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    midnyt @replies

    been awhile.  just finished this one.  gotta find a frame for it.

    size is roughly 12 inches square. 49 pieces of paper.

    midnyt @replies

    @missy  I’ll never understand why people go on to a forum and whine about things they don’t like.   Life is too short to spend so much time on the negative and purposely frustrating yourself.    I’ve just finished Sherlock The Abominable Bride and I know that one is going to have a lot of people not getting it.  But Moffat is doing just fine by me.  I love his long game and seeing how it all ties in down the line.

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    I follow Barrowman on social media and got his autograph at Heroes and Villains FanFest back in November. I got to see his panel there as well. John is very much Captain Jack, and is very good with his fans. There’s a clip of him and Alex at a recent con on YouTube. He’s a total fanboy himself and his flamboyant nature really makes it fun to watch him geek out. I’ve been trying to think of a good theme for a photo op when I go to Wizard World in February, because Barrowman will do just about anything. Wizard World Portland will have Matt, Karen, Alex, and Arthur in addition to John. I did see Karen at FanFest as well, but was working and didn’t get her autograph.

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    @scaryb The diamond is The Halassi Androvar. King Hydroflax was raiding the Halassi vault when it exploded on him.

    midnyt @replies

    @notime – transcripts (mostly accurate, I have seen a few errors) here:

    @arbutus – I agree with you about perceptions. It colors everything we do in life. I can absolutely see her being so stuck in “he only has these 12 faces” that it never even occurs to her that something could happen and he could have more.

    @puroandson – I think it boils down to writing for me. Clara never earned her confidence. I identify with River. I see many facets of her in my own life, be the person I think I am or the person I want to be. I can identify with the character (River) or I can identify with the story (Rose, Amy, Donna). With Clara, they didn’t give me anything to work with that that’s my problem with her.


    River, now, River drove me bats from the get-go, probably for the same basic reason that I dislike Captain Jack: there’s a certain style of flamboyant self-confidence that just gets my back up (partly because it always feels *fake* to me — an act, a defense — unless the person in question is, say, an opera singer, because people able to live *that* life carrying around that kind of talent just amaze me the hell out of me).

    That’s interesting to me. That’s exactly why I like Captain Jack. And River. It doesn’t feel like an act to me. John Barrowman is genuinely like that. Alex, to a certain extent, seems the same. It’s funny how our own perceptions color everything in life, even how we can all watch the same TV Show and see completely different characters. It keeps life interesting.

    @mersey – At first we didn’t know, and that was what we were supposed find intriguing about Clara. Unfortunately, for me at least, they failed. I really couldn’t care less. Now River’s reverse timeline, I still have trouble wrapping my head around it completely and so it’s still something that continues to fascinate me. And when they add a new story with River, it’s like I get a new puzzle all over again with even more pieces to play with. It’s somewhat familiar, but brand new at the same time.

    midnyt @replies


    I don’t know if 10 said something like that, but 9 definitely did. At the end of Dalek.

    DOCTOR: I’m the only one left. I win. How about that?
    ROSE: The Dalek survived. Maybe some of your people did too.
    DOCTOR: I’d know. In here. (his head) Feels like there’s no one.

    Yes, but River had this, I don’t know how to call it, a wanted list with every Doctor’s face in a chronological order. So she had to know roughly his timeline up there in the library.

    I think its simply coincidence that the faces are lined up in proper order, that’s done for the benefit of the audience. Its really hard to wrap my head around the timeline, but although they said they met in reverse order, I don’t believe that is strictly true. At least not after S6. So I have no problem believing that she would do the Byzantium with 11, go on a picnic with 10, sneak in another adventure with 11 then meet up with 12.

    I also don’t think that she makes notes as to which doctor was which on her adventures. When she meets 11 in Crash of the Byzantium she says “It’s so strange when you go all baby face.” This implies to me that she’s seen him do this before. For me it’s kind of like when a man in your life has a beard and every once in a while will shave it off. It’s still the same man, but when you see him out of the corner of your eye, it’s strange. Doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been together, it still takes you by surprise. I don’t think River perceives the doctor the same way we do. It’s all the same man to her. A different face might be little more to her than a new suit. Indeed with his dislike for endings, a new suit might actually be more momentous than a new face. It would be like me trying to remember if my S.O. had a beard or not on my birthday in 2004. I might remember where we went, but not details like what he wore or whether or not he shaved.

