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    chickenelly @replies

    Signing back in for my yearly check in.  I have to say I was rather nervous about who it was going to be (thinks “please not Kris Marshall”) and was checking the news on my phone as I was out for the day.

    Having not seen Jodie in anything, I’m rather looking forward to it.  Whilst I’m a big fan of Capaldi’s, I found last year’s series a bit samey (although I enjoyed this series).  A nice change to shake stuff up hopefully.

    chickenelly @replies

    I enjoyed that, the main reference I got from it was from the book ‘Slade House’ in which people disappear every 20 years for similar-ish type reasons.  Curiously, when I read the book I did think it would make a good Doctor Who episode.

    I’ve seen a few Mike Bartlett things @phaseshift, but this was completely different.  Not sure how effective the new aural soundtrack will be.  Radio 4 tried this a couple of years ago for their Hallowee/Horror night.  The Stone Tape & The Ring were supposed to have enhanced sound qualities, but it didn’t sound that different to my old ears.



    chickenelly @replies

    That’s very kind @blenkinsopthebrave although I may disappear again until the new series starts.  Fingers crossed there may be some kind of story arc this time – you know for us to start theorising about.


    chickenelly @replies

    Wha? Although I’ve been absent for over a year, I’ve heard rumblings the powers that be were looking for a ‘younger model’.

    Oh, and whilst I’m here, that Christmas special was cobblers!

    chickenelly @replies

    Quick check in over breakfast.  I must admit I thought last week’s episode left a lot to be desired, but this week’s I enjoyed immensely.

    I noticed the background music in this episode in a good way for once.  It reminded me of ‘Carry on Screaming’, plus Perkins had a bit of the Hawtreyesque about him:

    Perkins Perkins, the railway engineer

    Now that we’re quite far into the series, I’ve firmed up my bonkers theories a bit:

    1) Danny will be the brother of Journey Blue who has been snatched by Missy into the Nethersphere then sent back using the tech which has been gleaned from the investigations into the Mummy.

    2) The Mummy was another being this series which was partially cyberised.  Is the view out of the window which Seb looks at in the ‘Caretaker’ episode some kind of conversion unit?  Danny has therefore been cyberised, hence the vagueness of his background (can’t remember).  He’s clearly travelled through time and is the relative who was time traveller mentioned by Orson Pink.


    chickenelly @replies

    Following on from my popular *ahem* analysis that Robot of Sherwood was in fact Shrek in disguise, my latest thesis compares Time Heist with another family favourite :

    1) Clara with her face coloured in


    2) Psi in search of a missing part


    3) Saibra looking for that extra something

    4) Ms Delphox or her previous clones


    5) Director <span style=”color: #252525;”>Karabraxos</span>


    6) Ms Delphox instructing the Teller to find intruders


    7) The Doctor


    8) The architect revealed


    9) The Tardis returning the Doctor and Clara (& K9) back to the real world

    chickenelly @replies

    Having now had time to ruminate on this episode, below is my first foray into bonkers theorising this series *tentatively lights pipe*.

    1) Last year was full of Claricles, is this year full of relatives of Danny Pink?

    2) Orson Pink states that time travel is in his blood, saying it was stories of his grandparents, then corrected to great grandparents.  This sounds as if he hasn’t met either.  Could his relatives be in a timey wimey Terminator stylee, and instead of Clara, his long distant relative is from the future – ie Journey Blue!  The dead brother who you can’t see will of course be the spit of Danny.  Journey Blue might still be a candidate to appear later in the series (after all she did want to come with the Doctor) hence the stories of time travel.

    3) I can’t help but agree with others that Clara is going to sacrifice herself in some way and therefore end up with Missy in the nethersphere.

    4) Danny mentioned on his first date that he had family issues to sort out.  As he is in a children’s home this may mean he is an orphan, but his sister could be in the home with him.  The blanket monster was taller than little Rupert but shorter than Clara.  Therefore the blanket monster is Danny’s older sister who was scared of both Clara & the Doctor hence why she scarpered.

    chickenelly @replies

    Having just watched it for a second time, my conclusion is that the thing under the bedcovers was another child. It was just distorted through being very unfocused.  The knocking sounds were indeed what the doctor said they were, the hull shrinking as it got cooler at night.

