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    Okay, just did my read through, and it reinforced why I always post before I read everyone else’s posts because I inevitably feel very bad that everyone else liked it and I went and ripped on the episode.

    Hello everyone! Miss reading your comments, and welcome to all the new additions. (:

    Glad to agree on some of the positive comments.…[Read more]

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    @ichabod  You now officially get the label of “Great Doctor Who Seer” or maybe you have a TARDIS and already saw episode 1 of the 13th Doctor before we did, because you nailed it a few weeks back:  “Every show a self-contained story” sounds to me like a return to 100% “monster of the week” and no need to bother staying for the end, because t…[Read more]

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    @missy Yes, @wolfweed was referring to Romana stating on a talk show she was the summer sign of Cancer, which I happen to be too, and Romana is my favorite companion so made me smile.

    Yes, I must agree, Leo’s are the kings and queens for sure.  My sister is a Leo and she never does anything small.  (:

  • @missy “What I’ll need is a great deal of willpower – and maybe a bucket!”  LOL!  This truly did make me laugh out loud, thanks, Missy.  (:

    @thane16 How are you both?

    @tempusfugit & @missy  Capaldi was amazing and by far one of the most talented actors the show has ever had.

    It’s especially hard to lose a favorite Doctor to regener…[Read more]

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    wolfweed <span class=”useratname”>@wolfweed  Great video clip of Romana and K-9.  Yes, we Cancer people are the nicest. (:</span>

  • @ichabod “…and that’s Lowest Common Denominator territory: stay bland and perky so as not to upset anybody anywhere, everybody just wants “light entertainment” for their family evenings, and the qualities that made the thing go in the first place get filed down to nothing, in an effort to safeguard a much bigger investment and  a much bigger…[Read more]

  • Welcome, @hiker & @oswald !  (:

    @gamergirlavatar @thane16 @janetteb @missy @ichabod So nice to read all your posts, I also “disappeared for a while” and yes, the limelight moves at the traditional 670616629.3844 per hour for sure, for good and for ill.

    I was feeling pretty lackluster after watching the new trailer, which prompted a sad rewa…[Read more]

  • @gamergirlavatar

    Yes, it will be delightful to go back through Capaldi’s seasons, especially season 9, ‘Listen’ and ‘The Pilot’ I’m personally eager to revisit.

    Going back through Classic Who also sounds like fun.  I find the classic episodes hard to find, and Google Play (which I use) does not have the best selection.  One of my favorite er…[Read more]

  • Just spent a lazy afternoon reading this thread from start to finish.  Really enjoyed some of my favorite Forum writers’ contributions.  I’ve been missing the Doctor, especially Capaldi’s Doctor.  Thank you @wolfweed @jimthefish @drben @ichabod @missrori @mudlark @winston @missy @nerys @bluesqeakpip and I really appreciated the new voice of @gamerg…[Read more]

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    Gatiss wrote ‘Robots of Sherwood’?  I didn’t know that.  Despite popular opinion, I liked that episode.  The rest of his episodes fell pretty flat for me.

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    Haven’t read the other posts yet, but will get to that tonight.  That was a great episode!  And of all things, Gatiss wrote it!  Love Gatiss for Sherlock, but his last few episodes of Who, well, I’m not the eloquent writer in this group, so basically forgive my rather base assessment of his last few works: they sucked.   So I was completely sur…[Read more]

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    @thane15  Enjoy everything you’re saying about free will and @constance and @missrori I like your theories, it helps justify some of the scenes that annoyed me.  (:

    Yes, I do feel making this particular villain attractive would have certainly helped with the overall theme, a showing of more resistance from humanity would have also given the me…[Read more]

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    @jimthefish Your post #58533 pretty much sums it up for me.

    Like @wolfweed I’m not feeling well today, so my addition to the discussion will be brief.

    All three episodes, but mainly the last two, had a nagging sense of unfulfilled potential.  ‘Extremis’ I truly enjoyed; it had intrigue, humor, and even had some concepts to contemplate, but it…[Read more]

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    @tardigrade comment “This is exactly what my mind has the hardest time answering “In fact, if the aliens were looking for a way to take over, what they have learnt is that if you can convince the population that they are living in a simulation that they will kill themselves out of spite. So doing just that might be very counterproductive.” I have…[Read more]

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    I don’t think Moffat is just reusing themes, NOT AT ALL, I think he’s purposefully tying them all in for the final.  At same point I think this all goes back to ‘Silence in the Library’ and some of my old posts there predicted something of this nature coming years ago from this episode, like I said years ago “everything goes back to and circles…[Read more]

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    @countscarlioni Maybe it’s the dark guardian controling them?  Always felt the Gaurdian was the Great Intelligence.  His minion the Shadow tried to blow up the universe before.

    Maybe the creature from the Satan Pit is also part of this need to destroy?

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    @thane15 I recently found old Who on a couple of free sites.

    Yes, I also noticed the James Bondesqe music.  Murray Gold knocked it out the park again. He will go down as a great composer of our time someday.  Much Like John Williams because his focus is soundtracks instead of something​ more posh he often isn’t given the credit and fame he deserves.

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    Puro, your whole analysis in comment #57812 was very insightful.  @thane15

    Extremis reminded me of the Shadow and his boss the Guardian in the 4th Doctor and Romana’s adventures looking for the keys of time.  I wonder if this is the same shadow group looking for a more failure proof obliteration of the universe since the Doctor thwarted the l…[Read more]

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    @missrori  OH!  GOOD!  Back to bonkerizing then, wa, ha, ha!

    Wouldn’t put it past Moffat, one word: Pandorica.  (;

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    @arbutus  That’s how I feel too.

    Hey, we were all right about the vault, it was the most OBVIOUS answer all along.  Was fun to bonkerize in the meantime.

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