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    Very much enjoying the feel of all these episodes. I’m thinking that emotionally, this is the lowest key doctor since Tom Baker. Like @CountScarlioni, I like the scope of the threats as well. We’re definitely seeing a thread of villains who aren’t really villains. I confess it’s a theme that resonates with me. Increasingly in the world as it has…[Read more]

  • Mudlark replied to the topic Knock Knock


    Didn’t the landlord say something to the Doctor along the lines of ‘you’re old, you have less energy so you won’t last long’, the implication being it wasn’t an instant death.

    Yes. The implication was that the life-energy of the people taken into the woodwork was absorbed very slowly; hence it was necessary to find a new set of tenants onl…[Read more]

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    @ichabod  @janetteB @Nick  @Redlemons

    Companion seems to me the most exact term for those who travel with the Doctor because to me it denotes above all a close relationship based on something shared: companion, from the Latin roots cum (with) panis (bread), so someone with whom you break bread; hence a companion on the road, a companion in adv…[Read more]

  • Nick replied to the topic Thin Ice


    I had thought both of those were possible, but I think a word that describes a close, friendly relationship is needed. Neither of these imply that. A better description than Companion, which is more meaning neutral, might not exist.

  • winston replied to the topic Thin Ice

    @redlemons   Hi!  Maybe the Doctor gave the Master the brooch for the daughter that was born but the Master ,being the Master, kept it for himself. @thane15    Moffat might be telling us through the Doctor to be prepared to “move on” when PC leaves us. Some fans  have a hard time adjusting to a new Doctor and some never seem to move on and spend a…[Read more]

  • wolfweed replied to the topic Thin Ice

    @redlemons Perhaps Missy was  a man when she had a daughter…

    sex change

    period clothing

    Pearl’s guide to the frost fair


  • ichabod replied to the topic The Pilot

    @redlemons  As far as his playing the guitar, if I lived as long as him I think I would learn lots of instruments.

    Yes — things aren’t hopping all the time; we don’t get to see the quieter moments a stretches of time in the Tardis, we get the *stories*.  Why wouldn’t he play guitar?  Though I think he’d play some quieter, more meditative work to…[Read more]

  • Missy replied to the topic The Pilot


    A member (sorry can’t remember who) said that they thought that PC tried to hard, at least to start with. I don’t agree, he was right into the part from the very first moment you met him, he just clicked. Although I liked MS ( I liked all of them) it was he, in my opinion, who was trying too hard at first. I was astonished that you…[Read more]

  • ichabod replied to the topic The Pilot

    @redlemons  I found the previous episodes with Clara brooding

    Yes, they were.

    Terrible that I want my soul lifted by a fictional character? Maybe … In the Pilot I finally found him delightful. Now after Smile, I know I will miss him.

    Nothing terrible about that!  The Doctor is for everybody over-all (all, that is, TV watchers who love SF/F and…[Read more]

  • Whisht replied to the topic The Pilot

    ah – seems I didn’t give credit enough to Phaseshift for his Egg whisk as well as his nods to Shada and Professor Chronotis

    Somehow I thought of Blenkinsopthebrave – was it the wine I’d been drinking linking my thoughts to that great gentleman’s wine cellar??
    I’ll never know, but only a man of his class would say “nay, not I but this…[Read more]

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    As I was saying, “Hi” to the new members like @redlemons and @smallgreenplant – I do love Odin’s ravens (I love the poetry of ‘Thought’ and ‘Memory’ scouring the world for Odin) and any theory involving them is fun!
    (apologies if I’ve missed others – not intentional !)

    If you’d like you can leave some thoughts on your favourite Doctor (or simply…[Read more]

  • JimTheFish replied to the topic The Pilot

    @redlemons and @bluesqueakpip — Yes, I noticed the cut to the picture of Susan as well. My theories on that are a) as Pip says both Bill and Susan fitted a particular criteria for companionhood (a theory that I quite like) or b) that a hint was being dropped that Susan is going to be of significance this year. Certainly the riffing on the…[Read more]

  • nerys replied to the topic The Pilot

    @bluesqueakpip Yeah, I thought the TARDIS was automatically translating every language, alien or otherwise, into English so that the English-speaking listeners on hand would understand it. So doesn’t it stand to reason that would apply to acronyms, as well? It’s just a more sophisticated “translation” of words that fit a particular meaning to…[Read more]

  • Bluesqueakpip replied to the topic The Pilot


    TARDIS Interiors generally turn out to be a lot of corridors. 😉 We saw early shots of the interior of the TARDIS in the 1964 story Edge of Destruction – spaceship style cabins and not much belief in doors. I recall a shot of a cabin in the Davison Doctor’s era, but that was also basically ‘ship’s cabin’ style.

    Journey to the Centre…[Read more]

  • Whisht replied to the topic The Pilot

    phew !

    LOTS of great comments – and far to many names to @ back to but really loved reading all your thoughts.

    I’ve only seen it the once (last night) and will re-watch now that I’m armed with what you’ve all seen, but some thoughts…

    If my memory from last night is not faulty… I loved how Bill got into danger in the end, ignored the…[Read more]

  • Mudlark replied to the topic The Pilot


    As far as I am aware he can revisit any time or place he has visited in the past, and even remain there for quite long periods, so long as he does not intervene directly in his own time line or try to alter anything which is a fixed moment, which would, of course create serious problems. He can even meet and interact with past…[Read more]

  • Mudlark replied to the topic The Pilot


    he still doesn’t technically remember clara, i’m guessing, but he does remember donna, quite well, and the moment when he decides not to mind-wipe her memories was a call back to that, methinks…

    Well, in the moment when the Doctor hesitates as he reaches out to wipe Bill’s memory, the music which we hear is Clara’s theme 🙂

    As I have…[Read more]

  • ichabod replied to the topic The Pilot

    @nerys  @redlemons  I never cared much to re-watching DW — until the Moffat/Capaldi team took over.  That was the point at which I began suggesting to the people who were uncomfortable with or unable to connect with or understand S8-9 that they wait a bit, and then watch again.  That stuff was layered as fine cake (dark; probably bittersweet cho…[Read more]

  • Bluesqueakpip replied to the topic The Pilot


    Martha had a sister, a brother and a baby nephew, plus a dead cousin who looked just like her. 😉 I don’t think Bill is related; I can’t see the extensive Jones family leaving a relative in foster care.

    At the moment I’d say Bill’s backstory simply explains why she’d be willing to leap in the TARDIS. Like Rose, she’s bright but didn’t…[Read more]

  • nerys replied to the topic The Pilot

    @kharis Actually, the EW article wasn’t a review, but rather got into some spoiler-ish territory about the season finale, which then, predictably enough, led to some “good riddance”-style Facebook comments from some. Those comments were what I was replying to, mentioning, among other things, Capaldi’s acting tour de force in “Heaven Sent,” along…[Read more]

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