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    “I’m so happy, I hope you’re happy too”

    @cathannabel and all. I think the Bowie Game is surely on! 🙂

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    Just got in after a lousy run at work, but my mind’s buzzing with a couple of ideas so I’ll mind-splurge ahead of tonights show.

    Our little game of ‘choose-a-choon’ for The Pilot on the music thread (excellent choice of tracks @whisht and @thane15) found us dwelling on the possibility that Heather was a David Bowie tribute (the girl with the m…[Read more]

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    I was trying to think of a good music link for this and failed with Pilot, but then thought “well, this is more about The Passenger isn’t it?”.

    Hence The Iggster of Pop with The Passenger. Then I paused, and thought “oooh”. Iggy wrote the song while a passenger in David Bowie’s touring car. There were some suggestions Bowie may have contribut…[Read more]

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    and of course Bill and Heather is a nice little tribute to (the) Hartnell(s)

    Oh, well done that fish. Didn’t think of that reference at all. William “Bill” Hartnell and Heather McIntyre. A definite love story. I suddenly feel the need to rewatch An Adventure in Space and Time.

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    You’re back! And it’s about time! 😉

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    Movellans. That necessitated a rewatch of Destiny of the Daleks

    I don’t really believe in the concept of ‘guilty pleasure’ but I have to confess that Destiny of the Daleks (a story most fans give a good kicking) is the nearest I’ll come to it.

    As an adult I recognise its limitations. It’s a weak sequel to a big story (Genesis)…[Read more]

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    After a second viewing I reiterate my love for this.

    Thinking about it, there are a couple of vibes I picked up on this (I think @juniperfish called one with the Rose and chips vibes).

    The main ones in terms of AG years came from series 5 and 6. During early series 6 we (and I’m sure @juniperfish will remember this) expended a lot of pixels on t…[Read more]

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    Hi all,

    I was genuinely over the moon with that, a lovely introduction to the series and for Bill.

    Recent Episodes have got to breakneck speed, but the leisurely pace at the start goes all the way back to Rose, I think, in the amount of space allowed to introduce a companion to the Doctor.

    SMs previous companions have been central to a specific…[Read more]

  • @juniperfish @theconsultingdoctor @thane15

    Just on your mediations on memory in Series 4, can I suggest when you rewatch from the start of series 1 you listen out for references to memory. They are many and varied, and when Moffat repeats something in a long game it is usually relevant.

    As well as memory, you’ll find references to traumatic…[Read more]

  • @juniperfish

    Yes, I think Moffat was having more than a little inter-textual fun with Who/ Sherlock this year.

    Thanks for responding to the hypertext query. Probably my faulty understanding of the Wikipedia entry:

    Hypotext is an earlier text which serves as the source of a subsequent piece of literature, or hypertext. For example, Homer’s…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave @thane15 @craig @juniperfish

    Many thanks for the kind welcome and best wishes. Much appreciated. I hope you’ll forgive me when I have to drop out of conversation though. Things are still difficult and I’m really hoping that they’ll be better by the time the good Doctor returns in April. And hugs are always welcome Craig.

  • Did you miss me? 😉

    Firstly, a question to all the writers on the forum (of which we have an embarrassment of riches). If we consider the intertextuality of Sherlock and Doctor Who (the deliberate and pointed exchange of ideas between the two) does the fact that they are written in parallel preclude them being considered hypertexts? Is there a…[Read more]

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    @lisa (and others)

    I think he may have been a tad disingenuous

    I think ‘disingenuous’ is an interesting word to use in the wider context of this debate.

    For example, your Oncologist friend, who is complaining that the EU limits her working hours, may be being a little bit disingenuous in her presentation of the issue. Because I know it to be a…[Read more]

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    During my absence I’ve contributed to a Doctor Who Kickstarter campaign (The campaign is fully funded now, so no pleading for your hard earned dosh). If you’re currently twiddling your thumbs as you wait for the next series of Doctor Who, this may give you a thumb alternative from September.

    The campaign was to help pay the licensing costs for a…[Read more]

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    We had a series of electrical brownouts last night (probably caused by storm whateverhisnameis) and so I’ve only just managed to watch the episode. If you happened to hear random swear words cursed into the night, possibly curdling milk and disturbing sleeping children then it was probably me. Even if you were in Australia.

    As many know, like @jim…[Read more]

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    So, here we are. Facing the end episode. Time for one last spin of the roulette table of bonkers speculation?

    Reading people’s theories, I’m inclined to believe that Missy is behind the Raven and Confession Dial scenarios and will make an appearance tonight. I think my reasoning comes down to:


    Missy has the advantage of knowing the…[Read more]

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    I hadn’t seen @django s comment on The Prisoner when I typed this on the G, but just to echo @jimthefish:


    So, @PhaseShift was right last week about Gallifrey returning, because what else could have been about to happen? But it isn’t clear whether links between the “Skaro degradations”, the “Could’ve-Been King” and the Knightmare Child were…

    [Read more]

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    Yeah, Howard Burden was the costume creative from Asylum of the Daleks till Death in Heaven (he did Red Dwarf earlier in his career as well). He says he inherited the blue-red convention from his predecessor, rather than coming up with it but says he enjoyed mashing up styles and influences for the Doctor and Clara during his time…[Read more]

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