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    Whisht @replies

    so, keeping it sci-fi related (cough cough) here is something for @phaseshift (who almost certainly knows it but might be fun for those that don’t):

    Whisht @replies

    @craig – that’s just brilliant! laughing all the way through!

    I was looking for something on youtube that someone I worked with did, but I can’t find it! If I could it would be at least vaguely useful as a return!

    Now, you have (rightfully) reminded me that I’ve been off-topic from the start(!) and not been entirely sci-fi thinking!


    so, I have no chatroulette rejoinders, and will only cheer @juniperfish and possibly @scaryb up if I link to this which is referenced at the end of your clip. Obviously, its great but entirely sci-fi free. You could almost say FREE BIRD (hint hint). Can’t even link it to Who (unless I misquote the aria from Carmen).

    The fact its a deliberate riposte to Neil Young’s Alabama is a link, but only to my own post!

    Actually speaking of which – @juniperfish if you simply type the URL and not click the ‘link’ button, then the browser will do the rest (hopefully this post has at least been vaguely useful!). I think that’s how you’re doing links (in same way I highlighted “this” above, clicked ‘link’ and pasted the URL of the Old Grey Whistle Test into the Link dialogue).

    So, I’ll have to have a think, but I’ll try some easier sci-fi related things to some other posts….

    Whisht @replies

    Blimey -you’re all bonkers!!

    Next you’ll be saying that the Doctor’s put his soul into the sonic screwdriver just before he hands it to River!



    Whisht @replies

    he he @craig – yeah why not? I’m in (as long as both online and offline identity not known!)

    and no @juniperfish – I’m not RTD, even if my ideas are as naff!


    Whisht @replies

    @craig – well that Feeder video is brilliant!!

    I’ll admit that its not my favourite song (:¬) but the video is full of really lovely moments of fan-dom!

    I have absolutely nothing in response!

    An ace!

    Your serve again!


    Whisht @replies

    @wolfweed – my first reply to you is just a tad po-faced (Boe-faced??)

    Slightly better would have been this:

    But you have me properly stumped by your original posts which are perfect!
    I actually loved the Soviet music! Honestly, I really liked it! and laughed. But genuinely liked it.
    Really hard to find a response!

    This may even be a bit more po-faced (apologies) but it at least is quite beautiful and joyous and links to Kate Bush as the Mysterious Voices of Bulgaria were featured on one of her albums (they’re quite brilliant on Rocket’s Tail).

    But forgive the last song in their set! They had to get bums on seats at their gigs after all (and the genuine warmth of the audience is gorgeous!)

    Whisht @replies

    ah @wolfweed where do I begin..?
    I need to do better the the link below, but as a response to your remix, I’ve linked to what I think is the original version, but its hard to tell (i was minus some years) and this is far far too original-sounding.
    I’ve never really listened before, but if you didn’t do it electronically, and instead with small orchestra it would sound a bit Robin Hood. (tah dah….. tah da da, dal la laaah) [imagine it on horns].
    But Delia ups the driving bass, alienates the parping of hunting horns and instead gives us the future.

    Whisht @replies

    Ah, @phaseshift – completely agree how a song will ‘mean’ whatever it meant at a particular time and its hard to shake it. Its as if music stitches together the neurons which are firing when a strong moment is being remembered and all it takes is for that song (or smell) to come again and that memory is fired back afresh.

    As for Soft Cell – you won’t believe me but I didn’t really think of them as gay! Yeah I know – sheltered life.
    However, its quite sweet how a bunch of manly heterosexual guys can all jump onto the dancefloor together for Tainted Love!
    And if Marc Almond and Jimmy Sommerville dance like this – then we will too!
    (So, here’s ‘I feel Love’ for all you lovers out there….)

    Whisht @replies

    nice work @Bluesquaekpip, @scaryb and @juniperfish (and of course @craig all-praise-him).

    that by-line made me laugh!
    (and after a perusal of the Guardian blog, we need far more of that!)

    Whisht @replies

    blimey @craig – lobs and multiple shots!

    will need to listen to these to get proper replies!

    But will start with the Orbital serve!
    I’ve only got one EP/CD of theirs – Belfast – and I do like it. As you obviously know them well, a bit pointless replying with what I know of them(!).

    So, in ping pong style I would try and find something else in it (eg Dr Who related) but… nothing springs to mind! (KLF has been erased from my mind).

