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    bendubz11 @replies

    I don’t mind the smallish spiders, but really anything much bigger than a Tarantula starts to get me, so I couldn’t fully enjoy the episode. Still okay though, effectively built in reasons for the crew to join WhitDoc, and all the supporting characters contributed to the story.

    I noticed that the number of aggressive acts to the storyline threat at the episode climax is up to 3 from 4 now. First the pushing Tim Shaw off the edge, then Krasko being shot back to the past, and now the hotel owner shooting the spider. Fully expecting that number to reach half a dozen before the series finale, definitely feels like CC is trying to reinforce the lesson that violence should be condemned, and by having so many villains surviving their episode there’s the potential for the Doc to save the day by tricking them into attacking themself or something similar.

    bendubz11 @replies

    @misterf55 don’t you dare try and make basic human rights sound like a political agenda. Everyone deserves to be treated equal, and if you want to try and deny that then there’s the door.

    bendubz11 @replies

    That felt horrible to watch, even knowing it had to turn out right in the end. I just can’t comprehend that those views were commonplace in the 50s. My heart broke when they realised they had to stay on the bus, to be part of history. Perfectly written.

    bendubz11 @replies

    @lisa That’s a good point about the SJA vibe. Definitely getting it now you mention it.

    Though it does come with the downside of making me irrationally mad that Luke has never become a companion. Especially considering how perfectly he’d have fit CapDoc. (Just an aside, with regards to how to refer to JW’s Doctor, WhitDoc feels right to me, it rolls off the tongue nicely)

    bendubz11 @replies

    @mudlark @miapatrick we’ll have to disagree there, Custard Creams are delicious, as is the case with all biscuit sandwiches. Custard Creams, Bourbons, Golden Crunch Creams, Jammy Dodgers, Oreos, Vienesse Whirls and Vienesse Fingers. All utterly scrumptious.

    bendubz11 @replies

    That’s my thinking @bluesqueakpip  If the Sniper bots were meant to be slaughtering the competitors, I don’t think they’d have waited until being shot at to activate. They’d have been active from the beginning

    bendubz11 @replies

    I’m not yet used to tuning in on a Sunday. I’ve always known DW as a bit of Saturday primetime, my body clock is struggling to adjust!

    With regards to the episode it was okay. Not bad, but not one I expect to rewatch. Ryan and Graeme are really fleshed out characters already and JW fits in well as the Doc. Haven’t really felt the same can be said for Yaz yet, though I expect that might change next week.

    The Timeless Child interests me though. The inference is that it connects to the Doctor’s childhood, the question is how. A possible curveball though could easily be it referring to Susan, the family thread is the one thing I’ve noticed has survived the Moffat-Chibnall handover, especially relationships between grandparents and grandchildren.

    bendubz11 @replies

    @mudlark I had the same thought concerning them floating in space. They surely have to be in the TARDIS force-field, or at least in A force-field. It would be imo very shoddy writing to forget about the effects of space on the human body, just 1 series after Oxygen explicitly covered it.

    Also something I thought of earlier; with Ryan telling the story in a video, as a tribute to the person he cared about the most, there’s a surprising similarity with Love and Monsters. Just, without the weird pavement love.


    bendubz11 @replies

    I was beginning to get restless waiting for the new series! Thought it as a solid first episode, all the standard hallmarks of a Doctor’s first story, an enjoyable, simple to follow storyline, and some background to al the new companions.

    JW feels very Doctorish already, like the rest of you above I’d agree a mix of Smith and Tennant best describes her. Loved that she made her own Sonic Swiss Army Knife, without the knife, putting the Science back into sci-fi, and I hope it becomes a running theme throughout the series, inspiring kids to try and make or invent their on stuff can only be a good thing.

    Interesting that Chibnall chose to kill off Grace too. Just think how far you have to go back for the last time a main companion (or relative) was killed with no hijinks involved, even if they were just there for 1 episode? Bill got to live on first as a Cyberman, then with Heather, Nardole never died, River was just closing the loop, Clara is taking the long way round, Danny Pink got a send off as a Cyberman, The Doctor regenerated, Missy no doubt will too, Amy and Rory lived on for years after the Angel’s touch, and Donna just lost her memories. By my working out this is the first time since The Waters of Mars. It’s a small statement, but a bold one.

    bendubz11 @replies

    I don’t usually cry at TV in general, but my eyes watered at more than one occasion watching that. Capaldi was to me THE Doctor, I wish he’d got a longer run. The regeneration speech epitomised everything I loved about him, so I couldn’t help but tear up at that, and the Christmas Armistice saving the day is enough to make anyone emotional. This was a great send off.


