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    @whisht What a beautiful song. And the lyrics! Is Mr. Rice a Whovian…?

    I have never heard any of his work before, as far as I know. I will definitely investigate further. Thanks for posting this!

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    @cedarbranchtardis Maybe just walk where you need to go?

    nicelyuseless @replies

    @cedarbranchtardis Whatever you do, don’t follow their directions.

    nicelyuseless @replies

    @cedarbranchtardis Oh dear. I would just pretend I never saw them. At some point they’ll just go away.


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    @scaryb Aww, thanks.

    A 20′ purple scarf is a commitment. Still got it. And my cat, who I now call ‘Kidneys’.

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    @cathannabel I love that. Brilliant!

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    @tardisblue Hi! Thank you for the parenthetical howdy. As anyone who has suffered through my posts will know, I do love parentheses. (Sorry.)

    Couldn’t contain myself.

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    @monochromedimension Much appreciated.

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    @monochromedimension Sorry, my bad. Shouldn’t have been standing on the sofa anyway.

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    Hi. I was going to post this under the ‘General Open Thread — TV Shows’ (to give it it’s proper name, even though I’m too dumb to know how to make it a link), but I felt that the topics I was going to address weren’t specifically pertinent to TV shows. I am responding to things that @blenkinsopthebrave and @scaryb said, and the sofa was here, so….

    I have thought for a while that debaters in any forum, whether it pertains to national politics or (insert TV show here), have too often resorted to the ad hominem fallacy. However, while I am merely disappointed by it’s use among posters in Dan Martin’s Guardian columns, I find the seemingly widespread adoption, and acceptance, of this method of “debate” in political arenas within the UK and US dispiriting, disengaging, and ultimately frightening. I still feel political debate is important, if only that if the participants adhere to the principles of logic and civil discourse, so they could provide an example for the civilians that they are, um, … leading? That doesn’t feel right. Elected to serve? Hah. Serve….

    I find it exasperating that one can expect to find a personal attack ‘below the line’ of any online article or Youtube video within a handful of comments. And if I said ‘handful of comments’ on Youtube I would get buried under an avalanche of pedantry regarding what a stupid turn of phrase that was, especially since I didn’t specify the font, and font size, and hand size, and so on. But we all know what I mean.

    I think our “servants” on both sides of the isle (see what I did there? Fine, it doesn’t really work) could set a better example of public discourse, and I’m foolish enough to think it would influence the everyday interactions between ordinary citizens. Even in anonymity, and as far as a I know, the majority of us are anonymous to each other, but I could be flagrantly wrong.

    Well, I’ll sign off whilst I’m somewhat nice, but still utterly useless. I hope I’m not poking a hornets’ nest, I only meant to highlight the ad hominem fallacy, and how nice people here are.

    I only meant to be uselessly nice.

    nicelyuseless @replies

    I read Mr. Lawson’s column during lunch whilst at work, and it got me worked up. I knew there would be calm, reasoned, and intelligent responses to said column awaiting me here, to ease my blood pressure back down. Mission accomplished. So I’ll just let his premise, that the Christmas episode has been influenced by fans, roll on by, like water off a duck’s face, or whatever that expression is, because you have all expressed my feeling better that I could. (Or can? You see one of my problems.)

    However,  here’s what still gets me: Plot twist. He referred to (the apparently insignificant detail of) The Doctor’s limited number of regenerations as a “plot twist”? Who in Britain doesn’t know that The Doctor regenerates, or that they were limited? I live in America, and my octogenarian mother knows that (ok, she knows because I made her watch all the Tom Baker episodes when I was in high school 30 years ago, and I made her knit me a 20′ scarf, even though it was purple and in no way resemb…sorry, off topic). Plot twist? For me, going into this episode, that was the fundamental quandary to be resolved. I didn’t realize I was a member of a narrow band of obsessives; that makes me rather proud.

    In any case, that was not the primary reason I was watching. I was watching because I love the character of the doctor. And the ethos of the show. Probably the two most compelling reasons for the majority of viewers to watch the show, although I am hesitant to say that on this forum, because I think you embody the best and brightest of Whovians, and I’m only here because @craig let me slip through, and you probably have better reasons.

    But plot twist? PLOT TWIST?!? Ugh.

    Sorry, rant over. It wasn’t nice, but it was useless.

