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    Craig @craig


    I’ve got a mate who loves Twitter. He’s interested in international rugby and he’s able to message (via @mentions) Will Carling and people like that, and sometimes they even retweet his posts, which means they actually do read them.

    I hardly use it but it can be great for breaking news. During the London riots I was able to find out what was happening where via Twitter much quicker than I could from the news by searching for #londonriots, just cos people were posting things like “OMG They’re rioting outside my flat in Hackney #londonriots”

    One person you should follow, as Moffat is no longer on Twitter, is Mark Gatiss.


    Plus all the BBC and Doctor related accounts. Graham Linehan (https://twitter.com/Glinner) is also good value and can keep you occupied all day. Don’t know how he ever gets any work done.

    Anonymous @

    @craig – I was going to delete my account but I’ve enjoyed reading the tweets from ‘David Tennant News’ who was at the BFI ‘Tenth Doctor’ screening. Apparently, Catherine Tate didn’t realise there were actors in the Sontaran suits. She thought they were robots, aww bless her  🙂

    May stick with it for a while longer.

    ScaryB @scaryb


    Welcome to the wacky world of Twitter!

    As @craig says, it can be good for breaking news etc, depends who you follow. Caution – there’s a helluva lot of Who accounts out there, and there’s a lot of fake ones for celebs. If they’re a known personality and it’s authentic account, it will have a little blue tick next to the name. DT doesn’t have an official account, neither do Matt or Capaldi.

    Gatiss’s one is good – he tweets intermittently, Linehan is fun too. I also like Stephen Fry https://twitter.com/stephenfry. Official Dr Who tweets – https://twitter.com/bbcdoctorwho

    I’ve tweeted a few things to Mark Gatiss but never got a response. Anyone with more than 10k followers is likely to get so many @ tweets, they’re unlikely to notice individual ones or new followers, but it depends on timing as well. I live in hope!

    Anyone with 0 followers and 0 following is likely to be a troll, esp if they tweet you a link. Don’t click and report for spam immediately.

    Response to your questions

    a) unlikely but depends how you use it

    b) technically yes but depends how you use it

    c) only if you announce it with a picture of a cute kitty 🙂

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @fatmaninabox Now see what you’ve started! Just wasted the last 15 mins trawling twitter! But found this, summary of the panel interview from the weekend’s BFI screening, which you mention above – it’s worth clicking onthe link to see DT’s impressive new thatch and ponytail!!!


    ScaryB @scaryb

    More on the BFI screenings – apologies if this has been posted before. Panel with Sophie and Sylvester – lovely chemistry between them. Interesting how much input Sylvester had in scripting (gotta love him!)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ9Q4Y37RoY&feature=c4-overview&list=UUjhmzXTpOMxUNNL5dsGSAog

    thommck @thommck

    @fatmaninabox, I’m quite a big fan of Twitter, (follow me @thommck).

    It’s great for people who just want to browse and see what’s going on in the world as it happens but you get a lot more out of it once you start following like-minded people rather than all the “celebrities”.

    I enjoy having a quick search for Doctor Who after an episode has aired to get all the instant reactions from people but I refrain from live-tweeting as it tends to take you out of the episode too much.

    Another thing to be careful of is Spoilers! I use Tweetdeck (a free twitter app) to ‘mute’ certain words so they don’t come up in my feed, you can see how it works here http://gizmodo.com/the-easiest-way-to-avoid-spoilers-on-twitter-1324817134

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb @thommck – thanks for the info.

    I’d been wondering about the ‘blue tick’ but couldn’t find anything on Twitter’s (quite frankly, useless) help pages. Will now unfollow certain people except Dara O Briain who appears to be genuine despite lack of tick.

    Thommck, I’m now stalking, erm following you!


    Anonymous @

    Just a quick ‘heads up’ for Vampire fans – David Tennant narrates ‘A Night with a Vampire’ at 18:30 on Radio4Extra from tonight until Friday. Five ‘fangtastic’ short stories with ‘bite’.

    Sorry about the puns 😳

    thommck @thommck

    @fatmaninabox You’re featured on this BuzzFeed article, http://www.buzzfeed.com/danmartin/how-the-internet-reacted-to-the-new-doctor-who-teasers, well your words are anyway, @danmartinuk blanked out your pic!

