Trailers: Doctor Who series 8


So the first proper trailer has just been released during half-time of the World Cup Final. It’s a corker and is below.

All future trailers will also be posted here. Please keep all discussion of the trailers in this thread – some people don’t like to know what’s in them and we should respect that.

Update 11 August. Trailer for Deep Breath!

Update 26 August. Trailer for Into the Dalek.


  1. @Pedant

    I have been wondering about Bells of St John. Clara died there.

    I know a few people have been speculating about her maybe reintegrating post the Time Stream thingy, but if you think about it, she’s been odd since long before she leapt into the Time Stream. The wormhole in Hide starts to smoke when she runs through it. The TARDIS doesn’t and never has liked her. She spent most of Series 7b being exactly what the Doctor ordered.

    And she can talk to the TARDIS.

  2. OK, cannot watch the episode till tomorrow (problem of CWC–“colonials without cable”) but have watched next week’s coming trailer on youtube.

    And…I think it is a bluff.. Moffat would never make a huge reveal on a trailer. This is Clara bluffing the Cyberman. Somewhat like Richard Burton bluffing the Nazis in Where Eagles Dare:

    This was the best clip I could find, but I hope you get my point that this is a version of what Clara is doing in the trailer.

  3. @BlenkinsopTheBrave

    It almost certainly doesn’t mean what we think it means. Off the top of my head:

    • Clara Oswald doesn’t exist – because she’s bluffing the Cybermen (she’s been lying all this series, this is just one more lie).
    • Clara Oswald doesn’t exist – because she’s an artificial construct created by Missy. (Probably what we’re supposed to think).
    • Clara Oswald doesn’t exist – because she’s a solid hologram, and replaced the real Clara Oswald at some point in the story (surely Moffat wouldn’t pull that one again?).
    • Clara Oswald doesn’t exist – because she’s adopted and ‘Clara Oswald’ is her adoptive name/cover story.

    T’other interesting thing in the trailer was Missy seemingly telling the Doctor that he knows who she is. Now, is that another double bluff? Does he know who she is – but we, the audience, have yet to meet this character?

  4. @pedant

    I remember us all thinking how scary/ evil Clara looked in the Day of the Doctor Trailer when she operated the vortex manipulator.

    Well, she did. 🙂 It just turned out she looked evil because she was gloating over outwitting the Zygons.

    That said, she was a bit of a charmer tonight, wasn’t she? She basically told the Doctor he’d have done better to die with the rest of Gallifrey…

  5. The trailer certainly has me intrigued but I’m going to try and not get too hyped about it. I think it’s rather silly to get really hyped about something, because if you end up not liking it then it will be even more disappointing. For example, I remember being really excited to see the second Hobbit film, especially when people were saying it was better than the first one (which I actually really liked). When I saw it I found it incredibly underwhelming. This was mostly due to the fact that only about 10% of what happens in the film is from the book, the other 90% was just Peter Jackson put in to pad the story out to three films. I know when adapting a book changes have to be made, but this barely resembled what it was supposed to be adapting, in contrast to the first one which followed the book a bit too much. But even when watched as just a film on it’s own, I didn’t think it was that good either.

    Anyway back on topic, I suspect (like @blenkinsopthebrave) that the “Clara Oswald doesn’t exist” line is her bluffing the Cybermen. Speaking of which, I’m glad The Cybermen are back, although I’m really not a fan of the current design. At least they’re the proper Cybermen, not those ones from parallel earth.

  6. OK, my first thought had been that Missy=Mistress=Master, therefore Missy is the Master. What I’d forgotten is that there’s another Master in Doctor Who’s past: the Master of the Land of Fiction. So perhaps the Nethersphere is actually the Land of Fiction, and Missy is the Mistress of the Land of Fiction (a Beatrix Potter-like children’s writer, kidnapped just as was the previous Master). Clara never existed because Missy was writing her actions before they happened: in other words Clara is fiction. The Cybermen returning to the steps of St Paul’s could be the Doctor’s past being turned into fiction. Could the dead live on as fiction? Yes: we saw plenty of dead historical figures (Blackbeard, Cyrano, d’Artangnan) as fictional characters last time, so why not?