    We only got a glimpse at the end but that cameo from Whittaker was good, if a bit too similar to Smith’s first scene for my liking.

    bendubz11 @replies

    The Doctor is a Shapeshifter, basically. A lizard could play The Doctor and it wouldn’t contradict the canon, all that matters is that anyone who plays The Doctor is a good actor. I’ll miss Capaldi, but I’ve seen plenty of people praising Whittaker’s acting ability and that’s good enough for me.

    bendubz11 @replies

    Just confirmed as Jodie Whittaker

    bendubz11 @replies

    @missy turn it into a game, every time the screen says “deuce” drink some grape juice!

    bendubz11 @replies

    I was thinking last night, could it be Georgia Moffett? This is purely coming off of those that liked Tennant thinking that the 10 becoming a 13 meaning he’s returning, but whilst I don’t see him returning, his wife might. I mean, we know that body came from The Doctor’s DNA, so what’s to say CC doesn’t want to revisit that plot point?

    bendubz11 @replies

    @craig honestly the only other Paul Bettany appearance I’ve seen is him being the voice of JARVIS in Iron Man, so I don’t really know whether he’d fit.

    bendubz11 @replies

    I was thinking maybe the timing choice could be a hint that it’s somebody who was in Wimbledon, but the only one I can see playing The Doctor is Celia Emrie and she was a villain fairly recently.

    bendubz11 @replies

    That was incredible. Loved the storytelling, so many people’s futures left open for the future whilst tying off their current storylines. Definitely reckon it’s a good shout on the Master’s ring @wolfweed, there’s no way Missy would leave herself without a Plan B for if it all goes Pete Tong. The way they tied off the story of Bill/Heather was awesome, just brilliant.

    I think tomorrow I may have to watch WEaT and TDF back-to-back, reckon they can only get better when watched together.

    bendubz11 @replies

    One thing I’ve noticed is that Bill’s becoming more aware that CapDoc is prepared to risk his own life to save anybody. In Oxygen she viewed it more as him saving her life, not him sacrificing himself. But then he put his own life on the line in TPatEotW and Bill had to save him, in The Lie of the Land he uses a bit of regen energy just to make sure Bill is on her side, and then tries to stop the Monks before she does. And now in  The Eater of Light, even though the combined forces of the 9th legion and the Gatekeeper are happy to do the job, even though it’s most likely a fixed point in time, CapDoc tries to sacrifice himself again, and Bill and Nardole have to stop him, plus he’s happily discussing the fact he can regenerate if he dies.

    I wonder if Bill will refuse to let the Doctor save her from Cyber conversion, to stop him putting his own life in mortal danger. She’d then be written out as a hero, it would still be possible that she’d be reunited with Heather, and it would be different enough from Hell Bent and Death In Heaven.

    bendubz11 @replies

    @wolfweed re: the crow sounding like it said “Dork Doctor”, on the iPlayer subtitles it read “Dark Doctor”, which seems very ominous considering Missy’s currently in the Tardis.

    bendubz11 @replies

    I enjoyed this week’s episode, but there’s one thing that’s niggling me. Missy made it very clear what needed to happen for the Monks to be defeated, and that’s what added suspense to the climax of the episode: The possibility that Bill might not come out of it alive, or even worse come out of it as an empty husk of a human. And yet immediately after defeating the Monks we see that she’s absolutely fine. Are we expected to believe that just because of using a pure unaffected memory that she’d survive it easily, considering that CapDoc has clearly been out for a while after his attempt? Because I don’t buy it, it reeks of hurrying to a Happily Ever After finish.

    The rest of the episode was good though, nice to see that they tied up the loose ends from the previous episode (Bill betraying CapDoc’s decision and why Nardole survived the contamination).

    bendubz11 @replies

    @missrori very fair point about the misdirection of trailers, I didn’t consider that. My reasoning behind why his regeneration might be this early in the series is that I believe Moffat has said that this regeneration will be very wibbly wobbly timey wimey, plus we know that Capaldi had already filmed his regeneration scene before starting work on the Xmas special so there’s definitely some wiggle room for theories.

    bendubz11 @replies

    @steffstaff I took it to mean that the Broken Glasses meant Erica couldn’t read anything at that point, forcing Douglas to do the reading. However because of the drinking the previous night (as impled by the broken bottle), his sight was partially impaired and caused the misplaced decimal point. With just the one of those things happening there is bo problem, but because both did, Earth is on its way to catastrophe.

    bendubz11 @replies

    Putting my theorising in here as it involves the next time trailer for The Lie of the Land:

    So, if not for Bill consenting to the Monks, CapDoc would have died in the lab, yes? It’s irrelevant whether he’d have been able to regenerate or not, that body would have perished. and the specific reason the consent was accepted was because Bill acted out of love to avoid that happening.