    DanMartinUK @danmartinuk

    Good old fandom


    DanMartinUK @danmartinuk

    In fact, I may do a post on the best Theories Even More Insane Than What’s Actually Happening, if you good people wanted to donate some of your favourites you’ve come up with. You can also reach me at dan.martin@buzzfeed.com

    Anonymous @

    @thommck – aah, fame at last 🙂

    @danmartinuk – thanks for that 😀

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    You do realise how many extraordinary bonkers theories that fit the criteria of “more insane than what’s actually happening” have been canvassed on this forum, don’t you Dan? Of course you do.

    There have been theories on what was happening in seasons 5, 6 and 7 that were probably much better than what actually happened. The truly wonderful red tie/blue tie theory would fit that bill admirably. But there have been so many others.

    And are you after bonkers theories for the 50th only? Or bonkers theories relating to past seasons? Or bonkers theories about characters? This forum has them all.

    So, Dan, why not just submit a collective entry for the whole forum!

    And even as the 50th approaches, the capacity for bonkers theories remains unabated. For example, don’t get me started on the absolute necessity of the return of Canton…

    wolfweed @wolfweed
    DanMartinUK @danmartinuk

    Oh yes of course. My intention is to do a post fully crediting this wonderful forum with that headline you took from Rory in Dinosaurs and made into something truly special. I will of course credit every theory to the forum every theory I use, and each user too. But I just like the idea of using the best of fandom to publicise the show. I believe @craig is gonna be in touch with me to discuss how to do this via @shazzbot


    Just like this (totally crazy) post by my US colleague Ellie (NB  the BuzzFeed yanks are crazy for UK cult stuff)





    DanMartinUK @danmartinuk

    CORRECTION: Rory didn’t say it in Dinosaurs he said it in God Complex

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    David Tennant’s tongue in cheek playful response when asked what was his reaction to the fact Peter Capaldi was going to use his Scottish accent for Doctor Who.

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed – I edited your post above because the lovely ‘Rory cutting off his ponytail’ image wasn’t coming through.  🙁  Don’t know why.  But it’s fixed now.

    Anonymous @

    @danmartinuk – let @bluesqueakpip take all the credit for supplying this forum with its almighty strapline.


    “By the way, @craig, if you should ever feel inclined to adopt a website motto, I’m particularly fond of Rory’s comment from The God Complex.

    No, it’s amazing you’ve come up with a theory even more insane than what’s actually happening.

    Something like “We come up with theories even more insane than what’s actually happening.” “

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @danmartinuk @Shazzbot @craig

    Thanks for nice comments Dan.  This forum is very much the wayward offspring of your Graun blog 😉  So are Shazz and Craig summarising theories or do you need someone to do that?  I think most can be treated as collective efforts of the forum hive-mind except @juniperfish‘s red/blue bow tie and Isis myth theories, @bluesqueakpip‘s “all the numbers tie in with relevant dates in Who history” theory and @blenkinsopthebrave‘s “breaking the 4th wall with Kennedy assassination, including the return of Canton” theory.  Sadly my dalekised Dr theory has been booted whimpering into the reject pile since Nightmare in Silver 🙁


    Craig @craig

    @danmartinuk , and also @Shazzbot @scaryb @blenkinsopthebrave et al

    I’m quite happy for the forum to feature on Buzzfeed (although slightly wary of the strain it may place on the server if we get a lot of visits 😕 )

    As far as I’m concerned each member is the owner/copyright holder of their own posts and the site has no rights in them at all. So I would ask that you Dan, get permission from each individual author to use their post/posts, or give me the list of posts you want to use and I can ask them for you.

    Apart from that, feel free. And thanks for asking first. ScaryB’s list would be a great place to start.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @craig – the site I’m a moderator on has a ‘private’ side and a ‘public’ side – and the way we deal with copyright is that the site owner emails us with a list of posts they want to make public. We then email back giving formal permission.

    That way, there is an e-mail in existence which states that we have given permission for publication; we can’t later say that our copyright has been infringed. Conversely, it means that if we don’t want that post published – for whatever reason – we have evidence that we refused permission.

    Craig @craig

    @bluesqueakpip I think that’s a good arrangement and that’s exactly what I would do. In the same way, I wouldn’t want anyone’s posts used elsewhere without their written permission.

    I recently turned down a research request from someone who wanted to post a Doctor Who story and then write a paper based on the responses. He seemed to suggest that anyone who commented (and signed the permission form) would have their posting history not only on this site but the whole internet examined and possibly quoted in the final paper.

