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    @toinfinityandbepond: I know, hence the ‘wonderful’ 😉

    @Lisa, it was a great twist on that story. I didn’t quite like the emotional blackmail element of the film, or the idea of putting this greater value on his life. Theoretically, would someone less special just be left to jump?

    In this episode there was an element of Turn Right, what if One…[Read more]

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    I should have put ‘villain’ in inverted commas. I meant Inverted commas. Blasted Internet… 🙂


    Jodie Whittaker’s natural accent is from Skelmanthorpe, West Yorkshire, which is a fairly strong accent even by Yorkshire standards. Most people in the UK ‘hear’ a Yorkshire accent as friendly, honest and somewhat bloody-minded.…[Read more]

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    @morpho Rembrant

    @mersey and a few other members have a lot of interesting ideas surrounding that.

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    @thane15 When I read your spelling of “penance” I saw the one “n” and immediately hung my head in shame! But yes, it’s an interesting possibility. The question is, what did he do that was so wrong?

    Peter Capaldi Mark 2 in the vault – I would love that.

    The Valeyard is also a strong possibility for me, if only because Moffat maybe needs to get…[Read more]

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    I’m enjoying the bonkers turn that this thread has taken. @Kharis If I’ve read the thread right, I think you were the catalyst. Nice work! @mersey Big box inside a little box inside a size-yet-to-be-determined box. I like it. (I liked your explanation about the combined genres – comic book and drama – in the last thread too. Ages ago I…[Read more]

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    @mersey In the expanded universe of the Big Finish audios, specifically the New Eighth Doctor Adventures range, the Eighth Doctor and an older Susan Foreman interacted in several stories, but post-Last Great Time War her status is “unknown”.

    @pedant, Of course another reason it’s probably not Clara in the vault is that having her be key to the…[Read more]

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    @thane15  @janetteB  The paintings I’ve used for various purposes I can spot, but once outside that realm it’s another matter! I very much agree that the Coalbookdale image is striking indeed.

    @mudlark  Paintings can matter, witness the 50th Anniversary episode. But I’m also inclined to agree that by this point the paintings in this series are th…[Read more]

  • @mersey and @pedant

    I don’t think anyone is saying that any criticism of Capaldi or Coleman stemmed from ageism or sexism but that some of it apparently did.

    But I think a time-out in this particular […]

  • @Mersey

    I was reffering to the words of pedant ‘Capaldi and Coleman suffered from the unmistakeable stench of ageism and sexism, respectively’.

    And as I said, if you are blind to it, then I can’t help […]

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    And it’s really unfair to mark those who doesn’t like Clara as sexists.

    Eh? Don’t think anyone has ever done that. (Personally I think Clara did stay slightly too long and was hobbled initially by having a rather McGuffin backstory. And I generally preferred Amy as a character.) And that’s just different strokes for different folks –…[Read more]

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    @thane15  Brewski: Oh you’re never out…..one has to count to 10 first.

    Oh I know!  When I would make my mom mad at me she used to count to 10.  And THEN I was dead!

    @mersey Please show me a companion who wasn’t slim and pretty?

    Well I was going to say Jamie McCrimmon.  But come to think of it he was both, too.


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    If you are going to be wilfully blind to the crass sexism that spewed across the Graun’s BTL comments, then I – and I suspect @jimthefish – can’t help you.

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    Well spotted. Still, I have been known to repeat jokes. I think we all have. If they work well the first time…

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    @thane15 (Puro) <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Ah thanks. It’s good to be around a bit more.</span>

    I suppose thinking about it, the writer needed a first victim who could disappear without causing any ripples among the people at the frost fair. A drunk vagrant would tick that box. My first thought was that he’d been selected as the sort of pers…[Read more]

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    Hello, strangers  🙂

    @mersey I’ve been thinking along the same lines.

    As viewers, of course we’re rooting for our heroes and central or sympathetically portrayed characters. We can’t get too hung up about the deaths of baddies and peripheral individuals, or the show couldn’t work. And writers tend to make it easy for us to “move on” from the dea…[Read more]

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    @mersey Bill wasn’t completely unaffected though, difference being that the child was a child, the guy with a tattoo was a thug who was going to let her and the Doctor die and a lot more people were going to die if they didn’t do something.

    @nick Castrovalva for me, I was four and a half. Anything before that I don’t remember any stories just the…[Read more]

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    Funny thing that when the boy died under the ice Bill was devastated but when Doctor practically killed the guy with tattoo (made him died under the water) it was all fine. I can see the difference, but it was still human life. And Doctor was merciless.

    Yes, he was rather. Although you could argue that he was in fact trying to save him…[Read more]

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    So far this season lacks characters, interesting and memorable people whom Doctor meet, who help him or quite the opposite, who oppose him. It’s two or three characters show right now

    Well, there’s a clear and deliberate decision to keep the focus on the Doctor and Bill for these early episodes, presumably to strengthen and firmly e…[Read more]

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    @mersey @jimthefish @juniperfish @mudlark @bluesqueakpip

    Just as a contribution on the tricky question of clues and our interpretation of them, my own particular take on them is this:

    A lot of what we talk about is invariably a construct we propose and then test. The one thing I’ve always liked about this forum and the group of people who p…[Read more]

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    @mersey  So — “Loose clues drop shoes” and other war-time slogans . . .  Yes, I’m on Eco’s side but Barthes is no dope, and writers of both inclinations have lots of fans who love their work.  I will miss Moffat — more, or less, depending on what Chibnall does in his turn.  I hope he delivers more of what you’re looking for.

    @missy What if you…[Read more]

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