  7. I agree with @blenkinsopthebrave here. At first I was highly irritated by this trailer, until I realized that it wasn’t actually revealing much that we didn’t already know or guess. As others say, the “Clara doesn’t exist” bit could mean almost anything, and we already knew that Clara figured somehow in Missy’s plan. We see that Missy appears to be springing her trap, which I think it was fair to assume that we would be seeing at this point. The appearance of the Cybermen doesn’t tell us what role they are playing, or whether they have any connection to Missy. We still don’t know exactly what the trap is or how “heaven” is involved. I think the most compelling bit is the use of the phrase “Time can be re-written”.

    I confess that I am a little afraid of this finale. I have enjoyed this series so thoroughly that I am almost afraid of being let down! I haven’t always enjoyed the big blockbuster two-part series finales as much as the individual stories. But we shall see. And I promise that if turns out that Moffat has written this last piece of the puzzle more to other viewers’ tastes than mine, I shall not complain.

  8. Always difficult trying to find clues in a 30 second trailer, but like everyone else, I confess to re-watching it, oh, a couple of times…

    Did anyone else notice that the music during the action sounds quite a lot like the music in the recent James Bond movie “Skyfall”?

    Is it there for a reason? Could it be…No, absolutely no idea.

  9. @Arbutus Yes, it doesn’t reveal much really – just raises a bunch of questions.

    I can’t remember who it was who suggested that the cyber-controller from Nightmare in Silver, Mr. Clever, might still be in the Doctor’s head, so he has been having to fool himself for much of this series – but I like that as a thought.

    @Bluesqueakpip My guess is that Clara is neither a hologram nor a construct but an actual person who has been hiding her identity. Hopefully the Doc’s grand-daughter/ great grand-daughter etc. Did I mention I still miss River? 🙂


  10. @Arkleseizure – it’s not a bad thought – though if the Doctor’s adventures have been taking place in the Land of Fiction, it has rather an air of ‘and then he woke up and it was all a dream’.

    However, if the Master/Mistress of the Land of Fiction has discovered a way of manipulating the Doctor’s ‘real’ world, that might explain Robin Hood, the Moon Egg, the living forest, etc. She can take the stories of the Whoniverse, and make them real.

    It could also explain how she’s retrieving the dead. Nothing to do with teleports, reconstruction or anything mechanical. The people she retrieves are the ones who became stories. Which is why poor old PCSO Plod got dealt with by Seb. He’s a bit part player, the ‘show how the monster works’ guy, the redshirt. Necessary, but minor. Whereas the Half Faced Man and Gretchen play important roles.

    Oh, and it also might explain why she looks like a particularly adult version of Mary Poppins. Which they’re never, ever going to mention. 😈

    River’s comment about fairy tales (‘aren’t we all’) could be a spoiler (sweetie) for all this.

    @Juniperfish – yup. I covered that under ‘adopted’. I would love to find out that Clara’s adopted, and that her hero-worship of the Doctor (plus her increasingly obvious efforts to be exactly like him) are because he IS her ‘Space Dad’. 😀

  11. Have to rewatch the trailer again but my first thought on Clara is that maybe she has been implanted with a “sleeper Personality”, (akin to Talia Winters in B.5. There have been a few B.5 moments this series which inclines me to this theory). Though I suspect the clip is misleading, as such clips usually are. She is most likely lying in that scene, though it would hardly be a lie as she has been dead often enough. (Though mostly through Claricles.)



  12. @Bluesqueakpip yes, Clara died at the Bells of St John but she was born somewhere under a clocktower -reborn in some new capacity? So she’s not a claricle anymore (I think) but she’s a thoroughly new person -all the claricles have come together (without her full knowledge due to mind wipe) & she’s a reintegrated ClaraNew – she talks to the TARDIS as you said, uses the sonic with versatility, is empathic, shows tremendous compassion with children and the young TL although her mad skillz as child minder were lost, apparently, in The Forest of the Undead (apologies, making up names seems suitable right now).

  13. @Juniperfish – I don’t personally think that Mr. Clever will make a reappearance, but if he did, it would be an opportunity for another superfluous Matt Smith cameo, and I wouldn’t put it past Moff to do something like that.  I don’t honestly know whether that would be a good thing or not.