    It made me a bit uncomfortable because I just want people to post without any concern that what they write now and what they have written in the past will be reused in any way without their expressed permission on a post by post basis.

    Of course, I can’t stop people quoting from this site as it’s publicly available, or even passing off a blog entry, for example, as all their own work for a school essay or even a post on their own blog. But that’s the nature of the internet.

    So it’s very nice when people ask.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @craig – good practice.

    Looking at my own possible not-so-good practice, I can think of a private post (about Journey tt CotTARDIS) where I quoted @phaseshift, @phileasf and @htpbdet – but it was private, I said where the original posts were, and if I ever get asked to place it on a public site, I’ll ask them first. Or if any of them want to PM me, I’ll send them a copy of the post.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @craig @bluesqueakpip

    I usually work on the basis that when it’s published in a public forum then posts being appropriated for elsewhere is a hazard of the forum, although copyright should still be with the original poster.  But completely agree, it’s nice to be asked.  And good call on the recent research request @craig

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb @juniperfish @jimthefish @bluesqueakpip @craig @pedant @danmartinuk and @ everyone else too-

    Well, as November draws nearer (and to distract ourselves from the lack of 50th anniversary trailer yet 🙂 ), let’s pick a pub to meet in on Friday, November 22nd in London.

    Here’s a good list to start with:


    This one looks good; near Tottenham Court Road station, serves food and real ale, allows dogs (I rang to confirm; sadly Molly the Alaskan Malamute left with the previous manager), and has an outdoor drinking area with heaters:


    But if any of the others takes your fancy, or you have a personal recommendation, let me know!


    Craig @craig

    @Shazzbot et al

    For pubs with outsides in the centre I kinda like the Anchor, which is by the Thames. It’s a bit touristy but has a large outdoors by the river, is pretty old and is on the site of one of London’s oldest pubs where Shakespeare used to drink before going to The Globe, which is really close. Good for out-of-Londoners. And it features at the end of Mission Impossible (I seem to recall). Sit where Ving Rhames sat! (…and Tom Cruise).



    Whisht @whisht

    agree with @craig – The Anchor is a bit touristy/ after-work drinks meet-up place.
    Could be a bit nippy in November by the river, but is central.

    I actually suggested a different place due to a East London mention on another thread, so maybe we need a dedicated 50th pub-thread!

    There’s nothing like dedication to pubs!


    [edit – Craig already just suggested to keep the suggestions here! Great suggestion as always!]

    Anonymous @

    @whisht – I have some reservations about going near London Fields at night-time.  It was scary enough when me ‘n The Airedales went there on Sunday afternoons.

    @craig – are you tryin’ to steal my Topic Dalek crown?  🙂

    Is The Anchor dog-friendly?  I’m not paying for yet another night of dog-sitting.

    EDIT:  Just rang them.  They have outside space and dogs are allowed there.  But I was warned that it might be pretty nippy in November (no mention of patio heaters, which was a major draw for the Soho pub I posted earlier).

    Anonymous @

    @whisht – does this mean we can count you in for 22 Nov?  Please say yes!

    Whisht @whisht

    @Shazzbot – yeah, you had me at “pub”…


    Fair enough about London Fields feeling a bit scary at night, but when were you there on a Sunday afternoon?

    Usually that’s a hipster zone (spreading up from Brick Lane, through Caledonia Market up Broadway Market to the park). Nowadays the worst you get is a withering look from someone dressed from the 80’s…

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Just let me know where you decide re pubs!  I need to get back to the Excel afterwards so anywhere eastish and Thames-ish is good for me, but I don’t mind. Near Jubilee or Central line would be good. Presumably they’ll all be busy on a Fri night…?

    re outdoors in November – a couple of Tom Baker scarfs, some hot theories and sharing the airedales should do it 😉

    Anonymous @

    @whisht – me ‘n The Airedales used to walk the canal from Vicky Park to London Fields almost every Sunday for a couple of years before we scarpered from London.  There are some pretty seriously awful dogs, unleashed, in that area (bottom of Broadway, from the canal into the park) – and one of the reasons I shook the dust from London from my heels was my dog getting attacked – for the 2nd time – by an unleashed pit bull.  I just can’t do it, sorry.  Not going anywhere near there again.

