• @pedant

    I’m going to slap a fiver on the table and say that that scene will be viewed again, from  a slightly different angle, on Saturday.


    Whoops, that was a fiver down the drain!

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    Not sure if @pedant posted this? He nudged me earlier about Arvo Part. So Da Pacem…

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    Did someone mention Thin White Duke? This is mum’s favourite -amongst (or ‘among’ we need a @pedant when we NEED one!) or one of her favourites!

    But I’m not sure which is best…..

    Syxygy the young one


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    And, of course, we know where Sacha Dahwan met the Doctor before…

    Mmm, could’ve be in Wired … 😉

    At the time, I thought they missed a quip when the Doctor rumbled O’s game:

    DOCTOR: No, no, no. I read your file. You were a champion sprinter.
    O: Mmm. Got me. Well done.

    O should have added, “YOU were always the expert on running.”

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    @thane16  I also feel protective of this new Doctor precisely because she is a women and so am I and my granddaughters and my mother and daughter.They are all strong feisty females ,ready and able to rule the world with strength and with kindness.So is the Doctor! Is she different? Yes and weren’t they all? Does being female change the way this…[Read more]

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    Agreed. It’s not phallic. I have absolutely no idea why that happened !

    To the rest of the gang. I’ve mentioned before,  about 3 years ago, that the internet’s great. Except when people start using terms that others copy. It echoes.

    Two years ago: new Doctor. Only now, we have one person ‘admitting’ “oh, actually, it’s flat. No…[Read more]

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    @miapatrick. Once again: Loved what you wrote.

    How could he take a bunch of humans calling themselves a master race seriously?

    I found Whittaker’s performance here brilliant. When the Master makes her kneel. When she asks “what do you want?” Chills. Her pacing was superlative & the direction of both parts was beautifully done though a few edit…[Read more]

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    In my case the couple of gins and tonics were before dinner, but I agree with @craig and @spider that, for my money, those two episodes are well above the standard of the last series and suggest that Chibnall is finally hitting his stride. Episode 1 as the opener was highly enjoyable and the Bond theme was fun with all the essential ingredients -…[Read more]

  • @pedant yup, and often when they’re not metaphors for male sexual violence, they’re warnings against predatory lesbians..

    @juniperfish I don’t know – she was in hospital dying, so they would probably have run tests on her – she was asymptomatic when she drank the blood. It’s possible that the pain was the process of regeneration rather than the…[Read more]

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    And please @pedant.

    Don’t bother @craig with yet another complaint about me. Yeah, we know, you’re ‘special’. He’ll get the gist. As a wise man once said (it may have been @whisht) “go fuck yourself”.

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    No m’dear @blenkinsopthebrave. He’s a massive bellend with no sense of when he has gone too far. I have awakened and any further infractions will be deleted.


    Reviewing your conduct towards other members has made me reach for the mind bleech. You really are an objectionable tit of the most massive proportions. I will take pleasure in…[Read more]

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    Thank you, very droll. Let’s face it, you are a bit of a dick aren’t you?


  • @pedant @fatmaninabox @miapatrick

    Oh good, we are discussing Moffat and Gatiss’ Dracula!

    I said this on T’Other Place, after seeing Part 3:

    “I think it played with the source material quite beautifully (“bloofer lady”) and found a way to incarnate the Victorian gothic themes of sublimated carnality, purity, corruption and death into the…[Read more]

  • @Pedant

    Another easter egg: the ward Zoe was in was ward AD 72.

    Yep, I noticed that too but forgot to mention it. By the time I remembered it was too late to edit my post.


    Thanks for confirming what I heard even though I attributed it to the wrong character.

    On Sunday nights at 9pm, Talking Pictures (freeview 81) have been showing…[Read more]

  • @fatmaninabox it was Mina who had a bit of a thing for the barmaid, which to me means Victorian Clara confirmed. Agree about sister Agatha, was quite glad to see her come back.

    Episode two- The Master! The actors had a pretty good new year period!

    @pedant – additionally, I felt as though he realised that he’d always thought he could die any time…[Read more]

  • Dracula

    Before I comment on the series, I need to get something off my chest…

    Claes Bang -yes I bloody well would be his bride.


    Well I thought it was a hoot

    Yup, but I must admit that once I realised this wasn’t going to be a faithful adaptation I spent a good few minutes huffing, puffing and shouting obscenities at the TV. I wasn’t…[Read more]

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    Well, this was fun. 🙂  I think Dhawan is doing a great job with the Master so far. I guessed nothing (although I did wonder why O seemed to smile so much!). I’d prefer the Master to be post-Missy, because I like forward motion and anything else would be a little too much like overwriting a lot of great character development. But we shall see. I…[Read more]

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    @pedant OK will need to re-view Army of Ghosts. Even so, what about the ‘we chose this form to take the p***’?

  • Mudlark replied to the topic Spyfall


    Why do I seem to be the only one who thought the electrical charge thingy going down the stringy things, when Yaz was there, seemed neurone-y rather than DNA-y?

    You’re not the only one. The stringy things with sparks of light coursing down them, even though not dendritic in form, evoked the idea of nerve fibre/electrical firing, therefore…[Read more]

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    Curtesy of Mrs Blenkinsop (technology wizard) we finally got to watch it! So…The Master–pre-Missy or post-Missy? I say post-Missy. We don’t know yet what the Master’s plans are. Episode 2 awaits.

    Overall response? Sure, I liked it but…just like the previous season, why is everything filmed to be dark ? (I mean photogentically dark.)  To be…[Read more]

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