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    Hi @CedarBranchTardis

    As above, this thread has now moved to the “Faces of The Doctor” topic.

    Please don’t post here unless you have comments about the website or users of the website.

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  • @cedarbranchtardis

    Why can’t the Doctor go back in time and visit Amy and Rory?

    Short answer: cast availability (Lis Sladen is dead, Karen Gillan and Jenna Coleman fantastically in-demand and busy).

    Slightly longer answer: the show needs to keep moving and looking forward. Once it gets bogged down in its past, it is dead. Moffat trod a very f…[Read more]

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    @winston Interesting that you mention 5th Doctor. it had not occurred to me at first but I am beginning to see a bit of 5th Doctor in Whitdoc.

    @Cedarbranchtardis you do ask a lot of question. I think the simple answer is too hard to bring back the actors. RL determines story telling unfortunately. I also want to know what became of Susan. One day…[Read more]

  • @cedarbranchtardis

    To state the completely obvious – we haven’t any idea what kind of chromosomes an alien from the planet Gallifrey would have, but sequential hermaphrodites are fairly well known in biology. 🙂

  • @cedarbranchtardis this is just like the fake memes where someone claims to have made some kind of a program absorb so many episodes of a television series than write something about it, only with troll comments on the series in this case.

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    @mersey  That’s my chief argument against 12. You can expect that 2000 years old man will be more stoic in the face of death and loss

    Yes; but then, I wouldn’t care about the character.  He’d be just another standard comic-book superhero — save ’em, lose ’em, all in a day’s work, and all forgotten by next week’s issue or episode — unless deat…[Read more]

  • @CedarBranchTardis

    **Whistles innocently**

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    The Doctor has a regeneration cycle. There are 13 lives per cycle.


    If he runs out of lives (11) then he dies for good next time.

    However, at the end of The Time of The Doctor, he was granted another cycle.


    We’re currently on 12. That means that…[Read more]

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    you will get lost/confused/not sure of what century you actually live,

    A quick check I’ve always found useful (and one they could probably have done with in Last Christmas) is to ask myself ‘in which reality do I have to pay the gas bill?’

    Sadly, that usually turns out to be the right one. 😀

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    @CedarbranchTardis You can have great minds but still not have the ‘common’ sense to make
    the smartest choices. It happens on planet Earth every day. I know it may sound bizarre
    but having intelligence is only 1 element and then you also have to get these smart folks
    to properly collaborate to an effective end too. I guess different Galifreyans…[Read more]

  • @cedarbranchtardis

    How is it that Galifrey with it’s “superior science” and mentality can get their butts kicked by the Daleks?

    Much the same as as the Viet Cong kicked the butts of the most technologically advanced armed forces on the planet.

    Also, why do the leaders of Galifrey come across as “evil”? I thought superior minds had superior…

    [Read more]

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    @CedarBranchTardis – they adopted a son. The scene was storyboarded, but never filmed.

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    @Whisht @cedarbranchtardis @purofilion

    That sheet music is definitely someone’s piano arrangement of the theme, not exactly what was played. I found this link with the actual theme, because I knew that I had a lot of versions bouncing around in my memory.

    To me it sounds more like the rubato in a Chopin piano piece, where the accompaniment stays…[Read more]

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    @Bluesqueakpip   You could be right, she has certainly been set up that way. It could also be only certain things that have been forgotten. Doctor Tennant forgot what kind of person he was, Doctor Smith forgot what he liked to eat. Who knows what Doctor Capaldi has forgotten!

    @Whisht @cedarbranchtardis @purofilion

    I wrote a little about the t…[Read more]

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    @cedarbranchtardis – indeed, nicely put! 🙂

    btw is it the same music he goes to war throughout the series?
    I’ll admit I don’t pay attention and don’t re-watch enough, so hadn’t realised whether Murray Gold had used a ‘war’ theme. But wouldn’t surprise me if he had and thanks for making me listen harder (even if he didn’t)!

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    @cedarbranchtardis – Daleks are much more than that; they’ve just not been used that brilliantly in the series for quite a while (okay, Asylum of the Daleks had some pretty scary moments). What the next season needs to do (as I have heard rumors there will be a Dalek episode) is try and make them less expendable… once you have lots of Daleks…[Read more]

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    @Barnable @CedarBranchTardis

    Re Daleks – we’ve seen them developing throughout the 50 year run of the show. They are driven by hate and obsessed with being the only force in the universe. The Time Lords are what stands in their way. The Doctor has stopped them on several occasions; particularly in the T Baker story Genesis, when he was sent back…[Read more]

  • Monochrome Dimension replied to the topic On The Sofa (4)

    @MeadowRose – Are you planning on completing your run-through of NuWho first before watching more of the Classic Series? I still need to watch all of the Eleventh’s seasons… and I think there’s still one or two episodes I haven’t watched of the Tenth’s (just specials though… I think). So I’m not completely up to date on the new series either.…[Read more]

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    @CedarBranchTardis – I was so embarrassed that I got all depressed when 9 regenerated into 10. I watched the end of series 2 last night and am still in mourning for Rose…..my husband thinks I’m insane 🙂

    Yes!  Star Wars and X-Files have been my things since…….well, forever. DW is a whole different beast and I’m loving every minute! We…[Read more]

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    @CedarBranchTardis Maybe just walk where you need to go?

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