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    AlexWho @replies

    Never heard of her before but good luck to Jodie!

    Hope the show continues to have success.

    AlexWho @replies

    Definately not the resolution I was looking for. Too many plot holes in the Monks Trilogy that were not covered.

    Lie of the Land did a great job showing the 1984 world created by the Monks but went downhill with the phony regeneration scene. What was the point of that if Bill was shooting blanks? Why put on the show for her if she didn’t even know what regeneration was?

    Veritas was such a strong start and to have it end with the Monks easily beaten was lame.

    Next week the Ice Warriors are up so I’m hoping for a good rebound.


    AlexWho @replies

    Good follow-up to Extremis. The season is really picking up steam since Oxygen and its going to be hard waiting till next week for the Monks trilogy to conclude.

    Next week its looks like its going to be a 1984 type world with the Monks given consent to rule humanity. And of course that clip of the Doctor re-generating is from The Lie of the Land so we’ll see how that plays out. Perhaps its the simulation Doctor?

    I’d like to have an answer to what the Monks true appearance is. They said mankind looks like corpses to them so hopefully we see what they are.


    AlexWho @replies

    Need to watch this one again to formulate a better theory about where this is going.

    When I read the episode synopsis, I was expecting a Name of the Rose type mystery. We got something that references The Matrix and from what people are saying, The Android Invasion (need to watch that one).

    I just hope the Doctor doesn’t bust out any Matrix ninja moves!

    The occupant of the Vault was confirmed to be Missy. I think the idea being its less about who was in the vault as much as the why. Specifically: why was she being executed, why did the Doctor send his confession dial to Missy last season, and what is their actual relationship. Missy told Clara it was more complex and I think intimate than she could ever understand. Hopefully we get some kind of answers.

    @steffstaff, Welcome!

    @mudlark, nice idea about Plato’s cave!

    AlexWho @replies


    Right theres definately flaws in this theory. Still its compelling 🙂

    AlexWho @replies

    Hey Guys and Girls, sorry if you have heard this Vault theory before. It was on another site and I love it.

    Imprisoned in the Vault is the Valeyard. And the Valeyard will be played by Peter Capaldi in a duel role. The regeneration we see in the trailer is not the 12th Doctor but the Valeyard’s.

    What do you think?

    AlexWho @replies

    Food for Thought:

    I can’t help but thinking that the line “fighting the suits” was a shot at the BBC brass; that is if you buy into the rumors about what they want from the incoming show-runner Chris Chibnall. Supposedly the BBC higher-ups want a return to the formula of 10th and 11th tenure of a “young dashing leading man and a female companion.” Presumably to push merchandise sales and get younger viewers again (they are convinced young fans have left) and an older version of the Time Lord doesn’t fit into the picture.

    In that sense, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is up against the suits too. Anyone else felt that? Any thoughts on “fighting the suits?”

    AlexWho @replies


    I found your story of the mouse from native-american mythology fascinating! I don’t know if you are familiar with the DUNE series by Frank Herbert. In book 2, Dune Messiah, Paul Muad’Dib is struck blind by a bomb explosion but sees nevertheless with his conciouness. In the first book, he adopted the name Muad’Dib from the language of the planet and it refers to a jumping desert mouse native to his new homeworld.

    I’m glad I know this story now. Thank You.


    AlexWho @replies

    Knock Knock re-aired before Oxygen last night. David Suchet’s performance is even better on the second viewing 🙂

    AlexWho @replies

    Definately the best of the season so far. The previous episodes were just ok.

    It reminds me of Sleep No More: extreme capitalism, spooky space station, and zombies/sandmen. Obviously this was much better executed.

    I think Oxygen will be on the Top 10 of the 12th Doctor’s best stories 🙂

    AlexWho @replies


    Peter is getting his dream story during his last series finale.

    Great way to send him out.


    AlexWho @replies

    @ichabod : Took your advice and looked up Sir Patrick on Graham Norton. The man is hilarious.

    Love him on American Dad too!

    Why hasn’t he been on Doctor Who????

    AlexWho @replies

    I read today that Patrick Stewart is applying for American citizenship so he can join in the battle against Trump.

    Awesome. How can he get more awesome?

    AlexWho @replies

    Bummed about Peter Capaldi leaving the show. There are I’m sure many people who welcome the news; thankfully not here. A talented actor and a man who really cared about Doctor Who as a whole.

    I think Moffet should’ve given him better stories. But still he had episodes that will be remembered as some of the best in the show’s history. I’m thinking of Flatline, Listen, and Heaven Sent in particular. And of course the righteous anger of the 12th Doctor will be hard top. The Zygon Inversion speech is my favorite scene so far of Capaldi’s tenture.

    But I heard the Ice Warriors will be back for Season 10 so that’s something else to look forward to.

    AlexWho @replies

    @pedant @thane15

    No I wouldn’t think anyone here is slanging me. This forum is really filled with thoughtful people who can write and disagree in peace.