    In the next time trailer, we see Bill shooting CapDoc, and the synopsis for The Lie of the Land says “she may just have to kill her best friend…” – could it be that this is a fixed point in time? For the Monks to be defeated, Bill has to accept the death of CapDoc. And maybe because it was her that prevented it from happening first time round, she has to be the one who causes it this time.

    bendubz11 @replies

    @missrori maybe the Monks are able to convince everybody else in the real world that they are in fact in a simulation, but as proven by her differing reaction to everybody else in Extremis, Bill refuses to believe it, meaning she continues to fight.

    bendubz11 @replies

    Question: In real life Pope Benedict IX was a man, right? An actual historical figure. Doctor Who doesn’t usually ret-con real history to such an extent does it? Soooooo…. Was the female Pope only something that had occured in that simulation, due to some minor butterfly-effect type thing somewhere in the simulated history?

    @steffstaff this is my thinking as well. Moffat just doesn’t retcon things without reason. If Pope Benedict IX is never believed to be Pope Joan, why would Moffat have changed it to be so, unless there’s a reason for it. My thinking is that although the portrait did not look much like her, we already have a female character who the Doctor knows, is friends with, and is prone to being heretical. Could it be that Pope Benedict IX is in fact Missy, and if so what on earth is she doing in 11th Century Rome?

    bendubz11 @replies

    Thanks for the kind rewelcomings all. A nice little easter egg I noticed just now:

    Year of Missy’s “execution” = 1048

    Founder of the library the Veritas is kept in = Pope Benedict IX

    Year that Benedict IX lost the papacy for the 3d and final time = 1048


    bendubz11 @replies

    It’s been too long since I last ventured to this cubbyhole of the internet, I’m glad I’ve found it again though. Loved the series so far, definitely been the best series of Twelve’s tenure. A few notes that have come to mind about this episode:

    Why and how did the Veritas come into being? It seems rather illogical for a villain to create a shadow universe to test taking over the world, only to leave a way to tip the simulations off about the storm coming.

    What exactly was Missy sentenced to a Pandorica for? Could it be that she is not the Master at all, but in fact the Valeyard (considering she started her meddling in Eleven’s cycle and revealed herself in Twelve’s)?

    How did Nardole get a copy of Rover’s diary? It’s implied that River gave it to him, but that wouldn’t fit as she took it with her to the Library.

    There seems to be a theme developing of Bill just wanting to belong/fit in. In The Pilot before Twelve addresses it she’s just blending in during his lectures, in Knock Knock she is clearly worried about fitting into to the friendship group (yes moving in with a bunch of strangers is bound to make you nervous but the way she tries to disassociate with Twelve definitely is a sign of her not wanting to stand out), and now in Extremis she refuses to accept it is a simulation despite the facts being there. Add in the prejudice she no doubt will have experienced in the past as a homosexual, coloured woman, and it makes for a very interesting and believable backstory. She is so used to being shunned that she wants nothing more than somewhere she belongs.

    bendubz11 @replies

    @jimthefish He’s pretty much created a female Doctor because that’s what Clara is in all but name now. The Governess maybe?

    I think something more like The Nanny is more appropriate considering Bells of Saint John/The Snowmen. After all, she’s probably travelling time and space, taking care of people.

    bendubz11 @replies

    Just something I’ve realized: Moffat said Clara’s exit would “Shock, Terrify, and Surprise”

    Shock = Death in Face The Raven
    Terrify = CapDoc’s torture whilst grieving in Heaven Sent
    Surprise = Survival, time travel and forgotten by CapDoc in Hell Bent

    bendubz11 @replies


    Orson Pink problem solved. Clara still time traveling. Potential there?

    Indeed, and what’s to say she doesn’t bump into a certain lovable villain on her adventures?

    bendubz11 @replies

    @supernumerary @tardigrade see I feel that Clara’s departure was kind of a way to appease all.
    – She survived
    – Her journey from Apprentice to Magician, follower to leader, is complete, nicely closing that arc
    – Ashildr finally got to travel in time and space
    – It doesn’t change the nobleness of her sacrifice for Rigsy in any way
    – Eventually she will still have to go back and Face The Raven
    – It allows CapDoc to continue without grief

    Truly, it is a better ending to her story than I could ever have imagined

    bendubz11 @replies

    I have a few things to say about that:
    1) It was perfect
    2) That episode was perfect
    3)I loved how they explained the changing back to a Screwdriver, Clara and Ashildr taking the Glasses
    4) Did I mention it was perfect?

    bendubz11 @replies


    I wonder if just maybe there is a small chance that Me was going by the pseudonym Penelope Gates during her life in the Victorian era?

