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    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros


    How could I forget about morbius. The robots of death that’s another I can add. There’s so many I could go on for days.

    WhovianCentral @whoviancentral

    To who or not to who

    Missy @missy

    There’s no question! *big grin*


    Kharis @kharis

    I remember when I used to look forward to Saturday night and now I will not enjoy that feeling for over a year.

    Missy @missy


    True! But it does give you something to look forward to – innit.

    Cheers (in sympathy)


    danh19 @danh19

    unlike some of you my story isn’t particularly interesting and I have learning disabilities I sorry if it’s some what difficult to understand  I was first aware for doctor who when I was about ten they should sometimes show it on sky and my dad liked watching like he use to as a child but I thought it was boring and to fake looking then when it came back in 2005 it was getting really hyped up and the trailers looked really cool so I decided to give it a chance and I never went back from their how ever tempting I also started watching older episodes and quite enjoy them even if the effects can be distracting

    Missy @missy


    Now that is where you are wrong, everyone is interesting, and I can understand you perfectly.

    Who is your favourite Doctor? I liked all of them, but peter Capaldi is my favourite of all.



    danh19 @danh19


    thank you it’s kind of you to complement me I have to say my favourite doctor is the tenth I just love how David tenant portrays the character helped by some brilliant writing

    winston @winston

    @danh19 I really like the 10th Doctor also, although it is hard to pick a favourite. He had some fun stories and great companions.

    Missy @missy


    MY husband prefers David Tennant too.



    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros


    Hello! Nice to see some new members around these parts. My story is pretty much the same as yours, I first got a glimpse of doctor who when watching the last five minutes of The Age of Steel after that I saw the series 2 finale on DVD at Woolworth’s and my dad was saying that he remembered the Daleks back when he was a child so I asked if I could get it and the first episode I ever fully saw was… Fear Her! Then I started watching properly when series 3 started, I absolutely loved it!

    Although Tennant isn’t my favourite he is the first doctor I ever watched and I think he’s great!

    What’s your favourite classic and new series episodes?

    danh19 @danh19

    I pretty indecisive but if I had to choose a episode it would have to be  the empty child I found it quite  intense and well done in every way but I could give credit to a few series 1 episodes for completely entricing me into the show I think the dalek is  emotional as well as slightly intense I found the unquiet dead really intresting and I loved dickens in it father’s day was amazingily emomotional and gave rose more depth

    Pharell, Man! @pharellman

    I’ve started with first season from 2005 (in 2007, when it appeard with BBC Entertainment run), but I don’t remember cleary from which episode. I remember I was shocked also, when Chris has regenerated into David. 😛 But for now, after years, I more appreciate Moffat episodes from NA DW. They are more entertaining. And all good episodes from 2005-2008 years hasn’t wrote RTD btw. But y’all know how it is, when you are child, your favorite show this times can’t get any bad epsiode, and also I remember, that in a first time I had very opposite feeling about new Who, because I felt, that Matt Smith is ugly, and can’t act well. |^D But after years to seasons with Matt and little bit Capaldi too, I’m more connected mentally, maybe because it was in hard years for my life(2011-2014, years of secondary school, and also years 2013-15, years of hard psycho changes). I remember to this days, what a strong connection I felt with Clara, way bigger than with Rose or any other eariler. Moffat wrote her lines very well, until 8th season has started… In 8th season she almost lost her magic, but not definetly… But Clara anyway is my favorite companion in New Age of DW.

    whofangirl73 @whofangirl-73

    Greetings. My favourite  dr is Tom Baker, Genesis of the Daleks. New Series I like Matt Smith the best as he was born for the role. His character was perfectly suited. Felt the emotions with Rory and Amy leaving series (forgot episode name) and how Smiths dr told Rorys Dad in an earlier episode that nothing bad ever happens to his companions (yet poor Adric!). I loved Tennant though- most handsome:0) and my favourite storyline was with Donna, Turn Left, and with her losing her memory of the dr and adventures. Heartbreaking. This is dr who at its best….BTW  the 50th dr who special was an absolute treat for me with the appearance of Tom Baker. I had no idea he would appear. I heard his voiceand started balling! :0)

    1997whovian @1997whovian

    I was 8 when it came back in 2005. My mam told me not to watch it as she said it was rubbish but I went against that and watched it anyway. I loved it straight away and i still do 11 years on.

    winston @winston

    @1997whovian   I was quite a bit older than that when I started watching in 2005 but I too have been hooked since then. One of the things I love about Who is that so many people of different ages and walks of life can all sit down and enjoy Doctor Who.

    1997whovian @1997whovian

    @winston  thats why i love it too. It brings everyone together

    Missy @missy

    @1997whovian: @winston

    I agree with you wholeheartedly.


    Anonymous @

    Ditto! 🙂

    TrillianWho @trillianwho

    Memories… well… memory is a funny thing.