    But theres too much about Hillary I didn’t like. Oh well, a vote for her is still a vote for her and saying No to the utter insanity that Trump represents. Really wish Bernie Sanders could’ve been the nominee or Obama somehow stuck around for a third term. I feel people will miss his calm dignity in doing a very difficult job with the mess that George W Bush left him to inherit. And along with the disgraceful “birtherism” BS that people were spreading about him, he handled himself with incredible class.

    On a happier note, I watched The Robots of Death last night. Although not as strong as the previous Face of Evil, its still a good story. A nice mixture of Dune, Issac Asimov, and a little Agatha Christie. I’m a big fan of Leela. I think it’d be great to have a companion like her again.

    AlexWho @replies


    Sad time in America for sure, even if many Americans don’t realize it.

    I can understand voting for Trump b/c we had two bad choices but I can’t grasp how so many people can drink this guy’s cool aid. A man who’s never done anything for anybody (not named Trump) promises to Make America Great Again and millions of people buy his hats and cheer him on.

    I honestly think I’m the only US Marine (2003-11) who voted for Hillary.

    AlexWho @replies

    I’ll tide myself over with classic who. The Robots of Death came from Alibris yesterday 🙂

    AlexWho @replies

    Definately a lot a great performances.

    There are movie stars like Channing Tatum, Tom Cruise, people like that who you see on the tabloids while at the market. Then there are thespians like John Hurt. Professionals who bring it to every role!

    AlexWho @replies

    Just read that John Hurt died.

    Lost a very talented actor. May he Rest in Peace

    AlexWho @replies

    Finally some good news!! New Star Wars title dropped.

    The Last Jedi

    AlexWho @replies

    @missrori: Sorry your bummed about Trump and everything he stands for. But you and everyone else are definately not alone. I was feeling empty on election night and was in denial for about 2 weeks after. But I decided I would rebel against the vile bitterness of the next few years by committing everyday acts of kindness.

    I suppose like Sisyphus in Camus’ essay, we must take comfort in the struggle. And if all else fails, the Dude Abides!

    AlexWho @replies

    Amazing Episode!

    More than any other episode in the whole series it showed how much Sherlock and Mycroft care about each other. In their own way of course.

    As with the Doctor and his companions, having great intelligence and great power is lonely and empty if you don’t have love and respect from other people.

    AlexWho @replies

    Sorry to be negative guys but I’m not feeling it with this Sherlock season.  Maybe because the first 3 seasons were so strong that its hard to keep it up.

    The Six Thatchers didn’t do it for me b/c I’m not a fan at all of the whole Mary is a former assassin idea.

    With The Lying Dectective I expecting something more than Culverton Smith is a serial killer. I think that idea is old hat at this point.

    The high point for me so far is Toby Jones’ performance, he is really creepy and gross looking.

    I’m hoping that last episode can offer some redemption.


    AlexWho @replies

    I think I liked last year’s THoRS better. This one didn’t feel like a Christmas episode. But Capaldi was still great.

    And your probably right about there being some kind of link between River and the Shoals as this episode is set directly after THoRS. Maybe its a set-up for 12 to regenerate in next year’s Christmas special  and Moffet will reveal it.

    AlexWho @replies

    Can’t wait for some new Who. The Christmas special looks fun, just like last year’s!

    AlexWho @replies

    I think Bill seems cool too.

    I liked Clara but I think Series 8 should have been her last. It’ll be good to see a fresh face bringing a new vibe to the show.


    AlexWho @replies

    Sorry to see Moffat leave and even sorrier that season 10 won’t be on til spring 2017!

    But lots of time now to catch up on classic Who like the Key to Time.

    AlexWho @replies

    So when are we finally going to meet this Jim the Fish?

    AlexWho @replies

    I enjoyed it from start to finish! A lot lighter tone than Last Christmas but with a bitter-sweet ending.

    Hope this isn’t the end of River Song b/c of the chemistry between Alex and Peter but it kinda looks that way.

    Merry Christmas!

    AlexWho @replies

    A great way to end a strong series of episodes (except Sleep No More). As everything with WHO there are a lot of unanswerd questions to debate about.

    If Capaldi hasn’t won you over by now then theres no performance he can give that will do it.

    Curious to see what Rassilon will do to get back at the Doctor for exiling him.

    AlexWho @replies

    Great Episode! Can’t wait til next week! And a good explanation of the energy loop.

    The prison reminded me a of the hotel from The God Complex. Only much more intense.  Am I the only one who thought that?

    AlexWho @replies

    First saw Doctor Who as re-runs on New Jersey pubilc television every Saturday night. Most of the memories are of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker.

    As a big fan of the 3rd Doctor, I would love to see Capaldi’s Doctor return to Peladon.  Anything to get another Ice Warrior story in!

    AlexWho @replies

    This is the easilly the worst episode of a strong second season for Capaldi’s Doctor. Not that the concept is bad.  It was the distorded POV way of telling the story and the way the Doctor figured out who the Sandmen were so quickly.

    No interesting supporting characters. Who cared who the rescue team was? They were all the same to me. The episode especially looks bad after The Zygon Inversion’s powerful ending!

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