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    You must always gird your loins when speaking with lions. I recall an exam question in the defunct Naplan Testing  asking for definitions/explanations of girding one’s loins. Some answers included: lock the zoo permanently; keep the lions in a separate cage; always wear Y-fronts; consider the holy, naked body as a temple &, ironically,…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave You are correct, we haven’t seen the most recent episode. That might be in tonight’s viewing lineup. Thanks for revealing no spoilers!

    @jimthefish I loved Penny Dreadful, so I’m up for a rewatch blog!

  • @blenkinsopthebrave

    That’s an excellent review and wholly deserved on Fellowes’ part.

    On Picard, I’m limbering up for a promising finale. I had been hoping that Narek discovered a better nature but now I’m very much onboard with him getting what’s coming to him. The synthetics community was very much one of your typical TNG utopian communities…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave As I watched that episode of Picard, I made a similar mental connection to Doctor Who. I am siding with the notion that the mental image now afflicting Dr. Jurati is a fiction concocted by Commander Oh to compel Dr. Jurati to do what she did. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it was real. Either way, I liked Picard’s…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave @winston @janetteb Thank you for your kind thoughts. Interestingly enough, occasionally in that job I get an “Oh, you’re just the cashier” attitude. Can’t say that I’ve experienced that lately. Quite the opposite, in fact. So it’s an odd but welcome thing, to be appreciated in a time that’s so stressful for everyone. I’m trying…[Read more]

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    I think RTD injected something quite unique (but utterly different from SM) into his novelisation of Rose but, yes, Cornell very much gives you a straight up-and-down, no-nonsense adaptation. Which is fair enough as it isn’t his story.

    @craig, @blenkinsopthebrave et al

    Yes, I believe Rose is coming up next to be followed by the…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave Thank you for that review of the latest bilge to flow from the pen of Julian ‘get me a bucket Fellows. It is more than time that British TV Drama departments found better writers than J GMAB F and Andrew Davies to write historical dramas. There are so many great novels crying out for adaptations  and so many “stories to tap…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave   My daughter is on the west coast of the island and she says it is either people freaking out or acting like all is normal but here where I am people seem to be staying home if they can.We went for a drive, just to get out of the house without being near other people, and the town streets were eerily quiet. We have 6 cases i…[Read more]

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    @phaseshift @jimthefish @janetteb @blenkinsopthebrave and everyone else.

    I think there are more watch-alongs planned. In fact I think “Rose” is happening on Thursday” (15 year anniversary – maybe) and then shortly after “The Eleventh Hour” (10 year anniversary – maybe). I’m unsure but will check and have everything in order if it does happen.

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    @jimthefish @jannetteb @blenkinsopthebrave

    The novelisation of Day of the Doctor is an absolute joy. Other books in the range by Russell ‘the’ Davies (a nod to ‘fiveish doctors’ there) and Paul Cornell all seemed to try to go for the Terrance Dicks approach (and why not). Day of the Doctor has a clear authorial voice – if you’ve listened to…[Read more]

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    Maybe see what people are going with online initially? I think we have done rewatches of every new-Who episode, plus the 50th Anniversary Specials, so joining in a worldwide rewatch of ‘greatest hits’ might be fun – especially if the relevant showrunners are along for the ride. The Moffat beard is pretty scary, though.

    If we did go…[Read more]

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    I’ve just had a rummage through the archives and it looks like we’ve covered every episode of Nu Who, some of which obviously retrospectively. That’s no reason we can’t dig into them again, of course, it people want to do that.

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    ahh, I have Music to attend to!
    I’ve already managed to share both the teacher-guitar-player and Lehrer!

    Not sure who to share REM with (stop sniggering at the back!) but will enjoy it nonetheless!

    As the DoTD will be something to entertain people over next couple of days I’ll ration my music posts but just had to thank @Blenkinsopthebrave ‘s…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave    Great shout out to the National Film Board of Canada, I grew up watching these films at home and school. I am going to check it out .

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    So that’s how the centre gets in chocolates! Thanks for the link to that very interesting collection.

    Thanks also for everyone’s good wishes – my temperature was down again today, approaching normal. But you’re right @winston – I did a tiny bit of prep work this morning, and it was exhausting. The afternoon was spent resting.…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave Thank you for that link! Already there are film titles jumping out at me, so I will be watching.

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    @jimthefish   I would be up for a re-watch of Day of the Doctor and even though I own it I would watch at 7pm my time, just because I need some structure in my life these days. I would also like to discuss it again with everyone else.

    As far as Penny Dreadful goes, my library is shut for now so I would have to go on memory.

    @bluesqeakpip  I am…[Read more]

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    An admirable policy. So you literally do have your own Fortress of Solitude….

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    I imagine it’s happening largely on social media — Twitter and Instagram being likely candidates. But perhaps we could prevail upon @craig to repost our Day of the Doctor thread back to the front page and we can join in here?

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    @blenkinsopthebrave I’ve seen a few memes regarding the delight of dogs, and frank discomfort of cats, at having their people at home all day!

    @Lisa – that’s the thing right now. There is a chance all this could lead to genuine change for the good. And a chance that it won’t. Many policies being implement right now, by Doctors surgeries, for…[Read more]

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