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    Gawd, my keyboard! 😀

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    @blenkinsopthebrave   Thanks for the giggles!  The Fuck All song is hilarious,even hubby liked it. I have watched it enough to memorize  the lyrics and I intend to sing it whenever I feel too anxious. If a Dalek told me to stay inside, I would.

    Stay safe.

  • @winston and @blenkinsopthebrave and jimthefish

    Also watched it again – it really is one of the best of the ‘introducing the new Doctor’ episodes. In a way, it’s a shame this didn’t get a cinema live-stream because it feels very cinematic.

    When Matt Smith pops his head out of the Tardis with that cheeky grin and the twinkle in his eyes I still…

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  • @blenkinsopthebrave  I also watched it again and I am trying to say something I didn’t say above. Still think it is the best intro to a new Doctor and companions that I have watched.When Matt Smith pops his head out of the Tardis with that cheeky grin and the twinkle in his eyes I still think “this is going to be an exciting ride” and it was. I…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave

    Agreed. Everything just works with this one: not just Curran’s performance, but Karen Gillan’s performance as someone grieving but not understanding why. And then there’s Matt Smith, being nice to Amy without being able to explain why.

    It all just – works. A dramatic poem on the subject of depression and grief.

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    Yes that is a timeless classic 😃

  • @craig

    Well, Richard Curtis getting the blame for romantic gloom rather than vice versa. There’s a certain irony there, I suppose.


    I agree. It’s Curran’s performance that makes this episode and it’s definitely the best portrayal of a historical figure in Who. Only Vinette Robinson as Rosa comes even close. Normally they have…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave Totally agree. Curran is excellent. Matt Smith said last night on Twitter that Curran slept all night in the bed before the anger/depression scene to get in to character. He really is fantastic in the role, that’s why I liked his little video tweet the most.

    @jimthefish I forgot about “Yesterday” which my parents made me watch…[Read more]

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    Thet seem to be coming thick and fast today.

    Many thanks @toinfinityandbepond and @blenkinsopthebrave

    I’ve marked them as spammers.

  • @blenkinsopthebrave Picard will be on our viewing schedule tonight. Can’t wait!

  • @blenkinsopthebrave

    I thought it was great. The series was consistently strong throughout. And I immediately went off and rewatched both parts of ‘All Good Things’ which I thought was also extremely pertinent….

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    @thane16 – soooooo good to hear from you. Really really good. Hope you’re keeping well.

    @miapatrick – really sorry to hear about your situation. I have no wise words, or advice or anything of use. Others here have said far wiser and compassionate things so just know that even the tongue-tied and those who never post and simply read are thinking o…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave  I saw this on the news and it was great! We can’t do enough to help and thank these brave,  hard working folks.As to the off- license  being closed I feel for you. Ours are still open for now.

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    @bluesqueakpip thank you, and yes, that makes sense. It is concerning when they reassure you that if it is that, it’s very very treatable, and then you hear, however, there might be no treatment for a long time, I think its the indefinite time period that makes it hard, not that there is anything they can do about it. My friend, who lives in…[Read more]

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    You must always gird your loins when speaking with lions. I recall an exam question in the defunct Naplan Testing  asking for definitions/explanations of girding one’s loins. Some answers included: lock the zoo permanently; keep the lions in a separate cage; always wear Y-fronts; consider the holy, naked body as a temple &, ironically,…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave You are correct, we haven’t seen the most recent episode. That might be in tonight’s viewing lineup. Thanks for revealing no spoilers!

    @jimthefish I loved Penny Dreadful, so I’m up for a rewatch blog!

  • @blenkinsopthebrave

    That’s an excellent review and wholly deserved on Fellowes’ part.

    On Picard, I’m limbering up for a promising finale. I had been hoping that Narek discovered a better nature but now I’m very much onboard with him getting what’s coming to him. The synthetics community was very much one of your typical TNG utopian communities…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave As I watched that episode of Picard, I made a similar mental connection to Doctor Who. I am siding with the notion that the mental image now afflicting Dr. Jurati is a fiction concocted by Commander Oh to compel Dr. Jurati to do what she did. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it was real. Either way, I liked Picard’s…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave @winston @janetteb Thank you for your kind thoughts. Interestingly enough, occasionally in that job I get an “Oh, you’re just the cashier” attitude. Can’t say that I’ve experienced that lately. Quite the opposite, in fact. So it’s an odd but welcome thing, to be appreciated in a time that’s so stressful for everyone. I’m trying…[Read more]

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    I think RTD injected something quite unique (but utterly different from SM) into his novelisation of Rose but, yes, Cornell very much gives you a straight up-and-down, no-nonsense adaptation. Which is fair enough as it isn’t his story.

    @craig, @blenkinsopthebrave et al

    Yes, I believe Rose is coming up next to be followed by the…[Read more]

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