    I definitely agree that “There is no Clara Oswald” could mean a lot of things.  In addition to the interpretations that have been mentioned, she could simply be wrong.  She could learn something that brings her entire life (lives?) into question, and she sort of freaks out about it.  That wouldn’t be out of character.

  14. @Arbutus The appearance of the Cybermen doesn’t tell us what role they are playing, or whether they have any connection to Missy.

    Except… if you look at one of the thrones inside the cell you see what looks like the same cyberman eye pattern that we saw behind Missy last week… :O


  15. @Brewski

    Re: the Doctor mentioning 2016 in “Forest of the Night”:

    Might it mean that there is a possibility that we might re-experience those two years somehow? I keep thinking about Clara in the trailer saying: “Time can be re-written”.


  16. To add to @Arkleseizure “Land of Fiction” theory (which I particularly enjoy) and @Bluesqueakpip interesting comments on it, I suggest we recover Robin Hood’s words at the end of this season’s “Robot of Sherwood”:

    Perhaps we will both be stories. And may those stories never end.
    (…) And remember, Doctor. I’m just as real as you are.

  17. On a rewatch I realise she says that Clara Oswald never existed. That re inforces the idea that she has been either “Implanted” or has been a construct from the start. there has been a lot of references to reflections in the series. I am thinking especially of the scene from The Caretaker, (I think) where she looks out of the window at her dark reflection. The “something in the corner of your eye” may well be Clara’s hidden twin. There have also been references as @Blenkinsopthebrave points out questions about reality. I did love that line quoted there. “I am as real as you.” Clara is as real as Robin and the Doctor. Moff maybe about to give us an interesting twist on that.

    Also if we have cybermen then we might well have clones. The Clara we are seeing in the clip could be a clone of Clara and not the real thing. Either Orson or Danny might be clones. Danny might have died. Orson is his clone. Nah. Now I think I am getting into the realms of fantasy. Time for another coffee.



  18. Spotted a different trailer on Facebook today. See link below (dont seem to be able to embed it on my tablet so hope this works).

  19. Didnt work sorry. To take the slow route therefore, google ‘dark water trailer series finale part 1’ and one of the first results should be a Facebook link. Guess youll need a FB account to watch. It has a very creepy skeletal hand pressing a button,  and a famous-last-words type quote from the Doctor that ‘the dead cant come back’…

  20. Thanks for the info. Found  the trailer. It strongly imples that Missy is the Master. Going to be a loooong week this one methinks.



  21. @blenkinsopthebrave

    Something like that would not surprise me. I have a distinct feeling that we’ve missed a lot of things that happened in this two years.  Maybe what we’ve seen IS the “rewritten” time.

    Also, I’m tossing out my guess now that the Big Misdirect here is the Cybermen themselves. ThEy may have little to do with the finale.

  22. @Blenkinsopthebrave I did not pick up on the mention of the year but that certainly suggests that we are in a future that will either be erased or rewritten. Dr Who has to stay contemporary so unless MOffat is planning a two year break I would say that the story will reset itself back in 2014 which is where, I assume, this series begins. Damn. I was not looking for date references on my last rewatch. Now I am going to have to start again. (Luckily there is not a single episode this series that I don’t enjoy enough for multiple rewatches.)



  23. @janetteB

    Mentioning a specific year in the future (to me) reinforces what appears to be large chunks of missing time this series.

    In your rewatch take note of where the Doctor speaks of very (to us) recent events as being “ages ago”.

  24. @blenkinsopthebrave & @janetteB – I don’t want Missy to be the Master (seems to easy), but I find myself remembering an interview with Moff before the season started.  In response to a number of questions about what might appear in Season 8, he characteristically avoided giving a direct answer, preferring to tease.  But when asked if the Master would come back this season, he gave an unequivocal “no”.

    Rule 1: Moffat lies.  If it were another red herring, he would likely continue to obfuscate.  But a direct “no”?  Almost certainly a lie.

    In that new trailer, I completely love the Doctor’s look of confusion after Missy says “You know who I am.”  It’s just a half-second, but it conveys so much — the fact that the Doctor *hates* not knowing things, and you can see the wheels turning in his head.  Man he’s a good actor.