    So…. a coupla options. Either a piece of dance that uses beats and blips with warmth and beauty (ie something from Anokha: Soundz of the Asian Underground – this is really rather good) or something backhand backspin and based on Orbital’s love of weird headgear.

    yep, had to go with this:

    If you can get over the ridiculous opening (with “roadeyes” which is why I’m linking this!) then you have a bit of classic Neil Young!

    Whisht @replies

    @craig – I also loved Road to Nowhere. It was great and props to you for buying it!
    In shame I think the first single I bought was Money for Nothing!
    Unfortunately I listened to their other stuff around that time and though I liked some (Blind springs to mind) I should’ve headed straight to their older stuff. ah well, made it a few years later!

    As a response, I could be a bit obvious and put Sledgehammer (for the animated sequence in the videos) but seems a bit lazy and anyway, the Intruders at the Palace concert I mentioned above had David Byrne headlining with a brass band called Les Miserables.
    This song is 2/3 of the way through their performance and is kinda the highlight, so if you’re a completist then head to the first track.
    However, life is short so here’s “In the Future” which begins with some of the most beautiful poetry I have ever heard.

    hope you enjoy it:

    Whisht @replies

    Ok – Haven’t given this enough love yet so… how about some ping pong?

    Actually, my next ‘big’ memory also gives me the ability to play ping pong but… here goes!

    @phaseshift – really liked the violinist. I hope the small kid taking a picture goes away thinking music can be anything and looking like a Rocker doesn’t mean you’ll only play rock!
    In response, here is a cover of the Kink’s Fancy by Hugo Largo. I came across them on the TV in a thing called Intruders at the Palace. Incredible. No drums, just bass, guitar, electric violin and an incredible singers dive bomb vocals. This concert really opened my ears!
    Also, this version of Fancy is “my” Fancy in the same way that the first Dr we watch is usually “our” Dr! (and just to try and show how non-muso I am, “my” version of Tomorrow Never Knows is by Phil Collins).
    anyway, my ping pong to Ed Alleyne Johnson is Fancy by Hugo Largo:

    Most of their stuff was a lot softer (which is almost a shame!)

    Whisht @replies

    Would I be right in thinking that we’ve had the potential for other Drs to be weaved in (a la Big Bang time hopping) in all 3 episodes so far?

    The screeching traffic in Bells (while they’re in the cafe terrace).
    The Dr disappearing in Rings (coming back eating the blue cake).
    Clara unconscious in Cold War (who pulled her out – though probably over-thinking that last one).

    Whisht @replies

    Actually as mentioned before, the oldest question may be the one we all have – “Who am I?”.

    I think on the Fields of the Nephilim, that we may learn who Clara is as well…

    Whisht @replies

    Hi @Bluesqeakpip – yep, you’re right, and Warner had none of the preening ego of the Valeyard.

    to be honest was throwing it out there grenade style!

    oh and btw (to be screamed Braveheart stylee):
    “I am not a card game – I am a quiet man!”


    Whisht @replies

    hmmmm…. have we had the Professor as the Valeyard yet?

    If he’s an incarnation of the Doctor as others have suggested (and I’m happy to believe from his questioning of Clara), then would the only Dr who’d happily use a gun, be the Valeyard?

    Whisht @replies

    1981 – end of the better Baker’s era…. regeneration years…??

    Whisht @replies

    btw I think I spotted a reference to Horror Express (though that may be as its the only film I had to stop watching as a kid as it was so scary!)

    Whisht @replies

    loved it!
    Will say something a bit more insightful if I can think of anything(!) but just wanted to say that if you liked the Alien reference as @craig did and are in the mood, Alien is on 4 Film tonight at 9…

    Whisht @replies

    wow @phaseshift! I’m surprised/ honoured you remembered my little question on the TV Memories thread!

    For everyone else, basically I was liking reading about everyone’s TV memories so much, that I wondered if a similar music thread would work.

    I have a few pretty clear memories of hearing something for the first time at formative moments in my life (as people had done on the TV thread) and I guess I wondered if others had the same.

    So, for me, the first clear memory of being affected by music, is aged 10 at home with the family (I’m the youngest with an even 8-year spread of 2 brothers and a sister. And probably conventional for a youngest, in terms of being the ‘weird’ one, in my own head-world).

    Everyone was bustling around, setting the table and readying for tea and then I stood stock-still in the dining room and started going “Shh. Shhhh. Shush! SHUSH!!

    This was a first even for me and everyone stopped, not knowing what the hell was going on, trying to work out why I was staring at the wall.

