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    Allow me to join @miapatrick and @juniperfish in congratulating you on the award of your doctorate! I had somehow missed that when reading the posts. Given the erudite argumentation of your posts over the years, it all makes sense. While you will, not doubt, continue to be known on these boards as @jimthefish, I will, inevitably, like…[Read more]

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    @phaseshift @miapatrick

    I feel you are in attack mode?

    I think a mod can be above that & attempt to be decent. It wasn’t decent, imo.

    @peacefrog is a newbie. Maybe you’re judging him/them/her on one post when all his other posts have been genuine & interesting.

    Once again I reiterate that this is a Good Place. The snark can leave now. It’s…[Read more]

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    If you want me to take what he said at face value then I expect the same treatment from both of you.

    If I said that his response about my parents and hospital trip rubbed me the wrong way. Then you should believe it.

    If I’m supposed to take his condition and response as nothing more than an harmless attempt at humor then that’s the…[Read more]

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    Thanks for your response.

    My main problem was the “I hope your parents are proud” line that was supposed to be an attempt at “wit” I suppose. To me it was no different than saying screw you and your mother too.

    What I wrote above in my other post was all that it would have taken to bring everything to a more reasonable…[Read more]

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    remind me again how they left it with Simms at the end of his original run? (end of time)


    Am I right in saying he returned to Gallifrey with the Time Lords. Does it mention in The Doctor Falls how he then go to the spaceship towards the black hole? I recall something about it crashing and him never being a good…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip @miapatrick

    I felt it was preaching to the converted, that the only convertible people watching, given the way it was managed, were the fairly young, who can’t do anything yet…

    The thousands of protesters were young like me (18). We CAN do something now. A programme like that dares us to. No-one believes -because I was there -…[Read more]

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    This episode – I felt it was preaching to the converted

    Worse than preaching to the converted. It was the relatively powerful (the Doctor) preaching to the relatively powerless (the Companions, and by extension the kids in the audience). It was also hypocritical, because the programme had flown its main cast out to South Africa to m…[Read more]

  • @jimthefish <waves at old fishy comrade> I also loved the BBC’s Dicken’s adaptation. I thought it was beautifully shot – amazing use of light and shadow. Guy Pearce was excellent and it was great to see Vinette Robinson again (who played Rosa Parks in Rosa last season of Doctor Who).  Bringing some of the darker Victorian issues (around abuse) to…[Read more]

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    Thanks….it should have been.

    I only had around 10 years to work on it.  😀

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    @miapatrick I had a similar feeling as you about exactly how much the poor kids can take away from this episode — especially depending upon who their parents are.  For those who don’t know, I’m in my early 40s but also an autistic.  I live at home with my family, and rely upon them to get around (working a job to pay rent, etc. in exchange).  I…[Read more]

  • @Jimthefish

    Great to “see” you again.! 😉

    As soon as I watched spyfall PT 2 that minor exchange from Hell Bent came straight back to me. Made me realise how I missed a lot of insight by contributors on here.

    Pretty much agree with everything you say here, but to be charitable to Chibnall, I think the fate of Solomon was requested by Moffat. It…[Read more]

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    @Spider Yes, the, “Bat’s aren’t real part” was definitely funny – I enjoyed that.

    @Mudlark and @Miapatrick – Perhaps it was a combo of nuclear and environmental catastrophe, as you say. The nuclear element might better explain the genetic mutation of humans into Dregs, which did, you’re right, somewhat resemble the Alien (also an apex…[Read more]

  • @juniperfish

    While I think they did leave the ending ambiguous, I have a feeling this may be a one – shot like Jekyll (The BBC commissioned it while RTD was in charge because they wanted to see if he could deliver a project like that and take charge of Doctor Who).

    I’ve seen all of Penny Dreadful and I think once it settled down it became a…[Read more]

  • @fatmaninabox @miapatrick @juniperfish @mudlark

    Yeah, Dracula was a rare treat. You’ve already covered many points I had in my notes, but thanks for the reference to the barmaid in the Rose & Crown. Completely missed that on first watch!

    I just thought it was constructed brilliantly. I just wanted to point out that the most controversial point…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave @miapatrick

    Yes, this is going in a good direction…. An existential “shattering” which corrupts the very basis of what the Doctor has chosen to be: so that he/she is not really a Doctor... But as you say, something to do with the vortex & the child who is timeless, also empty, who is buried deep in nightmares?

    What if the…[Read more]

  • Juniperfish replied to the topic Spyfall part 2

    @miapatrick  I felt as though the 7% not human DNA was a big part of Barton’s coldness here.

    Yes, true. But there was a bit of an odd discrepancy there, as Barton seemed fully intellectually functioning with his 7% alien DNA (if not morally) but others “infected” with the alien DNA became simply “shells” and “memory sticks”, like his poor old M…[Read more]

  • Bluesqueakpip replied to the topic Spyfall part 2


    I agree that the element of ‘melodrama villain’ seems more conscious in this Master. Doctor Who is melodrama (in a technical sense), but Sacha Dhawan seems to be doing the melodramatic villain as if it’s now an act the Master’s putting on for an audience. The top hat. The Nazi uniform. The scene in the plane hangar when his ‘I’m going to…[Read more]

  • Bluesqueakpip replied to the topic Spyfall part 2

    @miapatrick Having now watched it, I think this may well be a post Missy incarnation. When the Dhawan Master talks about the buzz that killing gives him, then adds that he knows ‘I’m in the right place, doing what I was made for’ – the look in his eyes is completely haunted.

    He may also be referring to the Timeless Child reveal, that he’s…[Read more]

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    @miapatrick Well…Thirteen’s previous incarnation ended up on pretty unhappy terms with the Time Lords, and they likely weren’t going to welcome outsiders on her world anyway.  Why bring up people they were never going to meet?  The Master’s really the only person she has from that world out there so work with.

    Especially given that this set o…[Read more]

  • MissRori replied to the topic Spyfall part 2

    @miapatrick Yeah, I think the idea was that the Kasaavin were just trying to find warm bodies to colonize, and our unused data (for all our intelligence) made us particularly desirable.  Actually, I was reminded of “The Unquiet Dead” way back in Series 1.

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