    Some observations:

    1) When the Doctor is first in Rupert’s room, he’s playing with something resembling a red robot or it could have been a red spaceman

    2) The time-traveller in Hide was also rescued by a link with a distant relative.

    3) Who is the family which Danny Pink refers to in the first part of the date with Clara? We’ve just seen him in a children’s home which would seem to flag up that this statement is a bit odd.

    chickenelly @replies

    That’s the first episode in a while I’ve wanted to watch immediately again. Fantastic! Maybe the Moff should get his budget cut more often if this is the result.

    The knocking on the spaceship reminded me of ‘Midnight’ which is another one of my favourites.

    chickenelly @replies

    Gah! It all went wrong so I re-edited and put it back up again then forgot to add Robin Hood.  Here he is:

     (Robin Hood)

    Oh and this:

     (Sheriff of Nottingham questioning Clara)

     (Archery tournament)

     (Sheriff of Nottingham’s Castle)


    chickenelly @replies

    Far from the obligatory Red Dwarf/Hitch Hikers references from me this week, the episode kept reminding me of something else – Shrek.  My evidence below:

     (Surly Scottish hero)

     (Forest where it is always sunny)

     (Princess Clara/Fiona)


    (Sheriff of Nottingham)

     (Faceless goons/robots to do the Sheriff of Nottingham’s bidding)


    I’m not sure if I enjoyed it or not.  For me there was far too much Clara, not enough Doctor – especially as Capaldi’s subtle characterisation has yet to fully gel with me yet.  He’s not playing it as ‘big’ as Tennant or Smith so seems to get a bit drowned out by all the other stuff going on.  I don’t mind Clara, but conversely I don’t find she actually has much character to speak of – unlike her predecessor Amy.

    On a bonkers theorising side note, if we include the cut scene which showed the Sheriff of Nottingham as a robot, then this is the third episode in a row which depicted a robot with human characteristics/or part human.

     (Shrek as a human)

    Not sure where this gets us yet, but probably indicating Cybermen turning up at one point or other.

    chickenelly @replies

    Just a quick check in, now the coast is clear.

    A few thoughts (in the form of a list!):

    1) If Missy is collecting those who have sacrificed themselves in some way at the Doctor’s behest, will Rusty the Dalek be part of ‘heaven’ too?  I can’t see him lasting all that long trying to bump off all the Daleks.

    2) The Doctor’s attitude to the death of Ross and to Clara I’m beginning to interpret as someone lacking in social skills – the regeneration seems to have set him to year zero almost.  Certainly there has been flagging up of his only having a hazy memory of a lot of previous events plus how awkward he was with Clara at the end of Deep Breath.  The other Doctors, all had cold moments but may have kept their opinions to themselves or at least looked a bit guilty about it (I’m thinking about how ruthless 11 was to old Amy in TGWW).  Clara had to ‘teach’ him (through a slap) that his attitude was not acceptable.  Methinks this gives Capaldi an opportunity to develop the character as the series progresses.


    chickenelly @replies

    Hmmm @wolfweed…. Humpty last week collected some eyes, and the Doctor seemed to be having trouble with his eyes (ie not being able to see properly) – a theme continuing on this week if you take into account his comments to Clara?

    A theme like the eggs and lights from last series perchance?

    chickenelly @replies

    @wolfweed, is Baker looking shocked at Sarah Jane taking his Baked Alaska out of the freezer early? [UK viewers will be able to  tell what I’ve been watching tonight!]

    However, that’s just a distraction.  Just idly watching some bits from Deep Breath and it may have been mentioned above – if not I’ll claim what little glory there is.  The advert in The Times states:

    ‘Impossible Girl. Lunch on the other side’.

    Can this be read as a quite literal lonely hearts advert from Missy?  Technically she’s on the other side in the promised land/heaven.

    chickenelly @replies

    Just watched it finally a second time on my tiny 12 inch laptop screen – not quite the detail of seeing it projected on the Sky Lounge on Saturday.

