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    New blog post folks…

    I’ve scoured the net and found a few ‘alternative’ takes on the new costume!


    FiveRoundsRapid @replies


    Re “@FatManInABox so it is real then?”

    It most definitely IS real! I was just having a bit of tongue in cheek fun. I don’t think I’ve got the reach or requisite amount of clout to start a fully fledged internet panic over the next costume πŸ™‚

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    No idea what you’re talking about!!!!

    So you spotted that then πŸ™‚

    At least she was pulling me up over syntax rather than the sentiment.

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    LOL… Might have a couple of copies of The Web of Fear Ep 3 lying around somewhere though πŸ™‚

    That whole thing was a farce. I was following Ian Levine’s comments about it on Twitter! Did you see his earlier outburst against Phil Morris? That’s one frustrated Who fan right there!!

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    Don’t be taken in by the images of Capaldi in his new costume… Get the facts here –

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    Afternoon all!

    Been busy for a while so haven’t been catching up on what’s going on over here.

    If anyone’s interested here’s the link to my latest blog post. It’s an odd post for me as it’s one of those rare occasions where I’ve decided not to sit on the fence for a change and have voiced my opinion about something that’s been bothering me for some time.

    Please have a read if you get the opportunity and let me know what you thing. Agree? Disagree? Vent away!!

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    For anyone who fancies a look, my latest blog post went up last night and focuses on Target books and the upcoming City of Death novelisation



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    Have a read of this interesting piece by Ed McGuigan of Outpost Skaro on the potential status of the missing episodes…

    Interesting stuff!!

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    @scaryb @fatmaninabox

    Many thanks for the kind words re the blog!!

    Interesting thoughts on the Daleks. Despite their place in the history of the show they have always been one of the enemies that I never really cared for! Give me the Cybermen any day of the week.

    However I’ve recently decided to have another look at the Daleks and intend to watch all of their series again (at least the available ones) in broadcast order. I’ll even try the novelisations and Big Finish stories as well, just to see how they’ve been handled there.

    That will probably lead me into collecting the Dalek action figures that Character Options produced but it’s a risk I’m prepared to take πŸ™‚

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    Hi everyone!

    Sorry to go off on a tangent but I’ve just had some great news and I was bursting to share it with you!

    I know I’m new to the forum but some of you will be aware that I write a blog called ‘Five Rounds Rapid’Β which I use to showcase my love of our favourite show!

    I was recently given the opportunity to contribute to a bigger Who site and wanted to let you know that my first article has been posted for Doctor Who Worldwide (formerly Doctor Who Archive) –

    Please feel free to pop on over and have a look!!

    And I’d just like to give my special thanks to @fatmaninabox, who pointed me in the direction of this forum in the first place, which in turn has given me the impetus to carry on posting!!

    Although I’m now in a position to write for a larger site, for ‘Five Rounds Rapid’ it’s still ‘business as usual’!

    Thanks for everyones support so far and, if you’re so inclined, why not come over and follow it!! I’ll be doing a bit of a Who-related giveaway soon for all my blog followers and will let you know when it’s up and running!

    Take care!


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    Anyone interested to see what DW would look like if it was produced by Disney?? Then look no further…

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    Guys, I need your help tracking down the stickers from the 50th Anniversary Chocolate Bars. I’m trying to pit a set together!! Read about it in my latest blog post

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    The 18th sounds good to me! I’ll need to pick up a copy of The Time Meddler before then though πŸ™‚

    Good choices for the others as well, especially day of the Daleks. Still haven’t seen the TV version yet but it was one of my favourites of the Target novels and I must have read it several times. Can I suggest The Daemons as well for the 3rd?

    For TB I’d love to see one of the ‘less’ famous ones… The Android Invasion, The Sunmakers? Or maybe one of the E-Space stories??

    For PD one of the Mara stories would be great, although Enlightenment is one I’d always like to go back and re-visit

    Damn… Just too many to choose from πŸ™‚


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    The BG retrospectives are a brilliant idea. Is this ongoing or something that’s due to start up again? If the latter what will the next series be? I’d love to get involved!!

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies


    I agree about the timing. It’s highly unlikely anything will have even been put into production for any further 8th Doctor TV adventures, so more than likely it’s just a memo sat on someone’s desk at the BBC. It’s important that they put their energies into making the new PC series get off the ground running.