    I’m pretty sure Alex is doing some audio adventures with Paul McGann, so yes, we’ll get some River and 8, even if not on screen. I also understand that there was a game a while back with River. I know she met a lot of his faces there, even if it’s not exactly canon.

    midnyt @replies


    Certainly she is insistent upon returning the diamond to the Helasi (?) but not without a hefty reward. Although I felt that part was somewhat confused what with the diamond happily falling into her partially diaphanous outfit and full bodice and the funny lines surrounding the scene: “I’m better than good” etc..- somewhat vain, River, a tad, maybe? 🙂

    And I’m fine with that. This is one confident woman and that I’ve really missed. Clara had a confident manner too -and for some reason it annoyed me. That clearly is my flaw so I need to figure out why I didn’t enjoy the confidence displayed by Clara & yet I don’t mind it so much in River (though there were certain episodes with Smith when it went too far -again, a problem with me – that I would question displays of confidence).

    DOCTOR: The diamond?
    RIVER: Good, aren’t I?
    DOCTOR: I’m not sure good’s the word.
    RIVER: Better not be.

    This is twofold for me. This is River flirting with the Doctor. Basically saying “you better think I’m more than just good”. But it’s also River saying she’s not a good girl, she’s a bad girl. She claims not to have a conscience when she talks about killing Hydroflax. From The Impossible Astronaut: “And Doctor River Song. Oh, you bad, bad girl. What trouble have you got for me this time?” She likes the contrast between herself and the Doctor and the fact that he sees her as a bad girl, but can’t seem to resist her anyway. Or maybe it’s the fact that he seems to care about her either way, he accepts her as she is.

    Regarding Clara, I agree with you, so it’s not only your flaw. The thing about Clara is she always seemed to have airs about her like she thought she was cleverer than everyone else. Some people genuinely think they are better, some appear that way until you get to know them, and sometimes it’s just your own prejudice. How you perceive people depends a great deal on your own personal experiences. That explains why some people like Clara, and some of us are simply not impressed. She’s the popular girl who everyone wants to be friends with and we honestly don’t know if there’s any substance to her or not. I’m not one to be impressed by the popular girl simply because she’s popular. Clara never really earned the right to be clever and smug with me. Basically we were told she was the impossible girl and, like the Doctor, we are all supposed to be fascinated by her. I wasn’t. River, on the other hand earned that right. River gave up her life in the library for the Doctor. River at her most smug to me was in Crash of the Byzantium, when she’s telling him that he’s flying the TARDIS wrong, and even then, the Doctor still kind of put her in her place when he just stuck his head out of the TARDIS door and told them exactly where they were.

    midnyt @replies

    me too, but if she’s done, I’m OK with that. she’s a favorite, but they did an excellent job of bringing her story full circle. the chemistry is wonderful with her and Peter, but this would be a perfect high note for her to go out on.

    oh and when he tried to pull a nine and send her away? she just materializes around him and shuts him in the tardis. love it.

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    lol, puro. you know how River is about stealing vehicles. I think she does it because she can. and I think that she hopes to “bump” into her doctor as well.

    midnyt @replies

    I’ve watched it like 3 or 4 times already.

    Some of my favorite moments:

    – I think I’m going to need a bigger flowchart.

    – Is this what you are like when I’m not . . .

    – Hello Sweetie

    – The implication that River “borrows” the TARDIS from time to time and he doesn’t notice. (I like to think she deliberately leaves something out of place just to see if he’ll notice when he gets back in.)

    – What do you think, by the way? . . .I’ll let you know, I’ve only seen the face. (The thing I really like about this exchange is that he’s all excited to show her the “new” him. He’s not worried in any way that she won’t be accepting or think that he’s too old. He knows that he can just be himself with River.)

    – I’ll take the robot, you drive. (Think he’s finally ready to admit she’s the better pilot?)

    And finally:

    when the wind stand fair
    and the night is perfect
    when you least expect it
    but always
    when you need it the most
    there is a song

    This echo’s River’s speech from SITL/FOTD, but I like the think that when he says “There is a song” he’s talking about River.

