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    Craig @craig

    As you all, hopefully, know, I can’t stop people signing up to spam you. But I will try my best to shut it down as quickly as I possibly can – if you let me know. So thank you.

    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    I got a private message from the same ‘person’. I’ve just deleted it.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Yikes. Me too. Based on the language used I assume “Harriata” (and her/his/its) similar ilk have never read anything on this site.

    Thanks, @craig. Stepping in to save us (which is imposed upon you far too often) is greatly appreciated.

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    Hi @craig, sorry to bother you. Just got a private message from a fransico alice, much the same lines as the Harriatta ones, Also works at the United Nations and uses hotmail.

    Mudlark @mudlark

    @craig  Fransico alice apparently wants to be my friend, too (message now deleted). I checked on her/him/it, and apparently they registered here about a month ago.

    Craig @craig

    Thanks all. I’ve marked them as a spammer now.


    @craig @jimthefish

    Somebody unlock the episode thread!

    Craig @craig

    @pedant Sorry about that, my bad. Is open now. I got dragged into a building meeting that went on much longer than expected.



    And what did the building have to say for itself?

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Hi, @craig

    Spammer on the BBC Approved Spoilers forum. @blair2019 is the ID.

    Craig @craig

    @bluesqueakpip Many thanks – dealt with.

    FatManInABox @fatmaninabox

    @craig @jimthefish

    Spam on the ‘Faces of The Doctor’ page – user name morganallen45

    Craig @craig

    @fatmaninabox Many thanks, now dealt with.

    Anonymous @

    @craig @fatmaninabox – Thanks, he was covering an entry I put some thought into! 🙂

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    @craig is there any way there could be a method to be notifiedor follow a specific topic without actually posting first,like the notify me of follow up replies is emails, as I often like to follow a conversation thread before putting my own two penny’s worth into the discussion. May be something like the Facebook follow button for any given topic.

    Craig @craig

    @devilishrobby I’m afraid not – well, not that I know of. Maybe in the next update. But no one would mind if you just posted something like:

    “Just posting a comment so I can follow this thread”

    If you want to unfollow you’ll have to do the same. It’s been done many times before.

    syzygy @thane16


    On @Kevinwho’s Backing Away From the Premise are some comments by Magickirin.

    Could they be removed please? If it’s possible (I know you’re busy). The nasty stuff about being a “female apologist” as if all females (gay or not) are somehow not just “unequal” but inhuman, virtually, no better than animals, is just grotesque.

    Stunts the comments page.  🙁  But if it stays as an approximation of where the line is ‘drawn’ then, OK, I think!


    Anonymous @

    @craig @thane16 – Second the motion, and I shouldn’t have waited to ask.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @craig – Third the motion.


    syzygy @thane16


    there are no legitimate points to “dispute.” You’re using terminology  created in an echo corner of your own devising which leaves you a construct much like a solitract but with less consciousness and salient argument. Stating “it’s SJW” or “grievance….somethingarother” doesn’t present debate.

    I feel you dislike black people, foreigners, women and women’s rights. I imagine your great-grandmother’s, working toward some measure of equality, turning in their graves.

    Please understand I’m not ‘shouting’ at you; I’m not incorrectly tagging you, I’m not attacking you or calling you pathetic (as you have us) but it seems you have created an account (and many in various media platforms) in order to dismantle whatever joys this series has brought us by a dalliance with vastly out-dated political platforms celebrating simplicity, “an us versus them” mentality and a genuine hatred and fear of difference -including that of women, young girls, or young men with disabilities.

    These were the same beliefs of Pol Pot, of Hitler, of Stalin. I’m not accusing you of being like the former but you show attitudes resembling them, at times.

    If you argued honestly with zeal and modesty, we would be generous and position ourselves as listeners but when you say “Graham was a coward when he didn’t avenge his wife” you are throwing away the criteria and the rules of the Doctor -when every Doctor made plain that killing wasn’t an option. It is in fact cowardly to do what you suggest Graham ought.