  25. Check out  the window (or glass panel) behind the Doctor 18 seconds into that trailer, when he says ‘the dead don’t come back’… cue creepy looking (presumably dead) thing starting to stand up!  Could be a very good scene!

    Also love that brilliant look of confusion on the Doctor’s face @drben

    Most intriguing bit for me though is the Tardis crash-landed (seemingly), surrounded by fire and lava, with the Doctor on the floor outside, followed by Clara walking out the fog. Combine that with her line ‘Have I got your attention?’ from the other trailer, and I think we’ve got a legitimate scenario where Clara is ‘the bad’ in this episode, even if only briefly.

  26. I’m still holding out for Missy being a future/alternate Clara rather than the Master. Although I’m not hating that possibility either.

  27. just going back to the original ” next week ” trailer, i predict that when clara holds the tardis key and says you aint ever going back, she isn’t speaking to the doctor, and she might not be referring to his tardis…

  28. i was scrolling through the comments over on the bbc who facebook page, where they have a “who’s missy?” thing going, and i’ve made up my mind, finally…

    1) she is made from the darker side of the doctor (not necessarily valeyard, more akin to the dreamlord), split off in some way when he regenerated from smith. as such, she has access to the tardis (where she was created), though her heaven/paradise is probably a real place, somewhere/some-when. this would explain the doctor feeling as if he’s not always alone, when he’s between travels with clara (‘listen’). it also explains how missy is seeing things in real time (‘flatline’ & ‘in the forest of the night’), as she’s in the tardis (probably phaseshifting, like the mummy, instead of wearing an invisibility watch), using the tardis viewing controls…

    2) she is a regenerated master.* going over some of the gifs of her appearances, i was struck by her mannerisms. she’s clearly very clever, and comfortable with the long game of her scheming, which is coming to fruition in the finale. very master-like (but not off the wall insane as he was when we last saw him). i have no problem with the master regenerating as a woman (as some might), as long as there are a few good storylines that come of it in the next series. if missy is only in this series (and the finale), and then her time is over, i would prefer either option 1, or something completely different (like the return of the rani, or a claricle gone bad)…

    * who perhaps came through the crack along with the regeneration energy that was given to smith, causing his own regen, as well? in fact, i would love it if it’s revealed that the master stole the regenerations from the time lords, to force the doctor to stick around! how would the doctor live with that knowledge, that he’s going to keep on going for perhaps another 2000 years, because his oldest, dearest enemy didn’t want him to go according to his “rules?” as much as the doctor has always tried to rehabilitate the master, the master, in turn, has always tried to subvert the doctor’s own sense of goodness, and rightness…

    either of these two options would be terribly exciting for me. i can’t wait to see how it all plays out, and whether we’ll get more michelle gomez in the next series…

    as for clara’s lines in the first trailer (“you will never step inside your tardis, again!”), i’m predicting that danny will have died, somehow, and she is blackmailing the doctor to force him to re-write time, to save him…


  29. I think this is appropriate to post and discuss here, since it is the official “poster” for the finale… feel free to kill this post if it isn’t…

    At first glance nothing big, Doctor and Missy posing, showing the cybermen in the background, and The Doctor has a cyber-head, looking like he’s defeated at least one of them. If you look closer though, the head he’s holding is a much older cyber-head (Handles’s grandfather?).

    I don’t 100% know what this means, but it makes me wonder if there’s either something more timey-wimey happening in the finale, or if perhaps at somepoint in the  far past (for the Doctor) Missy has saved an older model cyberman?

    Anyone else got any better theories?

  30. Something from Forest of the Night: Maebh is positioned as Little Red Riding Hood, but the person the Doctor calls Little Red Riding Hood is Clara.

    In the story, Little Red Riding Hood is being pursued by a wolf – who, at various points in the story, pretends to be her. (Which is why I’ve stuck this comment here rather than in the episode forum). And pretends to be her grandmother, of course.