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb – re ‘sharing the Airedales’ – I was planning on doing a Crufts-stylee stripping  prior to our journey south, but now that you mention it, it might be prudent to leave a bit of scruff on ’em for communal warmth!  😀

    Whisht @whisht

    yeah @shazzbot, that’d be about right. The unholstered guns dogs are still there, but over the last couple of years there’s been a real change.
    Still, completely get what you mean (I don’t have a dog so don’t encounter the aggro, but can see how it is/was there).

    Whisht @whisht

    btw – in terms of theories I’ve enjoyed… I didn’t want to mention posters by name, as I’d forget someone and that would be dumb.

    However, perhaps its good to remember some of those who don’t seem to be around anymore, in case a mention gets an email to them that they open and want to take part.

    So here’s to @mtgradwell @Bruin @craignixon @pennyintheair (and her leaf theories) @denvaldron (and his brilliant Cushing crush) @bobbyfat (and the Silence/ music connection).

    and no more effing failed anagrams.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @scaryb – everything will be pretty busy around the Excel on a Friday night due to the office workers on Canary Wharf.

    The Anchor is walking distance from Waterloo, Southwark or London Bridge on the Jubilee, is fairly easy to spot and is also in a sort of huddle of various restaurants. I eat at the nearby Nando’s quite a lot. 🙂

    Then there’s the Founders Arms, by the Millennium Bridge (walking distance from St Paul’s, Central Line) – but I don’t think they’re too good with dogs.

    Whisht @whisht

    And its not just theories this place has had – its been an education!
    I’ve learned more about writing and production here than anywhere else – who can forget Chekhov’s Duck??!?

    I read (and wept) at the entwined memories of @htpbdet

    and I had a whale of a time with @rob making up monsters!

    so, theories are great, and why we’re here, but not the only reason why we’re here!

    Anonymous @

    @bluesqueakpip – I rang the Founders Arms, they have a bit of an overhang but cautioned against a group of people hiding from the potentially not-nice late November elements there.  That having been said, dogs are very welcome under that bit of overhang.

    @whisht – you and me both with Checkov’s Duck!  And @htpbdet is seriously overdue for a re-appearance.  He has had some very major medical issues in the last month, and we’re all hoping he’s back on the mend soon.  Not least because he’s late with his Eccleston chapter.  🙁

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @whisht @Shazzbot @bluesqueakpip

    I’d imagine round the Excel is pretty touristy/bland/expensive anyway for pubs. I’m fine so long as I’m near a tube station – otherwise I inevitably end up walking for hours in the wrong direction in London 🙁

    @whisht – wholeheartedly agree with your posts – an education and much amusement, thanks @everyone.  (The alien with an imaginary human friend was a fav).  Which reminds me, I haven’t been to the music thread recently…

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @scaryb – the snack bars are generally okay, but yeah – the usual recommendation if you’re a stranger to the area is to get on the DLR and head elsewhere. It’s not that there aren’t great places to eat cheaply; it’s just that it’s very easy for a tourist to find themselves in parts of Canning Town and Custom House which are a tiny bit too authentic.

    Canary Wharf is pretty good in a chain restaurant sort of way, but it’s absolutely packed with relaxing bankers on a Friday night. Given that people are likely to be coming in from different parts of London, I’d say the South Bank has a lot to recommend it . Even if thermal underwear might be a good plan. :~

    Whisht @whisht

    hey – thanks @scaryb, its rather nice to know my monster raised a smile! or frown…

    and I’ve been remiss with the music (so many others doing the good work over there!).

    btw another ‘outdoor’ pub in Southwark (ie near London Bridge and therefore Jubilee line) is The George Inn. On Fridays its packed (as are all the pubs in that area with after work drinkers), and not a particular fave of mine, but it has a courtyard!
    The Glad is so small that its outside is practically its inside, and there are other pubs with tables outside, but not sure what the areas like now (I used to work round there a few years ago). Not really ‘running around’ space for dogs though…

    Anonymous @


    parts of Canning Town and Custom House [ … ] are a tiny bit too authentic

    ??  How so?