    A few thoughts in my traditional format of a list:

    1) The cyborg’s ‘Promised Land’ put me in mind of the obligatory Red Dwarf reference which I always like to dust off for every DW episode.  This time ‘Silicon Heaven’ a la the episode ‘The Last Day’.

    2) Ten managed to disable the organ harvesting robots on SS Madame de Pompadour by pouring wine on them.  I did wonder if the Doctor was trying the same trick with the whisky he offered the cyborg man.

    3) Missy’s accent.  Does Missy have a Scottish accent because the Doctor does?  My thinking is more towards a Dream Lord sort of explanation for her.

    chickenelly @replies

    Pah!  Just settling down for a rewatch on iPlayer, but the BBC website has gone all wonky.  I’ll therefore post a few comments in the meantime:

    1) The Doctor landing in Glasgow I thought was also a reference to Sarah-Jane.  Didn’t she tell Ten in School Reunion that he last dropped her in Aberdeen?

    2) Cyborg man’s obsession in a vague ‘Promised Land’ reminded me of the similar belief held by the last of humanity in Utopia.  Of course in that episode was the reappearance of the Master.

    3) Like others, I think throughout the episode were a few nods to past Doctors/actors, as well as nods to these actors’ work outside of Who.  Some have been mentioned above, but the impaling of Cyborg man on the church spire I took to be a reference to Troughton’s demise in The Omen.

    *pipe at the ready, come on BBC website!*

    chickenelly @replies

    Also watched it at the ‘pictures’ (my granny’s term not mine) yesterday.  Not as empty as I first feared but about half full – only a couple of die-hards had made the effort, ie Baker’s scarf and someone dressed up as Eleven from his first series.

    First impressions, hmmm.  Not as immediately accessible as Eleventh Hour but Capaldi did say that his Doctor wasn’t as user friendly as some of the previous incarnations.  Plus I also thought it could have done with a bit of trimming down.  However once the restaurant scene kicked in, the episode rattled along.  I did find Matt’s reappearance (including terrible wig) a bit of a misstep.

    I’ll need to watch it again for bonkers theorising™ but all in all a very promising start, especially after that dreadful Christmas episode when virtually nothing happened.

    chickenelly @replies

    Hello @wolfweed & @bluesqueakpip, thanks for the welcome back.   My Scottish granny is fine but was getting worried about booking a cinema ticket for the Sky lounge of the O2. Those that saw the 50th anniversary special there can appreciate how large that room is.  Hopefully it will fill up a bit come Saturday as we are hoping for a bit of atmosphere.

    On a completely different note, the Grauniad seem to be tampering with the comments layout again – just in time for Saturday!

    chickenelly @replies

    Hello all!

    Turning up like @timeloop just in time for the new series (been lurking for a bit as I’ve been a bit busy).

    I’ve got my cinema ticket for Saturday (although I’m not sure how busy the cinema will be, when I booked this week, the seat allocation diagram was looking mighty sparse) and even forced myself to watch the One Show for Capaldi.

    Pah!  Those of you who are watching will know what I mean, but Alex Jones is an awful interviewer.  Why ask that?


    chickenelly @replies

    Hurrah, now that The Bridge is finished on the telly, now to turn my mind to all things sci-fi.

    I watched the three episodes in a row and really got into it, and was all for jumping ahead.  But, I’ll stick to the spirit of this blog and save myself for next week.  Thoughts, in my favourite form, a list:

    1) Pentangle.  It did look like the patterns we used to do in primary school with a pair of compasses.

    2) I like the creepy backstory about the sightings, it did remind me of Kneale’s Stone Tape though.

    3) Spotting actors who later turn up in something else.  @ScaryB mentioned Mark Eden who was in the first episode later appeared as Marco Polo.  I’m afraid when I spotted him, I immediately thought of him getting run over by a Blackpool tram after trying to bump off Rita Fairclough in Corrie.

    chickenelly @replies

    Just a quick pop in to say I’m glad that the watch-along-with-mother blog has restarted.  Unfortunately I’ve only watched the first half of Quatermass as I got distracted by The Bridge.