    @puroandson – I had to double check, but yeah, eight is in there. It is the editing. You don’t get to see his face at all. And she did recognize the TARDIS, but she couldn’t find the Doctor, so she just decided to “borrow” her (the TARDIS) for a few, and pop it back in place before he noticed.

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    I don’t think i could have asked for anything more in that special.

    regarding Cleopatra from The Wedding of River Song:

    DOCTOR: Did my best, dear. I showed up. You just can’t get the psychopaths these days. Love what you’ve done with the pyramids. How did you score all this?
    RIVER: Hallucinogenic lipstick. Works wonders on President Kennedy. And Cleopatra was a real pushover.
    DOCTOR: I always thought so.
    RIVER: She mentioned you.
    DOCTOR: What did she say?
    RIVER: Put down that gun down.
    DOCTOR: Did you?
    RIVER: Eventually.

    I always got the impression they both “got with” Cleopatra from that.

    There are so many references in this one, I don’t know where to start. I’m a sucker for an actor really getting into a role and having fun with it. That’s one of the reasons I like River even though at first I was “What are they thinking.” But Alex just has so much fun as River. And Peter is clearly having just as much fun. And the chemistry! Woohoo! Talk about steaming up the windows of the TARDIS.

    midnyt @replies

    the thing I love about the forum is the  respect everyone shows for each other.  @puroandson son is doing just fine.

    for me, Clara is still just a companion.  I don’t see her as more, that’s why I’m ready to see her go.

    that is also why she will need to be actually related to the doctor for me to accept her being so special.  River song was an exception in that I liked the uniqueness of the  reverse time line, and despite the fact that I’m really excited to see her come back once with Capaldi, if that’s her last hurrah, I’m good with that.  I just want to see the dynamic between them once.

    part of the magic of who is the changes.  it feels like they are dragging this one out.  I’m ready for a new face (companion) and new exciting adventures.  I know some of you don’t think that the point was to keep the door open, but that’s exactly what it feels like.  or that they are setting up a spinoff.  it’s like watching a movie and seeing the obvious set up for a sequel.  this feels exactly the same to me.

    midnyt @replies

    wow, this board is moving fast!

    @arbutus – I would have preferred she stayed dead, however I would have been ok with her being the one with the memory wipe. Or even BOTH her and the doctor being wiped. I found her death in Face the Raven quite moving. And for a character that I really couldn’t care less what happens to, that’s saying a lot. That’s why I felt Hell Bent diminished that. It really elevated her for me, and then they went and ruined it. Maybe it’s the whole last memory thing, but if the last memory of Clara was “Face the Raven”, that’s a lot stronger than “Hell Bent” for me.

    @puroandson – Actually, I loved the whole episode with the exception that the Doctor was wiped and Clara wasn’t. I even found the end scene with Ashildr and Clara to be cute. However I would gladly give that scene up to fix the memory thing. I do agree that Clara has been better this season than she’s ever been. I can’t comment on her as an actress as Doctor Who is the only thing I’ve seen her in, although I will say they didn’t give her a lot to work with early on.
    I haven’t been online for a while. I really enjoyed Heaven Sent. I thought Capaldi really shined there. I think Heaven Sent and Hell Bent have probably been a couple of the best eps for Capaldi’s Doctor. I’m really excited for the Christmas Special. It looks like so much fun!

    @ichabod mentioned – “On the other hand, there’s a clip of Moffat in which he says something like, “I’m much more direct in my thinking than people realize [so my reasoning about these stories is simpler than the ideas that the fans come up with].” I hear Moffat’s voice in my head saying things like – “Well we already did that to Donna, I can’t do that again.” or “Wouldn’t it be a twist if we wiped the Doctor’s memory instead”. Like these are just ideas that popped into his head. Because for all the great ideas Moffat has had, he has also had his fair share of running with “what if’s”. And this makes me more convinced that Moffat has left a foot in the door or some tape over the door jamb to ensure that there’s always a way back in.