    Speaking as someone who is related to several family members who have killed -as part of their jobs, both military and civilian (as younger teens who felt they had no choice) it changes you. Killing creates a mask, a social dementia, if you will. Sartre says it nicely: “killing is abstract. You pull the trigger and after that you do not understand anything that happens.”

    But there are all sorts of discussions to be had! Good ones, thought-provoking: so, with a slightly different perspective, I present Othello:

    “Murder’s out of tune and sweet revenge grows harsh.”

    Good day to you.





    syzygy @thane16

    @craig  @blenkinsopthebrave

    I understand you don’t wish to have us discuss or talk to certain posters. But if attacks occur then a smart and sensible response should be permitted by us. As long as we try to stay above that cranky and furious level -remaining level-headed, I suppose. I hope you don’t delete the comment on this page because it shows the line that our friend has now adopted. But on a Blog page where many people visit, I would think it could turn off our sensitive members and in others, yield only rage which is acceptable at some way-point but, rarely.

    I don’t wish to be seen as ‘pathetic’ and I’m strong enough to laugh that off but I do hold with responding to a poster who labels me and yet despises over 60% of the world’s population: also a measured response acts as a bellwether for future posts by others on the site who are active in supporting the show but also, beyond that, support those who suffer:  who are lost, damaged or wondering if revenge is indeed the right or correct action knowing that it will change them in ways currently bereft of understanding and description.

    Puro and Thane.

    syzygy @thane16


    in what way was what I said, wrong?

    -if that’s what you thought?


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    To expand on @pedant‘s comment: Our little friend lives under a bridge and has an allergy to Billy Goats: what they’ve said on this site is inconsistent and error-ridden – I’m not saying how, because they’re also pretty good at Internet research. Best to leave them to continue in their errors, as a warning flag.

    They are a persona, a sock puppet. Their purpose is to annoy us, derail our conversations, possibly make things so unpleasant that people stop posting here. It may be that they think destroying things is fun – rather like a bored teenager who decides to tear apart a tree in a park. Whatever.

    It’s okay to respond up to a point. But when a particular poster turns up on every currently active thread with increasingly silly posts, they’re trying to both derail threads and to get a response. They want the attention of this site to be on them.

    At which point, you just have to say: this.

    Craig @craig

    @ All I’m now kinda busy with the run up to Christmas, but I have made our friend a spammer and deleted some posts. I don’t need it in my life and neither do you. They’ll probably think it’s SJW censorship or something, but I don’t care – it’s really just dealing with someone who has really bad manners.

    But really – if we get more, don’t engage, just point them out to me and I’ll deal with them.

    I’d really like to have a decent conversation with a polite person who thinks the series is awful – but our ‘friend’ wasn’t that person.



    Thanks Craig. Also, remember to put a shilling in the meter between Xmas and New Year 😉

    janetteB @janetteb

    @craig. Sadly the nutters are drowning out real conversation and making reasoned discussion increasingly difficult and many people are afraid that if they are critical they just sound as though they are siding with the nutters. You are doing a wonderful job of keeping this forum sane and safe however. lets hope it quietens down over the festive period and you are able to enjoy the break.




    idiotsavon @idiotsavon

    Thank you @craig (and @jimthefish.) Running and modding this site must take a considerable amount of time and energy, especially recently!

    I absolutely love this forum because it’s open to all while maintaining standards of civility and intellectual rigour, and a genuine sense of community.

    It’s sad but no surprise that occasionally commenters show up who show no regard for site etiquette. As mods you’re well-placed to know what shuts them down. Not only that, when we add fuel to the fire I’m very conscious that it creates unnecessary and unpleasant work for you.

    And on that basis, @all, even though I know “it’s a very flat team structure” which is brilliant, I absolutely think we should defer to Craig on this and not engage – since he’s the person dealing with the excrement we sometimes inadvertently stir up when we do.

    Craig @craig

    So I got a post (quickly deleted by me) which confirms what I thought. And it’s not even grammatically correct English. I begin to wonder where our friend is from?

    I came here mostly to validate that the pettiness of SJW fans who can not accept other opinions.

    What an idiot.