    I remember watching Dr Who as a child, i think i was around 7 years old. I don’t remember the stories exactly, i don’t remember any companion in particular, i don’t clearly remember not one episode. And yet… i remember what it felt like. I remember the sense of wonder, mixed with fear – I think someone has commented that it was somewhat forbidden to watch, and that was so true for me, I had to fight with my parents every time so they would let me watch it, that I remember all too well. I don’t even remember if it was black and white or in color back then.
    That haunting music theme, so 80’s in retrospect, along with the scarf and Tom Baker’s face hovering in the air, those are so connected in my mind with this sense of wonder, this sense that this show was showing me amazing things, things that could be true and so, in some way, they already were. (I don’t remember any other Doctor from those days, but I think that Tom Baker’s run was the only one that got broadcast in my country at the time anyway). The music theme is almost like a Pavlov’s stimulant – just hearing it, it opens a window to that age, i get transported back to my old house’s living room, alone in front of the tv, while the rest of my family was having lunch, and they were yelling at me to just get off the telly already, why was I so glued to it, and I couldn’t ever explain in a satisfactory way that I just couldn’t let the story finish without me.
    I’ve been a fan of science fiction and fantasy all my life, and this has shaped me into the person I am today, even in my choice of work. I don’t think I ever realised it before getting reacquainted with the show, but Dr Who was probably the first thing that made me feel like this. It wasn’t the last, it wasn’t the only, it wasn’t the only factor by any means… but it was probably the first. And where would I be today without it? Who “nose”…
    Coming back to the series as an adult (and a professional s.f. editor at that), I have at times fought to maintain suspension of disbelief. There are times where the timey wimeys are just too much, or even when simple gravitational physics are spoiling the story for me. There are many times where simply the limitations of an open ended story just jump out from the screen, when the story just doesn’t add up to a whole. That’s not surprising. That’s just my adult self doing her thing. What has been surprising to me is that after so many years, so many books, so many shows and movies, I found out that this show could still win my heart. It has been a different sense of wonder, to be sure… but it seems i can still remember my 7 years old self. That is good to know.

    Anonymous @

    “The music theme…just hearing it, it opens a window to that age, i get transported back…”
    “It has been a different sense of wonder, to be sure…”

    I can certainly relate to that! 🙂

    ichabod @ichabod

    @trillianwho  @stitchintime  Well, that music was a signal to open wide (your mind, not so much your mouth) and prepare for something different from everything else — thrillingly unpredictable, sometimes a bit baffling but in a way that didn’t shut you up but made you want to ask more questions, spoken in a strange and exotic English (for US kids, anyway) that was somehow rounder, richer, and more expressive — Hell, I was in my twenties and it felt that way to me!

    whofangirl73 @whofangirl-73

    Loved your post TrillanWho.

    • I grew up with Tom Baker and 70-80’s who. It influenced my life too- It ignited a passion for science and I eompleted a Science degree. First novels I was engrossed in as a kid were Dr Whobooks. The music (80’stheme tune) I thought was the best and Iliked how it ended with an explosion at the end. I think the music was so unique at the time 1960’s, no wonder we have such a strong link/feeling with it. The current series has the same vibe, curiosity, social justice issues etc always enjoyed. Some of the timey wimey stuff is too confusing on one viewing and some of the plotlines are far fetched. However, there is always the Doctor. In a bad episode his role is so critical, and always keep watching because of that character.The essence is alwaysthe same as its always been. An episode of New Who done well is absolutely wonderful. However I do like the old Tom Baker episodes better, always will.
    Missy @missy

    Ever since 1963 I’ve loved DW and hopefully I always shall. However, the new series (2005 onwards) I prefer.


    Anonymous @

    “An episode of New Who done well is absolutely wonderful. However I do like the old Tom Baker episodes better…”

    I tend to agree. 🙂

    Missy @missy

    Jon Pertwee was a love of mine, as was Tom Baker, but I definitely prefer the new series.


    TrillianWho @trillianwho

    Well, I’ve yet to rewatch any Baker episode (or any other Doctor from that era), so I can’t really judge the differences and tell which i prefer. But yes, like @whofangirl-73 says, the character of the Doctor gets you through even episodes that you don’t much like. And when it hits your (personal) nail, it’s just awesome!

