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    We had facilities that catered to mental health but over the years they started to change to drug treatment because that is where the money was. My Daughter had problems and we had to fight to find help for her. They have shut down so many mental health facilities that it almost makes you wonder what the elite want control of.

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    I decided to visit this forum and shake the dust off. I wanted to see how this site held up to various devices and the ultimate test, the oldest devices.

    I am currently typing on a Dell Inspiron 2650. It is almost 15 years old.

    I love that this forum is stripped down to the necessities so this isn’t unbearable.

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    Dalek is a fantastic episode. The story arc is amazing when it’s revealed in series 3.

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    @Thane 15 Very well stated. I agree with you and many years ago I would not have.  I still have some values that would be labeled conservative but as you said, lables are a problem. That is an understatement with politics and race topping that as a problem. We have been raised in a propaganda culture where pride in country is blind to the…[Read more]

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    Lol autocorrect. Libertarian not librarian.

    I work for an automotive manufacturer. I also work in a shop selling auto parts.

    In the states, you can go to your physician and be sent to the nearest hospital for testing. You then get a bill from the physician, the hospital, the laboratory, the lab physician, the admiting physician and even a third…[Read more]

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    Taxation without representation is still a problem in the US. We have taxes on everything and then there are fees/fines for everything else. Our tax money is rarely spent on what we are told it’s supposed to be for.  The waste is unbelievable. Then there is how tax is calculated. It is not a fair or flat tax.

    I pay little federal tax myself du…[Read more]

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    Oh that tea. 😂

    It bothers me to no end how my ancestors threw such a fuss over tax and property that they decided to create a government that takes more tax and property.

    I am a Librarian. We believe in being kind.

    We are a minority.

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    I was so jealous of my Sister when she went a few years ago. My Mom really enjoyed it too which surprised me. I was going to link some photos from my brother in law but he deleted them. He stuck out like a lost yank too lol.  They really enjoyed Cardiff though and will likely return. Too bad the DWE is gone but the locals there told my family…[Read more]

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    Thete are fandoms and then there are Whovians. We created the fandom.


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    You give hope to humanity. Thank you because all of your love, care, and sacrifice will not be overlooked. Congratulations.

  • I have learned a trick as to how to avoid trolls that keep talking about this decision.

    Any time I see the three words “female Doctor Who” put in that order, I disregard the poster.

    She the Doctor not Doctor Who


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  • <p style=”text-align: center;”>@DrBen</p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I never knew the word anglophile until my cousin explained it to me. She is a University English professor. She said our family tends to gravitate to our English roots despite being here since the 1600s. I was surprised because my whole life revolved around British…[Read more]

  • To be honest, I’m ready for the Master to be gone for a long time. I’ve said this repeatedly but I want to see new twists and villains or even old ones we have yet to entertain in the new series.

  • My prediction is that in 20 minutes into the first episode of season 11; we will be confident that Jodie is our Doctor without doubt.

  • After more time to stew on this it seems the simple feeding of attention to the haters is viral and wrong. This is not feminism. It is not a political agenda. It is an expected adjustment in a fictional TV programe to a fictional character that has flat out said we should expect anything from the actor playing the main character. Why is there a…[Read more]

  • I have quite an opinion on all of this and it’s very negative towards the media.

    I was driving around on holiday today when my sister asked me via text who Jodie was.

    I told her she was the mum on Broadchurch and then it hit me. Cool.

    Now I’m seeing how the media is handling this by saying over and over how divided this is making us Whovians. I…[Read more]

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    I was banking on the wrong BC actress. Jodie will probably surprise us.

    Im still seeing Tennant as the Master.

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