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    Thanks @thane16 – that’s kind of you but as with any artwork in my avatars or whatever, its from a galaxy long ago and far far away!

    Maybe when I retire in a few decades (which may never happen as I have no savings!) I’ll pick up the brushes again. Until then, I like the taste of beer and wine too much, which kinda screws up…[Read more]

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    @phaseshift I think I missed your show tickets. Congratulations. That’s so beast!

    Me? I’d ask Mr Moffat “when did you really absolutely know you wanted to be showrunner for Doctor Who?”

    That’d be my question. It’s probably a silly one and he’s probably answered it before.

    Have a fab time!

    From the Puro Aussie Crew

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    I am here in snowy northern Canada feeling slightly jealous over @phaseshift and his very lucky Mrs. going to see PC and his last episode. A happy/sad event. But his romantic story made me happy!
    @mudlark You seem to have a lovely day in store for you and sometimes, just sometimes mind you, Doctor Who must wait.
    @cathannabel I hope your day is…[Read more]

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    Oh, lucky, lucky you!

    Sadly, I will not have the opportunity to see Twice Upon a Time until the 26th. My youngest brother and sister-in-law are staying with me at the moment, but on Christmas day itself we will all be travelling down to Suffolk to join my other brother and family, including niece, nephew and great niece, for a…[Read more]

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    How wonderful I do envy you. SM and PC.

    As for questions, I have too many, but thank you for asking.

    Enjoy the show.


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    @ichabod, @Nick et al–

    Thanks for the interesting comments on the TLs which I plan to reply to. However, don’t want to derail the discussion here too far away from the episode in question so I’ve revived @phaseshift‘s excellent blog on the subject from a few years back and bumped it back onto the front page for ease of access….

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    Great posts (as always), Thanks @Whisht, @toinfinityandbepond, @phaseshift, @Craig, @Wolfweed and all. @Pedant – you have great taste! Thea Gilmore is fab.

    Bit hard to get away from politics in the UK this week, but I don’t really need an excuse for The The, haha. Love this –

  • Random replies to some of your excellent comments:

    @Miapatrick     I imagine the sight restorers are either in his office or in the TARDIS, probably not in his pocket.

    @wolfweed  To be fair, it wasn’t world peace, only a temporary agreement between three people. It’s hard to imagine it would have survived for long. The Fenric situation was si…[Read more]

  • so, any classical lit people care to ponder on whether/how the monks’ brightly lit cables are inspired by the greek fates, and their loom of life? it was the first thing i thought of, since the monks use those cables to “read” the future…

    i admit, i didn’t have high hopes going in to this one, as it’s the middle of a three parter, but the…[Read more]

  • @Phaseshift Massive like for that last sentence.

  • Is Missy the random factor?

    Can she negate 20:20 vision?


    …..Ah – @PhaseShift – You beat me!

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    @PhaseShift interjecting with a possible Bowie ref for this episode:

    On the day of execution/only women kneel and smile


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    ah @Phaseshift – yes, Under Pressure!

    I just mentioned “walking in my shoes” for a not-as-bonkers-a-theory as may have been intended (or maybe I’m losing what little sanity I had) and this popped into my head.

    (now to listen to those other tracks!)

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    @Phaseshift – wow you have eagle eyes!

    But that’s a great spot – and will make me go back to Heathen as its not an album I’ve listened to much (maybe only once).

    @pedant – nice; between them I’ll go with Johanna Wokalek then (for the nose…)

    @geoffersfantastic idea (Missy pretending to be the Doctor to ‘prove’ goodness)! “Walk a mile in my…[Read more]

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    @Phaseshift Bowie found! Plus 5.15 (pm) is the transmission time of the 1st ever episode of Who in 1963…

    I can’t work out if what’s in the vault is Eric Roberts or a GooSnake…


    Extremis transcript


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    The custodians of the Execution world reminded me heavily of the Jaffa from Stargate, with their ornamental robes and elaborate staffs and neckpieces.

    Oh yes- I can see that now that you mention it. I think I was a little distracted by recognizing the actor from Humans, so that slipped by me at the time.

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    @missy Khaza’dum is a location in Babylon Five, the home of the Shadows who are the big bad in that series. The captain is warned that if he goes there he will die. Of course he goes. The warning wasn’t frivilous, maybe a bit of a clue there from Matheison.

    @phaseshift love the photo merge too though I think Servalon had a lot more style. We w…[Read more]

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    Ah! I hadn’t seen your reference to The Passenger. What a song though!

    And yes, Under Pressure! A great choice with that line (as well as the title, of course!).


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    ah, that’s true @Phaseshift nice call!

    As I’m assuming the Sonic sunglasses will be making a reappearance I thought I’d post this.
    Now I’m sure that it was linked before (maybe before Capaldi) but I just can’t find by whom.

    Anyway, the initial lyrics fit Bill better than I’d realised:

    I study nuclear science
    I love my classes
    I got a crazy…

    [Read more]

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