    However I can imagine this working as a complement to the new PC series. If the BBC commissions a one-shot and it performs well they could make ongoing annual specials with McGann and show them at Easter, bridging that long wait between the Christmas special and the start of each new PC series in the Autumn.

    And given the global popularity of the show at the moment it could be another avenue of exposure for the show. A sort of ‘Doctor Who – The Missing Years’ type of thing! The whole venture would be run completely independently from the main show, maybe even with a different showrunner.

    Of course, viewing the world through my rose-coloured specs means that anything like this is a probability πŸ™‚

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies


    That’s cool! I knew I’d put something in the wrong place eventually!! πŸ™‚

    And I agree re Lucie Smith… Sheridan Smith is always worth watching and coupled with the success of TNotD this could be something truly great!

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies


    @bluesqueakpip has made a really good point there. I’ve just started re-watching Matt’s run again, and after sitting through The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below it is pretty amazing to see just how young he looks in those early episodes. The rigorous schedule is always something that comes up in interviews and it wouldn’t surprise me if it continues to be an issue for future actors in the role.

    Somehow I doubt we’ll ever be seeing someone play The Doctor for as long as Tom Baker did as the production and structure of the modern TV show has changed considerably since those early days of Who.

    Interestingly enough the length of the modern series is roughly the same in terms of minutes on the screen as the classic series used to be. For instance a standard 13 episode run of around 45 mins per episode approximately equates to 26 episodes at around 22-23 mins per episode. The classic series usually had 6-7 stories in each season with 4 episodes per story (with the odd two or six parter thrown in every now and then).

    So we’re still getting pretty much the same amount of Who screen-time as we were 30-40 years ago, it just doesn’t really feel like it πŸ™‚

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    There’s a great piece by Michael East over at Doctor Who Worldwide that succinctly brings everything together that’s known so far re Series 8

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    I put a new blog post up earlier re Capaldi’s first day of filming. I’ve put in a stock image from the article thatΒ @bluesqueakpip linked to earlierΒ but I’ve also added a fun little fan piece that someone put together on the back of the BBC release

    Come have a look

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies


    Interesting re The Underwater Menace. I found this on Twitter a couple of days ago

    The Underwater Menace Twitter Timeline

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    @thekrynoidman It certainly does!! I keep forgetting about the the later McCoy stories!! I’m firmly stuck in the Barry Letts/Philip Hinchcliffe era πŸ™‚

    Could use The Horror of Fang Rock as well, although I’m being swayed more by the atmosphere than the content!

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    Ghost Light! Awesome!!

    I did initially consider that but couldn’t remember if the sci-fi element overshadowed any supernatural. Either way there IS a supernatural aspect to it so it needs to be considered

    Haven’t seen it for years so another one to re-watch πŸ™‚

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    OK folks… Just throwing this one out there for your input.

    I’m hoping to submit a piece for publication on ‘Supernatural Horror in Classic Who’ and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what might be worth including. I’ve got the following as standards…

    • The Daemons
    • The Brain of Morbius
    • The Talons of Weng-Chiang
    • The Stones of Blood
    • State of Decay
    • Image of the Fendahl (might be a push, I guess I’ll have to re-watch)

    If anyone can think of anything else, even if there’s the slightest of supernatural elements, I’d love to hear your ideas!

    Thanks, Andy


    FiveRoundsRapid @replies


    Re the DVDs… I’ll be the first to admit that there’s no substitute for having the Classic DVDs themselves all lined up on the shelf!

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies


    Great to have you on board. Please have a look at one of my early blog posts on the topic of Classic DVD collections…

    I’m taking a bit of a different approach to keep costs down!

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    I’m starting to put a few Who curios and bits of memorabilia together and was wondering if anyone else had any collectables of note? He’s my latest blog post outlining what arrived yesterday…

    Is this the best place to share stuff like this? Things like book collections, DVDs, posters, trading cards, autographs, copies of the Radio Times… the list goes on!

    I thought it might be interesting to see what other goodies are out there!

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    I just found this link from a read through of TToTD and wanted to share it… It’s just had me in bits…

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    Find out all about my night with Jenna Louise Coleman in my final blog post of 2013!!

    Happy ‘Who’ Year everyone!!!


    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    Just stumble across some more Moff-bashing…

    Nothing we haven’t seen before but does score points for quoting The Wrath of Khan πŸ™‚

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    I’ve got a new blog post up if anyone’s interested, where I’ll be sharing the details of any new DW related purchases off eBay and such like…

    Enjoy… And any comments (as always) are welcome!!


