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    Bobbingbird @replies

    oh, and the Claras will somehow be fused into one full human being. All her inconsistencies are intentional. We will see a much more rounded Clara in series 8.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    I’ve avoided the web all week – and have no idea what is going to happen. Tomorrow will be hard in the colonies not even peeking here or at the Guardian.

    So my predictions:

    Multiple universes colliding or crossing over for the briefest of moments – as posited by @juniperfish. It would answer all the mysteries we’ve been mulling over, as well as apparent plot holes. How this has happened: no idea, but I’m going for Omega, because I want it to be him.

    The game changer: River has The Doctor’s baby. This changes the whole future and past of The Doctor. Absolute proof that he is not celibate. Opens up a whole new life and 13 new regenerations, and loads of possibilities.

    Feel free to laugh.

    Back into hiding until Sunday night.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    Attention Sydney Austraya!

    The Vivid festival (an annual arts festival) is doing a light show at Customs House in Circular Quay. The Dendy is also showing a double feature – Asylum and Angels Take Manhatten. I’ll be there for the 5 O’clock showing with the Missus and the Boy, then straight to the light show and then dinner. If you see an excited 6 year old with a bow tie and sonic screwdriver screaming “Exterminate!” being chased by an equally excited middle aged-man (with an embarrassed women in the background) come and say hello. It’ll be us.

    Should be a hoot. The light shows at Customs’ House is usaully pretty spectacular…

    Bobbingbird @replies

    New Fall album.
    New Fall album
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    New Fall album

    Bobbingbird @replies


    I’m all for a good conspiracy theory, me. It would be interesting if, say, the dvds were due for arrival on Thursday, wouldn’t it? Let’s just hope that if the Beeb does show it on Wednesday, the ABC will follow on the Thursday, otherwise it’s download time. I just wouldn’t cope with this board in fevered discussion while the colonies wait until Sunday.

    I for one will try to avoid the plot. I like a good teaser, but out and out spoilers would ruin it completely (he said with fingers a twitching).

    Bobbingbird @replies


    Probably everyone already knows, but the story for the next week’s finale is out there. Apparently the dvds for 7.2 were sent out early – including the Name of the Doctor. The plot no doubt will be all over the internet if it’s not already. There is some discussion of this on the spoiler thread (not the story, the news) telling people to stay away from social media and Dr Who websites. Would it be worth putting something on the Home page as a warning to spoiler all users?

    Bobbingbird @replies


    I wonder if Caroline Skinner’s departure is anything to do with this? Apparently they had quite a falling out – hence the “you’re erased” outburst from Moffatt. I think you could be spot on with Moffatt focussing too much on the 50th. The trouble with this of course is that the series leading up to the 50th is (for me) a disappointment when it should be building up the excitement and anticipation for it.

    @janetteb – of course on Sunday (which is when I’ll see it) I’ll be on tenterhooks awaiting an (what I hope to be) amazing finale. Then everything will be forgiven and forgotten.

    Fickle? Me?

    Bobbingbird @replies

    @lula and others

    This is not a spoiler but is about spoilers

    Doctor Who Tv has closed all comments until 18 May. Confirmed that the final ep has been sent out. Moffatt will be furious.
    What a fiasco. The best thing is for the Beeb to show it ASAP before it’s too late.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    I’m really pleased that so many enjoyed NiS, and have been enjoying this series so much.

    I’m —- a bit — and how I hate to say this —- underwhelmed. Both by this episode and this run.

    The episode first: I loved the upgrades to the Cybermen and hope this will continue until they become “impossible to defeat”. I was annoyed that only one had the super speed updgrade, but am happy with @bluesqueakpip‘s take on why this might have been the case. Being a bit dim, I think they should have explained this in-show, however.

    Why oh why wasn’t this a two parter? What a cliff-hanger it would have been if the Doctor had lost the game of chess and with it the last 2% of his brain to the Cybercontroller. As it was – well hey ho, quick get out and it was all over. No tension, no story development. How was I supposed to take it seriously? Even the characters didn’t seem to. Too many jokey quips that belied the danger they were supposedly in.

    Which leads me to this run. The big problem for me is three-fold:

    1: No two parters. Every thing is too rushed. None of this series has been given space to breathe and develop. Characters are – sadly – pretty one dimensional.

