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    @bluesqueakpip thank you for this…

    @pedant “dear oh dear” my ass. 🙂  I commented but didn’t (‘ahem’) watch it.  I read some comments, thought (potentially a thought) I’d watch it forthwith.

    But it never happened. I totally missed it.

    Senility approaches

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    Well, fucking hell people from @missy to @Bluesqueakpip to @pedant and @gamergirlavatar @nerys @toinfinityandbepond @whisht (well, HELLOO you!) you’ve all expressed feelings on sexism, political correctness and  cooking. I missed the whole darn conversation! Exciting stuff. And a bit sad, to be honest. That there exist people who think that “PC…[Read more]

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    oh @bluesqueakpip – you and your facts.

    @Missy is perfectly entitled to her opinion whether its offensive to many many people.
    Even if it makes other people retch or cry or shout or want to punch something.
    Missy has an opinion and facts are irrelevant and her ability to not realise how offensive she is is not a reason to try and explain (however…[Read more]

  • @bluesqueakpip @mudlark

    Fair point about “the problem” Buffy satirised.  I think satirical is the correct word, for this. Or would it be irony?

    Mum & I were talking about this yesterday. Dracula, as written, was old, corrupt, skin like paper, with bad breath. Nothing sexy about the dood. In Buffy (Winston, spoilers ahead*****) Drac was old,…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave

    As @bluesqueakpip  says, that looks distinctly promising, not least because it clearly isn’t going to glamorise or romanticise the vampire.

    I disliked the episode of Buffy which featured Dracula precisely because, despite one or two nods to Bram Stoker’s novel, it depicted him as a youthful looking and magnetic, even…[Read more]

  • @thane16   @pedant and @bluesqueakpip   Thank you for all the great advice and because I know you all love the show I will follow that advice. I will watch from the very beginning and work my way up through the seasons so I can see it all. I remembered that I bought season 4 a while ago so I am off to a good start, I just need 1 ,2,3 and 5 so I c…[Read more]

  • @bluesqueakpip

    It’s your narrative always. Your opinion, naturally, & we all respect that, obviously,  but Whedon, in response to questions about watching Buffy says, “absolutely try to watch it in order. That’s my thing. You don’t obviously have to….But I used to say “watch it in order if only to see that actually it gets better, at least…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip I was not even aware that Getting of Wisdom was filmed there until I read the IMDB page though I was familiar with the house that had been the school described in the book. The fine Victorian architecture was, at least in part, spoiled by my father who oversaw the removal of the shop verandah posts in the 70s loosing so much of the…[Read more]

  • @Winston @pedant

    My advice is “please don’t watch seasons 1-5 after season 6.” Seriously. I think Thane said the same -& typing for me yesterday.

    I disagree that it’s a “jump -in” point @bluesqueakpip. And yes, SMG is on the cover of a show in which she stars/starred. Hell, Season 7 let out covers of Leo in The West Wing years ago when they…[Read more]

  • @bluesqueakpip

    You might want to remove the spoiler there….

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    I have watched the episode, twice but both times not got a chance to post my comments because of R,L .. Unfortunately I feel like I would need to watch it again before commenting. Not that I mind as I always enjoy this story, bonkers, over the top and very silly but fun. There are dire props, those plastic blow up chairs for instance, the remains…[Read more]

  • @bluesqueakpip

    I think John Arnatt was born to play the Chancellor. I loved him as the vicar in the Miss Marple “The Moving Finger”. There was something about the voice, the physical presence and the way he played the roles that was perfect for authority figures in shows that everyone understood were just for fun.


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    @Roger429     Welcome to the DWF. Like you, I was never much for social media or participating on forums, until this one. (I was drawn to join shortly after the 50th anniversary special, so that I could comment on a fabulous essay by the erudite @bluesqueakpip. I have found that the level of discussion around here hugely exceeds the usual a…[Read more]

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    Hi there @bluesqueakpip. @mudlark @serahni  and all you great men and women!  @whisht @blenkinsopthebrave @arbutus  @nerys. This idea sounds like it’s about theology only, but I think it’s about changing perceptions -or not changing them?

    Due to the ‘serious’ nature of the post below I thought I’d should share this from a Reuters article which co…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip A split second I think. Unfortunately the creaky structure of this story is too evident, especially on repeated viewings. I always get the impression that they had a script for a four part story and then realised that they needed a six part script so did a quick patch job on it. (which is essentially what happened) I think it…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip Another excellent overview. Finally got time to watch the episode. Things are speeding up a little. The Doctor in his element, or should I say, Tom Baker is in his element, being the eccentric, enigmatic hero who is at least three jumps ahead of everyone else. He can switch from clown to evil dictator in the flick of an eyelid. I…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip It may be that there was more (and certainly in some areas less) gender equality in Australia. Most of the female teachers I had were married but they were also mostly young, ie, post “Gough Whitlam” generation. Australia had a seismic shift in the 70s that catapulted us into the future and from which we have been regressing ever…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip Wow. I not sure what is left to say after that detailed breakdown. I think you have nailed it.

    I watched this episode straight after watching Hell Bent. I have been doing a Gallifrey based re-watch in the past week so this was very timely. Gallifrey is recognisable but very different. Love the blow up plastic seats, but they are a…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip if it’s a dating site, it’s not a very good dating site. I’ve yet to receive a single unsolicited (or solicited, for obvious reasons) photograph of genitalia. (Or then again, maybe that makes it a very good dating site after all).

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