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    As you say, we have 3 groups. However, if the [Doctor] covers (3) of the requirements on his own, then the [Doctor & Clara] also cover (3) of the requirements. This is because the [Doctor] is a subset of the [Doctor & Clara]. This of course means that the [Doctor & @Morpho] could also be considered the hybrid!  😉

    It all depends on whether you accept the Doctors “Half human” bit as canon. One of the things I like is that the solution was constructed so you have a successful answer regardless of whether you personally think he is half human or not.

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    Well, that was a bit of a low key ending. Whilst I found it enjoyable, I was hoping for a high octane ending and what we got was a bit of a damp squib. The Doctor arrived, hung around a bit and the story ended. After such a good series, I found this all very anti-climactic. I’m glad there are people out there who have enjoyed this, but for me this was my least favourite of the season.

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    The 1960’s spy program had its main character (Number 6) resigning from the secret service only to be awake a captive in a village for ex spies (Controlled by a never seen Number One) with the authorities trying to find out why he resigned. Every episode would include the conversation “Who is Number One?  / You are Number Six”.

    Forget about TV movies and being half human on the mothers side. With the ending to Heaven Sent, have we just had Steven Moffats version of The Prisoner intro? It would explain Ashildrs chosen nom de plume!

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    I loved this story. I’ve seen a lot of people across the internet getting caught up trying to make this story “work” when the point is, it doesn’t. What we have is a complete example of an unreliable narrator with (Sorry if I spoil anything) many similarities with the film “The Usual Suspects”. I loved the audacity that what we had all just watched was not only a fiction in our world but was a fiction within the Doctor Who world. Who knows how much of what we were presented with actually happened and wasn’t constructed by Rasmussen. Did the fact that we “saw” The Doctor and Clara mean they were actually there, or was it all just faked? This has been not only one of my favourites this year, but also one of my favourite Mark Gatiss stories (Along with the Crimson Horror)


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    I didn’t take the comment about 14 previous times to mean they had all happened then. Instead, I took it to mean that the cease fire had almost broken down 14 times previously.

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    When the Doctor said he’d thought Clara was dead for a month, is it just coincidental that we have about a month of the show left? Perhaps Merlin actually is living his life backwards.  😉

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    To be fair, we’re not told he left 127 messages. What they say is that Clara had 127 missed calls.

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    I agree, Clara was switched when she went into the little boys flat. However, I suspect her place was taken by the boy & it’s Clara ‘s body that’s being carried off, not the childs.

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    Perhaps we’ll find out that everything from 7b onwards has been false and somewhere upon a cloud above Victorian London Matt Smith is about to step out a shower! 😉

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    Why is calling for a cocktail such a huge crime? It’s not that anachronistic. The first recorded use was in 1798, only 150 years later and it’s perfectly possible that the word was in popular usage before this record was written.

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    <span class=”useratname”>@plainolddave</span>


    A series is a sequence of episodes for the same show.

    ie. Doctor Who from Episodes “Rose” to “The Parting Of The Ways” was the first series of the “new” Doctor Who whilst “The Magicians Apprentice” to “Hell Bent” will be the ninth.

    As for:

    inexplicable tendency to refer to corporations in the plural.”

    it’s our language and we’ll use it how we like! 😉

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    Not sure where it’s best to put this, but the guitar playing at the start of “Before The Flood”  has got me thinking as to how “musical” series 9 appears to be.

    – Beethoven’s Fifth segueing into the guitar version of the theme

    – We had the axe battle in Magicians Apprentice

    – The title Magicians Apprentice could be alluding to “The Sorcerers Apprentice” from Fantasia

    – Episode 3’s title “Before The Flood” is a Bob Dylan live album

    – Episode 9’s title “Sleep No More” was a new wave/post-punk album by The Comsat Angels

    – Episode 11 & 12’s titles (“Heaven Sent” and “Hell Bent”) are a quote from “Sweet Bird Of truth”, a song by the band The The from their “Infected” album

    Anyone spotted any others?

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    I disagree. I took his comment about draining the water to mean that his race would steal/consume it. Then his arms wide pose at the end is like a starving man at a banquet.

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    Does anyone else think we may not have seen the end of the Fisherking?

    1) We dont see the body
    2) Hes already died once
    3) He actually wanted to be brought to a planet with large tracts of water.

    …perhaps hes the Minister Of War?

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