    “What? What’s the matter?”


    Incredulous looks and mild impatience.

    “What is it?” [what’s he doing this time?]

    “The music”

    “huh?” A general shrug of ‘what music?’ until they actually heard it.

    The radio had been on in the background all this time, but as with radio, everyone was ignoring it.
    But a song had come on and I was transfixed because it was alien, strange, unlike anything I’d ever heard before.

    As everyone began to actually ‘hear’ the music, they were just incredulous and said “oh for goodness sake – you’re weird!” and finished getting ready for tea.

    All this took place in about 10 seconds, but the feeling of standing there, not knowing why but feeling like something important was happening, has been an abiding memory.

    The song was O Superman by Laurie Anderson.

    Later in life I had other events that transfixed me, but I think this was the first.

    So – anyone else got memories of music/ a song changing everything?

    If not, no matter and sorry for boring you, but even if this becomes a place to recommend good stuff then great!

    Thanks again @phaseshift – loved the violins btw and kinda links to another memory of music I have…

    Whisht @replies

    Ellie….. LE…… Ravenwwood…. Torchwood…. Oswald…. god-wood…. goodwood/badwood…

    dammit – I could never do cryptic crossowrds.


    or spell

    Whisht @replies

    thanks mate – offer still stands.

    Whisht @replies

    Ah @phaseshift that was brilliant! Tom Baker was ‘my’ Who too and I couldn’t agree more with what you said.

    I can’t really remember Pertwee (I’m not sure if my memories of him are of the time or from repeats). I have to admit that I don’t really have a memory of Baker’s stories, but what I do have is a feeling of him – he just seemed to have an enormous appetite! (not that I’d have known how to describe it at the time!).

    The grin, the petulant look – basically a grownup who’s really a big kid!
    Amazingly, sitting here typing this, I realise for the first time that I think that that’s me at my best – when I’m being a big kid, making those around me see things through that lens, having fun.

    That’s the impact he had!

    Also I agree when you say:

    “As a kid during those years I always had the feeling that I was watching something that I shouldn’t be watching. A marvellous feeling.”

    Absolutely! – though maybe for me looking back, I think I sensed his appetite extended to more than fun and food, to feelings that hit you in the gut, but no idea to what!

    But thanks for putting it all better than I!

    Whisht @replies

    Hi @craig – echoing @juniperfish, unfortunately I have no tech know-how but let us know if we can help.

    Whisht @replies

    btw – has anyone suggested 11 Matt Smiths appearing, each ‘as’ one of the previous Drs?

    or (echoing my own Spartacus riff) a whole crowd of Smiths, Malcoviching the whole scene…?

    Not Who? but Which…?

    Whisht @replies

    ah @juniperfish, yes….. whisht!


    Actually, my parents were Irish and not sure but I think it was my dad where “will yer whisht” came from!

    Hadn’t thought of the Silence though!!

    Whisht @replies

    @htpbdet – I had a similar thought/theory where the Silence were guarding something dangerous for him. They made everyone forget about it if they ever saw it.
    Even the Dr’s forgotten it was that dangerous.

    His name being the password for them to fall and stop guarding it…

    and @bluesqueakpip – snap! Though I had it as him revealing his name as…. Gallifreyan symbols with a big “Ta Dah!” and everyone going “huh? wha?”


    Whisht @replies

    Hi @cariad – you’ve come to the right place!


    and what I mean by that is that like you, I find people here genuine and friendly.

    Unlike me, there are those who can genuinely recommend some great shows (I merely have warm memories of Tom Baker but nothing much specific, except him crouched over two wires, wondering if he has the right to destroy the Daleks). Thankfully not everyone’s got encyclopaedic knowledge (otherwise I’d have been scared off by now!) and there’s people here whose early memories of Who is from the books, which is really interesting.

    If anything, I think what’s shared is a fondness for having fun solving a puzzle!

    there’ll be loads of good suggestions and I’ll leave it to the those who know loads about the shows, but on getting snared into this place I’ve learnt that even the show runners tell each other to watch the Talons of Weng Chiang…

    Whisht @replies

    in terms of the Tardis locking out Clara, I think the Tardis may have previous with disliking companions who are (or create) time paradoxes (eg Sam Jones, Charley Pollard, Mila??)?

    btw loving the numbers theories. All bonkers, except all the ones that aren’t, which is a lot of them! (for me @bluesqueakpip nailed the Clara-is-the-show through crunchy numbers).

