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    Thanks for that. *thumbs up*


    Thanks to you too.


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    @mudlark  perhaps my ageing brain has a problem processing  words delivered at machine-gun velocity.

    For me, it’s that plus the swallowed consonants — but I had trouble with “Deep Throat” for the same reason, and I’ve been watching with subtitles on ever since.  It helps a lot!

    the redesign of the Tardis interior; at first glance it seems vi…[Read more]

  • @craig  @nearlysane  @pedant  Something I came across in the NYT Magazine section a couple of weeks ago about “The Good Place”:


    My name is Ichabod, and I am addicted.  People lov…[Read more]

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    Or the guns are self-aiming. And the sniper robots were designed to be an obstacle to the race, rather than slaughtering all the remaining contestants.

    Because they definitely had attended the Stormtrooper School of Sniper Training, and their weapons were rather low powered. 🙂

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    @nearlysane I must admit at one point I was watching them run and thought ‘now Ryan falls over’ and topple he did. Only because I’m dyspraxic. I’m hoping they go a little further than the coordination issues though.

  • @craig @nearlysane

    Apparently have have a 7 season arc planned.

  • @nearlysane I loved the second series – they start taking it in a whole new direction, and the final episode was actually quite touching.

    But I do struggle to see how they can take it beyond three series – but they might surprise me – so far the third series has been great as well.

  • @craig

    Have binged it about 4 times now. It is simply outstanding, really rewards repeat viewing and the short-season format serves it well. Not a single filler.

    Maximum Derek.


    Inside No 9 is great – a sort short form Black Mirror.

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    I must be the oldest here.

    My first memory of Doctor Who, is the night it went to air in 1963 – just before or after, the news came in abut JHFK’s assassination.

    I loved it from the first. I even watched the repeat on the Saturday.


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    Nope, never heard of this. What exactly does it involve – or should I say they involve?


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    I don’t know what TGTFTE is? Sorry, never very good at just initials.

    Rose is my favourite companion, followed closely by Bill and Donna. I do agree about Mickey though, but he wasn’t that bad. Strangely, he did have a plastic look about him. *grins*


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    Blimey, I sent this once but got kicked off! Welcome. Love the name.


    Good for you. Unfortunately I haven’t got a pic of the Tardis, and couldn’t upload if I had. Really dense when it comes to technology. Love coffee, but tea is my drink. Enjoy your stay here.


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    @nearlysane Welcome. And thank you. It took a good while, and a lot of troll hunting, to set the tone of this site but I think we got there.

    It’s only a small community but we kinda all know each other now. Look forward to your contributions – or just your continued reading.

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    Great handle!

    Yes indeed this is a sane site as @JanetteB indicates. The only twerp, last year, who became erm, difficult was actually me (but I totally put that down to medication & general insanity   😉

    Agreed. I imagine the flame wars and unhilarity -hilarity would be most unbecoming for a civilised person. I assumed (foolishly)…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave Sorry to hear about your “Who” related problems.The lunacy our our current government only gets more and more extreme. One would laugh if the outcomes were not so destructive, for the population and for the environment. I don’t know what upsets me more the government or the fools who keep voting them in. At least here in SA we…[Read more]

  • @NearlySane Welcome (twice!) I am a fan of dopplegangers.

    @ Everyone  – Sorry, I feel the need to lower the tone somewhat, by pointing out that Chibnall does a rather amusing turn for adult viewers with the sonic.

    As we know, the sonic has, on occasion, been something of a penis metaphor under Moffat (who can forget Tennant and Smith comparing…[Read more]