• We just (re)watched Deep Breath two nights ago. We have been working through all of AG Who, with a few exceptions. I have enjoyed every Doctor and wish they had all done at least one more season but I don’t think any burst onto the screen with quite the same “Doctorishness” that Capaldi does and that is no mean feat. Capaldi “owns” the role from…[Read more]

  • @kharis I’m on the last episode with Romana 2 as a companion and I’m sad to see her leave. After watching Romana’s and Sarah Jane’s time as companions, they have become some of my favorites characters although I can never seem to pick just one favorite companion. Finding Classic Who episodes was really hard for me as well. I recently found them at…[Read more]

  • @kharis Thanks for the kind words. I just finished most of the Sylvester McCoy era and was planning to re-watch Peter’s time as the doctor this week as well. I still miss him but I’m so happy for Jodie’s trailer being release soon. It’s going to be fun to see some of Peter’s greatest moments and some of my favorite episodes.

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    @mirime  This is a good point.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember watching the show in the here and now, but the Doctor and his companions have dealt with tons of traumatic situations and invasions like this in varying points of Earth’s timeline since the early days.  The main difference, I think, is that the aftermath is given a little more th…[Read more]

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    @kharis  The Monks. Excellent suggestions. Even if they don’t work for the Monks, perhaps they’ll work later.  The line in Extremis , as I understand, it is that the Monks are an alien race with, presumably, a Head Monk or Head Monks calling the shots.  The Doctor will likely see them off in short order, and if so, what’s the ‘extremely big thing…[Read more]

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    @morpho: He wasn’t doing any such thing, at least, not to me he wasn’t.
    @geoffers: i also haven’t seen anyone reference this aspect of the episode, but i loved the misdirection in the beginning, where we are led to believe that the doctor is the one who has been sentenced to death (and missy the executioner). the whole time, i was wondering if c…[Read more]

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    How many trial programs do you think the Monks are running?  Could be quite a lot.  This could

    be only  1 simulation among many.  So killing yourself in 1 simulation what does that mean

    in others?  Is it  the same scenario in every trial program.   Are there shadow Doctors in each

    of them ?

    Also. the regeneration we see is only the…[Read more]

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    @kharis and @missrori

    Yes, I think there’s a bit of misdirection going on re. The Vault. I don’t think there’s any doubt that it was Missy that was put into the Vault but I’m not sure it’s Missy that’s going to come out. There always seems to have been this assumption the Doctor and Master’s confrontations happen in the linear order that we’ve…[Read more]

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    @kharis Or was it?  Seriously– Already I’m seeing comments elsewhere theorizing that even after this episode it is NOT Missy in the Vault after all.  Did we see her sealed up?  Did we go inside?  No and no, so the theory goes that she’s elsewhere, but the Doctor can communicate with her from afar.  And in the Vault?  Well, more bonkers theor…[Read more]

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    I love 12 more and more too each week @kharis!

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    @wolfweed — that’s some first-class bonkerising there and I’m with @pedant in that the vault should contain one of the ARSE-laden. Maybe there’s a sheep of the truculent kind in there. Good work with the linkage too. Some interesting stuff there.

    On the politics, I’m utterly bemused when you see on FB, Twitter and the The Graun bitching about…[Read more]

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    @kharis  It can be difficult to fly in the face of popular opinion or just admit to not liking an episode. There should be no shame though. Nor need there be  a reason. There’s often no logic to what we will or won’t forgive what & why…

    The general consensus is that these are the best episodes in a long time, they’re solid, a consistent run. D…[Read more]

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    I’m enjoying the bonkers turn that this thread has taken. @Kharis If I’ve read the thread right, I think you were the catalyst. Nice work! @mersey Big box inside a little box inside a size-yet-to-be-determined box. I like it. (I liked your explanation about the combined genres – comic book and drama – in the last thread too. Ages ago I…[Read more]

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    @kharis  So, enjoy my latest craziest “person in the vault playing Fur Elise” theory and please come up theories even more insane then this one.

    Trying, really trying, but — love it just the way you put it!  Ah, there we are — Alan Moore!

    @arbutus  . . . villains who aren’t really villains. I confess it’s a theme that resonates with me.

    M…[Read more]

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    Also, all this talk about how the Doctor would be mad at Missy, cause he now knows about her involvement in Clara, or any of that kind of theorising about the Doctor remembering things about Clara has a fundamental flaw – before that kind of theorising takes place we would have to establish he consiously remembers her in the first p…

    [Read more]

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    @kharis @thane15

    There was far too much emotional punch invested in Clara’s not-quite-death and the Doctor’s auto-mind-wipe for that to be retconned. Do not believe for a second that Moffat would go there. also, I am pretty sure we would have heard if Maisie Williams was coming back. If she is, and they have kept that secret, I will be…[Read more]

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    There was also some filming reported by @SirClockFace (here, POSSIBLE (BUT MAYBE NOT) SPOILER) that is still to be accounted for.

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    @kharis: Oh lawks, I hope not. It seems, reading some of the comments, that there is bit of skulduggery  afoot.

    I wonder if Steven Moffat will write the odd episode in series 11?  After all, he did when Russel T. Davies was in charge. here’s hoping.


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    @jimthefish  I’m very much hoping that SM is planning a Writer’s Tale type book. I feel certain there would be very many interesting stories to hear from his tenure in the big seat.

    Oh, I second that — I’d love to see it happen!  But if so, I doubt it would be published for a long time — he has (I hope) a long writing career still ahead of hi…[Read more]

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