    Judas that I am, I’m busy reading the bonkers theorising on that programme at the moment.  However it’s finishing this weekend so I will be back in the land of sci-fi…

    chickenelly @replies

    Hurrah! Finally got a broadband connection.

    Never mind the Tardis, this last month has been like a trip back to the 90s. No internet at home, only at work. Damn you Talk Talk and your rubbish service!

    I’ve switched to BT thhssspp *blows raspberry in the direction of Talk Talk’s dodgy call centre*

    Have I missed much?

    chickenelly @replies

    Hello everyone, not been checking in as I’ve just moved house and haven’t got the internet connected yet. Just up in Scotland for Xmas in the bosom of the chickenelly family and taking the opportunity to leech off their wifi.

    Need to watch the episode again but the first impression of the chickenelly family was that not much happened. Also was Eleven aged up so Peter Capaldi would look younger in comparison? (I’m thinking of those people who complained that he was a bit long in the tooth.)

    chickenelly @replies


    You saw it at the O2?? Me and @bluesqueakpip were there too. Shame we didn’t know beforehand. We were the 2 in 3D glasses, fairly near the front, squeeing regularly throughout! 😀 Wasn’t it great to watch as a big communal experience with everyone applauding/laughing etc at the same time?

    Aaa, I was near the back with the good view (ie no cricked neck), mind you I did get there early to collect my ticket and glasses *and queued twice for the pleasure, damn you Cineworld!* I’ve never seen that cinema so busy before, I think they were taken by surprise by the number of people there.  It was showing on at least two screens – there was another queue upstairs from the look of the fezzes and scarves aplenty – plus it was on again twice that night.  You could still buy tickets for the later showings on the day, and it did occur to me that the cinema could have sold them to everyone twice over again if they’d publicised it better.

    It was a wonderful, communal experience and I noticed that all the biggest cheers came not for Matt but for the other Doctors.  My favourite part was the original 1963 opening (having just watched the real thing a couple of days before).  Tom Baker (speaking his own brand of Bakerese) was also a thrill.


    chickenelly @replies

    Just watched it again on my tiny 14 inch portable, hmmm not quite the same impact as the 02’s Skyscreen in 3D…

    Still enjoyed it though, but thought I’d dust off one of my few pet theories for the 50th which I suggested ages ago.  In the book ‘Summer Falls’, the story is about a painting (although technically it is bringing three different objects together in order for the Lord of Winter to make a reappearance).  However in the book the Doctor is not called the Doctor but the ‘Curator’.  My presumption was that it was an incarnation of the Matt’s Doctor but after the cameo, perhaps not.  After all QE1 says in her letter that she is making the Doctor her curator.

    On a different note, I didn’t really take it in in my first cinema watch, but there were a lot of little jump cuts certainly in the first 20 or so minutes – ie Matt’s eyes morphing into Tom’s (as indicated upstream); Matt seemingly standing behind himself sans Clara in front of the Gallifrey picture; time seemingly twitching backwards or bits repeating – which to me gave a sense that time was being rewritten as it was happening [presumably as a result of the three Doctors activities in Elizabethan England].



    chickenelly @replies

    Hurrah!  Just got in from the cinema.  Was umming and aahhing about forking out £13 for a ticket but glad I did.

    First thing, I did ask for a multiple Doctor story and got one – technically 13 in all.  However if we leave aside the stock footage cameos, and include the McGann prequel I got six!  Not too bad.

    Presumably this sets up the story arc for next series?

    Agree with @phaseshift, just went over to the grauniad and no proper blog *shakes fist at grauniad’s obsession with live blogs*.

    chickenelly @replies

    Although I’m busy trying to move house in three weeks, I tried the Timelord name maker and found:

    My forum moniker is the rather grand The Czar

    However my real name comes up with the rather disappointing The Florist

    Hmmm *thinks sarcastically* which should I choose?

    chickenelly @replies

    Gah!  All the spoiler videos don’t work!

