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    Well, I surprised myself by actually enjoying that! I thought all the characters (and there were a lot of them) worked really well. For me, the married couple were great, the companions worked better than any previous episode, and even the blogger (who came in for a lot of flack upstream) was ok, I thought.

    The “lesson” (ie, plastic is bad) was…[Read more]

  • Just reporting in on the second episode of “Star Trek:Picard”. Continue to think it is brilliant. Unlike the esisodic structure ST:NG, this is designed as a 10 part story. With episode 2 it is being set up as a spy story in space (and on Earth). Sort of le Carre for the 24th century. Like the first episode it is true to the spirit of NG, yet…[Read more]

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    Nah, I cannot see Clara coming back. Or even K9. In fact, if there is anything in this Oz theory, having a Toto analogy would be too obvious. But, by golly, it has everything else. Not only does the Doctor travel over the rainbow, she takes the rainbow with her…on her t-shirt.


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    Captain Jack as Glinda…What can I say? You have outdone yourself!


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    That was inspirational. Thanks so much for posting it. I have followed the whole sorry saga–but from afar. The clip gave me a sense of how it can connect with those who have to live with the reality.

    As I watched it, I thought of the following clip. I know it is fictional, but it is also inspiring, as it would have been to many viewers…[Read more]

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    Loving it! Of course, bonkers theories don’t need exact parallels every step of the way, but I await your ability to come up the version of the good witch who tells Dorothy that all she has to do is click her heels to get back to Kansas.

  • Another viewing…why not?

    A couple of things or, rather, questions. Given that Lee, Ruth’s husband (“I’m married, and I’m 44 years old”, as Ruth says) must be a Time Lord as well–hiding out on Earth, protecting Ruth–it would be nice to know more about him. Specifically, what was in the little metal box that Gat recognizes? And then there is…[Read more]

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    I think that if there are any allusions to Oz then I hope(!) that they aren’t too literal

    I would go back to my earlier comment about the difference between bonkerising and predicting. For me, bonkerising involves coming up with a theory that is simultaneously fanciful (with no real chance of succeeding in the prediction stakes) yet…[Read more]

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    Still processing all your ideas (there’s a lot there!) but certainly agree that Ruth is not the timeless child for the reasons you outline. I don’t buy the idea of Ruth as the actual Doctor– Doctor I am prepared to accept, but the actual Doctor, no. When it comes to the Master and his motivations, there seems to be a general c…[Read more]

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    Ah, I had forgotten…There is a good theory that @mudlark has developed over on the “Spoilers” page, that may well be the explanation.

    But I still find it interesting that they go to so much trouble to give us specific dates and ages in the episode. Perhaps more catnip, as @whisht notes.

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    ooh, I like the idea of the lone Cyberman as the tin man in search of a heart!

    Yeah, I am sure we are fed stuff as catnip clues for bonkerising but, to be honest, I enjoy constructing “theories more insane than what’s actually happening” rather than predicting what will actually happen.


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  • Fortified by coffee, another reflection. The lighthouse. Lighthouses also have connection with time, as the are governed by the tides, and the tides are governed by time. As the saying goes: “Time and tide waits for no man”. No conclusion–just a reflection.

    P.S. @brewski, good to see you back!

  • Just finished a rewatch, and as Ruth and the Doctor are driving to the lighthouse, Ruth claims she left the lighthouse in mid-December 1999. Could this be relevant? The McGann Doctor battles the  Master on Dec 31, 1999. Could the new Martin Doctor fit into the timeline at this point, somehow?    I know it seems 2 weeks out of whack, but it is &l…[Read more]

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  • The Blenkinsop household has now  viewed, discussed and read the previous comments. Like everyone else; wow. Lots to bonkerize about. But unlike everyone else, perhaps some different conclusions.

    I remain unconvinced that that Doctor Ruth (my term, live with it) is either from some sort of mirror universe (to use a Star Trek analogy) or part of…[Read more]

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    Yes, it was good, wasn’t it. What I particularly liked about it was the way it was simultaneously true to the spirit of the original, but had moved on, as it were, to capture the anxieties of the present. Visually, it was superb, but I am sure that is partly the result of the money available for a show like that in the US. But much more…[Read more]

  • Just watched the first episode of “Star Trek: Picard”. I thought it was simply brilliant.

    In the spirit of Data, I am still processing, and may offer further thoughts later, but I have not been this impressed by a sequel to a show–any show–as much as this.


  • @winston

    A lovely reflection on Terry Jones. I couldn’t agree more. It is hard to think of many people who could bring so much laughter to so many people, and at the same time give us wonderfully insightful books on English cultural history like “Chaucer’s Knight” (which I remember very fondly, and deeply regret losing my copy of many years ago).


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