• @magickinn  The Doctor has companions who have killed before and that has not been a problem for earlier one.  I can see  several of the incarnations having no problem if Graham did it.

    I thought that, too, and it’s bugging me.  I’d accept “no killing the bad guys” as a new rule, a result of what the AG Doctors have learned in their more let…[Read more]

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    @kevinwho   . . . in this last season I’ve sometimes felt that whole episodes aren’t showing me a life lesson, they’re telling me what to think.

    Yes, sometimes — because she’s telling her companions, our stand-inswhat to think, but with no detectable (to me) emotion and personally-felt experience behind it.  Good grief, maybe my feeling a…[Read more]

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    @thane16  Puro  . . . a few people thought “the Doc, on a TANK wearing sunglasses and playing an electric guitar?” That’s not gravitas! That’s baloney!” Except we describe him like this: proud and noble, dignified, dutiful, lofty enough to shit marble when I don’t think 12 was like that much of the time. @ichabod -would you agree?

    G…[Read more]

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    @pedant  Talking animals crop up a lot in Studio Ghibli animations, and this story had a bit of a Ghibli feel to it, with an ending that was honest, rather than shoe-horned in sentimental. Spirited Away? Princess Mononoke?

    Gad, yes!  “Spirited Away” sticks with me as the best animated fantasy film I’ve seen — I rarely miss a chance to see it a…[Read more]

  • Same!  Been busy — I flew to Portland OR to see a local production of my one and only stage play, in a converted chapel seating maybe 50, and had a good time — apart from nearly being blown off Vista Point and […]

  • @thane16  Puro — still here, still watching, but not much to comment on here these days, with Capaldi gone and the new order done with its first whole season (barring one special to go, In January).



  • @kevinwho  . . . too much standing around and talking

    Well, likely true for some people, and that’s part of the supposed SJW “issue”.  Grounding your action, when it’s imminent, in establishing clarity re why we’re going to not-kill the creature trying to kill us — that’s got to slow things down a bit (another reason that the “Bad guy!  Q…[Read more]

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    @craig — JEEZ!  One look at your Xmas card, and I almost called the bomb squad!  At least now I’m awake, though, so thank you, and merry thingamabobs to you and all right back!

  • @rob  This is one of the good things that has come out of the regeneration it makes you think about equality,  hopefully it will make me a better person just by making me think about it.

    I’d say so — one of the clear signs of a knee-jerk reactionary is automatic outrage at the fact that The Contentious Issue *has been raised* — “SJW!  …[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave  Mrs Blenkinsop and I just watched the last episode of series 10 . . . Looking back on that episode, I feel that Moffat could not simply do grand emotion, but grand emotion that was almost operatic.

    Nothing “almost” about it — I think it’s the operatic intensity that really caught me up in the Moffat era, because I am a…[Read more]

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    @miapatrick To me the high concept of this series is that the monsters are not just monsters.

    Yes, that seems to be a theme here — consistent with a Doctor who’s “heroic” on a deliberately smaller scale, so her companions can share in the heroics on a human scale, instead of having to stretch hard to help rescue a  planet, a species, a u…[Read more]

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    @kevinwho  Yes, I think that’s part of it.  I’m not picking up cues of reflection; thinking (except about how to solve the immediate problem); or really remembering rather than just ticking off a box from the past.  So maybe it’s more a matter of the pacing of the episodes (for those who share this reaction).  They’ve set it for youth, new…[Read more]

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    @thane16  You make a good case; and I’m not really looking for an extension of the Moffat/Capaldi tone.  I agree that that was taken as far as it could go within the parameters of the show, and wrapped up pretty well in Season 10.  I don’t miss it, certainly not pining for a repeat; I’m just missing a sense of emotional continuity between that an…[Read more]

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    @arbutus  @thane16  But to me, the baddie was the solitract: luring people with promises of “forever.”  Or not even the solitract, but the refusal to accept reality, let go of the past, and let the dead rest.

    Oh, yes; it is our clinging to the past that can never be authentically re-created again for us in the present, that is what’s being declin…[Read more]

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    @mirime  ‘Timeless Child’ is interesting. I’m torn between wanting to know more and thinking it should just be left as a mystery. There’s such a risk of disappointment and I’m not confident in Chibnall’s abilities yet.

    Me too; I’d love to see that bloom into something gripping, something to help anchor this Doctor to her own deep past maybe,…[Read more]

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    @thane16  She’s completely a new person but she still has, deep inside, those memories, that sadness and that loss. It isn’t front and centre. This world is not just about the Doctor anymore. It’s like she steps back to serve. Or, almost, like she’s an idiot in a box, stepping in and out to help when she can.

    Agreed — that’s clearly the intentio…[Read more]

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    @arbutus    I’d like to think that the Doctor’s offer was more of a “take me instead”, spur of the moment attempt to save Erik, and that she only realized afterward that she wouldn’t be able to stay.

    I like that better, too.  What I missed, though, was some — sense of connection between Doctor and the Solitract — it’s a being from an old Gallif…[Read more]

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    @notime   It didnt even try to trick the Doctor or Jaz with memories

    Wonder why it didn’t try to draw Ryan in, maybe with a double of his father . . . ?  Or does it have to be a siren — female, singing to men of assured and deathless love?

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    @thane16  @ichabod I think you might like this one?

    You’re right; for me, this story had a pleasingly disconnected feeling that I think came with the “through the looking glass” echo — first time I felt that they dared to take off without a clear flight path to an expected landing place (except that a sort of resolution between Ryan and Graham…[Read more]

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