Rural Life and ….…[Read more]

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    River Song and the Doctor’s timelines were moving in opposite directions so does that mean this Doctor has never met RS?


  • @thane16 @idiotsavon @mudlark

    There’s a reason my brother always does goose…

    BTW – I should be clear that mum’s comment was generally followed by excellent advice, but still…

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    When drafting in an external app, paste into the Text tab in the editor (top right) not the Visual tab. This will stop it trying to interpret metadata…and mangling it.

    I think Rels are mentioned in the very first Dalek story.

    The point is that it was a joke. Isaac Asimov wrote a splendid essay on why it is such a bad idea to…[Read more]

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    An ex of mine was of the view that there are four major food groups: cheese, bacon, green stuff and booze.

    This is obviously foolish since pancakes are a group of their own.

    When I was much younger and first at uni, I would from time-to-time phone mum to find out how long to cook whatever new thing I had bought, to which she invariably…[Read more]

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