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    Pufferfish @replies

    @phaseshift interjecting with a possible Bowie ref for this episode:

    On the day of execution/only women kneel and smile


    Pufferfish @replies

    If we’re bonkersing, I feel like nobody’s paid attention to that last scene in The Pilot where so far it’s assumed the Doctor/Tardis came directly from the office above. I’m not sure he/it did.

    Pufferfish @replies


    That book inspired the internet itself:

    Pufferfish @replies


    Kezzia is probably an alternate spelling of Keziah, one of Job’s three daughters – it means ‘sweetness’ and has the same derivation as Cassia (cinnamon). So the character’s name fits in with the general positivity of the other colonists’ names. Also a very popular name in Puritan/early Protestant circles (I have a few of them dotted around the C17/18 Huguenot/Calvinist branch of my family tree).

    Pufferfish @replies

    Hello all!

    I’m glad to be back and glad to see everyone back. Big love to Puro – now let’s get settled in and see where we are.

    Capaldi was interviewed recently and was delighted to be asked what David Bowie song should play in the TARDIS.  His answer: “Time”. Make of that what you will. I’m totally down with Bowie references as we go along (BTW the last time someone approached DB to appear in Who, in the AG years, he pretty much backed away slowly from the person). As to Smile, I didn’t *hate* In The Forest Of The Night but this was much better, and I love the old-school ‘TARDIS going anywhere but home’ thread that seems apparent so far this series.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Love her, love the Purple Rain t-shirt. If you go to Pearl Mackie’s Twitter, she’s a massive Prince fan and appears to be (as the youf say) fairly woke.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Welcome home, Puro! And I hope it doesn’t embarrass him or you, but your son is tops and already posting at a rate of knots. Must run in the family ;-)))

    Pufferfish @replies

    Dearest puro,

    You’re one of the nicest and most accomplished people I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter online. Thank you for being here, and know that I am so very sorry to hear about your health problems (I’d been reading between the lines that something wasn’t quite right, and it stings to have it confirmed). I’m sure I will not be alone in thinking of you often, and hoping that you at least stay signed in so your posts don’t turn Anonymous, because everything you’ve written here is glorious. Think of it as leaving the porch light on so that the rest of us can find our way back to you.

    Lots of love from a fish, momentarily out of puff. xxx



    Pufferfish @replies

    @bluesqueakpip Yup. Always (through Series 5) thought it was the Doctor. Do you think we’d be wise to pick up that thread again?

    Pufferfish @replies

    I know for a fact that Florence likes Doctor Who – she might even be friends with Karen Gillan since they became Ginger Twins on a night out a few years back.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Amidst all the Photoshoppery, did it seem odd to anyone else that Clara Waitress has a string tied around her wrist? Almost as if she tied it there to remember something?

    Pufferfish @replies

    <span class=”Apple-style-span”>If you want to get off the religion metaphor, then I’d say that demanding Zygons always look human has overtones of ‘passing’ – that era when light skinned African-Americans would move somewhere they weren’t known and ‘pass’ as ‘white’.</span>

    That is brilliant. #zygonlivesmatter

    Pufferfish @replies

    “What’s on the other side?” is colloquial British for “what’s on the other channel?” but I suppose it’s also there as bonkers catnip (and very effective it would seem to be, too).

    There’s a call-back to Asylum of the Daleks here, with that Claricle’s mind in a room of her own, making soufflés, while her body is otherwise dormant and imprisoned. It’s an illustration of the mental link between Zygon and human counterpart. I’m wondering if Clara can watch other events unfold in front of her as if they were on the telly in this room, and thereby see what Bonnie is doing. I don’t think she has any ‘new powers’ in her mind prison; it’s just showing tenacity and the AG Who convention of  being able to push back when something opens a door between two minds.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Hello, virtual drinkers! I used to live above a pub, and don’t go that often now because my local not-Wholefoods shop does a buy-a-glass-bottle refill system with good French table wine for £5. My extremely cultured French friends (who believe you can drink any shade of wine you like so long as it’s red) approve, so who am I to argue?