    So – I’ve now given up on anagrams (had such high hopes with such an unlikely name as “Clara Oswin Oswald”).

    all I really got was:
    “DW now L; CALs OS Aria” – [CAL is the hard drive – Aria the OS? Clara the virtual “daughter” or mother?? of River, ‘born’ or nurturing in CAL].
    However, my hunch is she’s actually a new character and not familial at all.

    though if its:
    “DW saw CIA so ran, lol” – then I’ll bake everyone a cake!

    Whisht @replies

    ah, so much to read (thanks all!) but late shout out to @phileasf and @jimthefish – Smith reading the Beano as a nod to Cushing reading the Eagle in the film.

    Its probably all it was (a knowing wink to the film) but really – the Eagle and certainly Dan Dare got subsumed into 2000AD, so the good (or bad) doctor shoulda been reading the 1981 200AD annual.

    I mean, there’s even an Alan Moore connection!


    Whisht @replies


    hello? hello @Shazzbot can you hear me?

    I don’t know where I am….

    Whisht @replies

    Hi @ardaraith – there’s a whole board on AOTD!

    But not sure if we’ve had anyone talking about the Dr getting nanoed into a Dalek (though I did wonder that as well… but just forgot!).

    btw can I just say its brilliant having all the new voices!
    Excellent posts and just as bonkers as all the others!

    Where’s @blenkinsopthebrave gone? It was he who asked for “bonkers” theories and there’s loads now!

    Whisht @replies

    anyone up for a bonkers theory…?

    well, I mean utterly untethered speculation.

    If we have 2 Big Bads then the only scene I can imagine is a Mexican Standoff.

    The Dr (in a stetson), Sutekh and GI.

    With a pocket watch open…

    (and hopefully not Murray Golds effing music).

    Whisht @replies

    i should be in bed by now, but just wanted to say how much i enjoyed catching up on a few days postings by everyone! and all the new people too!
    I haven’t been to the G’s blog and judging by the comments, won’t bother!

    must sleep, but agree with remembering – mum’s departing words, trolls (and drolls – forgive me), and the tardis not liking paradoxes… or being blown up!

    Whisht @replies

    ah @wolfweed – Alan Moore, he knows the score….

    Whisht @replies

    ah – and Hi @tiddler (missed your joining as I was slowly typing!)!

    Just a very random thought – if the Dr stole the Tardis to see the universe, is he a Tempus Fugitive?


    Its ok, I’m wearing it.

    [holds head in shame…]

    Whisht @replies

    Hi to @edmund, @jamesunderscore and @emmoftheess – looking forward to hear even more bonkers theorising!

    I’ve not got much to add tonight, except (for @scaryb) an echo of a previous post I think I made that if there are a number of Drs, they will each have slightly different memories (so if collected in same place, then a specific recent memory will identify the ‘real’ one…).
    Oh – and Enter the Dragon methinks! who could forget “O’Hara!!

    The DELSA site looks legit if only because to fake that many Googleable names with identities etc would be insane! It also has some wonderful verbiage on its Strategy page (though on second reading its beginning to make sense – does that make me a bad person??).
    Only thing about Seattle is that its often used for filming NY scenes…

    Whisht @replies

    hi again (tired again) – should say something over on the book thread about the sad news on Ian Banks but too tired and don’t want to say something dumb.

    but here is fine for dumb stuff…..

    So, I saw my first fashionista in a bow tie today.

    You may think ‘so what?’ but I walk through the achingly hippermost-of-the-hoppermost Shoreditch/ Hoxton, (as well as Covent Garden) twice a day (its a long walk).

    And I cannot remember anyone in a bow tie before.

    And god knows there’s a lot of other fancy dress going on – lots of ankles from the too-short-trousers, fifties headscarves/ pleated dresses, 80’s shoulderpads and acidic colours… you name it. and yes they try too hard.

    But no bow ties.

    until now (and this a guy near the art and fashion college in Holborn).

    He looked ridiculous.

    [I’d use a ruder word but maybe it was for a bet]

    So its true – the Doctor lies.

    Whisht @replies

    Hi all – I am sooooo tired I was only gonna read and lurk, but had to say hello to @vizier and @lula!