    In the unexpurgated version of the story, both Little Red Riding Hood and Granny get eaten, but the woodcutter/hunter manages to cut them out of the wolf’s belly, still alive. Jeez, and they complain Doctor Who is too scary for kids. 😉

  31. @Bluesqueakpip I do love the original fairy tales, though technically, they were not written/told for children. I think it very sad that there came a time when fairy stories were considered only fit for children and cleaned up and truncated accordingly. (I love children’s stories especially those written by people who understand that a good story can have appeal to all ages, ie Dr Who.)

    If Clara is “Little Red” then who is Granny? Missy I would guess. We assume the Doctor is the woodcutter though it might be Danny. The Clara/Wolf supports the idea that Clara is posessed in some way or had a doubleganger.

    @Wolfweed. Thankyou thankyou for the trailer link. Food for though indeed.



  32. Bluesqueakpip good catch on The Doctor calling Clara Little Red Riding Hood, I think (especially considering the original version where both Granny and LRH get eaten) that this ties in nicely with this series’s theme of death and being rescued from death. janetteB it seems like your breakdown of who is each character from Little Red Riding Hood is spot on. I especially like the idea of Clara being both Hood AND The Wolf. I have long had a feeling this series that there is some kind of doppleganing going on.

    I also think we are going to find out that we have been seeing The Doctor out of sequence this year, or at the very least, with much larger gaps for him between episodes than for everyone else.

  33. @electrolyte

    That’s a great promo image for the next episode. Thanks for linking.

    It made me laugh because it’s a nice play on one of the really iconic images from the early B&W years. The Invasion saw that model of cybermen introduced for the first time, and their march in front of St. Pauls really did capture the imagination.

  34. @PhaseShift – that image (or a similar one) was used as part of the pre-show trivia, at the screening for “deep breath” that i attended. so, i was spoiled about the cybermen being involved in the finale before the freaking series had even started!! (yes, they specifically revealed that they would feature in the finale.) i was quite angry at the bbc for a while…

    still, i don’t think it will diminish my enjoyment of the next two episodes, too much. there’s still the bigger mysteries of who is missy, and what’s going on with clara…


  35. @Geoffers

    i was spoiled about the cybermen being involved in the finale before the freaking series had even started!!

    In all fairness, having a bunch of cybermen marching up and down the steps at St Paul’s Cathedral was fairly noticeable.

  36. @Bluesqueakpip – true, true…

    except, 1. i’m in america, and 2. i am not religious, and wouldn’t know the difference between st paul’s and any other cathedral, or most any other famous building, for that matter (in that b&w pic, it looks like the capitol building in washington, d.c.). i might recognize the cathedral of notre dame… but, then, aren’t there several similar versions of that, too? lol…


  37. @Geoffers

    St Paul’s Cathedral (London), as well as being a-religious-building-that-you-wouldn’t-know-about is:

    a) Big
    b) Designed by Sir Christopher Wren and placed on top of what passes, in London, for a hill
    c) Right in the centre of the City of London, surrounded by several major bus routes, a tube station, a small shopping centre, 300,000 people in nearby offices – and visited by lots and lots of tourists.

    They couldn’t have been more public if they’d decided to winch the TARDIS down in the middle of Trafalgar Square, with the Doctor clinging on underneath…


  38. @Bluesqeakpip – lol, my ignorance of st paul’s cathedral wasn’t spoiled by the bbc, only my knowledge of the cybermen appearing in the finale!

    i do hope to visit london, one day, though i still will probably not care for some big church on a hill (except, perhaps, as part of a doctor who experience). but i hear there’s also a big clock tower and ferris wheel there…


  39. Probably late to be Bonkserizing now,  but here’s a mini one:

    What if there are two Claras? A Real Universe Human Clara and a Timelord (Susan?) Clara trapped in the MiniVerse of a malfunctioning Chameleon Arch?  (I was born behind the clock face of Big Ben).

    Real Universe Doctor had been trying to rescue MiniVerse Clara with the help of Nethersphere Guardian Missy. (A MiniVerse Gateway).

    The confusion of time and personalities stem from which universe we are seeing at any given time.  Not sure Who is Who, as it were…

  40. @geoffers – you’ll miss something. Wren was to church architecture what Michelangelo was to ceiling painting.

    I believe that there is indeed a reason St Paul’s reminds you of the Capitol. The architects of the Capitol nicked – sorry, were inspired by – the design of St Paul’s 🙂

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