    midnyt @replies

    I loved the episode right up until the time that the Doctor was the one erased and not Clara. My first thought was simply “What a copout.”
    Some of you say that it didn’t diminish her death in Face the Raven, but for me it totally did. I fell for the setup that it might be Clara who had had her memory erased. And you know what, I might have been OK with that. It’s no secret that I never did really care for Clara. By the time they made her a character worth caring about, it was too late for me. I’ll admit that I didn’t mind her as much this season, and I thought her death in Face the Raven was quite poignant. This ruined that for me.
    The ability for River to come back due to time streams being out of sync, and her being uploaded to the library computer was clever. Here just feels like we got to that scene and it was “Well, we already did this to Donna, so we can’t do that again.”
    I’m as sick of Clara now as I was of Rose by Season 4. She has completely overshadowed the Doctor for me. I love Capaldi’s Doctor. It took a bit for him to get into it, but he was absolutely fabulous this season. Can Clara just go away now? Let Capaldi shine on his own for a bit. But no, no one is allowed to die anymore in Who. Got to leave it open for her to come back. The only way that she can be redeemed in my eyes is if she actually is related to the Doctor and/or River.

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    Oooh, a shiny new thread.

    I made a new jacket.  (Well I bought a jacket and made it Doctor Who)

    nothing on the back as of yet.

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    Awesome start to the series.  can’t wait for next week.  I love Missy setting Clara straight on a few things. Michelle Gomez is really fun.   She reminds me of River the way she’s always pushing the Doctor’s buttons just for the hell of it.  Add the freedom of being the bad guy.   I hope she doesn’t go away to quickly.  I love how Capaldi has really owned his Doctor.  Again,  can’t wait for next week.


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    @blenkinsopthebrave wrote:

    But for me, this  made the season feel a bit disjointed. It was a bit like the season where Matt Smith did the western, etc. And maybe you can get away with that when you have established the character and the arc of the Doctor (which they did brilliantly in Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor), but I am not sure it worked with a brand new Doctor.

    I’m not sure disjointed is the word I’d use, but there was a feeling of finding himself a little in S8.  The promos I’ve seen for S9 so far appear to show a much more, I don’t know, confident? Doctor.  He really seems to have owned the character for S9 and realized the potential that was there from the beginning, at least for me.

    Part of the problem for me, was that the companion is supposed to be our way in.  We had something invested with Rose when 10 came along.  And though 11 had a brand new companion, I think most people could connect to Amelia (if not Amy) the little girl waiting on her raggedy doctor.

    But Clara has always been something of a problem for me.  In S7 she didn’t get enough character development for me to care about her, and I really had no empathy for her confusion with the new Doctor.  I felt more in touch with the new Doctor than his companion.

    I can’t wait to see what Capaldi does this season with his Doctor.

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    Hello, y’all.  I’ve been away for a while, but the Doctor is coming back and so am I (I hope).   I’ve been practicing my Circular Gallifreyan again, and made this wallpaper in honor of the new season.

    “The Magician’s Apprentice”

    bottom left corner is the date (USA format)

    Click for full size


    midnyt @replies

    @mrvii I know it’s been a while, and you’ve probably got your gallifreyan sorted out, but that would read as “things above all”

    Just like you start reading words counter-clockwise from the bottom, your sentences should do the same.  (alternatively, you can write them somewhat linear from left to right)

    I also dislike that translator because it doesn’t complete the lines. I only use a translator to get an idea of spacing.

    As far as accuracy of the words, I don’t see a line coming off the n in things, but other than that, it looks ok.

    midnyt @replies

    been a while since i’ve been here.  life got in the way.

    so does anyone watch Arrow/The Flash?  I was watching the preview for the spinoff “Legends of Tomorrow”  and about squealed myself to death.

    jump to 1:57 for the best part!



    midnyt @replies

    Just a Gallifreyan ” Merry Christmas!”

    Merry Christmas


    midnyt @replies


    “Any people who knew they could change sex at will would not choose a name like Susan for their child?”

    Clearly somebody who is not familiars with the oeuvre of Johnny Cash.

    Not to mention anyone who remembers this episode: 


    midnyt @replies

    I agree that Danny was simply being responsible. Yes, Clara can save the world, but can she keep an eye on a group of kids in her care?

    I also felt the medication thing was a message to take our time and listen first, rather than just throw meds at it, which we do much to often in this day and age.