    You know, I avoided them like the plague in the run up to TNotD but having waited so long for some 50th action with bugger all to show for it I was willing to take the plunge.

    Just have to wait till tonight and tomorrow then.  Does that mean I’ll be forced to watch Atlantis?  Damn you BBC! *shakes fist*

    chickenelly @replies

    Shhh, logged on at work *looks around to see if anyone spots her*

    To add my fourpenneth into the debate about the interaction or lack of interaction of new members, I think it simply has to do with lack of new content.  I, probably like quite a few posters out there, really only got back into Doctor Who through the AG series.  Whilst looking at the BG episodes is interesting, it isn’t like you can speculate on what is happening next as clearly many people on the site know exactly what happens.  After all bonkers speculation is the raison d’etre of the site.

    Come the 50th, I’m sure activity will pick up again, plus we’ve been promised a story arc for the Capaldi season.  Hurrah!

    chickenelly @replies

    I’ve been a bit busy these last few weeks (organising a house move) but honouring the wishes of @htpbdet and his mini incarnations, I shall pose a few bonkers theories about Hurt’s ‘Doctor’ (and in the process hope that I’m not repeating ones upstream).

    *dusts off pipe and gets out numbered list*

    1. When the Doctor enters his own timeline following Clara in TNotD, the other Doctors ignore them – ie running past quickly, essentially they are ghosts of what has been.  It puts me in mind of Scrooge going back into his past in ‘A Christmas Carol’.  However the only one who engages them in conversation is Hurt Doctor.  Why is this?  Is Hurt Doctor therefore the ghost of things to come?  Is he indeed the Valeyard?
    2. Has Hurt always been part of the Doctor’s timeline or has the influence of the Great Intelligence caused him to be by corrupting him in some way (following on from part one) and echoing Hurt’s quote: What I did was without choice, in the name of peace and sanity.
    3. [okay not a bonkers theory as such, rather a stream of consciousness along a theme] Upstream, others have been mentioning the possibility that Prisoner Zero is the Doctor.  You know, when series 5 was on I was thinking exactly the same thing (in my pre-bonkers posting days).  One of the things we know about Prisoner Zero is that he is a shape changer, but then so is the Doctor to a certain extent.


    chickenelly @replies

    Just read the sad news about @htpbdet, my heartfelt condolences to his family and mini HTPBDET(s).  Although I’ve temporarily reverted to a lurker again, I always enjoyed reading @htpbdet ‘s posts which were so beautifully crafted and thought out.

    chickenelly @replies

    Just watched it again, you know for research, and is Matt wearing his new wig?

    chickenelly @replies

    Hurrah at last a trailer of some sort!

    Agree with others that it’s no wonder it took so long to produce, it was fantastic.  It really needs to be seen on a large screen, not in a tiny window on a laptop (mine is playing up, hence tiny window).  Thankfully @wolfweed links has identified the Where’s Wally elements for me, ta.

    chickenelly @replies

    Currently away from keyboard based computers but was just browsing on The Independent and there was a link to the story on the missing episodes. I clicked on it and the link didn’t work.

    What I’m hinting at is that it was clearly a post embargo story as it named the episodes and where they were found in the initial strap line. The whole thing has been taken down now – clearly an error on their part.

    chickenelly @replies

    @craig, yes the grey is much better thank you.

    Although I wouldn’t consider myself to have dyslexia, when I was at art college we all had to do one of those questionnaires to see if there were any undiagnosed dyslexics in the year.  If I recall correctly, if you answered 10 out of 20 questions ‘yes’ you were likely to have some form of dyslexia – I got 11 out of 20.  Most of my ‘symptoms’ involve not being able to remember numbers or tell left from right (tip: never ask me for directions), but I do find large white spaces behind text can be a bit problematic if I’m tired.


    chickenelly @replies

    Back after a short hiatus.  I’ve been checking in and keeping up to date, but not had time to do stuff like logon.  Mind you as there is no movement on the 50th anniversary programmes other than that tiny ident *shakes fist at BBC*.

