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    Cath Annabel @replies

    @juniperfish – excellent, excellent stuff x

    Cath Annabel @replies

    @miapatrick  A – it would be a challenge to the writers, certainly.  But in a good way.  B – a reason why it would be a good idea.  C – fancyability not crucial, charisma a deal-breaker.  The first without the second would be disastrous.  The second without the first, absolutely fine.  Both together could be perhaps too much of a good thing (see my comments earlier about Tennant).     D – exactly the place.   It’s well enough established, even (dread word) iconic.  It can take risks that a pilot can’t.  There are advantages to being in one’s 50s (honest)  – it’s a time for reinventing and reinspiring and all that stuff.

    Cath Annabel @replies

    @janetteb Is it permitted to have two ‘My Doctors’?  I certainly hope so.  4 was my Doctor – I saw DW before 4 and obviously after 4 but he was mine.  9 didn’t have long enough to really establish himself for me. 10 I adored but to my surprise my second My Doctor turns out to be 11.  It possibly is relevant here that I don’t actually, you know, fancy him to bits.  Not that fancying the Doctor is wrong, but it was occasionally a distraction with 10.  11 won me over with fish fingers and custard and that funny old/young face with the chin & all, and managing to be dark and daft at the same time.  So, I will miss him.

    However, who knows, 12 may turn out to be my third ‘My Doctor’, if they get it right.

    If there’s just the one (and I’m liking the multidoctor hypothesis), I’m really rooting for a woman.  Not sure which woman, mind.  Anybody suggested Geraldine Somerville yet?

    Cath Annabel @replies

    @phileasf – ooh, Lawrence Fox!  I love him as Hathaway – so much not said, not shown, but glimpses of intellect and passion and sadness…  I’ll be very happy if it’s him.

    Cath Annabel @replies

    Speculation is no doubt entirely futile, but it’s such fun.  More fun, more interesting, and without the risk of libel action that the other current ‘who?’ question involves.

    I’d be delighted with a woman doctor.  Olivia Colman is not quite right, however much I love her.   Suranne Jones is the Tardis so ruled out (presumably) on those grounds.  However, if we can’t have Bailey, what about Scott?  Or what about Vicky McClure?  Or Miranda Richardson?

    Other tempting possibilities I’ve not seen listed elsewhere  – Tom Hiddleston, Stephen Moyer,

    And cheers to @phaseshift for Damien Moloney

    Not going to put any actual money on any of these.  That would just be silly.

    Cath Annabel @replies

    Back to Duran Duran – yes Clara would know it from radio, clubs, etc, pop is constantly looking back at its own past and being nostalgic for the sounds of previous decades.   Can’t recall which bits of lyric we heard from the Prof or from Clara, but this line seems pertinent: Scent and a sound. I’m lost and I’m found / And I’m hungry like the wolf….

    Cath Annabel @replies

    Having just decided to unlurk and composed a lengthy if not massively enlightening post, I then lost it all due to some technical shenanigans.   I will try to recap.

    Random thoughts:

    Oh my stars – goes back to the 16thc, there’s a quote from Christopher Marlowe in Edward II, where it is not just an all-purpose exclamation but an address to the stars, as the force that determines one’s destiny.   So, quite pertinent in light of the chap’s speech about the leaf and so on.

    Also, the mother . I haven’t come up with a coherent theory about who she is yet, but her speech about how she will always come to find Clara wherever she is, is either just  poignant in light of her death and thus failure to keep that promise, or suggests that she is something more timey-wimey.  I’d be inclined to the latter – those words were given an awful lot of weight, and I don’t think it was just to  trigger the tears (though they did, mine anyway).

    And another thing – did people here read the monster thingie as the sun of that planet?  If it was, then as some posters have said, if the Doc and Clara destroyed it, they presumably threatened the future of the planet’s inhabitants.  But the second question is, did they destroy it or just send it to sleep?

    That’s it for now.    Nice to be able to post without worrying about being savaged by sheep or whatever…

    Cheers all!

    Cath Annabel @replies

    Greetings Whovians, the NYD fog permits no insights into your many inventive (and occasional bonkers) theories, but it will clear and with luck I may be able to contribute the occasional apercu.   Whether or not, I will enjoy yours, and am glad this has been set up so fill the long gaps between Guardian blogs.

Viewing 8 posts - 251 through 258 (of 258 total)