    I really enjoyed this ep, and i really enjoyed everyone in it. No, its not going to end up one of the standout eps, but i think it might be one of my favorites this series.

    midnyt @replies

    If you want the Robin Hood database shots, let me know! 🙂

    midnyt @replies

    Here you go (click thru for full size):

    midnyt @replies


    There is a hand clearly visible a few frames earlier, but I maintain that that shadow is the arches.

    midnyt @replies

    At least the Doctor was able to get himself and Robin out of the chains without Clara’s help. I’d still like to see him a little more self-sufficient. I would have really liked it if he was that good of an archer. I’d love to see the Doctor have some hidden talents.

    As for the reflection in the spoon, I don’t see anything there. There are some frames earlier than the one posted where you might be seeing a cameraman (I honestly doubt they worried too much about what might be reflected in a spoon), but the shot that was captioned earlier, the dark shape looks like one of the arches going around the second level of the TARDIS. The reflection warps as the spoon is turned away from the camera. I think the only reason the spoon is so obvious is so we’re not asking later “Where did he get that spoon?” It was the setup needed for the Doctor to have it for the spoon/swordfight.

    Did we spend this much time following around Amy when she wandered away from the Doctor? If so, it sure didn’t feel like it.

    midnyt @replies

    Someone earlier mentioned the TARDIS console room was reminiscent of the Eighth Doctor’s, so I thought I’d dig up a couple of screenshots.

    midnyt @replies

    Just got finished with my first watch.

    I’m warming up to Clara more.  I think her “reading” of other people is just her looking into their eyes and seeing what most don’t, it might have something to do with her being a teacher (or maybe the reason she is a teacher).

    She’s been doing that since Day of the Doctor.

    CLARA: You wouldn’t. Because you haven’t done it yet. It’s still in your future.

    WARRIOR: You’re very sure of yourself.

    CLARA: He regrets it. I see it in his eyes every day. He’d do anything to change it.

    WARRIOR: Including saving all these people. How many worlds has his regret saved, do you think? Look over there. Humans and Zygons working together in peace. How did you know?

    CLARA: Your eyes. You’re so much younger.


    CLARA: Need a moment alone with your painting?

    DOCTOR: How did you know?

    CLARA: Those big sad eyes.


    As soon as she asked Robin why he was sad, that’s what I thought of.

    midnyt @replies


    Thanks for the info.

    midnyt @replies


    As much as I would love for that to happen, it just won’t. The BBC won’t allow anything to take focus off their current doctor. And it wouldn’t really be fair to Capaldi. I think the best we can hope for is to get some webisodes.

    midnyt @replies

    Hmm . . . It appears our fearless leader may have been remiss in including an Eighth Doctor area.
    Well technically it wasn’t an episode so . . . maybe that’s why?
    You could pop in over at the Eighth Doctor Audio area, I suppose.
    Or maybe PM the Good Emperor and ask him to create an area for the lovely Mr. Paul McGann and his poor, poor movie? 🙂

    midnyt @replies

    @arbutus so, true. Never a sentence I could imagine uttering before Doctor Who.

    The Doctor made the assumption that the WitS and whoever put the message in the newspaper were the same, but it ain’t necessarily so.

    This is true. The Doctor has been wrong before.

    midnyt @replies

    I honestly hope Missy is a new character.

    I’ll be really disappointed if it turns out to be River. Just because I want to see River one more time. I want to see her “Hello Sweetie” capdoc and have him tell her off. The thought of that just tickles me to no end. I have no idea why. I actually like River. But I don’t want her to keep coming back.

    River has been dead since we met her, and her timeline is completely out of sync with the doctor. There’s really no way of her story being over. She can come back at any time.

    I can’t really see her as Charlotte (CAL) or Miss Evangelista either. Basically they are the same as River, ghosts in the machine. The doctor fixed the data core before he left, so if someone’s getting out, then they all should be getting out. OHHH, if it is, then we can have a showdown between River and Missy. 😛

    midnyt @replies

    A few people have put forth the suggestion that Missy might be River. I don’t think she is. River and Tasha Lem had a similar feel to them as characters. You got the feeling that they truly cared about the Doctor.

    Missy feels like a stalker to the Doctor, not like someone who as actually ever been a part of his life. She comes across as every stereotype that guys fear in an obsessed female.

    midnyt @replies

    @silverman – I thought the slap helped portray Clara as a real person, which quite frankly, has been lacking up until now for me. We’ve seen the perfect, impossible girl. Now, I’m starting to see a real person instead. That’s also what I mean about her saving him. (I’ve never really though about Eleven and his companions saving him.) Right now I’m getting the feeling that while Clara can do without the Doctor, the Doctor cannot do without Clara. I’d like to see that a little more balanced.

