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    @whisht Thank you for the link. I have started listening and thoroughly enjoying it however my laptop did an overnight update and now i have to restart.. Hopefully will get time to listen to the rest over the weekend.



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    Yes, I think the Doctor has a few mirrors. But she sees herself in them, very much a ‘learning’ Doctor. I wonder if that’s because she has to learn how to be a woman? So that this regeneration is more […]

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    I tried to find the lyrics and discovered that the lyricist went through their own conversion – quite a story.

    Written in Olney, and one of the Olney Hymns.

    And with that in mind, gratuitous excuse to show photos from this year’s Olney Pancake Race (annual since 1445).Click pic for m…[Read more]

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    @Winston @pedant and @whisht

    Yes, that’s the one, isn’t it? The song people say “hang on, THAT’s Chicago??” Great stories about who wrote it, why they were struggling to complete the album & the name of the song as well.

    You can see Cetera still performing today but in a suit & tie 🙂

    But Kath was the prima donna guitarist with RSMag commenting…[Read more]

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    @thane16   @pedant and @whisht   I heard about Peter Tork earlier and although I am very sad at his leaving I also remembered all the fun he brought me as a young girl watching the show ,singing the songs and trying to decide who was the cutest. .As a much older person I have learned to appreciate their music and even took a Monkees CD  on our…[Read more]

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    @pedant  @whisht

    Oh I know. His death popped up on my feed.  Such lovely memories of the whole band. Even dad liked them which says something (maybe)

    Thank you for the Jeremy Hardy. And Rebecca Front! And bees….And buttons.

    Phobias. That was actually very interesting.



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    @thane16 @geoffers @whisht Just been enjoying some Snarky Puppy on BBC Radio 3’s Saturday jazz prog, J to Z, which we listen to religiously.  I was thinking, now where have I heard that name before, and suddenly realised it was in this lovely place!

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    @whisht  For me the new series started out quite strong and had a couple of brilliant moments, but nowhere near enough. By the end, there was a general feeling of ‘meh’ for me. It’s strange that they’ve cut beck on how much they are making to keep the quality up but it felt kind of rushed. Not changing the companions clothing for different eras…[Read more]

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    I see what you mean about his writing and the prose.

    @blenkinsopthebrave it’s worse than a farce, isn’t it, this ‘administration’? Maybe one day we’ll  wake up and realise it was all a dream 🙁


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    Very good – A Bit of Fry and Laurie varied from outstanding to a a bit try-hard, but a scary number of their skits have all aged too well.

    OK, time to go all in with the 80s politics. Spitting Image.

    It is crucial to grasp, for this, that a) the thug PW Botha was still very much in charge and the idea of Nelson Mandela being…[Read more]

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    @whisht  @pedant

    It’s funny that real people in the ACTUAL UK watched Mind Your Language or Are you being Served?  🙂

    My dear Mum loved those shows. Gawd.

    I was waiting till she mentioned this adoration to my year 5 teacher who was born in London and arrived in her mid-30s, husband and two children in tow. Boy, on PT evening Mrs Boski give me a…[Read more]

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    *cough* Tom Robinson *cough*

    Not really hi. At that time – 77-78 – all sorts of things had been unleashed by punk/ new wave, but very few of us completely abandoned the music that had shaped us before. Also my cohort was also quite politicised (especially by today’s standards).

    So nobody has bitten on Plaistow Patricia, then?

    @thane16[Read more]

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    That’s very interesting! It has a punk feel but it’s the chord structure & refrain which is REALLY interesting. That ‘twiney’ steel sound, lots of heavy bass, a deep voice, niiice chord changes which go somewhere different than you think.  @pedant @geoffers

    I have another ear worm -more so a need to resolve what it is that makes 80s and…[Read more]

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    @JanetteB that is bloody awful! “Bloody” tends to be quite an Aussie thing, says Thane. I remember various people shouting “bloddy hill.” 🙂

    45 degrees is no joke. It’s not easy to stay cool, here, but you’re far worse off.

    I know Thane purchased a $2 pkt of ice and tipped it the bath to have an ice bath. Yeah, right. The so-called cold tap…[Read more]

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    That apparently random text is to try to evade spam filters. You see that sort of thing in spam email quite often (although less than you used to).

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    @cathannabel @miapatrick @whisht

    Many thanks – have marked them both as spammers. It does seem to be the case that, because there is “Doctor” in the site name they think we might be interested in their dodgy medication. They take the time to sign up, and add a profile pic. But they don’t take the time to work out what the site is about!

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    @whisht frustratingly, the other post leaves us hanging over what the most spontaneous effect of Kamagra is…

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    I didn’t mind The Veronicas. Also Katie Noonan. Not a band -front singer from jazz to what people round about call ‘Indie’ moosic.

    Just googling there is a terrific name of a Bris/Logan band: Fat Mans Cleavage  😀  Lovely!


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    Ah, TRB, Tran Stacey. Niiice. I mean, Stan Tracey -links with Ambler etc. Very talented pianists. Parents were considered pretty far right conservative in the late ’80s and Ambler  against advice, played for the TRB for a few gigs “just temp, mind, lads, OK?” and ended up staying for awhile

    @whisht That’s a terrific story!  The da-da duh in p…[Read more]

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    @whisht – i’m glad you enjoyed the caravan palace! they have new music coming sometime this year, and i’ll be making whatever effort is needed to see them in concert, if they tour the states, again. from what i’ve seen on youchube, they put on quite an energetic show… hopefully i can keep up!

    as for zappa, i bought ‘jazz from hell’ on cassette…[Read more]

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