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    Thank you SO much for your gardening assistance. Mayall* I call you Yoda? Or Goda? For God of Gardening -except the ‘d’ isn’t right for ‘garden’ but Goga doesn’t scan well.

    I have a question: How do the worms arrive by themselves? I am, as you see, neither Goda, nor Goga but possibly Daga (Dumb at Gardening).  Also, Daga sounds like a…[Read more]

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    True. It’s “nowish.”

    Also, I sounded daft: “changeable except Brexit, etc & woman doctor.”  When I meant (& those who know me would’ve gotten it), I like a Woman Doctor Who. Just sayin’ in case it became “whaa?”

    Thank you! You’re right it stands as an awesome solo.

    I have to admit I didn’t even know Ginger’d died & I was listening to…[Read more]

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    @janetteb @nerys @whisht Funny story about the councillor, janetteb. I don’t understand the need for the terms “miss”, “mrs” or “ms”. I’ve been called all these things along with “sir”, “mr” and once “master. (I wear clothes designed for both genders. As long as it’s pratical I’ll wear it. People also call me by nicknames that sound like male…[Read more]

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    @whisht Love that idea: the “Fog Bank.”  Not to harm anyone’s choice of song or one’s own.


    “I hereby decide that I myself will not be offended by the juvenile stupidity of this song.
    Instead, I decide that I will continue to enjoy the stupidity of this song until I realise that I shouldn’t.”


    Youtubers th…[Read more]

  • @whisht

    It was the voice. And it was what she could do with other people’s songs. It was a combination of the electrifying power of her voice and a sort of ethereal, poetic take on what she sang that captured a moment (in this case, the early to mid seventies in Sydney, undergraduate days, living in share houses, going to performances like hers,…[Read more]

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    Brilliant Mr P. I thought his reaction was split second. No way I could drop that fast & keep a hair do.  😉


    I think the problem on the web -site were people asking for some happy time? Sometimes removal men who want to take all the furniture. I do not mind it myself. I think furniture is over-rated unless it is my bed.…[Read more]

  • @whisht, @thane16

    come to think of it, there’s this as well. You can’t believe how important this..and the music–and performances of–Jeannie Lewis…was to me at a certain moment in my past.


  • @whisht, @thane16

    this one’s for whisht and syggers…maybe because it represents a moment in my youth, or…just because…




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    @blenkinsopthebrave the ladeez in stocking??  Didn’t do it for you?

    @whisht OH YEZ!  Just to be lecture-y we’d use terms like “locked” for what we’d call “the modern music” 🙂

    The Sinatra is flippin’ LOCKED! And LOADED! Seriously though, that’s one clever as shit producer. Could’ve been a really unrighteous bass sloppy and loud with the horns s…[Read more]

  • @whisht

    I confess to being of the generation that responded to the Nancy Sinatra song (although I am not sure your clip did the song justice). But, to respond to the clip, with another clip from a different decade, that (in common with your clip) was ludicrously…well ludicrous.


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    @whisht thar therrre  isz brillyarnt!

    “anything your heart can stand, it all depends on you…..I’ll turn your world upside down, I’ll blow your mind to pieces….”

    It’s been a huuuuge while since I did the ‘soul’ walking and exaggerated nodding ‘move,’ at that tempo, to such an “ohh, yeaaah, baby,” golden- syrupy- warm -and- steamy choon like…[Read more]

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    @whisht  @thane16   Awesome Woodstock content! And the B52’s. I have weirdly fond memories of dancing to Rock Lobster in high school. For some reason, we all had to fall to the floor at one point, and then bounce back up again. I lived in Calgary, Alberta, for my last two years of high school and Calgary was pretty much a disco, rock-n-roll, or n…[Read more]

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    @pedant  hehe. Ma-mah  yelled up at me to answer this. So, I have the computer (the only thing in the house that’s not my phone I can get internet on as the school computer locks you off the internet on certain hours of the weekend. We’re permanently locked out of youtube which is damn annoying as there are 1st class lectures on philosophy and n…[Read more]

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    you. Never. Miss. Anything.  (YNMA). That’s your name now, sorry, but it is. You asked for it 🙂

    I love Wah-wah. Possibly boring anecdote: I had this playing really loud to a group of very sick gentlemen in the States (fiddling around with music therapy) as well as the Beatles and Merseyside groups.

    The patients were blue collar…[Read more]

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    When I said I would like to see more special effects I didn’t necessarily mean CGI only; I believe spectacular stunts are considered special effects to the story line as well.  However, what I’m getting to is something to move along the story a little faster so it at least feels like we’re getting somewhere.  Special effects have a way o…[Read more]

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    @pedant @whisht

    For a child so busy with assignments, he sure has a lot to say, does Syzygy. Mind you, I agree: lots of music his friends listen to is similar with pulsating back beats, over- bass 16 tracks & is wholly digital with almost nothing that I would say gives the impression of natural. Certainly if the Beatles, Bowie, ELP could do…[Read more]

  • @thane16 @whisht

    Can’t have the B52s without Roam. Not only a bangin’ choon, but quite sensationally smutty:

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    that was me Syzygy the younger one. And I liked your music in post # 67985 @whisht.

    That’s something we hear a lot. And I respect and support all that you said.

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    @whisht you’ve been playing a lot of great stuff. I don’t think I knew about the B52s til a few years ago. On at a party and I was surprised. It was 16 year old’s party and the music was 70s and 80s. I figured I’d go back to another one of those. Really awesome funky dancing.  So.….

    “We’d like to play a song which kinda is our..we knew we were go…[Read more]

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    you have been working hard! I have the embarrassing tale of not knowing very much about the B52s until Love-Shack which I thought energetic -more so than Lobster, actually, which McCartney didn’t like and Lennon (well, OK, Ono did). I’ve never head Planet Claire before! Ooh. Good!

    Brilliant choices!   “Tighter than a Gnat’s Chuff.”  T…[Read more]

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