    Isn’t that the second one to say that, or words to that effect?

    Craig @craig

    I may sound like a conspiracy theorist now, but people who complain about SJWs are usually white, privileged mostly-males from the UK or USA. As are the mostly-males who call people “Snowflakes” yet who take massive offence whenever you question them, Brexit, or Trump.

    So they are educated – always wrong, but educated.

    I’m starting to wonder if our friend is/was a Russian plant. Who knows what plan they have? Break the BBC? Create gender politics wars? Just be a pain in the ass?

    They will not win. Report any pains in the ass to me.

    Craig @craig

    As this topic isn’t a big part of the site I don’t mind just chatting. Strangely enough, just after I posted, a user joined called adamsnowflake. It’s gonna be a fun few days, I can tell.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    I think I guess the owner of that little gem, which actually makes me think that you might be right and that we’ve been getting visited by some botskis of late. Which is kind of a compliment, I suppose….

    syzygy @thane16

    @bluesqueakpip @idiotsavon @craig @jimthefish

    Right. I’m a taaad slow. I wasn’t aware that that person had actually been on other threads -most of my thread boxes aren’t ticked. And I get it: if we respond that’s their win, not ours.

    I always thought talking, nicely, would help. Would change …..something. Thing is, a troll’s a troll. Lawdy.

    It be a slow tortoise but I be getting there in the end.


    Craig @craig

    @thane16 No worries Puro – love you.

    syzygy @thane16


    Aw shucks! I’ve been bloomin’ difficult! I have to thank everyone telling me, ooh,  5 times “no DON’T feed them” and I used to know what a troll was ! Or so I thought….

    I have a clue what a sock-puppet is now –I thought it could be a good-person (I know, right?) like Cumquat who shows up once or twice and vanishes. Also @bluesqueakpip mentioned ‘persona’ and I thought, OK, a persona is a type of person, so a troll, ‘persona’ is someone who makes several copies of themselves (like cybermen); re-making accounts with the same grammatical mistakes and using the same repetitive hostility against the same groups whilst bleating on about “poor white males told we are The coward, or the stupids” when, erm, not surprisingly they can’t write. In English.

    The in-box alert tells me what some of them have said -prior to deletion.  So, who knows, maybe they’re very large White Russians (I prefer the drink, myself) attempting to derail whole systems. My nephew a graduate of the ASD, is a freelance techie of ‘parallel code’ (no idea what that is), traipsing around the world (in London recently) lecturing on code-breaking, new fire walls, hack prevention/ intrusion. Sounds terrifyingly complex to me but apparently he’s gifted.

    Years ago, back in 2013, I was a so-called moderator on one of the first Forums dedicated to musicians here. Unfortunately we had no real detection policy and ended up having to fight massive fires between Classical ‘musicians’ ( I use that term to define those who are not interested in, or care about, music after 1925, for example) and others. After 6 months, ‘laws’ were put up (not by me  -I had disappeared) with 19 rules. It became so rule-bound that the very people we were trying to reach went ‘quiet.’

    This here, has to be one special Forum: the continuity of people and avatars (or names, I should say), the level of discussion where Pip, @idiotsavon  @mudlark gave Thane advice regarding his philosophy when I was in hospital (in and out: mainly out) and where other conversations on the Solitract thread were incredibly complex, witty and thoughtful.

    @craig I sound like Donna from The West Wing: You should be proud of what you’ve grown.


    Craig @craig

    @thane16 Puro, that’s very kind of you. But I couldn’t have done it without all of you.

    I know @blenkinsopthebrave is concerned about the level of engagement or conversation recently (which, although I liked the latest series I would lay some blame at). I am going to take some time over the holidays, have a think, see what the New Year special brings and then decide on what we do for a non-Doctor year.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    At the moment I’m thinking we’ve been targeted by a neo-fascist group, or grouplet, or individual. Could be a Russkibot, but claiming to be from one of the ethnic groups they hate, then making the nastiest comments imaginable is a classic neo-fascist online tactic. It’s supposed to make you think [insert ethnic or religious group here] are really horrible people. 🙁 Just putting this out there in case people haven’t seen that before.

