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    Anyway, is there something wrong with my computer? Where are all the posts from new members who signed up to complain about diverse casting?

    I think they just sent a representative.

    SJW whinge: check

    Cuck: Check

    Erratic punctuation: Check

    Poor anger management: check

    Inability to get laid: implicit.

    @miapatrick @cathannabel


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    @pedant @whisht  @arbutus

    Hey YOU! You’ve been gone a very. Long. Time 🙁

    I hope all is well in the Arbutus manor?

    And that reminds me of another manor!  The @idiotsavon castle!

    I spent, ooh, about 3 hours last night watching Listen & reading all the comments. I’m a-watching all of the Peter Capaldi years again. How beautiful. I was reading a…[Read more]

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    Is Oliver Letwin the hero we were hankering after?

    Hmmm. In a situation so desperate that a murmured, ‘Don’t you think she looks tired’? in an influential ear isn’t going to have the slightest effect, I suppose that even the dimmest spark can look like the light at the end of the tunnel. And when I find myself agreeing with Michael…[Read more]

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    Hi @idiotsavon – good lord, if Oliver Letwin is the answer, then we’ve been asking the wrong question.

    do we need Deep Thought

    Is it time to panic yet..?

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    @idiotsavon Enjoy your “threenger” and trust me, you can never take too many photos/video. It is a lovely age and there will be days in the future when you will wish you could turn the clock back or borrow a TARDIS and revisit, even just for a few hours. Our youngest turns eighteen in two weeks time and we are still in frequent and fraught…[Read more]

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    that’s @idiotsavon above.

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    Democracy was in tatters before the votes were even counted.

    Quite so; and when May asserts that public faith in democracy would be destroyed if the results of the 2016 referendum were not treated as an irrevocable mandate I am torn between the impulse to laugh hysterically and the desire to scream loudly in frustration. And yes, the…[Read more]

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    @Bluesqueakpip  @idiotsavon

    That’s if May goes of course. I wouldn’t put it past her to cling on

    Given her record of bloody minded obduracy May will have to be dragged out and will cling to the curtains and brace herself in the door frame on the way rather than go willingly.  With her it’s all ‘my way or the highway’, and her typical negot…[Read more]

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    @Thane16 – Happy to offer any cooking tips I can, Puro and Thane, tho it may not go further than – make sure you take the giblets out! As @idiotsavon (hi back) says – melted plastic is not a recommended seasoning! (Been there, done that too, I try to stick to garlic now 😉 )

    @JanetteB Sorry about the cinema disaster, but sounds like you made the…[Read more]

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    @pedant  I used your Mothers answer today when Mr Winston asked me how long his chicken should roast for… “until its done” I answered and got a nasty grin in return.

    @thane16  @idiotsavon and @mudlark  Quite a few years back my oven quit on Christmas Eve ( as they do) and I had  about 20 family members coming for dinner so there was much fra…[Read more]

  • @thane16 @idiotsavon @mudlark

    There’s a reason my brother always does goose…

    BTW – I should be clear that mum’s comment was generally followed by excellent advice, but still…

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    why are giblets bad?

    There is nothing bad about them if they are used as intended and boiled up to make a flavourful stock to use in making gravy or, combined with the remnants of the carcase, to make soup.

    They are not so good if the butcher has tucked them inside the cavity, possibly in a little plastic bag, and like @idiotsavon you…[Read more]

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    @ragnarok I mean @idiotsavon of Savon Manor AND  @ScaryB  😀

    Happy new year’s to you both.  x0 x

    I remember, yonks, or timey-whimeys agos, we had a Ragnarok theme during the end of the Smith era?

    I’ve not watched the new ep yet. In fact, I haven’t hooked into the ABC much at all except for the occasional special from The Midwives or Foyles Wa…[Read more]

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    Aw shucks! I’ve been bloomin’ difficult! I have to thank everyone telling me, ooh,  5 times “no DON’T feed them” and I used to know what a troll was ! Or so I thought….

    I have a clue what a sock-puppet is now –I thought it could be a good-person (I know, right?) like Cumquat who shows up once or twice and vanishes. Also @bluesqueakpip[Read more]

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    @Bluesqueakpip @idiotsavon @craig @jimthefish

    Right. I’m a taaad slow. I wasn’t aware that that person had actually been on other threads -most of my thread boxes aren’t ticked. And I get it: if we respond that’s their win, not ours.

    I always thought talking, nicely, would help. Would change …..something. Thing is, a troll’s a troll. L…[Read more]

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    I think @margaret-blaine above had some excellent points.

    One of the things I found useful when joining was reading as many posts as possible -to get a sense of the site, its posters, academic or not, those who are published writers or not, involved with music as a career, or with experience in acting and script-writing.  Over…[Read more]

  • @thane16 @idiotsavon @mudlark @ichabod

    On a slightly more constructive direction that trying to get Twitter to work, this is a very interesting insight from a self-confessed newbie.:

    Five reasons Doctor Who is the most interesting speculative series on television in 2018

  • @idiotsavon

    For two languages to converge in any meaningful sense, surely their syntax and grammar would have to dovetail somehow – which is impossible.

    English has its roots in as High Germanic, but the influence of French on it is such that it is impossible to miss and modern English would not exist as it does without a big ‘ole dash of old F…[Read more]

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    I don’t think the two theories are mutually exclusive – far from it.

    They aren’t, I agree. The evidence suggests that the Europe, Asia and the Americas were originally populated by descendants of very small groups of modern humans who survived a bottleneck in their migration from Africa, and since we can assume these migrants and the…[Read more]

  • @idiotsavon

    I think it’s just linguistic borrowing for the sake of economy,

    Yes, that’s one of the many mechanisms of convergence.

    Put two groups of people together and their languages will converge, either through creolisation or one being dominant but borrowing heavily from the other. It is even true of accents (witness the way native H…[Read more]

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