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    Re Brexit.  I hesitate to chip in, not because I don’t have strong views about it, but because the very word fills me with such weariness and foreboding.  There are two parts to this – the first is obviously the simple binary vote (in or out) that took place over two years ago, and which went (fairly narrowly) against what I believe is in the i…[Read more]

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    @juniperfish I’m almost sure the t-shirt started off blue, was red for a bit, then back to blue.  Would have to rewatch to be sure…

    Plot-wise I felt it left a bit too much dangling, as it were.  The mummy spider was dead, and the other hotel spiders were in Not Donald Trump’s panic room, but what about all the others?  There was the one that ki…[Read more]

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    @anduril – so possibly just a bit of a laundry mishap??  I rather like the idea that the Tardis might malfunction in those very prosaic ways as well as in its more cosmic functions!

    I joined in part-way through the Great Bow-Tie Adventures and am not sure I ever entirely grasped their complexity but it was fun, and a fab introduction to this lovely place.

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    @whisht Yay, Steel Pulse!  Loved their Handsworth Revolution album.  Loads of passionate political pop around at that era, good times.  I’d say we need a resurgence of that kind of movement, but the singles charts don’t have the power they had back in the days when a song such as Ghost Town would be in the charts and everyone would know it and ha…[Read more]

  • @msrbahar  I am genuinely, very sorry for your loss.  And that’s a damn good excuse for grumpiness.  Nonetheless, I still cannot read your statement about Segun Akinola’s selection being anything to do with his race as anything other than racist.  You didn’t care for his score, fine.  But to jump from that to the assumption that he’s been give…[Read more]

  • @msrbahar What you call your ‘humble’ opinion is actually staggeringly arrogant.  And obviously racist.  So I don’t think I’m alone in saying I’d rather you took your opinions elsewhere.

  • Just re-watched The Sound of Drums and noted the similarities between the scene where TennDoc, Martha & Cap’n Jack in a random warehouse cannibalise bits of kit to make the perception filters, and the scene here where WhitDoc & her pals in a random warehouse cannibalise bits of kit to make the Sheffield Sonic (as it will hereinafter be known). …[Read more]

  • @thane16 Puro – lecture away!  I love reading your insights into the music – really revelatory.

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    @anduril Yes, I noticed that  – maybe the Tardis can replicate her charity shop outfit in different shades?  If so I want one, never mind the time travel, just the convenience of clothing cloning.  Will have to watch out for any further developments on that front.  As for significance – some of the longer-serving members of this Forum will rec…[Read more]

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    @swordwhale The reference to the green police box was to a very specific green police box which, as Yaz says, is situated by Sheffield Town Hall.  Here you go…



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    Oh dear God, @texasferrets, where does one even start?  And does one even bother?  Any young black man in the UK today will have been pulled over by the police far more often than his white counterparts. Of course it doesn’t compare to the ongoing risk of being lynched if you looked at a white woman, but no one pretended an equivalence – merely t…[Read more]

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    The villain here was perhaps one-dimensional, but as @bluesqueakpip says, that’s because he revealed so little of his motivation, apart from that one remark directed at Ryan about his reasons for selecting this point in history.  I strongly suspect he will reappear at some point and we’ll find out more about whether he’s a ‘lone wolf’ or part of…[Read more]

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    From my Twitter feed.  ‘Difficult parent/child conversations’?  No, just the kind of conversations that parents and children should be having, and brilliant when they’re inspired by great drama on t’telly.

    I can’t stop thinking about <span class=”twitter-hashflag-container”><s>#</s><b>DoctorWho</b></span>. My sons (7 & 10) and I talked about it…

    [Read more]

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    @misterf55 Well, scifi and fantasy have always dealt with reality, obliquely and through analogy.  That’s kind of what they’re for, at least the more intelligent and thoughtful examples of the genres.   And as numerous contributors have pointed out, Who has always found ways of talking about reality, including racism, sexism, etc etc, throughout i…[Read more]

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    I thnk I’d been preconditioned to expect teachy/preachy from one or two comments in the press, and yes, there was an element of both, but in fact, on reflection and as I allowed myself to respond to the drama as it unfolded, it was splendidly done, and very moving.  Given its intended audience and time of broadcast, it could not ‘show’ the…[Read more]

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    @pedant @juniperfish @miapatrick and others commenting on naming.  I’m sure I’ve done the Jodie thing but it does jar for me, in conjunction with other Doctors, because I never naturally say Matt/David/Christopher/Peter.  I’m trying to either use the numbers (not in itself free of contention but still most of us get who we mean by Nine, Ten etc) o…[Read more]

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    Oh, like @kharis, I do like @bluesqueakpip‘s theories here.  I’d be surprised and disappointed if Ryan’s dad was that tired old stereotype of the Afro-Caribbean dead-beat absent father, so this opens up some much more interesting possibilities.  Ryan may well think that’s what his dad is but it would be great to have him proved wrong.

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    @pedant re the green police box – sorry, yes, I think all of us Sheffield/South Yorkshire Whovians are a bit over-excited at the moment about the local references and prone to miss the joke or the subtext!  We’ll settle down in a bit, honest.

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    @pedant  The one in town IS green!


    @geoffers Re the sunglasses, those definitely weren’t 12’s shades (sonic or otherwise), were they…  Judging by the style Audrey Hepburn was a more plausible previous owner – but how did t…[Read more]

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    @pedant Commiserations on your diagnosis.  My other half was diagnosed with Type 2 about 9 years ago and has been stable on Metformin and statins ever since.  We made various dietary changes, reducing fat and salt as much as sugar, given that he wasn’t actually overweight (funnily enough he was sent on a Diabetes day course to find out all about d…[Read more]

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