    2: Lack of decent story arc. The Clara mystery hasn’t moved on from The Bells. We have had nothing to go on since. To be honest, I just don’t really care any more. I want to. I really do. As it is, it’ll all be resolved next week after a 5 week hiatus (other than weekly reminders that the Dr finds her impossible, and is obsessed with her) with no clues, not even hints as to who she is. It’s almost as if Moffatt (more on him below) thinks that the more he repeats the mantra that she’s impossible the more we’ll believe it. We’ve been tossed crumbs.

    Likewise The Doctor mystery. The last three seasons have been leading up to The Fields of Tranzalore, haven’t they? Moffatt has been playing the long game, hasn’t he? So why no arc to lead us to next week’s game-changing finale? We’ve (well you good people on this board have, I’ve given up) been speculating feverishly on what the Doctor’s big secret is. If there is a dark Doctor on the horizon. Whether we’re seeing two or even three Docs/timestreams/universes). But leading up to this supposedly huge episode? Nothing. Silence (pun intended). Just one-off, stand alone episodes.

    I just don’t feel engaged in this series the way I did with season 5 and 6. Not once have I felt like I couldn’t wait until next week to see what’s going to happen. I haven’t even been that bothered about rewatching the episodes (although I have. Of course I have).

    3: Sorry, most will hate this. I hate saying it, but here goes. Moffatt’s shameless self-promotion. Series 7.1 was overshadowed to a large extent by the speculation over Angels Take Manhatten, and how “not everyone get’s out alive, I really mean it this time!”. 7.2 has been overshadowed even more by The Name of the Doctor, and how the very future of Doctor Who is going to be changed.

    The whole of series 7 is centred on two Moffatt written episodes. The rest just feels like filler. Enjoyable filler, but filler nevertheless. I think this is a huge disservice to the writing team. To me, Moffatt’s (“you’ve been erased from Doctor Who!”) ego is beginning to negatively impact on the program.

    I do wonder if this series is Moffatt giving two-fingers to those who criticised the last two seasons. He was criticised (unfairly, I think) for the complicated story arcs, and lack of resolution (think the hissed “silence will fall” in the Big Bang). It’s almost like he’s thought “Sod it. One off episodes. No story arc at all. That’ll show them what they’re missing.” And I am missing it. I really am.

    Sorry about this everyone. I’m really not a subscriber to the hate Moffatt/Dr Who/BBC brigade. I am a huge fan and will continue to be so. I’m just becomming increasingly concerned. Please feel free to disagree.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    Squawk. I got the styling completely wrong there – and the edit button seems to have disappeared.

    Should read:

    On a dark Doctor to come, I refer you to the words of Dorium Maldovar (whom @bobbingbird once famously thought was “responsible for everything”) in The Wedding of River Song:

    You’re a man with a long and dangerous past. But your future is infinitely more terrifying. The Silence believe it must be averted.

    You just won’t let me forget that, will you! Damn fish.
    Though I am still basking in my “fixed point in time colliding with a time in flux” theory. They were my glory days, never to be forgotten (Ok – I’ll never forget them. The rest of you probably already have.

    Bobbingbird @replies


    Some birds eat fish. So there!


    On a dark Doctor to come, I refer you to the words of Dorium Maldovar (whom @bobbingbird once famously thought was “responsible for everything”) in The Wedding of River Song:

    You’re a man with a long and dangerous past. But your future is infinitely more terrifying. The Silence believe it must be averted.

    You just won’t let me forget that, will you! Damn fish.
    Though I am still basking in my “fixed point in time colliding with a time in flux” theory. They were my glory days, never to be forgotten (Ok – I’ll never forget them. The rest of you probably already have.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    @lula – I’m convinced that Omega is there somewhere…

    Bobbingbird @replies

    @bluesqueakpip – but Smithy does do the oldun in a young body extraordinarily well. Could JLC do that?

    Bobbingbird @replies

    That’s a lovely thing to hear @htpbdet. I know how much of a fan of his era you are, and now have more context to relate to.

    However, Colin Baker’s era sold out to The Man, man.

    Bobbingbird @replies


    I’m sure you would speak eloquently on the long September of the Troughton era, and would be the voice of reason until asgil pushed you just a bit too far 🙂

    Bobbingbird @replies

    @juniperfish – my wife has just given me a hanky and asked why I’m crying. I’m about to show her your post.

    *blows beak noisily*

    Bobbingbird @replies

    @juniperfish – and of course the acronym of Amy, River and Clara is ARC. As in the three season arc. Maybe they are all intrinsic to Moffatt’s tenure, and inter-relate.

