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    @dalekbuster523 That was well said.

    @missy  I am sorry for your loss and sorry for not responding earlier. I never know what to say, “the idiot from Galifrey Base says, our loved ones live on in us but nothing can compare to having them with us.



  • @missy I’ve just seen this, sorry to hear about your loss. It’s a truly awful thing when you lose someone, but the important thing to remember is that the memories and the good times will always be there.

    I’ll never forget the first time I lost someone I was very close to – my Granddad in 2007. He shared a lot of the same interests as me, and I…[Read more]

  • Whisht replied to the topic Heaven Sent


    I am so sorry for your loss.
    What you recognised in Moffat’s words (a line I hadn’t remembered) are spot on.

    Please take care – you know far more than I will ever know about loss.
    My brother (always far wiser than I) warned me about the waves after losing someone.

    I’ll never forget that forewarning, nor be able to thank him enough.

    Take care.

  • winston replied to the topic Heaven Sent

    @missy  I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  You must be devastated and I will be thinking of you. I agree that line is so true and so sad and I hope you get through this with the love and help of friends and family. Stay safe.

  • @missy


    Murray Gold, what can one say? Such a loss to the series.

    Certainly was. Seguna Akinola is great, but he’s no Murray Gold.

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    @missy I noticed.  (:


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    @missy So far, so good. I work as a cashier in a grocery store, and that has brought its challenges, for sure. We now have plexiglass shields set up at all checkouts, plus barriers behind us so that we’re not in any direct contact with customers (other than handling cash or coupons).

    The main issue is that we are doing so much sanitizing at our…[Read more]

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    @missy I just got around to watching the video you linked. Who’d have thought? Zookeeper’s interpretive dance, complete with prop. I love it! Thank you for sharing that. I hope you are well and safe. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

  • winston replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @missy  That video did make me smile and dance in my chair.. That zookeeper was cute and he had some good dance moves.Loved the fan work and the cheeky ending. Thank you.

  • winston replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @missy  Hello!  I am glad you are OK and I hope you can avoid this virus. Thanks for the video, we need all the smiles we can get. Stay safe and don’t get in a pickle.

    @nerys  I am trying to follow my own advice and stay safe and sane. It will be so much easier when it is warm enough to get into the garden and greenhouse. I will be starting mo…[Read more]

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    They’re pushing it as a precaution, because they have some evidence that ibuprofen and respiratory diseases like Coronavirus don’t go well together. The BBC have a fact vs fiction page on it.

    The NHS advice is:

    There is currently no strong evidence that ibuprofen can make coronavirus (COVID-19) worse. But until we have more information,…

    [Read more]

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    @beemartha @missy

    Hi both, no biggie but could you please move this conversation over to the “Faces of the Doctor” thread? Many thanks.

    The Faces of the Doctor (2)

    The “Website comments” thread is more for problems with the website or with users so I can know what to fix, or who to have a stern chat…[Read more]

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    I can’t lie I must agree they were entertaining to watch.

    The War doctors one my favourites because I love his journey throughout time he’s seen so much pain and felt the darkness and it reminds me of how the world can be at times.


    I cannot lie David Tennant is my Doctor Who crush there’s not one episode I didn’t wish I was on the adv…[Read more]

  • BeeMartha replied to the topic Website comments (2)

    @missy 😂😂 I know the feeling I’m new on the site

    I must agree i did enjoy them do tell me  why are they your top 3


  • winston replied to the topic On The Sofa (9)

    @missy and @cathannabel  I am so sorry for you both and your families. Cancer sucks and it is terrible that you have to go through this with people you love. Please stop in now and then because I know that sometimes distraction is a blessing if only for a little while.Also know that we are thinking of you even if we don’t see you.

  • @Missy did not know that you also liked B.5.  It is one of my favourites. We are going to do a podcast about it next year. I will let you know when.

    @winston I am slowing reading through the Discworld series though I fear I won’t get to re watch Hogfather as I  am running out of time to complete my Christmas viewing this year. I always leave it t…[Read more]

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    @cathannabel So sorry to hear about your brother. I hope you are able to be with him for the last few weeks. Such time is precious.

    @missy. Sorry too to hear about your husband. I knew he was ill and was concerned for you.

    This forum is a good place and long may it remain so. I dread the influx of trolls whenever there is a new season but they…[Read more]

  • Cath Annabel replied to the topic On The Sofa (9)

    Thank you @missy,@thane16, @whisht, @pedant, @blenkinsopthebrave, @miapatrick. And to Missy, yes, one compartmentalises as best one can and does what one must and you have my deepest sympathy. One clings on to good things, and this place is a Good Thing and I will come here whenever I can even if I can’t muster bonkers theories about Who, because…[Read more]

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    I didn’t realise your husband’s condition was terminal. I’m so sorry to hear this. Do the doctors think he’ll be with you and your daughter at Christmas?

    the life of sorrows, isn’t it?

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