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    @kraeusen Please tell me you didn’t blink…


    @cadbob Are we allowed to submit Multi-Doctor stories?


    Really strong episode of Batwoman on E4 tonight. The Detonator isn’t a Batman villain I’d heard of before, but he’s a pretty great one in my view.


    @crazydoctorwhofan My favourite Doctor is and always has been David Tennant, because he’s the one who most captured who the Doctor should be for me.  I doubt there will ever be a Doctor who will top him, although for me Jodie Whittaker comes close.


    Blimey. There was a researcher from the Late Late Show on this forum?!?

    This is bizarre!

    I watched the resulting clip on YouTube today, by the way, @kirbysocker. So funny and very well done. As somebody who studied film and television at university, I find it fascinating how TV Shows such as the one you work on have been able to adapt to the limitations of the pandemic.


    @fearsomedalek Maybe in-universe the TARDIS is just toying with the Doctor? I think it’s such a small issue that it can be waved away easily enough.


    One thing to note is that Revolution of the Daleks is going to feel really odd when it airs. They couldn’t have predicted the pandemic, so as it currently stands what has been shot won’t have any references to COVID-19 or the pandemic. And if social distancing is still happening in December/January time, it’s going to look strange that the characters aren’t observing the two metre rule.

    ADR can solve the former – but there’s no way they can get around the latter. I think the BBC are going to have to put some sort of message before the episode airs stating it was filmed before the pandemic.


    Curiously interested to check out Artemis Fowl on Sunday, just to see how bad it is. It sounds like the biggest unintentional comedy of the year.


    @missy I’ve just seen this, sorry to hear about your loss. It’s a truly awful thing when you lose someone, but the important thing to remember is that the memories and the good times will always be there.

    I’ll never forget the first time I lost someone I was very close to – my Granddad in 2007. He shared a lot of the same interests as me, and I have so many fond memories of him ringing me up after an episode of Doctor Who to get me to explain what on Gallifrey was going on. That’s what I always try to hang onto. Because our loved ones never truly go away. They are always there, in our minds and our memories; they live on in us all.


    Anyone else been watching Alex Rider on Amazon Prime? If not, I highly recommend it. Fantastic series. So well written and directed!


    @shepherd I really don’t think a Doctor a week would work. You’d barely get to know the Doctor before that Doctor is regenerating again.


    @janetteb I think the Sarah Jane Adventures minisode is my favourite of the lockdown content. It really made me want some Sarah Jane Adventures Big Finish audios!




    Murray Gold, what can one say? Such a loss to the series.

    Certainly was. Seguna Akinola is great, but he’s no Murray Gold.


    Hello all, long time no see. Sorry, I’ve been busy with my Doctor Who With The Dogs YouTube series.

    Latest Britain’s Got Talent was brilliant. So much talent in one episode. Loved Dev the singing Devil, and the Attraction-style aquatic animals performance troupe was so impressive! Going to be hard to call who wins when they can eventually do the live shows.


    Next Doctor Craig Charles or Emma Watson. Should have been the Doctor John Cleese. First female Doctor should have been Judi Dench.

    I like Craig Charles but not convinced he’s Doctor material. I see him as playing more of an everyman like Craig Owens. Emma Watson seems more like companion material; great actor but sadly too famous for the BBC to afford. Judi Dench thirty years ago could have worked, but now I think she’d be a little too old to do anything physically demanding.


    @nerys I think part of the problem is that some people think ‘It will never happen to me’. They act as though they are special, and as they are special they are immune in some way, when the sad reality is that nobody is immune from this thing.

    Where I am in Scarborough, people seem to have been sensible. My Mum said she saw some suspiciously large groups the other day, but most were only in groups of two or three, and keeping two metres apart. I have seen videos of London that look quite bad however, so it’s clear that some in the country aren’t taking things seriously.




    An aside, one of the costumes worn by Madame Pompadour was made for the Fifth Doctor story, Black Orchid.


    I didn’t know that. That’s an interesting little fact.


    What a great idea for a place to talk about Paul McGann’s audio outings. Can we have a thread like this where we can discuss the Tenth Doctor Adventures please?




    Stay safe and sane everyone!


    Ah. Now that’s the hard part!


    Did some Voice/Over work for my Doctor Who With The Dogs YouTube series today. God, it feels so weird using a conservatory as a make-shift ADR suite with your phone substituting as a microphone. I feel like I’m talking to myself, and it also gets me anxious that I sound nervous (but then when I listen back I don’t sound nervous, so how come I feel it when I record it?).



    So…new companion for Series 13 or just 13 and Yaz?


    So many faces of the Doctor now after the Timeless Child it’s hard to count!


    Britain’s Got Talent was much better on Saturday. Loved the old lady on the drums!


    @nerys That must be nice. Scarborough is the complete opposite during holiday times. We get a lot of tourists usually, so if we didn’t tell people not to come it would be hard to socially distance on the beach.