    Bobbingbird @replies


    I’ve even been thinking that the TARDIS not only takes the Doctor where he needs to go, but also creates what he needs to fight. The universe as his plaything. But that would be far too dark, wouldn’t it?

    It’d also be too dark if Doctor 11 turned out to be the big bad. Unless this is true in only one of @juniperfish ‘s three alternate realities…

    Bobbingbird @replies

    @thebadfairyprincess – I thought Tricky’s bionics allowed him to see inside the TARDIS -xray stylee – and saw Clara. I’ll have to look again (any excuse). Can anyone else throw some light on this?

    @bluesqueakpip – I’m not sure if any of these would satisfy me.

    Clara as the Doctor – I have no problem with a woman playing the Doctor. JLC is too young. Helen Mirren or someone like Sue Perkins for me.

    Back to the beginning with a clean slate – ok, yep. I could live with that.

    Dark Doctor as villain and hero – I think that’s already been made clear, so wouldn’t be a game changer

    Gallifrey comes back – doesn’t really change the course of DR Who

    Doctor as Master type (eg a terrorist)- wasn’t this hinted at way back during Pertwee’s era?

    I still think we are missing something hidden in plain sight (no change there, then)

    Bobbingbird @replies

    @blenkinsoptebrave – bad luck on the stuffy office. I return to one tomorrow.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    @haveyoufedthefish and @blenkinsopthebrave – sadly turtle and dolphin paradise was just a week’s holiday in North Haven near Port MacQuarie in NSW Aust. I’m now back in cityville with cars and meth-amphetamine.. ah well.

    Me too, RE: River writing the History of the Time War..

    Bobbingbird @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave – how is your never ending summer? Fab, innit?

    Apols to those still shivering in the UK/Europe 🙂

    Bobbingbird @replies

    Not sure who would wield the axe, though:)

    Bobbingbird @replies

    Great to see MES/Fall fans here.

    I saw this on youtube – how I wish I could redo it as a round table Doctor Who discussion. @htpbdet, asgill, Alexander would be my favourites as participants – perhaps @jimthefish ‘n all.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    @thebadfairyprincess wasn’t that Clara pinned under some wreckage that Tricky saw with his bionics?

    I like your idea that River wrote the History of the Time War. I think River is involved, but I don’t think she is Clara (or vice-versa). Perhaps she is some sort of eminence grise.

    I also think that Clara – though she doesn’t know it yet – is there to help the Doctor. Can’t see her being a badun – though that would be great fun. I’m also now convinced that she is an ordinary human being who will become special in the course of events. Hide and Journey makes this quite clear, I reckon.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    We’ll also find out what makes his new companion so impossible and there’s a surprise that no one has got right so far, and one that will change the course of Who forever!

    Does anyone else find Moffatt’s hyperbole a bit of a worry? I remember he said that about Hitler and it turned out to be that River was Melody, which I felt fairly underwhelmed about.

    I am hoping he doesn’t do anything we all regret.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    When I was recovering from a double hernia op, my (then) girlfriend found it very funny to say:

    REHERNIATE!!! Every chance she had. Oh how I laughed.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    yes, and yes, @blenkinsopthebrave.

    Let’s not worry too much about gantries and bannisters – it looked fantastic.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    Not all quiet in the antipodes, @blenkinsopthebrave. I’ve just rewatched the ep, and am feverishly and obsessively reading all the posts.

    By gahd I loved this episode. The Big Friendly Button was a stroke of genius for me. It worked so well as an in joke (leaving many gnashing their teeth in horror about “reset buttons”), and as the solution to the story.  Very Star Trek TNG. Absolutely loved it.

    @juniperfish mentioned The Doctor’s explanation about the two realities in the console room “running together for a brief second…” I think this Fish is right – we have been seeing more than one reality over the last three series, and at times they run together. This explains a number of oddities over the last three years: The Doctor turning up in a tuxedo in Let’s Kill Hitler (always bugged me, that); that double take of Rory’s in the God Complex; the lost three months in The Impossible Astronaut; Clara’s weird underwater experience in the Cold War. The list really is endless (not literally of course; that would be silly).

    I’ve also  been cogitating (agreed, @jimthefish – great word) about Clara as a meta-narrative for Doctor Who the Show.