    Canary Wharf is pretty good in a chain restaurant sort of way, but it’s absolutely packed with relaxing bankers on a Friday night

    I had a job interview at Canary Wharf a few years ago.  The soullessness of the area made me re-evaluate my life goals.  Honestly, it’s shite.  Let’s congregate anywhere except where we might find ‘relaxing bankers on a Friday night’.  Please.  Pretty please.  🙂

    Anonymous @

    @whisht – The Airedales are, sadly, into their retirement years, so ‘running around space’ isn’t a premium requirement for them.  The Glad appears to be quite near Borough tube so could be a contender.  They also have real ale, single malts, and free wi-fi.  Plus ‘groovy gravy’!  What’s not to like?!

    ScaryB @scaryb


    anywhere except where we might find ‘relaxing bankers

    Yup, that gets my vote! Somewhere bigger on the inside… 🙂

    ‘groovy gravy’

    I presume that goes with the magic mushrooms?!

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @Shazzbot – re: Canning Town and Custom House – think London Fields, but minus hipsters. I’m sure the gentrification of the East End will succeed eventually as more and more flats get built on the old docks (the Excel Centre was part of the regeneration/gentrification), but it has to fight against a certain … Canning Town-ness. It’s got several of the most deprived wards in the country.

    I know what you mean about Canary Wharf; it was a bit ‘tumbleweed blowing in the wind as souls were destroyed’ a few years back. It’s not as shite as it was – slowly developing a character, especially around the Docklands museum – but it’s basically a massive office complex plonked down in an area of post-industrial devastation. Canary Wharf Management were really surprised when it took off as a shopping centre; and positively shocked when people who didn’t work there wanted places to eat out at. I think they prodded the idea of a multiplex cinema a bit suspiciously, as well. Worried it might attract, well … locals. 😈

    janetteB @janetteb

    Reading this discussion from a land far away with almost no good pubs, (we do have the odd one or two) I am really enjoying the discussion in an increasingly envious kind of way 🙂 So I am hoping there will be a report of the night for those of us too far away to attend in anything other than thought. Maybe we should have a special thread for Dr Who anniversary celebrations as I am certain that many of us will “mark the occasion” in some way or other. I am still planning a Who themed party. I recently found out that the local lolly shop sells English jelly babies, (which are distinctly different to Aussie ones) in paper bags. Sadly I can’t eat them as they have gelatine in them but that won’t stop the rest of the family and I am getting better at making souffle though as a friend pointed out, they should be burnt anyway.



    ScaryB @scaryb

    @janetteb @craig (and other mods) @Shazzbot @bluesqueakpip

    That’s a good idea re a thread for fan celebrations eg Janette’s idea of  Who-themed food could inspire others and maybe bring some suggestions; I’ve noticed a few people, esp US fans, posting on various threads about what they’re planning and looking for people to connect with.

    It could be a place for eg the recent posts about a petition to light the Empire State Building in blue on 23rd, which are tending to get a bit lost in On the Sofa, Fan Creativity, News, 50th etc

    What do others think?

    Re London pub for meet-up – are there any areas with a DW connection (or is that 1 thing too many for the mix?!)

    @bluesqueakpip – Your description of Canning Town’s locals is starting to intrigue me 😉 (and Canary Wharf sounds a bit like McCoy’s description of bus stations – full of lost luggage and lost souls! (tho I like your tumbleweed/destroyed souls description))

    PS Has anyone heard where the 50th will be screened in London and how to get tickets?

    Anonymous @

    @janetteb – it’s already been suggested that we live-blog the Forum get-together (in the Rose & Crown thread?  or, the 50th thread as per below?), so that should be where everyone who can’t make it to London that weekend can ‘take part’.  I’d love to see pictures of all your 50th food – proper jelly babies, burnt souffles, and all!

    @scaryb – should we move this pub discussion over to the 50th Anniversary thread?  Not sure about setting up a separate thread for 50th celebrations when we already have one which is all about the 50th.  Granted, its original purpose was to discuss the programme itself, but surely we can expand that description and use it for all 50th-related topics?  @craig, do you agree?

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @Shazzbot (@Craig)

    I was thinking that the current 50th anniv thread is more about the episode itself, and after Janette’s comment, that it might be useful/fun for people to have a separate thread just for what they’re planning to do.  I suspect the existing thread is going to get increasingly busy with theories etc and then the analysis after 🙂

    It just struck me after seeing several posts in various places recently about events and activities, and I thought it might be easier for eg the newbies in particular to interact on a separate thread re events in the colonies etc as well as UK ones without deluging the programme thread.

    It kind of fits On the Sofa, but hey, our fav prog is only 50 once 😉 But whatever people think is appropriate.

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