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    Ok, The Christmas TV setting is being arranged, and yes, there is “A Christmas Carol” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and, as indicated earlier, “Die Hard”.

    But the truth is that the the main events are the two all-time Christmas favourites in the Blenkinsop…[Read more]

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    can I ask we treat each other with respect …and respect each others views, even mine, and keep the Forum friendly.


    I can totally be on board with that. In reading your post I think, yep, Tennant’s years were great and some were morality tales. There were a few straw men in Family of Blood, yes?   😀  Also part of the Doc is her us…[Read more]

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    @Cathannabel I like The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor and The Name of.

    That’s Who!  For others, it’s gonna be Diehard 2 . When Bruce is around, you wanna hide from the automatic weapons. Thane

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    I recall discussing this exact point with you too -last year, actually!  I sensed a change but I do feel there are new posters with inclinations toward writing, editing and bonkerising with aplomb 🙂

    I also thought, independently of you (clearly timey whimey), about chickenelly, thomck (sp) tardisblue? But others have…[Read more]

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    This episode for me is the gift that keeps giving, it’s so rich with allusions.

    Thanks @nerys for your post. 🙂

    @cathannabel I absolutely love Gide, The Vatican Cellars and The Counterfeiters being among my all-time favourite books. Haven’t read Theseus though, so that’s really fascinating thank you.

    I totally see your point and agree, @mudlark,…[Read more]

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    As always, a beautifully expressed post. And coincidentally, I was thinking last night of Buffy’s The Body and what an impeccable piece of writing it is. Possibly one of the finest 40 minutes of television I’ve seen.

    I love this:

    even if they were to say there wasn’t, I’d just quote D H Lawrence: Trust the tale and not the tel…[Read more]

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    @cathannabel @kevinwho @idiotsavon

    Many thanks. I actually took that photo – she was an Intensive Care nurse, so saved many lives during her short career – her colleagues say she was one of the best nurses they ever worked with. Then she decided to do drama at university (while still nursing) to see if she could maybe act – that pic was her head…[Read more]

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    The Antizone certainly shared some characteristics with the labyrinth, and Ribbons perhaps the Minotaur

    The labyrinth and the minotaur of classical legend are to me firmly rooted in the Mediterranean and sun-baked Knossos, not the North of myth, legend and fairy tale which is evoked here. The Antizone reminded me more of a natural…[Read more]

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    @craig @cathannabel @kevinwho

    I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine how it must feel to lose a partner or parent. I wish I knew the right words to say. Language is rubbish sometimes.

    “if it seems we’ve wandered too far afield from the episode”… or maybe right to the heart of it?

    Such a beautiful photo, Craig. I hope you get your dream tonight.

    Hugs…[Read more]

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    @kevinwho @cathannabel

    Cheers Kevin. Ah, it’s not too bad these days although I do still miss her. And the dreams aren’t all that great sometimes either as she’s obviously part of my subconscious – so it might be just her telling me I have to clean the bathroom tomorrow, or do a bit more exercise etc. But I’ll take that! 🙂

    I’ll use this as a…[Read more]

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    @kevinwho @cathannabel

    I’ve written about this before. I lost my wife 16 years ago but I still feel her presence every day. In many situations I think “What would she do?” or “What would she think?”. Sometimes I even talk to her to ask her.

    And thankfully I frequently dream about her – those dreams only bring me pleasure (even after waking up…[Read more]

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    @pedant and @cathannabel (and @ everyone else),

    that body of work stands and will stand, with some of the finest 3 minute pop songs ever crafted. And some of the most memorable lyrics. Pete Shelley, RIP.

    Cath you’ve said better than I why the Buzzcocks were so good and the sadness of hearing about Pete Shelley.

    As a kid at the time I’d…[Read more]

  • @cathannabel

    Dead Like Me (although it wasn’t a talking frog)?


    I wonder if anyone moaned at Yaz’ “that’s shocking parenting” comment?

    I don’t actually hunt it, but happily spray ’em in a drive-by if Youtube throws it at me, so don’t know (never forgetting to hit Thumbs Down). It wouldn’t surprise me. She is after all, an asserti…[Read more]

  • @ichabod

    No betrayal at all – there is nothing to indicate that The Doctor was insincere. But once her hands started to go all kaleidoscope, she knew the situation and explained with compassion. It was a sweet sorrow parting.


    Talking animals crop up a lot in Studio Ghibli animations, and this story had a bit of a Ghibli feel to it,…[Read more]

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    @Bluesqueakpip @tardigrade

    True. That’s a good point. But I liked the frog -I think it’s very ‘Daniel’ from Rectify. It wouldn’t be that would it @cathannabel? Except there was no actual frog – just mentioned by Daniel and Tawnee. I’ll ‘ogle it 🙂

    I was concerned it would be a real ominous talking person, all ‘received pronunication’ and filled…[Read more]

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    On Heaven 17 Lookee! It’s Justin Beiber time travelling with eyeliner.

    Well, no, not really, as that’s offensive to musicians.


    Great doco!  @Cathannabel I think I posted a comment on the Sofa or Pub about Human League/Wikipedia/Bowie etc. But I could have imagined posting it (that happens a bit).

    The thing with this Forum,…[Read more]

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    And, of course, the mighty but short-lived Long Blondes….

  • @cathannabel

    The Sheffield soundtrack is a really good point. Press on! Wasn’t Mark Kermode, the film critic, in Comsat Angels?


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