    Oh, and Clara. I was also watching because I really like Clara.

    nicelyuseless @replies

    Cats with nine lives. Really?

    I’ll try to stop. Honest.

    nicelyuseless @replies

    @topperofgalifrey I’m sure you’re right, I know you’re right, but ‘Kidneys’ makes me laugh. Can’t help it. And I did take some time to contemplate. Hard to believe, but I did not rush into that post. But I am still recovering from NYE, so….

    Kidneys. Hah!  Sorry, I will hopefully stop posting about Kidneys (snicker). It just gets me.

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    @arbutus @scaryb I was going to post some grandiose (spell check!) nonsense about how Beethoven’s Fifth couldn’t be renamed if we discovered a new symphony from beforehand, because the Fifth has to be the Fifth, right?

    But that’s all been obviated: Kidneys, Chinny, …, celery lapel, scarfy,… I absolutely love it! But everyone can better those (except for Kidneys. Please call Twelve ‘Kidneys’).

    nicelyuseless @replies

    @scaryb “Capaldi is forever going to be Kidneys for me from now on”

    Your comment made me snort wine through my nose. That is hilarious. (The term ‘Kidneys’, not my disintegrating nasal passages; I take those very seriously).

    nicelyuseless @replies

    Hello @arbutus; thank you for such a kind welcome. My cat has quite possibly used up most of her lives by scaling the Christmas tree, both before and after it has been ensconced in electrified wires…wait.

    Why is it that “cats have nine lives”? What if felines on Earth are said to have nine lives, because they really *have* nine lives, because they are evolving into the Earthly incarnations of Time Lords!?! What if in xxx-thousand years, cats will rule large parts of our galaxy? (Nobody should answer that).  Is that why our moon is supposedly made of cheese? Or actually just powdery cat litter?

    Sorry, got carried away there. Oh, and it’s a whole new year now. Well, you can possibly tell why it passed me by (*hic*). I apologize for this bit of nonsense everyone.


    nicelyuseless @replies

    @jimthefish Thank you, I appreciate that.

    nicelyuseless @replies

    @timeloop I love your explanation for being naked in church. That makes perfect sense.

    @d12345 The Specials are brilliant, and I’m so glad they reunited. Terry Hall is a genius. So is M Smith, and Brix for that matter.

    Sorry. Somebody had to say it.

    nicelyuseless @replies

    Hi, I thought the sofa would be the best place to introduce myself. I’m just going to emerge from the corner where I was lurking (in a shy way, not in a silence-y way (silents-y way?)), to say hi. I’ve been in that corner next to the bar from the start, but I finally had a question which I didn’t see an answer for, and therefore I reluctantly emerged. (Reluctant because of an extreme overabundance of meekness on my part, and nothing to do with anyone else; everyone here is very nice and most welcoming.)

    For the record, I became a whovian in my teens, watching four on PBS in the states during the 80’s. I didn’t even know he’d already regenerated. I didn’t even know what regeneration was, and therefore might have been slightly (extremely) unfair to Mr. Davison and his celery boutonniere (thanks, spell-check!). I watched all of Mr. Baker’s episodes twice, and can I remember any of them? Nope. But it did embed a lifelong passion for all things Who.

    About me, I use too many parentheses (brackets, if you like). Sorry.

    All the best,


    nicelyuseless @replies

    @scaryb Thank you. I do like new 1, for some reason that quite appeals to me…

    But if @bluesqueakpip refers to him as Twelve (along with the Beeb), then I am sure as Hades going to call him Twelve! 😉


    I should also have mentioned that I absolutely LOVED this episode; it left me in a weepy puddle of whisky-scented tears.


    nicelyuseless @replies

    Ok, I know how numbers work. However, I’ve never posted in a…thing like this. Obviously.


    nicelyuseless @replies

    @bluesqueakpip — I don’t even know how to respond in this forum. Thank you for even taking my initial post seriously.


    nicelyuseless @replies

    I don’t even know what numbers to use.

    nicelyuseless @replies

    Hi. This is my first post, and unfortunately it’s not at all clever, but here it is: It seemed like Mr. Capalidi’s Doctor (14? 12?) did manipulate some buttons on the TARDIS before he asked Clara how to fly it. Was he flicking them randomly, as it appears, or….?

    Thank you for being such a nice forum.

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