    Ay up, I’m the Yorkshire Time Lord. And this is Doctor Who With The Dogs: The Catkind:


    https:// youtu .be /7Lwov6Td-uk



    They just reopened the beaches (with physical distancing rules in place, of course)

    What? Really? That seems a bit risky. In Scarborough we’re telling all tourists to stay away from our beach. In fact, we’re telling them to stay away full-stop! As are Bridlington and Whitby.


    @davros I had a similar problem with links. This forum seems very buggy at the moment.


    @davros One of my favourites is when Mickey calls Jack ‘Captain Cheesecake’, and Jack retorts with ‘Mickey Mouse!’ That one made me laugh.



    I meant to add, that the scene where the Doctor say, “Time never forgets” then notices the board on the wall with Oswald C – was a Steven Moffat moment.

    Yeah, that was a great moment. Still think they should have made it a Clara Oswald spin-off though, set during Series 8 and with Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink as the co-lead.



    It’s been pointed out to me that was Rose says is “And Captain Jack Harkness has transported to the Sontaran home world”, meaning that perhaps he went willingly, perhaps as part of a mission.

    Possibly. I’m picturing it as a Jack/Strax team-up.


    Shame there isn’t this much interest in the TV Show thread. Music is great and all, but look how much great TV there is at the moment!



    I wonder if the modern show would be allowed such a departure from the usual tropes of the show?


    Well the Torchwood episode Countrycide famously didn’t have an alien or non-human villain, so I’d say it is possible for Doctor Who post-2005 to do the same.



    It’s 2018 and Jamie and Victoria are told, if they escape, to find a phone box.

    Not the 2018 I remember!


    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has been fantastic this series so far. So many big wins (and a few rubbish ones). I really hope somebody wins the million at some point during Clarkson’s run, because after the calibre of some of the recent contestants that seems more likely than ever now.


    I really don’t know what to do any more. I want to see Black Widow when it comes out in October/November, but my parents (who I live with, alongside my brother) said they don’t want me going then if the virus is still around. The problem is that I feel like if I don’t see that film at the cinema, it will have a negative impact on my mental well-being.

    It’s going to be really detrimental to my mental health if I don’t see it on the big screen; I’ve bigged up the idea of Black Widow at the cinema in my head, and been waiting a decade for her to get a solo movie. To not see it now with the full cinema experience after all that waiting could destroy me.



    @davros Captain Jack on Sontar is a fun thing to imagine. We need that as a Big Finish audio!


    @miapatrick I’m more of a Rice Krispies person myself.


    @winston Yeah, you can’t beat a good pizza. Especially the ones they do in Italy. Those ones are delicious!


    @miapatrick I never really tend to go out that late. When I’m on holiday, I have been out as late as midnight sometimes, if I’ve gone to a show or at a theme park such as Disneyland Paris, but I’m way more conservative than most people. Others go out to all hours and get wasted, whereas I’m like ‘I want to stay in and watch Ant and Dec on the telly!’.

    IMO the best snack to get when out for the night is a McDonald’s,  because it’s quite light but just enough to put you on until breakfast the next day.



    I’m going to slap a fiver on the table and say that that scene will be viewed again, from  a slightly different angle, on Saturday.


    Whoops, that was a fiver down the drain!


    Easily the greatest docudrama I have ever seen. I got quite emotional when David Bradley as William Hartnell said ‘I don’t want to go!’.


    One question: what if you don’t like kebabs? I’m more of a traditional chippy person myself…


    This site won’t let me post links for some reason, but if you go on Maze Theory’s site they confirmed their news. They’re releasing two new Doctor Who games, one for PS4, Xbox and Switch and the other for mobile devices!

    So exciting. Can’t wait to play the Switch one!


    @davros Great review! As a kid in 2008, Silence In The Library/Forest of the Dead absolutely terrified me. I couldn’t step in shadows for weeks; I had to jump over them.


    @sokurah You’re welcome. I’ll leave the game creation to the experts. Prose and screenwriting is more my thing!


    @sokurah Nice one with the game! I wouldn’t know where to start with that.



    Maze Theory are announcing a new Doctor Who project tomorrow afternoon. It’s on their Twitter. The site won’t let me post the link for some reason.

    So hope this is a standard videogame and not a VR one.


    Is there a bug with this site? Because my comments are not always posting for some reason.

    EDIT: So I removed a link from something I was trying to post, and now it has let me do it. It seems to be hyperlinks it doesn’t like for me.


    Anyone been watching the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent?

    I think it’s quite a strong year personally, although last night’s was pretty weak. I wouldn’t begrudge the majority who have gone through so far winning.




    The Doctor’s Daughter episode reminds me a little of the BG , Tom Baker story, The Face of Evil.


    The Doctor’s Daughter is so underrated. I really like that one, and how Jenny’s soldier attributes challenge the Doctor’s moral beliefs.




    Those are some really vicious-looking scissors; I’m not surprised they later agreed the scenes where Susan threatens Ian and Barbara with them went a bit too far.

    It’s to hope nobody is doing that when they get fed up of each other in lockdown…

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