    Pufferfish @replies

    Oh dear, I think I’ve confused some of you! I’m not in any way married to the brain-capacity idea as being correct; I only sought to point out that it’s an option in fiction that wasn’t taken here. Fiction. Made-up. And let me reiterate that the full-brain/memory-loss concept is a lot more interesting to me, especially where this story is concerned.

    Pufferfish @replies

    @ichabod There are different brain-capacity paths in fiction about immortality (eg the Heroes brain or the Ashildr brain), just as there are different approaches to how ageing works (or doesn’t) in same. I thought the forgetting was a more interesting choice, and tied in well with how people whose timelines cross the Doctor’s experience a change in memory, but don’t remember in the present until he actually goes back into the past and tweaks something.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Then again, human beings who live the normal three score-and-ten are said to use only 10 per cent of the brain’s capacity (possibly 20 per cent, can’t remember exactly) but there are LOADS of stories that suggest immortality unlocks the unused portion (eg. Heroes).

    Pufferfish @replies

    Ashildr is dressed very appropriately for a teenager in London’s Trendy Shoreditch – stonewashed denim jackets from Su Pollard’s ’80s are a hipster-girl thing – but I don’t think hipsters have otherwise reached the Shoreditch of Coal Hill.

    Pufferfish @replies

    @kharis Welcome back, and thanks for the Tarot updates and the most brilliant wardrobe spot.

    I want the Ellie Ravenwood = Ashildr thing to be true, but Clara’s 101 places book from series 7 has ‘Ellie Ravenwood, age 11’ inscribed on the inside leaf. Possibly misdirection, or…?

    Pufferfish @replies

    Whoa there! I can barely keep up with the volume of bonkers. Just popped in after following a bunch of Triple Goddess examples all over the Internet to offer the Horae as a group of goddesses, because there are 12 of them (in some myths) and they’re representative of the hours in the day, also *time*. And since there have been official interviews saying Pompeii might be a thing again this series, I keep looking at Greek and Roman myths as blueprints.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Hello, all! Enjoying the new episodes a lot. And for once I have a bonkers addendum.

    If there’s a mute helper of Nimueh, why couldn’t that be Cass? Also, Cassandra is an oracle in mythology – faultless at predictions, but doomed to be disbelieved.


    Pufferfish @replies

    Nomination for the Fitzroy Tavern?

    Pufferfish @replies

    Hi all, I think I might’ve cracked it.

    Everyone suggesting Perkins is not what he seems and has tinkered with the Tardis is on to something. This episode and the next are by the same writer, so maybe there’s some continuity between potential tinkering and its effects on the Tardis in the next episode? Perkins could even be GUS (or some kind of lifelike interface that doesn’t get hologram-deleted at the lab reveal), placing the equipment to monitor the TARDIS to reverse-engineer its technology – its stated goal WRT the mummy’s technology would also apply to the TARDIS. GUS isn’t an evil computer per se, it’s just an operating system with a goal. Notice the Doctor doesn’t say goodbye to Perkins – perhaps it’s because he knows an aspect of GUS has probably remained on board?

    I’m pretty sure the Doctor is reluctant to be touched and/or having conversations with his former selves because the Matrix is out of whack. We know Gallifrey went into a pocket universe, but that doesn’t mean its data storage device did the same. So it stands to reason that with only one Timelord running around the universe, the Matrix would probably bear down quite heavily on that individual. I think Missy is to the Matrix as Perkins is to GUS, and she’s picking off redshirts to get enough energy to phase-shift into the Doctor’s dimension. He isn’t her ‘boyfriend’ so much as her alter ego, or point of exit, or the victim of ‘stress tests’. *Gallifrey* sent him a new regeneration cycle, from a pocket universe absent of the Matrix.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Pufferfish @replies

    Hi all, I’ve been lurking and trying to come up with some bonkersness worthy of a theory, but none are forthcoming.