    I don’t think that the slap shows that violence is an answer to anything. We do have a tendency to overthink things here. Its part of the fun of the forums. I think that the writers were trying to portray a realistic person, and real people don’t always have ideal reactions. I think that negative things like this are few enough and far between with Who that they can be used as teaching moments. I think the strong reaction to the slap means we are not desensitized. This is the perfect point in time when your child asks “Why did she slap him?” for a discussion on how best to deal with certain situations and what someone might do differently if that were to happen to them. The phrase “you can’t learn from someone else’s mistakes” isn’t exactly true is it? There is value in imperfect role models as well as perfect ones. Some times there is more value in the imperfect ones.

    @miapatrick – I didn’t think the slap was justified in Angels in Manhattan, however I do feel it was keeping with the character and like you said, maybe the time period too. River has just been called out on lying to him. She’s frustrated, worried, in pain, and her Doctor is acting very out of character by healing her broken wrist. (I love that moment, by the way, so sweet) She also knows that he doesn’t have any regenerations left. It was an over-reaction on her part, but very in keeping with the character.

    She did almost clock him in Name of the Doctor too. But I imagine she thought she was very much a ghost at the time and he would never even know she was there. What else can you do to get attention when you’re invisible? 🙂

    midnyt @replies

    @arbutus I’m also wondering if he’s not so old that he can’t really judge the ages of humans any more. I mean after a few hundred years, 20 or 30 might seem pretty much the same. Although both Rose and Amy were 19 when they went first ran off with him, and with no real careers to speak of. Maybe Clara’s job as a teacher makes him think of her as older as well?

    midnyt @replies


    D: Are you alright back there? It’s a bit narrow isn’t it?
    C: Any remarks about my hips will not be appreciated.
    D: Ahh, your hips are fine, you’re built like a man.
    C: Thanks.

    LOL, I’m starting to warm up to Clara with this episode. She’s becoming a lot more human to me. If anything her slapping the Doctor helped with this. Still not crazy about the fact that she had to be the savior by making him get his head back in the game, but we’re getting somewhere.

    midnyt @replies

    @okcorral You’re welcome. I haven’t seen a lot of Classic Who myself. There are plenty of recommendations here on the forums where you can start if you only have time for a few classic episodes and there are enough members that have seen them that they’ll gladly answer any of your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask! This is a wonderful forum in that even the disagreements are civilized and it makes it a lot of fun. We actually like newbies here and sharing our love of the Doctor!

    midnyt @replies

    @okcorral Being that you’ve only watched the nu-Who, I can see why you say that. And yes, from 2005 forward that is somewhat true. 9 thru 11 carried the weight of the TimeWar and of having not only wiped out the Daleks (or so he thought) but his own people as well. And with each return of the Daleks, it seemed to him that he wiped out his own people for nothing. That would make him feel he has to save others to make up for all he has destroyed. The Doctor no longer has that hanging over his head. He now has the potential to interact with his own kind again. Remember he’s not human at the end of the day, although 9 thru 11 appeared to try to be, especially 10.

    In addition, we have no idea what affect the new cycle of regenerations might have on him. He’s potentially got another 2000+ years ahead of him, so he doesn’t have the pressure of “OMG, I have to do this before I die”.

    That being said, some of the Classic Doctors did have darker tendencies. And could be much more analytical and not so touchy-feely.

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    @ Serahni Yes, he does.

    C-DOCTOR: They’re waking from their tomb right now. You can either die or live on as one of us.
    (Meanwhile, his right hand is writing Hit Me on a notepad.)
    CLARA: The Doctor will stop you.
    C-DOCTOR: He can’t even access the lips.
    (Clara hits him. Hard.)
    DOCTOR: Argh! Ow! Oh, that hurt. No, stop. Enough, Bit of pain, neural surge. Just what I needed. Thank you.

    midnyt @replies

    so, slapgate. I just went back and re-watched the episode.