    Imagine if Doctor Who – the show – had never existed: all those aliens, all those dangers would also never have existed. New Who has made many a reference to “where the Doctor goes, death and destruction follow” (this goes right back to Clive in “Rose”). In this reading, if you put the show and the man together, it/he is responsible for the birth of the Daleks, Cybermen and a multitude of evil that follows him. If neither existed, the universe would be a safer place.

    Will we see an episode where the very existence of Clara and her history (read: the show) is deleted from time? Can the Doctor’s enemies rewrite time so he  never existed – making the universe safe from him and what he brings? Is his failing memory (if this is the case, I’m still to be convinced), an indicator of hime being erased from time  itself…

    *Eats bird food, and has very pleasant dust bath*

    Bobbingbird @replies


    Three and a half hours to go! Avoiding the Guardian, avoiding comments here (though I did see @htpbdet‘s “yes, well…. Outstanding” comment before looking away).

    It is very difficult knowing that you are all discussing the ep before the colonies get to see it.

    Mind you, you’ll probably all be asleep right now.

    So it was good, yes?

    Bobbingbird @replies


    Like it. That sounds very possible indeed.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    So does that mean the crack from series 5 is returning? Is everything we’ve seen over the last 3 series going to start falling into place? How exciting.

    I now have an urge to look back at previous episodes for evidence of the crack in the universe.

    I’m also very intrigued by whatever’s hidden in the TARDIS. Previous regenerations was the first thing I thought of, but perhaps that’s too obvious.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    Spoiler space, discussing spoilers, do not read, we are discussing spoilers


    I couldn’t resist @ardaraith, and clicked on the reveal option on the site where the spoiler was published. If you want to know, go to Doctor Who TV. You’ll find it in the teasers article for Centre of the TARDIS.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    Er… Claranet?

    Sorry @bobbyfat

    Bobbingbird @replies

    I’ve also read that we are going to hear a certain voice from the past, next week. A very mouth watering a d rather exciting voice. Has anyone we heard of this?

    @Shazzbot – your unseasoned gluten free polenta sounds positively tasty compared to my soggy Brussels sprouts theories.

    Bobbingbird @replies

    At last I have access to t’internet. One of the downsides of being in an idyllic, small seaside town surrounded by sea, a gloriously big river with dolphins and turtles is the lAck if a decent signal. A small downside, admittedly.

    I love these bonkers theories, but one thing bothers me. There seems to be general consensus that the good Doctor is losing his memories. The only definite example I can think of to back this was the GI in the Snowmen ep. I liked the meta narrative theory about this – the episodes referring to the GI have been lost.

    The only other example (i can think of) is a mispron of Metabelis. Have I missed other examples? Can anyone fill in the gaps (as it were)?

    I do agree that the Doctor’s obsession with Clara is unhealthy, and indicative his state if mind. The Doctor, for me, is being is increasingly portrayed as “a Madman in a box”, and it’s not all fun.

    Three TARDISES. Bleeding ‘eck.
    Sorry if this reads badly – it’s being written on my iPhone. My big fingers keep hitting the wrong letters 🙂

    Bobbingbird @replies

    Ah, @juniperfish is showing her age: Gr9 indeed

    Bobbingbird @replies

    Big greetings to new members! This site is really growing.

    I enjoyed @htpbdet and @jimthefish discussion re the merits (or otherwise) of Smith’s portrayal. I think his inconsistencies are quite deliberate. Not because there’s two or more versions of the Doctor running around (which I really don’t buy), but because he is – basically – bonkers. I think the inconsistencies – mood swings, anxiety (to me he often appears anxious),  overconfidence, almost delusional behaviour are expressions of someone barely holding on to their sanity. Which is where the danger comes in.

    Considering  all he’s been through, seen and done, he would be a mad man, wouldn’t he? Smith – for me- portrays this excellently.

    I for one will miss him when he goes.


    Bobbingbird @replies


    that’s why I’m wondering how she died and if a body was found. Perhaps she did regenerate…

    Bobbingbird @replies

    Hello @miapatrick and @juniperfish and @whohar and @scaryb and @Bluesquekpip (I think that covers it)

    This is such fin -er-  I mean fun. Clara’s mum as Time Lord, eh? I wonder if we’ll find out hoe she died, and if there was a body?

    She couldn’t  be Susan I suppose? The Dr would have picked that up, wouldn’t he?

    Bobbingbird @replies

    Ooh ooh! @miapatrick

    27. The 27th series was never commissioned.

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