    MissRori @missrori

    Yeah — I agree about how powerful a character the Doctor is.  My favorites, Four and Twelve, are so compelling that I can tolerate flawed scripts, secondary characters, etc….even if I nitpick them later!  😉

    I actually became interested in Who with the 1996 TV movie.  It’s not great Who, but the Eighth Doctor was an intriguing character, and it worked as an introduction to the bigger picture and all the other awesome Doctors.  That says a lot.

    time-lord-alvey @time-lord-alvey

    My earliest memory of the Doctor was David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. I started watching Doctor Who in April 2016 when I was in the midst of the stressful period of completing my doctoral dissertation. I felt like I should watch the Doctor as I did my OWN work to becoming a doctor O:).  To be honest, I decided to watch Doctor Who because of David — I was extremely impressed with his performance as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, and I just had to watch more of him. The first episode I saw was “New Earth” and I was AMAZED at how well David acted, especially during the scene when Cassandra went inside the Doctor and Ten had to act feminine and flamboyant (“YOU LIKE IT!”). I also loved the Ten’s quirkiness, (“New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York!”) In order to fully appreciate and understand the series (at least for NuWho) I decided to start at the beginning of NuWho and watch Chris Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor, and I was hooked ever since.  I recently just finished Season 9 and watched “The Husbands of River Song” yesterday. The story lines are great (for the most part), the character development are phenomenal, and I enjoyed the Doctor’s performances in all episodes. I totally CANNOT wait for Season 10 and the new companion!!

    MissRori @missrori

    Hi new guy!  I know I can’t wait for Series 10 either.  Well, I can wait, but I don’t want to.  😉  Thank goodness for the expanded universe stuff (books, audios, comics, etc.)…

    Missy @missy

    Who, in all,. that’s holy, wants to wait! It’s painful!



    anjalietrade @anjalietrade
    anjalietrade @anjalietrade
    thehumantimelord @thehumantimelord

    I first started watching when I was 17, I started on ep 1 s 1 of the new series, I remember I was hesitant to watch it because I wasn’t sure whether I would like it and even though some people say the first episode wasn’t the best, I really enjoyed it, 9 was an amazing era.

    11 is my favorite though I like how he’s quirky yet has a dark side to him, plus he’s the funnest to see interact with strangers!

    Missy @missy


    Yes, PC is my favourite too, although the former three Doctors had plenty to offer. My great wonder, is how Murray Gold manages to make the theme music fit each Doctor, it’s astonishing. I too look forward to his meeting new people, he can be so rude and funny at the same time.


    thehumantimelord @thehumantimelord

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Yea he’s so fun. I like his outfit to. My favorite theme music is from 9. Haha yea it’s the best he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.</p>

    winston @winston

    @thehumantimelord and @missy  I also started watching the new series with S1 E1 and Rose and the 9th Doctor are still my favourites because they drew me into their adventures. I have been hooked on Who ever since so even though I really do love all the Doctors , ChrisDoc will always be my Doctor.

    Matt Smith was wonderful and I was so sad to see him go.  The 11th Doctor is the one who who taught me the most about himself and being “The Doctor”. He was also the sweetest I think.

    Anonymous @



    welcome to you both! Not sure if a Puro welcomed you guys already but I’ll do it in case The a Hybrid lost its manners !

    doind a doctoral dissertation sounds difficult. Mum also did post graduate work and  found it hard going. She said certain telly shows kept her on point as did her music – even though the post grad WAS on music! I think that episode with Ten playing Cass was outstanding too. It’s great to watch over and over !

    Mr Humantimelord the Hybrid also loves Eleven . He’s still our favourite even though Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is so terrific – he has his funny moments too.

    thank you, Puros Son

    thehumantimelord @thehumantimelord

    @winston Yeah, I’ve never seen the original series, my dad said that it was amazing. it’s a shame 9 didn’t stay for more seasons but I think the way he left was amazing. 11 was so quirky and fun but it was also cool how he did have a dark side. What did you think of 10?

    thehumantimelord @thehumantimelord

    @puroandson Thank you! Yeah, he was amazing. 12 is great, I wasn’t sure I was going to like him or not but he turned out fantastic.

    SeverusOswald @severusoswald

    I was obsessed with Doctor Who from the age of about six.

    My mean older cousins had ‘Utopia’ on their laptop, and they decided to make me watch it in an attempt to freak me out. It didn’t work. As anyone who’s watched the episode will know, it ends on a huge cliffhanger, and I demanded to be shown the next episode! I was hooked, even though I didn’t know who this ‘Master’ guy was.

    It’s just so brilliant, so fascinating, so wonderful in every way. Each episode is a spin-off. It really gets you into the companion’s life … I could say so much that’s already been said about the brilliance of the show. However, I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to tell you something hardly anyone has noticed: how amazing the music of Doctor Who is. Seriously, listen to the piece I am the Doctor on youtube or whatever. You’ll see what I mean!

    Anonymous @


    I love your moniker. Potter and Oswald (Who)!

    It’s a great to see a new member on site.

    Are you in your teens? Me too! I’m 15 in two months!

