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    I’m very sorry to hear this. My mum and my dad are also very sorry.  I am passing my dad’s prayers to you as he has asked.

    I have heard of this in science, unfortunately, due to a precursor illness called Barrett’s disease which is one earliest form of it? Men get it more than women. Like @Cathannabel says it is necessary that you have…[Read more]

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    @whisht @cathannabel

    I don’t think Jack Bruce should be covered here, exactly, but link Theme of an Imaginary Western by Mountain & have you an exclusive vocal tone in Bruce -my opinion, only. And I did pick up your niiice mention of 4 in the Morning… He was an interesting  character deemed quite conservative but over the years he had a…[Read more]

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    @cathannabel – indeed! I think I might try and find an even longer version of what came before and after!!

    Syzygy – aw that’s great from Joplin.
    I’m not sure which the first version I heard of this song was, but I have a fondness for this version from a really great album I bought in my teens.
    Big Mama Thornton namechecks Janis though you get the…[Read more]

  • @jimthefish Years & Years sounds great. @cathannabel:  thank you for that too. We also saw Russian Doll: brill! Jim, Good luck with the thesis. May the calm of the Jedi knights be with you!

    @mudlark @missy

    I think Dr Who was confronting Missy? With Capaldi’s Doc? All the monsters could be a hard lesson in life, the monsters a back-drop, a good…[Read more]

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    @cathannabel and @winston I too really loved His Dark Materials and I enjoyed the film though my main impression of watching it at the cinema was the cold, realising that what we see can influence how we feel. I was freezing during the snow scenes, it being mid summer and being dressed for Aussie summer not artic winters. I also loved the setting…[Read more]

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    It rings bells....”  That reminds me of what @whisht said regarding @Blenkinsopthebrave & The Persuaders  theme.

    A literary fugue -that sounds compelling! Text & music is very interesting isn’t it? Lyrics and choons or secular (initially French: between 600-1300) ) and  sacred musics and texts are powerful combinations across th…[Read more]

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    @cathannabel    I also enjoyed the His Dark Materials trilogy and La Belle Sauvage a lot and thanks for letting me know about part 2 coming out in Oct. There is a new TV series coming out on Netflix or Amazon , I forget at the moment but it looks good and I will definitely give it a watch when I can.


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    The Cath is Back! Agreed @whisht it’s a beautiful film. I didn’t really want to see it. @pedant suggested it. It blew our minds. The language, the prediction of the language is astounding: if a musical piece is extant but at the same time composed with the fullness and completeness of the composition unwinding in front of you, all of…[Read more]

  • @whisht @cathannabel @thane16 @blenkinsopthebrave @mudlark @winston (and anyone lese interested)

    I have vague disclaimered for the first time in ages: Contact light?

  • @pedant @Miapatrick @Cathannabel @JimTheFish

    I bought the DVD of Chernobyl on Monday afternoon, watched the five episodes over three evenings and am left stunned. Deftly and concisely constructed almost entirely from the point of view of those involved as it happened, with all the muddle, panic and ignorance, the struggle to cope in the face of…[Read more]

  • @mudlark @cathannabel @janetteb et al

    I’d heartily add to the Years and Years recommendations. It is very RTD-esque but none the worst for it. It’s also a long overdue BBC foray into drama dealing with contemporary issues rather than desperately trying to avoid them in costume and/or crime drama.


    I’m very much looking forward to…[Read more]

  • Hi @cathannabel

    @winston watched the first three episodes of Good Omens last night and thoroughly enjoyed them.  Unfortunately however we are also two episodes into the new series of Stranger Things so now is a toss up as to which to watch first.

    there are apparently lots of Dr Who “Easter eggs” in Good Omens. I will have pay more attention as…[Read more]

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    @Cathannabel.  I’m  so sorry. It’s, as He says, sudden. And what a terrific talent she had!  This reminds me of news in Aus -a RC into Aged Care. The stories -the truths are horrible. But that’s for another day…a different discussion. She obviously inspired  many people and it’s wonderful to know that. What people are capable of, or were, onc…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave @bluesqueakpip, @thane16, @winston, @janetteb, @cathannabel,

    I’m afraid I’m currently having to deal with some personal matters but normal service should be resumed in March. Hopefully you can wait until then.

    We still have a short Chibnall retrospective to do, and a whole host of female Timelord stories lined up too.

  • @cathannabel

    So sorry for your loss – even though in some ways the release from Alzheimer’s could be seen as a mercy, it is still brutal when it comes,

    Buffy: Was it sudden?

    Tara: No…..Yes – it’s always sudden.


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    @cathannabel  I am sorry for your loss. The service you describe sounds beautiful and I am glad it brought you good memories of a woman who sounds very interesting and accomplished.

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    @craig, @bluesqueakpip, @thane16, @winston, @janetteb, @cathannabel, and, well, everybody

    I mentioned this before, but, I think it would be a great idea if we could have a discussion about Dr Who again. After all, that is why we are here.

    So @craig, (and everyone) what about “The Meddling Monk”?


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    The Snarky Puppy has been driving me nuts. Not in the normal musical way. But that  Mad Dog reference (somewhere) when connected with Puppy made me think of: aircraft (a passion of mine and Thane’s of late after  his helicopter training session. Best not repeated due to needing millions to actually get the ticket!).

    So, not Snarky P…[Read more]

  • @cathannabel @miapatrick @whisht

    That apparently random text is to try to evade spam filters. You see that sort of thing in spam email quite often (although less than you used to).

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    @cathannabel @miapatrick @whisht

    Many thanks – have marked them both as spammers. It does seem to be the case that, because there is “Doctor” in the site name they think we might be interested in their dodgy medication. They take the time to sign up, and add a profile pic. But they don’t take the time to work out what the site is about!

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