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    Thanks for the shout out to the novelization by Moffat. I was not previously aware of it, but have just rectified that courtesy of amazon.

    p.s. I am sure you are right about the site starting in season 6, as I realise that my world of Qantas Club Lounges kept going till early 2013. As for the Blenkinsop memory, however…

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    I concur with the idea of revisiting some older shows, and (especially in light of The Day of the Doctor) would probably favour early Moffat to begin with. My memory of when this site came together was season 5. I say that because I recall posting on the site from Qantas Club lounges back in the day when I was doing a bit of…[Read more]

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    As we got to the undergallery and saw the three shrouded figures, of course I immediately imagined Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy under the sheets. What a great show “The Five-ish Doctors” was.

  • Just watched it. Well, yes, it was wonderful. All of it. Everyone above has said the same thing.

    And there is a subtext to that praise.

    But it is so painfully obvious that there is no need to point it out.

  • Since we all seem to spend some time online (now perhaps even more so), I thought I would pass on this suggestion:

    The National Film Board of Canada has, over the years, made a huge number of films, documentaries, kid’s stuff, etc. A lot of it is truly spectacular and incredibly interesting.

    Well, they have over 4,000 titles that are free…[Read more]

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    I don’t wear the t-shirt you see on my avatar for nothing, you know…

  • @jimthefish,

    A splendid idea. Hopefully, our wise and beneficent Emperor @craig will agree.

    As for Twitter and Instagram, I have never partaken and show no signs of ever wanting to. I see it as my early commitment to Social Isolation before my recent adoption of Physical Isolation.


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    Where does one access the re-watch (discussion?) of The Day of the Doctor on Saturday at 7?


  • For anyone teaching at a university, you probably know that in the last few days practically every institution has cancelled face to face teaching and teachers have to put everything online. This song is about…[Read more]

  • We ventured out to the local shop this morning for some supplies. The pickings were slim. The usually bustling high street was eerily underpopulated. One shop sign was on our local independent bookstore, run by a collective of women of our age, who decided, wisely, that self-isolation is the most socially responsible course of action at the…[Read more]

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    It feels a bit quiet on the site and circumstances seem to be moving fast, and more of us (of a certain age) seem to be self-isolating. Hopefully, things will pass, but it would be great if there was a place where…[Read more]

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    That was just wonderful! Thanks for posting.

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    Let me agree with all your wise words. And my sympathies for the irritations you are experiencing. We live out on Vancouver Island, and had planned on attending a friend’s wedding in Seattle next month. Well, that won’t happen, of course. And back in Toronto, we have family members of a similar age to ours with worrying symptoms.…[Read more]

  • With reference to my previous post, I was actually reading my copy of Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary this morning (as one does…) and came across this:

    ABSTAINER, n. A weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.

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    My only concern would be if I ran out of booze

    As I type this, Mrs Blenkinsop is out at the local grocers with an eye to edible provisions. But I think I will have to head out later to the wine store. I will make sure I empty out the boot of the car prior to heading out…

  • OK. episode 8 of Picard, and…I can see a surprising connection with Who!

    For those watching Picard you will remember when Commander Oh of Starfleet security embeds, into the mind of Dr Jurati of the Daystrom Institute, a terrifying story of how synthetics would destroy everything. This leads Dr Jurati to doubt everything she thought she knew a…[Read more]

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    Miss Hadiza wants to know me (and I am sure I am not the only object of her attentions…)


  • Brilliant actor. I have memories of so many great performances, He had an ability to slide from Bergman to Hollywood and back while never compromising the integrity of his performance. He also was one of the few actors who could radiate power and emotion through stillness. Not many actors could hypnotize the audience while barely moving. He…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the (lengthy) link. It was very insightful. As were your thoughts. Like @nightingale, however, I would not equate Moffat with Nolan. (I am at one with @nightingale on Nolan). So then I asked myself: who would I compare Moffat to? After some thought (and this is not a perfect analogy) but in terms of sheer story-telling…[Read more]

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    Agree about the lack of TV writers like Chabon in the UK, but Chabon is probably pretty unique as a TV show runner in the US, come to think of it. I read, nervously, that he won’t be the show runner for season 2 of Picard. I think we should savour the show while it lasts in its current form. To that end (reading your other posts) I…[Read more]

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