    I think a lot of people notice a lot about this show! If you read the comments on many of the pages you’ll see just how clever people are here? How erudite. I was telling some guys on the threads that at least two people @pedant and @jimthefish helped me to write. By reading their writing, and going over their phrasing there was a  lot I learnt. I also commend the incredible style and substance of people like @arbutus and @mudlark who are into music and archaeology respectively. I’m actually the ‘Son’ in Puro and Son?

    So, we are the Hybrid. 🙂

    Mum used to lecture in music. She had a student in conducting who also loved Who and had to arrange, as part of her Masters, the Doctor Who themes -in their various stages -together with other well known fantasy music. So your comment:

    However, I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to tell you something hardly anyone has noticed: how amazing the music of Doctor Who is. Seriously, listen to the piece

    is probably really well understood in this Forum? The score executed by Ben Foster in concert is terrific. ONe of the best scores I’ve heard, imo and as good as the scores of Snuffy Walden and Trent Reznor.

    I LOVE Utopia too! It was one of those eps that scared the crap out of me the first time  but when we got the DVDs I watched it and wasn’t quite as scared. That season is one of the best actually and I know that some people put Martha in their list as somewhere near last but I don’t -I liked John Barrowman in Who as well but I have to admit that he’s a terrific showman and staying on the stage, singing, is the best place for him (I wasn’t a fan of Torchwood although I wasn’t really allowed to watch it so I shouldn’t say too much about that 🙂  )

    Um, I need to get back to my science assignment which actually I enjoy -the material not having to write the thing. It’s on Utopia stuff -actually thanks for reminding me of it! I am going to put an excerpt from that on my power point -we’re doing the Big Bang? And comparing this theory to the Steady State Theory so we have to talk about expanding and accelerating universes and the concept of the universe eventually contracting -possibly. So Utopia would go down well with the kids in my class. We’re all going to be listening to the same topic 22 times over. Yawn.

    Thank you for reading and welcome again.

    PS: have you seen Class? I won’t spoil it  by saying anything but if you have there’s a ‘Spoilers’ area which you’ll find on the Home Page or the Acitivty drop box

    Puro’s Son.

    SeverusOswald @severusoswald


    Loving the moniker! Thanks for the welcome. I’m only thirteen, nearly fourteen.

    I’m glad people have actually realised the awesomeness of the music. I’ve never actually heard anyone mention it before so I assumed no one noticed it.

    Missy @missy


    Wondeful show isn’t it. I saw the first episode – yes, I’m ancient but young at heart

    You are in very good company here.


    Chris Biffen @chrisbiffen

    One of my first memories of New Who was Christopher Eccleston and the Slitheen. I wasn’t into the show at that stage though. It was a Davros episode that got me started properly.

    ichabod @ichabod

    I’m one of those who was very intrigued by Eccleston’s Doctor.  I was very disappointed that he didn’t continue.  I found him a bracing dose of the Doctor as a man with his heart on his sleeve.  Well, one of them, anyway.  Hearts, not sleeves . . .

    winston @winston

    @ichabod and @chrisbiffen    Eccleston is my Doctor. He was the Doctor that got me hooked. I was aware of BG Who but had never really watched much of it but I was intrigued when AG started and decided to give it a go. I watched Rose and that was it, I wanted to know more  about the Doctor and I have never stopped. I thought the 9th Doctor was a sad clown , grinning in the face of danger, not afraid of his own death but willing to risk everything to save Rose. There was still a bit of the War Doctor staring out of those intense eyes and he could be very crusty and even rude every now and then.In fact he was alot like the 12th Doctor in some ways.

    His was my first regeneration and I was shocked and so sad to see him go.

    myth96 @myth96

    Eccleston was also my first introduction to the show. I’m from the U.S. so my first encounter with it was when it was on Netflix (I think around the time that Matt Smith was just getting started). My family and I were looking for a new show to watch after watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Battlestar Galactica (the newer reboot). We used to watch about 2 episodes every evening while we ate dinner. Eventually it got to the point where we had caught up and I’d find the episodes somewhere online for us to keep up to date with the show. I was really excited when I got to go see the 50th in 3D with my family and a close friend of mine.

    Since then I’ve been working to find episodes from the classic era to watch and compare between the classic episodes and the reboot. Seeing the degree of continuity between the eras is amazing!

    Missy @missy

    @myth96: I agree about the continuity, it’s astonishing how the writers are able to do this over so many years.


    Anonymous @

    Anyone who can help me with this, please.

    I have 2 disturbing memories from the old doctor who episodes.  Because it happened so long ago, I’m not sure whether it actually happened or it was a vague dream.

    1)The doctor and companion enter a cave.  This statue starts to move and grabs the companion on her shoulder to force her to look at the statue.  But her eyes are shut because one look into its eyes would turn her to stone.

    2)A lot of people gathered round a sacophagus talking to this mummy inside it.  A woman disappears and reappears underneath the mummy, and she dies by being crushed.

    Anyone can direct me to the specific episode.

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