    However… I’m pretty sure pregnant people who know they’re pregnant don’t come home and pour themselves out a big glass of wine (Pond drank some red at the picnic at lake Silencio, but *ganger* so…) and stand there with the lights off. It doesn’t make sense to be going there again. I took that final scene to be Clara feeling utterly alone in a quiet flat, the way it feels lonely after a row, no matter how righteous one may have felt in the heat of the argument.

    Pufferfish @replies

    I really loved that. Generally I don’t re-watch until tomorrow so it will be interesting which things start stacking up following the application of 20/20 hindsight.

    Because she doesn’t think of herself as a person who lies, Clara’s guilty about the range of evasions and lies she’s had to make/tell to carry on travelling with the Doctor, and she’s really guilty about not telling the Doctor where the Tardis went in his timeline in Listen. The shots they used when she was being scanned by the Teller evoked both Name of the Doctor and The God Complex, so maybe @miapatrick is on to something?

    Pufferfish @replies

    Can I just say how moved I’ve been by reading all your Referendum opinions?

    Throughout the whole process I decided to do a very not-American thing, which was to stand back and let others speak up aye or nay, hoping that a few nuggets of truth might emerge by accident. My initial concern about this particular government setting up a referendum was sited in their obvious joy in trying to find new ways to play divide-and-rule, in ways that confuse and distract and allow them to ultimately hold power and memory-worm us all into forgetting how tenuous the election result was that facilitated the power-grab. A feeling of dread snaked around my head while Scotland debated mostly in good faith, that the current government had D&R plans A and B in place for whatever outcome – matched by a feeling of hope that Scots and the people who love them are smart enough to realise it and use that Helen Keller moment to head them off at the pass. There HAS to be a tipping point, and that tipping point arrived when these charlatans tried to divvy up an entire constituent nation of the UK. Reading posts from @scaryb, @bluesqueakpip and @whisht, I’m confident that there are good and smart people out there with fully operational bullshit detectors. That’s a good result no matter who ‘won’. You’re all BRILLIANT.

    It’s easier to take power (and all the perks) when you feel entitled to do so. That’s David Cameron’s entire MO. And how dare any of you oiks complain if someone who evidently feels born to power has it handed to him, but behaves as if it’s this thing he found behind the sofa and finders-keepers? That look he doesn’t think we notice is the Resting Bitchface of a mean snob. Resign if he’d lost Scotland? Never. Very worried he’ll suddenly be all ‘sod you, it was a NO, business as usual, foxtrot Oscar.’ And then he’ll try to activate plan B. The more tenuous the man’s right to govern, the harder he’ll cling to it – the entire MO of GWB once ‘selected’, and that’s why it puts the shitters up little old American me. We’ll be too busy concentrating on how much we hate this guy to notice the more important shell-game. Look at how this government has tried to turn the term ‘entitlement culture’ into a meme about the selfish undeserving poor. The irony is suffocating. What will they think of next?

    These people are organised. Niemöller’s poem about ‘first they came for the Communists…’ isn’t an admonition for them, it’s a blueprint. The people they’re trying to shaft are NOT organised as well (they’re refugees, or the unwell and unemployed, or small-business operators, or the NHS) because poor people and sick people and the public sector are usually not prepared to be straight-up devious for the advancement of their socioeconomic peers, to say one thing and mean its opposite.

    I worry about being the Cassandra in the room – and staying on track, obviously – but I hope enough people have paid attention to this referendum to decide politics is too important to be left to the politicians, and why they really like low electoral turnouts. My home state is consistently the most electorally engaged (at least 70 per cent of the electorate always vote) and its citizens do a better-than-average job of keeping their politicians in check. Sustaining pressure is an exhausting thing, but if the British public simply whack the kettle on and have a good moan after seeing their leaders getting the fear from an engaged electorate, it will be *such* a lost opportunity. Like many here are saying, nothing scares them more than members of the public who VOTE.

    Now where’s my macro with Capaldi lofting the Sonic, captioned BULLSHIT DETECTOR? Need one, STAT.

    Thanks, all.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Another maddening earworm:

    Pufferfish @replies

    @geoffers It’s also obvious from the Orson Pink news footage that he was embarking on a solo mission – otherwise two names would have been on that Bon Voyage sign.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Really enjoyed that – sitting cross-legged in the armchair, naturally. Thankful that anything living under my bed would get confused amongst all the shoes.

