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    lewis97 @replies

    Just something curious I noticed; the street on which the TARDIS is located looks to me like a redressing of the Trap Street set.

    lewis97 @replies

    With the script for Heaven Sent (as well as Hell Bent) being released by the BBC, it’s seemingly confirmed that The Doctor stated at the end of the episode that the Hybrid was Ashildr/Me, which I guess is supported by his dialogue in Hell Bent.

    THE DOCTOR (cont’d): The Hybrid … destined to conquer Gallifrey and stand in its ruins … is Me.

    lewis97 @replies

    We have a preview clip!

    lewis97 @replies

    @lisa The Radio Times have made some interesting observations regarding the possibility of The President being Rassilon –

    lewis97 @replies

    @carrieanne – I don’t think that is Peter Capaldi talking, possibly just another time lord repeating the prophecy.

    lewis97 @replies

    Can’t help but notice the illuminated blue cables, which have featured a few times throughout the series (The Witch’s Familiar, Sleep No More)…

    lewis97 @replies


    Quote P.C – “There are some specific trouser things that happen for specific reasons”…

    Let’s give this a go then. Below are screenshots, promo shots and behind the scenes photos from episodes 1-10 of series 9, as well as its prologue, arranged in the order they’ve been shown.


    The Doctor is dressed in his dark, possibly navy-blue jacket (looking at later images), and black trousers.

    The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar

    When we first see The Doctor on Skaro he is dressed the same as he appears in the prologue.

    When The Doctor makes his entrance on a tank he is wearing a primarily white shirt and brown-looking trousers with white lines creating a checkered pattern, there also seems to be fainter white lines producing a smaller checkered pattern.

    At the end of The Magician’s Apprentice we cut to The Doctor revisiting young Davros on Skaro where it’s possible to tell he’s wearing the white shirt.

    This promo shot for The Witch’s Familiar gives a much better look at the trousers.

    Now if we skip to the end of The Witch’s Familiar we see Clara and The Doctor overlooking the Dalek city on Skaro where he is wearing the white shirt and checkered brown trousers. This is where The Doctor realises that he must go back to young Davros and instill the idea of mercy and we see him run off to the TARDIS before eventually getting to the final scene from The Magician’s Apprentice.

    Under the Lake/Before the Flood

    In both episodes, The Doctor now appears to have on his navy blue jacket and black trousers.

    The Girl Who Died

    Here The Doctor is wearing his navy jacket again, but now has on blue trousers with lighter coloured lines created a checkered pattern as before. It is clear, however, that these are a different pair of trousers to what he was wearing in the first two episodes.

    The Woman Who Lived

    Again we see a different pair of checkered trousers. This time they’re brown with much fainter lines producing a larger pattern than what we’ve seen before.

    The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion

    We’re back to all black and navy jacket once again.

    Sleep No More

    Due to the nature of this episode it was harder to get a good shot of the infamous trousers, but here it looks as though it’s the standard outfit seen previously.

    Face the Raven

    Although this is the debut of the red, silk jacket along with a white shirt and black cardigan/waistcoat, The Doctor remains consistent with black trousers.

    So by the looks of things The Doctor is wearing the same outfit during Under the Lake/Before the Flood, The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion and Sleep No More, and keeps constant with the black trousers in Face the Raven and presumably in the next episode at least, if not episode 12 also.

    He’s wearing some sort of a pair of checkered trousers in The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar, The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived, although they differ each time. I think most would agree that these have been the episodes which are likely to bear the most relevance to the overall story arc of this series, so it seems too much of a coincidence for these to be the same episodes where The Doctor experiments with different trousers.

    Whilst I’d love to now be able to produce some trouser-related theory, my brain is too tired from staring at The Doctor’s trousers for too long, so hopefully someone else may be able to come up with something. As others have suggested, this could have some bearing on the actual order of the episodes. I feel as though although we may have seen this series’ episodes in the order Clara experienced them in, the order may have been different for The Doctor.


    lewis97 @replies

    Preview clip from Heaven Sent, with The Doctor clearly very angry. I can only think of Sleep No More’s Sandmen upon seeing the sand, but I’m not really sure how that would be relevant.

    lewis97 @replies

    The background of the Doctor Who website has been updated accordingly…

    lewis97 @replies

    I mentioned previously that I couldn’t help but notice the shot of Clara in the street from behind, as if from The Doctor’s perspective (similar in style to what we saw in Sleep No More), which is used a few times when The Doctor first walks out onto the street and during the moments where Clara faces the raven, as it were.

    As I said, it could just bear no significance, but earlier on in the episode Mayor Me explains how the Lurkworms work to The Doctor – “The light is a telepathic field. It normalises everything you see, places it within the compass of your expectations, your experiences.” The Doctor is the only person to actually witness Clara’s ‘death’, so could it be that because he expects Clara to die, with Mayor Me assuring him of the fact there’s nothing she can do, that is what he and the audience observe? Given that we know the events of the episode were to set The Doctor up to be taken by whoever “they” are, perhaps seeing Clara die is what “they” deem necessary in order to prepare The Doctor for what’s to come, sending him into a somewhat vengeful state.

    I don’t think Clara will consequently turn out to be alive, but I also don’t think it’s unreasonable to suspect that there’s something more to her story.

    lewis97 @replies

    One thing which is playing on my mind is the shot of Clara in the street from behind, as if from The Doctor’s perspective à la Sleep No More. May just be a coincidence in the way it was shot, but both episodes were directed by Justin Molotnikov… However, I’m not really sure what significance could be taken from that, but felt as though it was something worth highlighting.

    lewis97 @replies

    Just wanted to post something I’ve been thinking about. We know that the Doctor somehow has to end up alone “trapped in a world unlike any other he has seen” in Heaven Sent, so rather than it being Clara’s departure we’re seeing in the trailer for Face the Raven as she says goodbye to the Doctor, could it instead be that they’re being separated as the Doctor must unavoidably go to this ‘world’ in Heaven Sent. Otherwise, featuring the scene in the trailer seems too much of a giveaway if this really was Clara’s end.

    Obviously, I’m sure this will bear some relevance as to Clara’s exit, but I think that will ultimately come in the series finale, with the fact that Peter Capaldi stated that it will be something which plays out over a few episodes.

    lewis97 @replies

    After watching the episode again, the name of the doctor who set up 3W was Skarosa – surely not a coincidence that ‘Skaro’, the home planet of the Daleks, features in it… I’m not too sure what to make of it, after all it could just be Moffat trolling fans again. Although it may not mean we’ll see the Daleks next week (now that would be a shock), could it be that Missy has also allied the Daleks which will be something that is revealed in a future story?

    lewis97 @replies

    Although Missy has been revealed to be The Master, I’m not entirely convinced that’s all there is to her. The scenes from the finale trailer at the end of last week’s episode depicting Clara emerging from one of the tanks watched by Cybermen and the moment where she says “I’m not Clara Oswald – Clara Oswald has never existed”, still leave questions.

    Could it be that Missy is also Clara, or at least the Clara in these episodes, or is some way significantly involved with her?

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