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    Crikey, you did! It’s either middle age short-term memory loss or lockdown disassociation.

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    So…did you manage to watch the two Borg episodes of NG and then Picard?


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    It has been a while since you have been around. Have not seen Devs yet. Clearly, I should.

    Must ask you a question, but it means heading over to another page. So…

  • Missy replied to the topic Heaven Sent


    How many times i have said to someone, “I can imagine how you must feel.”
    I hadn’t a clue, you have to experience something, then you don’t need to imagine, you simply know.
    Your brother was right, grief comes in waves.<
    There has been the  odd occasion when I’ve thought,  ‘I must tell D about that,’ then realised that I can’t.
    Thank y…[Read more]

  • janetteB replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    Hi all.

    Have been in and out over the past few weeks, busy  as always, though the lockdown has at least meant no meetings. It has almost felt like a holiday but have been trying to catch up on other work which I had been neglecting.

    Good to hear all are well and keeping safe. Right now I am very glad to be living where I do. Despite our idiot…[Read more]

  • nerys replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    Hello @thane16 and all! I realized it was time to check in and see how everyone is doing. My husband and I are plugging along, both of us still working. They just reopened the beaches (with physical distancing rules in place, of course), so that’s a huge relief. Walks on the beach are one of my favourite stress-relievers. I’m looking forward to…[Read more]

  • Jabru replied to the topic General Music thread 4

    @whisht thanks, glad you like it!

  • syzygy replied to the topic General Music thread 4

    Ya’ll know I pump out some Bowie, from time to time, But I thought I’d post this which I saw on telly yonks ago.

    There was a big argument on telly last night as to how influential Lil Richard was…did he start rock ‘n’ roll? Probably not, exactly, but boy did he influence Lennon, Jagger, McCartney’s solo career, Elton, The Cure, The Clash. The…[Read more]

  • syzygy replied to the topic General Music thread 4

    @whisht. Man, I knew this was coming!

    I had that feeling. 🙁

    Tutti-Frutti was something I danced to with my mum when I was younger. Everyone loved it.


  • syzygy replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @miapatrick oh jeepers, I shouldn’t laugh about The Brain and Me! You should must write a novel! You put up with a hellava lot & still make jokes? Amazing. I hope you chase up those darn urologists. Widening the plumbing….sounds somewhat painful 🙁

    @whisht Ah, the boy will survive. Thane The Boy Who Lives (a bit much?).

    Denmark? DENMARK??…[Read more]

  • Craig replied to the topic General Music thread 4

    @winston @whisht

    Unfortunately it was the virus that got him – which is especially sad as there was probably no long-term build up and maybe very little family allowed to visit him.

    However, it was lovely to see “Dave Greenfield” and “Golden Brown” trending number 1 and 2 on Twitter in the UK last night.

  • @missrori,

    This might sound corny, but you have got us.

    One of the great things about this site is that it is populated by people who are attracted to a show where the central tenant is “to be kind”.

    Some of us, like the Old Syzygy, are coping with stuff I cannot possibly imagine, yet she can share an incredible knowledge and love of music;…[Read more]

  • syzygy replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @missrori  @whisht

    Absolutely great advice from Whisht & others. it’s true: life aint fair. I’m real lucky that due to Crohns I have “self isolation down pat” -as my niece said when COVID blew in.

    That was just after devastating fires where thousands of people & animals were displaced. Entire towns with huge histories gone overnight even though…[Read more]

  • @whisht Like you I have never really warmed to Star Trek but loved Picard. We discussed the first episode (here) in a podcast. A couple of members of the group are fans of Star Trek which made for a lively discussion. We also reviewed an episode of Next Gen’ and have just done an episode of Babylon Five which is not yet posted. (I should be…[Read more]

  • Picard. I figure anough time has passed since the final episode to be able to talk about it spoiler free (I am talking especially to @whisht and @nerys).

    Well, I thought this was one of the finest recent tv shows I have seen. For me, it is up there with the first series of Sherlock, and the first Moffat series of Who. No…it is better than…[Read more]

  • Craig replied to the topic General Music thread 4

    @whisht And here it is.


  • Craig replied to the topic General Music thread 4

    @whisht Many thanks. Yep, you’ve got a pretty good understanding of where I’m coming from – what Scottish boy of a certain age didn’t love Claire Grogan?

    Also, what a great version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. You are correct – it was number one in the UK the day I was born.

    For my 40th birthday my friends managed to get an original 7 inch…[Read more]

  • Have now seen the final episode of Picard and I loved it! Will not say much in the way of detail, as many, like @whisht and @nerys are still catching up on episodes. So, no spoilers. But the episode, like the entire 10 episode story, was great; simultaneously capturing the spirit of NG while updating it to the darker mood of the present.

    p.s. @whi…[Read more]

  • syzygy replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator


    You must always gird your loins when speaking with lions. I recall an exam question in the defunct Naplan Testing  asking for definitions/explanations of girding one’s loins. Some answers included: lock the zoo permanently; keep the lions in a separate cage; always wear Y-fronts; consider the holy, naked body as a temple &, ironically,…[Read more]

  • Peace Frog replied to the topic General Music thread 4

    They are rationing bread and milk here now. Crazy just gets crazier.


    On the plus side, I get to share these songs! 😀

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