    I think I heard that name a few days ago, if you’re saying what I think you’re saying that is one hell of a theory and I’d love it to be right!

    bendubz11 @replies

    @bluesqueakpip I share my ice cream with no one, even my closest friends

    bendubz11 @replies

    @tardigrade ah yes I see, as I said I wasn’t certain that it meant anything, but it definitely had piqued my interest

    bendubz11 @replies

    I was just doing my standard Friday night look at the cast list for tomorrow’s episode and I’ve noticed something. according to Wikipedia (not always the most reliable I know), Maisie Williams character is TBA. Not Ashildr or Me. I’m wondering whether we may be about to find out just how important a character she is to The Doctor.

    bendubz11 @replies

    Tardigrade just gave me a thought. What if we’re wrong about this series being about the Time War? What if what we’re about to witness is the Cloister War that Missy mentions in Apprentice?

    bendubz11 @replies

    @countscarlioni At this stage it probably pays to keep an open mind on what, exactly, the hybrid is.

    I’m just waiting for somebody to turn up in a Prius tbh.

    bendubz11 @replies

    @starla I think it’s The Fox Inn, don’t hold me to that though I may be wrong

    bendubz11 @replies

    @puroandson the Suicide Moons are mentioned at the start by the Shadow Architect when talking to the Judoon, just before noticing Colony Sarff. When I first watched the episode I did some research on that as well and found no reference to them in the Whoniverse anywhere so logic must dictate they’re connected to a future storyline.

    I definitely view the Jane Austen thing as similar to Ten marrying Queen Elizabeth, it’s just I only just noticed it and it made me chuckle. As for the glasses I’m sure they are for something, but the further into the series we go the less likely it seems to me that they’re just to monitor Clara, CapDoc’s timeline seems too jumbled for that (might have to resort my working out for that as well, some bits seem out of place still)

    bendubz11 @replies


    Clara stuck inside somebody’s head

    (I doubt any new threads started in Sleep, Raven or Heaven, so I’ll leave it at that)

    bendubz11 @replies

    NB: FAMILIAR also has Playing God thread.

    Who is Ashildr/Me?
    Ripples and tidal waves

    Accessing lost worlds
    Who told Me about The Doctor?

    Something I noticed as well, from The Girl Who Died:
    Turning them into fighters, that’s not like you.
    Yeah,I used to believe that too.
    What happened?

    bendubz11 @replies

    (just to confirm I’m only listing the first time things come up as well, saves time and effort for all of us)

    bendubz11 @replies

    NB: APPRENTICE is also both the start of dying but not dying thread and the immortality thread.

    Moran’s log is on 21st November – date Face The Raven aired, 104 years on
    Symbols = infect in mind, can’t get it out
    Cloister bell

    Bootstrap Paradox
    Minister of War
    Cheating death
    Enslaving races

    also a thought, could Lake/Flood be The Lovers tarot card? There’s references to Clara/Danny, there’s Cass/Lunn and O’Donnell/Bennett

    bendubz11 @replies

    (So it isn’t one massive post I’ll split this up into a few posts):

    Sonic Glasses not Screwdriver
    “The War” – not specified whether it’s the Time War or the Skaro Civil War
    Travelling to a bookstore – Bookshop or Library? Weeping Angels or River
    Suicide Moons
    Jane Austen = Phenomenal Kisser according to Clara (follow on from The Caretaker in S8, and links to Face The Raven)
    Confession Dial with slice out of it
    Cloister War
    “Which one of us is dying?” – muddled time stream
    Do Not Run

    Always assume you’ll win
    (Talking about the dark star pendant) “The Doctor gave it to me when my daughter-” What? Died? Regenerated maybe? There’s certainly 2 options for that!
    Missy’s clever idea

    bendubz11 @replies

    Yeah that nap kinda turned into a sleep oops, I did tell you my sleep cycle was messed up. Right, to the unresolved threads, let’s do a series re-watch now to find every unresolved reference! It’s a good job I don’t need to do anything tomorrow so I can go all night!

    bendubz11 @replies

    @puroandson Well i’m going to have a little nap now (even though it’s only just gone midday, my sleep cycle doesn’t exist anymore) then when I wake up it’ll be what I do first

    bendubz11 @replies

    @mersey wrong Omega River, wrong Omega

    bendubz11 @replies

    I feel like we need to make a list of all the threads that are still open so we can work out what is likely to be tied up in Hell Bent. Might aide bonkerising.

    bendubz11 @replies

    @puroandson He has quite the memory -I guess most children do.

    Oh how I wish that applied to me, I was always forgetting things (though nowadays that has developed into forgetting to sleep, the joys of being a fresher!)

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