    Oooh a lovely new redesign @craig.  At first I thought my computer or eyes had gone a bit wonky – although I do agree with @bluesqueakpip there is rather a lot of white, perhaps a slightly bigger font for those of us eyebally challenged? – but other than that quibble the new site is rather impressive.

    chickenelly @replies

    Hello @craig

    Another thing I noticed yesterday and again today is that the various edits are appearing at the end of people’s posts, see this for example…

    • This reply was modified 6 years, 8 months ago by  chickenelly. Reason: or indeed this one
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    chickenelly @replies

    Thanks@Phaseshift for the link, yes the 2010 Davison video was just as lovely.  He might be becoming my favourite BG Doctor now….

    chickenelly @replies

    Not sure if this is exactly news, but for those who missed it, I was in Lakeland today and was confronted by a whole big display along the theme of guess what?


    Here’s the link to the full range with the tagline ‘Make, Bake, Exterminate’:

    chickenelly @replies

    …at the bottom of the above page it’s got a comments/opinion section. Oh dear, methinks a lot of abuse might be coming their way…

    chickenelly @replies
    chickenelly @replies

    …However it could be that Matt regenerates quite quickly in the episode (would that wig hold up to 60 minutes of fan scrutiny?) and it is indeed the Capaldi show…

    chickenelly @replies


    Despite enjoying a conspiracy/bonkers theory as much as anyone on this forum, I can’t help thinking that it is indeed the filming of the Xmas special.  If only for the fact that it would be a huge waste of public money – considering the flak the BBC is currently taking re: redundancy payouts.

    If however it turns out to be an expensive decoy, I shall be writing to my MP immediately!

    chickenelly @replies


    In the interests of research, I dug out my boxed set to look for said ‘hooded figure’ and I found it.  I see what you mean – curses if only I’d spotted it two years ago, the Grauniad conspiracy blog would have lasted longer!

    However whilst it is clearly not a shadow, is it just the stand for holding up the mummy case?  Confusingly it seems to move as the mummy case looks like it is tilted in the first few frames then standing up in the latter ones.

    chickenelly @replies

    @wolfweed thanks for posting the Peter Davison short video for the 2011 fan convention.  I’d never seen it before.  It was wonderfully tongue in cheek and knowing.

    Just off to follow the other links now…

    chickenelly @replies

    @pedant & @blenkinsopthebrave

    The Pandorica Opens (or was it The Big Bang)?: who was the hooded figure clearly lurking behind the Pandorica in the British Museum?

    Eh?  I missed that one, that would have been conspiracy theory catnip for me.  I’ve only had time to watch BG series catch up rather than the AG retrospective but now I’m intrigued.

    chickenelly @replies
    chickenelly @replies

    I’ll start of by commenting on the end, you know the appearance of he who shall not be named – noooooo!  It was just as bad as I remembered, I stopped watching Who at this point as well.

    This episode was a strange one.  The previous three zipped along nicely, but all the story lines seemed to be rather hastily crammed into this one – which curiously gave the effect of nothing much happening as the resolution of each was so fleeting.  For instance the rubbery magma monster was a bit of a waste of time in the end.  Forgot about it again, until the Doctor came across the empty costume, sorry, corpse.


    chickenelly @replies

    This was a good episode (with overtones of Phantom of the Opera), but agree with the lack of any role for Peri other than a sci-fi Penelope Pitstop.

    Penelope Pitstop

    However, maybe I’ve been too influenced by the AG episodes but Davison’s Doctor hasn’t actually done much ‘Doctor-ing’ yet. He too keeps getting captured and tied up in various places.

    @Shazzbot I’m up for a Pertwee or Troughton episode just to mix it up.

    chickenelly @replies

    @bluesqueakpip the Skarasen truly takes the biscuit as the most rubbish monster I’ve seen yet.  I especially like the fact it is looking into the middle distance – did its eyes move at all?

    That’s what’s so handy with this Forum, people like yourself @JtF & @phaseshift having all this knowledge to pass onto to beginners like me.

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