    Hmm, I thought the path of the toy gunless soldier went like so:

    Box in care home->Clara putting it under Rupert’s bed, when it’s named Dan Dan the Soldier Man->Eventually inherited by Orson Pink->Taken from end of Universe and given to young lad Doctor by Clara.

    Pufferfish @replies

    I *could not* get this (very Scottish) single out of my head on Saturday:

    Pufferfish @replies

    To the Dalek’s body, the medical team inside it are basically bacteria. As any fule kno, bacteria can be sensed as friendly or hostile by the host body, depending on how the bacteria behave.

    Ross shot the floor of the channel the group was in, not caring or realising that it was a living part of the Dalek. The Dalek antibodies identified him as ‘unfriendly’ bacteria, and destroyed him for it. Hence the Doctor saying Ross was a dead man already. Cold, yes – but also Biology 101.

    Pufferfish @replies

    @purofilion Missy is either:

    Missy Hyde – a splinter of the Doctor (remember, he went into the time scar, too)
    A broken/amoral Tardis
    The Matrix
    A nasty Timelord who escapes from The Crack and retcons Doctor/Clara for REASONS
    A CAL-type uploader of souls (FYI don’t much like the ‘soul’ rhetoric, I like my Who secular)

    Who knows? I’ve got a few possibilities kicking around in my head but tragically can’t commit to one in particular.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Hello, all.

    I just thought of a great reason why The Crack has come back – the Timelords are behind it. And if you’re a Timelord after beating the Daleks, why not find ways to crack out individually, through individual Daleks? The radiation/lasagna outburst problem would kill a Dalek, but obviously not a Timelord. Wonder if one slipped out somehow, and she calls herself Missy?

    If a Timelord, Missy is totally capable of coming through a crack at any point in the series and seeding herself back through all the other adventures (including being the woman in the shop). Who said nothing timey-wimey was happening yet?

    Also, THE QUESTION IS: why was The Doctor rummaging around that end of space, in the first place? If you’re a Doctor looking for Timelords (if only to keep them from cracking out before you figure out the best way for them to come back, if at all) you’d be in the vicinity looking for cracks, right?

    If we’re looking at meta-Moffat angles, like echoes of other series eg. Coupling, I’m also wondering why it has taken idiot me to mention that we have a ‘Scottish’ Doctor here, with a showrunner who’s already had a crack at the other famous Scottish doctor:

    Jekyll. It’s the fourth of Moffat’s series, so maybe it’s meta-crisis time and maybe we’re looking at Missy Hyde?

    I have more, but I also have a dog to walk. Thoughts?

    Pufferfish @replies

    I don’t think of the Claracles as total Claras – think of her dispersal as links in a kind of recursive-paradox DNA chain. Clara’s mum did die on the date mentioned in ‘Rose’ as the day of the shop-floor dummy attack. If we’re willing to concede the possibility of a restless/spurned Claracle becoming Missy (which I don’t really like as an idea) then we’ve got to concede that there were Claracles who married and had kids, too.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Something else I’m just gonna throw out there: what if Clara’s mum was one of the Claracles?

    Pufferfish @replies

    The best one of those I’ve ever come up with is Amelia Pond —-> Oedipal Man.

    Pufferfish @replies


    Very good point: the Doctor has aged 800 years on Trenzalore, accepted he was going to die there, and been given a new set of regenerations by the Timelords. He hasn’t been to Earth for nearly a millennium. From Clara’s POV, these events played out over the course of a disastrous Christmas lunch (and she still hasn’t been returned to finish that). Generally it’s the Doctor doing the whole ‘centuries in hours’ thing, not the companion.

    I like it when the companions have a backstory/family life outside the Tardis; it grounds and rounds them.

    Something else I want to just throw out there: why are all Moffat-era companions hung up on various Romans?

    Pufferfish @replies

    Hello, everyone, at last.