    But a popular TV programme which has a multi-racial cast, is doing stories this series that branch out into Civil Rights and Partition, has a family audience and has recently very publicly switched its leading actor role to female – that might attract them. In which case, I wonder how many other Doctor Who twitter accounts are sock-puppets, and how many other DW sites have had ‘visitors’?

    Mudlark @mudlark

    @thane16 (puro)

    It be a slow tortoise but I be getting there in the end

    And I have the very T shirt.  On the front is a head-on view of a cheerful-looking tortoise advancing and the legend I may be slow …

    On the back is the rear view of the tortoise retreating and  … but I get there

    Mind you, that was acquired in another context; I don’t generally have difficulty in spotting an obvious troll. But if you hadn’t read all the posts from this particular specimen your patience in giving it the benefit of the doubt is understandable and in some ways admirable, so plus points for that.


    I think you’ve nailed it.



    I think PSAMA0169 might need keeping an eye on.



    syzygy @thane16


    thank you: but I think “admirable” is a tad too kind!  And what if I become a horrendous person when I recognise trolls -or think they’re trolls? Then what?  😀

    I guess, engaging is the problem.

    I imagine they sit there on several hundred sites typing away, making an account, re-making several more:  could explain the shocking spelling, lack of tagging,  poor punctuation and the obvious elements of a show that over 50 years has been so complex and yet they still crap on about “3rd wave feminist” (are we in a 3rd wave?) and “race grievance merchants”?

    What the HECK is the latter? Some idea that a particular culture has a fake grievance about….gee, being treated badly by said racists?

    It’s all too much, mate (in the words of the irrepressible Cleaver Greene). I guess speaking out against them should be the thing to do but clearly, not. At one point one of the sock puppets said to Our Leader, “thank you, I’m not the one personally attacking.” As if “not engaging” with them was making them look good, to some degree.

    Boy -h boy, it’s a confusing world for a woman with a baton who still plays CDs (I gave my vinyls away in 1989) and watches re-runs of Gilligan’s Island on a small colour TV that doesn’t have remotes and occasionally forgets the world possesses colour. Technology clearly isn’t the problem, it’s the people whispering or yelling behind it.

    Lordy. I have baking to do and it’s 38 today. No way am I baking anything except myself .

    Puro x

    Craig @craig

    @pedant Don’t worry, I’ve been keeping an eye on it. Nothing too bad just yet, but getting close.


    @craig @jimthefish

    Intruder in the house. Clue in the handle.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @craig Intruder is persistent.



    Craig @craig

    @pedant @margaret-blaine @janetteb @kevinwho @jimthefish

    Sorry, late to the party again (still on holiday). But you all seem to have done your thing. I think the user’s comments are fine – not great, but okay. It’s just the stupid username that’s the problem.

    If they change it, as they say they will, then I’m gonna leave it. For now.

    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    We have a couple of posts, in German, from two different individuals (supposedly) on forums relating to BG Who (The Daemons pt 1 and The Awakening Pt 2).  I don’t speak German so can’t comment on the content but both include links to the same something or other (obv I haven’t clicked on anything!).  Probably safest if they’re deactivated!  Cheers

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @cathannabel it’s random… ‘Dated from history, it was seen that many men were shy to ask the drug from local pharmacy shops, but with the blessing of the reputed online pharmacy business, you can order Kamagra with the help of simple clicks. The online pharmacy shops take care of your confidentiality from the order placement to the final shipment. To serve you with complete satisfaction, Kamagra medicine will be delivered to you in a sealed envelope’

    Whisht @whisht

    [after the briefest of googles]
    not sure how ‘random’ – like spambots before they’ve picked up the “doctor” in the URL and pasted “hey guys – got problems ‘down there’? get yer dodgy meds” adverts.

    Though it does sound like some other language translated into German, pasted on an English speaking site, so…. maybe not random but ‘stoopid’?


    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @whisht frustratingly, the other post leaves us hanging over what the most spontaneous effect of Kamagra is…

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