    FiveRoundsRapid @replies


    Sounds like a plan!! I was going to suggest something like that myself but didn’t want you all to think I was getting ideas above my station πŸ˜‰

    I’ve got a few ideas on how Moffat might want to run with it but I’ll save those for the new thread!!

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    Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear

    Crossing genres a little bit here, but as The Joker so succinctly put it… “Why so serious?”

    I might not have followed this up except for the comment about Moffat’s writing being “lazy and unmotivated”!! It’s become far too easy to criticise what Steven Moffat has done on the show these last few years, and we’re starting to see this simplified and overused Moff-bashing used more and more as an easy way to have a cheap dig at the show without really having to qualify your arguments! I’m thinking of putting a blog post together soon on this very topic…

    If you want to call Moffat’s writing “lazy and unmotivated” then at least furnish us with some reasons why, otherwise it just comes across tired and unsubstantial, and makes it harder to take any of your other points seriously!

    If you didn’t like the last two specials then that’s a shame, there are plenty of us out there who did. If you’re moving away from the show on to pastures new, again this is a shame, but I’d have to question how much of a fan of the show you really are because the true fans are those that stick it out to the bitter end, through the good and the bad! And it’s worth remembering – it is just a TV show!

    Hold on a sec…

    “It is time to admit the truth and say, the specials were a total disaster! everyone claiming different is either stupid or is too much adicted to this forum and affraid to admit this”

    Sorry, but that’s just plain rude and kind of debases the rest of your post!! I loved both of the specials unequivocally, and being new to this forum means I haven’t had chance to become addicted to it yet! SoΒ I guess that makes me one of the “stupid” ones!!

    Happy New Year!!

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    New blog post is up!

    Just wondering if anyone out there has an opinion of what will happen to DW in 2014? What’s round the corner in terms of the structure of the show?

    I know the show isn’t ‘broken’, but what changes would you make to move things forward? What would you do if you were showrunner-for-a-day?

    Does anything even need to change??

    Love to hear all your thoughts!

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    “And of course there’s the bow tie. It was the tying of the tie in The Eleventh Hour that seemed to punctuate Matt’s ‘becoming’ of the Doctor. It was his removal of it in this story that seemed to emphasise that his time was over.”

    @jimthefish Brilliant spot that!! I did wonder why we had the slow motion bow tie removal but that makes perfect sense! An incredible bit of symmetry to bookend Matt’s tenure!

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    @bluesqueakpip @phaseshift

    I’ve not but I will do now!! Thanks for the heads up!

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    Sorry that this is a bit off topic…


    Okay, I’ve been trying not to go here, because I know that most people on this forum have not listened to much or any Big Finish, but I can no longer help it!

    I’m glad someone has brought up Big Finish as I really wanted to make a start with some of these and wondered where the best place was to start. Some of the Companion Chronicles look great and I have a strong leaning towards Jago and Litefoot…

    Any recommendations?

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    Took a while to get there but here’s a few of my random thoughts and musings on Matt Smith’s swansong.

    Please feel free to check out the rest of my new Who blog as well… Any comments and/or feedback is always appreciated!!



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    Great news on the Troughton stories, although maybe a moot point for the more hardcore fans as they’d be picking up the DVDs anyway I guess

    Still… Should be nice seeing some Classic Who on terrestrial TV again

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies



    Wow! Now that’s something I never knew about Bob Monkhouse!!

    I have to agree with you FMIAB, there would certainly be no shortage of volunteers to go through that many recordings and I can’t believe the short-sightedness of the BFI not to take the tapes in! Even if it they acknowledged the enormity of such a long-term project surely it would have been something that was well within their remit to take on!

    I often look at the whole MBW ‘phenomena’ from an entirely Who-centric point of view, but when you take the time to sit back and just consider what has been wiped you finally start to realise what a travesty of epic proportions the whole sorry mess actually is!

    FiveRoundsRapid @replies

    This whole issue of missing episodes is a bit of a mixed bag for me.

    It’s pretty obvious there are more out there but once the rumour mill gets going it’s pretty hard not to be disappointed when nothing gets turned up!

    Eventually we’ll get to the point when any new find will probably end up being duplicates of old episodes that have already been recovered, similar to what Ian Levine announced late last week through Twitter…

    Ian Levine Twitter feed

    Sadly I doubt we’ll ever see ALL missing episodes recovered, but each one that we do get back is a blessing!!

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