    I’m not sure about another Flesh and Stone scene, because when Clara is arguing/negotiating with the lead droid, there are several shots where we can see the other droid who later proves to be the Doctor in disguise, and Clara is never out of his line of sight. You can see his side-eye, whereas the dormant droids are facing forward, unseeing. So he never *quite* abandons her in the ‘larder’. It’s pretty obvious on re-watch.

    I’m pretty sure Missy is the Matrix gone doolally, not a gender-swap Master. Don’t think the production would go for turning an antagonist character female, because that’s more problematic to Tumblr feminism than swapping genders on a ‘good’ character.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Hello, all. Happy to be back in the land of theories even more insane than what’s actually happening. Although I stumbled on possible future episode ‘The Attack Of The Giant Figs’, I probably won’t be taking this to the Speculation section…

    Pufferfish @replies

    @ScoutTheAiredale Condolences to you and your lovely mum from me and Kenny Whippetlurcher.

    Pufferfish @replies


    Sorry to hear about your brother. Kenny Whippet is sending you lurcher vibes. Tell your Mum we miss her, too.


    Pufferfish @replies

    I’m thinking the line is delivered by Matt, no other doctor (he means ‘me’ as in ‘this self’) and the fan fave (I’m wary of Daily Star writers deploying the word ‘legend’ because in context that evokes some lad bigging up office-party drinking, which is par for the Star, I think) has got to be… Amy or little Amelia Pond.

    Would be a great way to explain Capaldi’s accent in-story, right?

    Pufferfish @replies

    @bluesqueakpip – could you please find a way to do this writing thing for a living, if you don’t already? You’re taking some people to SCHOOL here. 😉

    There was a bit of wavey-hands right when Clara first arrives at the Tardis which seemed to refer to how they got out of the time stream, and it seemed to me the Doctor was still trying to figure it out. My own reckoning is that once he retrieved Clara, getting out wasn’t complicated but left repercussions yet to come.

    I’m down with @jimthefish and his Baker!Moment theory. Or that this aged Curator was the right sort to inspire the Third Doctor to choose the younger Curator’s appearance when becoming the Fourth Doctor.

    My problem with The Capaldi Inclusion (estate of Robert Ludlum, see me) is whether his presence in the locking of Gallifrey will mean that Eleven forgets his own role in it (don’t think it’s Capaldi’s voice affirming the presence of ‘Thirteen!’ BTW). Upthread, people are wondering whether Capaldi is the last doctor in Set One or the first one in Set Two – maybe, without being too navel-gazey, it will lead to a bunch of riffing on first and last/alpha and omega (uh-oh, Omega!) and all that entails in-Whoniverse.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Finally! Just teleporting in from Planet Deadline, mission accomplished and all that.

    Not long to go now, so see @shazzbot et al in the pub later.

    Pufferfish @replies

    @shazzbot – I see your Airedales and raise you one ancient whippet in Ood cosplay fail:

    Pufferfish @replies

    I haven’t had the time to expand on others’ contributions but I am a very grateful reader of same. Am weighing up whether to pop my head around the pub door to lift a glass to absent friends, as I could probably walk there from my home in the centre of London.

    Pufferfish @replies

    What terribly sad news about @htpbdet – my condolences to his family and everyone here.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Hello! Have to agree with the poster up-thread who thinks Hurt Doc is Doctor (Prisoner) Zero – it means the number order of Doctors doesn’t change (bypassing a merchandising crisis) and suggests 11 massively misdirected the Atraxi in The Eleventh Hour. But did he really? Zero is and isn’t ‘The Doctor’ as we know him right now, so all 11 did was convince the Atraxi that the eeevil shape-shifting monster was worth capturing, and the other alien presence they detected on Earth (11) was not worth capturing.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Zoe Ball’s birthday is 23rd November, and she really is a massive fan.

    Pufferfish @replies

    Hello fishes! Delighted by this news. If there were leaks, they were on-purpose leaks

    Was given strong hints yesterday, because my source told me the broadcast had to take place in Capaldi’s one-week filming break.

    Craig Ferguson’s probably a little moist in eyes and trousers just now.

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