    Doctor: There was never a good Dalek. There was a broken Dalek and we repaired it.
    Journey: You were supposed to be helping us.
    Doctor: I gave it a shot. It was a Dalek, what did you expect.
    Journey: No more talking, you are done. Ok new objective, we are taking this Dalek down.
    Doctor: What’s that look for?
    Clara: It’s the look you get when I’m about to slap you.
    Doctor: Clara.
    Clara: We’re gonna die in here and there’s a little bit of you that’s pleased. The Daleks are evil after all. Everything makes sense. The Doctor is right.
    Doctor: Daleks are evil. Irreversibly so. That’s what we’ve just learned Clara.
    Clara: No, that is not what we just learned.

    Here’s what I haven’t seen said:
    Clara has just realized that she’s probably going to die.
    Clara has also just noticed that the Doctor has basically accepted this. He also has a bit of a “told you so” attitude about it. If Clara had been a man, he would have punched the Doctor. Men sometimes punch each other as a wake up call. That’s what this was, a wake up call.

    So, if you drag me into this situation, I’m about to die, and you are OK with that – I’m not going to be OK with that. If I’m about to die, you might get a punch, or a slap, or a whatever. Impending death can cause out-of-character behaviors.

    midnyt @replies

    @phaseshift – You forgot one. 🙂 River also clocked Eleven in “The Angels Take Manhattan”

    Def no justification for that one either.

    midnyt @replies

    I think this is the first time I’ve heard someone suggest that the screwdriver might be sentient and have it’s own personality. I hope not, cause Ten fried it once, and I’m pretty sure it has been lost in the past. I much prefer to think it’s more like my smartphone, and the TARDIS is it’s home computer.
    And what about the one given to River? Is that one a clone like the Doc Rose gets? Does it have the same personality as the Docs? heheheh. 🙂

    midnyt @replies

    Welcome DoctorBoe. I don’t think Missy is River. She just doesn’t feel like River to me. River would have called him her husband, not her boyfriend. Also, River’s still in the mainframe, she doesn’t have a body. The Time Lords would have had to download her into a body first to grant her a new regeneration cycle, and I just can’t see that happening. Nothing in the past has indicated that they were even aware that River had existed. BTW, even though River did have the ability to regenerate, she was still human. And if she was downloaded, then she loses the link to the mainframe and Clara. I don’t think she’s still connected to Clara. I feel she broke that link when she faded away and let the Doctor know Clara was still alive. I get the feeling that the link between Clara and River is something else, that we haven’t seen yet.

    midnyt @replies

    Ok, I’ve just been through my first watch through of episode 2. I really enjoyed it. Note to all future companions, don’t forget your purse/wallet. 🙂 You never know when you might have to get home from Glasgow. Danny has a lot of potential, I’m really interested in seeing how his character progresses.

    I didn’t really have a problem with him telling Journey no. Granted he was a little gruff about it, but that’s what I think this Doctor’s personality is like. Nine booted Adam out of the TARDIS (yeah, I know he deserved it) and Ten refused Lady Christina when she thought she was just gonna hop on board. He was also going to refuse Donna as well, until she made it clear she wasn’t interested in him that way.

    I really kind of hope Missy is a new character. The theories are fun, but I think with all the nods to the past we already have, I’d like to see some new ones.

    Clara is definitely getting better for me. She’s not quite there yet, but I see definite improvement.

    midnyt @replies

    @janetteb I’m sure Moffat has enough trouble slogging through the emails people send him tryinging to get person a or b onto show c or d. LOL. But I know he’s been shown some of it. He mentioned the WhoLock video in one of the Sherlock talks.

    If Tasha’s not a personification of River, I honestly believe we were meant to think she was. So same difference for me. 🙂

    midnyt @replies

    @arbutus I don’t think that was ever explained. However the Daleks are geniuses with advanced technology. I don’t doubt it’s possible. I also don’t think Tasha was human. While the Doctor aged on Trenzalore, she did not. While I suppose it’s possible that something in the Papal Mainframe could have kept her young, I don’t think that’s the case.

    midnyt @replies

    @serahni I still subscribe to the theory that Tasha was a personification of River.

    midnyt @replies

    @arbutus, the Daleks would kill Tasha and restore her only to kill her again trying to get the info they needed.

    DALEK: Information concerning the Doctor was harvested from the cadaver of Tasha Lem.
    DOCTOR: Bet she never told you how to break through the Trenzalore forcefield, though. She’d have died first.
    DALEK 2: Several times.

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