    It looks like more activity tonight than there has been in quite a while!
    Mainly the speculation over on the Bells (the bells the bells!) – perhaps with the various ideas coalescing with @haveyoufedthefish‘s post (very ‘umble you are, but this is a collective effort, you’re right), its beginning to spark thoughts off each other.

    though could be too much red bull as well judging by the actual speculation….

    but, we have all learned a new term – thankyou Cap’n @juniperfish and more power to your Shipping Forecasts…

    Whisht @replies

    only tiny minnow of thought is that “Artie” is a joke (“RT” as in Radio Times).

    Whisht @replies

    I guess there are some things to speculate about, but feeling like @haveyoufedthefish has nailed a key ponder.

    and before I forget @bluesqueakpip – that was some mighty numerology!

    Seems small beer to wonder “will it be DT who’s responsible for the screaching tyres in the background, when the Dr and Clara are on the cafe balcony?”.

    or maybe a wandering Dalek from when they were filming AAISAT on Waterloo Bridge…?

    Whisht @replies

    @haveyoufedthefish – I salute you!!

    Thank god Craig closed the “speculation” thread, as I now think speculation is over!!


    Whisht @replies

    btw – @phaseshift – really sorry to hear about your back. Hope its not too painful or long term.

    Whisht @replies

    Hi @juniperfish – phew, thanks for not taking offence(!). Must admit i was trying to think of another post to elaborate but couldn’t think of anything – obviously far more discerning people where I don’t have to worry so much over misunderstandings!

    Actually, I’ll admit that I thought “shouty”-Tate was either a short-lived ‘special’ or long term aberration, but I was happily surprised that her acting (maybe the writing? apologies, I’m not a writer and so find it tricky to tell where one ends and the other begins) got better and better. She was one of the best companions by the end, and mainly down to her acting (and not being a doe-eyed romantic interest).

    I seem now to be at an age where the idea of a companion-blue-peter-presenter-newsreader for “the dads” is apposite (though this isn’t exactly a heartening thought!!)

    Whisht @replies


    @juniperfish – love you as I do (and honestly I hate to disagree with you!), mere mention of ‘that woman’ causes me to splutter and chill!

    there are many, many female actresses and comedians who I’d far rather see in Who.

    Celia Imrie for one! but the list is too long to mention them all (though Julia Davies as a villain, could out-do the Master for [small scale] nastiness!).

    Honestly, please not ‘dear’ Miranda {shudder}.


    erm, lets have smack-the-pony sponge with a c’mon-c’mon-c’mon cuppa tea and forget all about it!

    Whisht @replies

    ah – hi all!

    finally saw the show time-shifted (alarmingly appropriate).

    I actually liked it (but more through just enjoying it being back on rather than it being especially good).
    And I do have a (completely inappropriate) soft spot for JLC.
    (intelligent, funny, attractive….)



    in terms of two Drs (ie Valeyard) there have been others…. Zagreus? (actually I don’t think Zagreus is relevant other than showing how doubles-of-the-doctor are interesting for writers. as is memory loss etc and this year “remembering” is especially key for a 50th!).

    Agreeing a lot with thoughts as to Clara being ‘the show itself’ (nanny, dates etc), though I’m unsure how this nod to the fans will get written into her in-show character narrative.

    still think the Dr finally trying to remember “what kind of person am I?” (as in ‘who am I?’) will be key.

    Really liked Celia Imrie – great actress, and her final bit was more moving than it might have been (though I think they doubled a child’s voice over her own – how annoying must that’ve been to her as an actress??!?).

    @wolfweed – I’m liking this nu-stance! “I too hate this [insert thing] and will never watch again, but will be back to say so!”

    twice weekly!!

    Whisht @replies

    In terms of a specific memory, does anyone remember the Weetabix cards that you could collect?

    I’m staggered if the flickr posting here (and elsewhere) is correct and that they were from 1975. I was 4(!) but they made a huge impression on me!

    I even rescued them from when we had to clear the house we grew up in! (hope i still have them somewhere…)

    Whisht @replies

    Hm… For the 25th anniversary we had Silver Nemesis, but will we get something golden for the 50th…?

    If so, won’t be pleasant for the cybermen!

    Whisht @replies

    thanks @phaseshift – I really do like those short videos of Strax et al. The Christmas ones were especially good (there seemed a good dynamic between them – and Strax just has the best lines….)
    “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer…”
    Is it because he wrote them…?

    Anyway, I agree they should play it as close to Who as possible – lurching into Torchwood territory would be a mistake, mainly as the sense of fun would be lost.

    Whisht @replies

    ah, @JimheFish – don’t feed the Drolls.

    better to ignore my lame gags… they’ll go away…

    but thank you for your sympathy…

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