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    RorySmith @replies

    Still stuck at Spyfall pt 2.

    How did the Master destroy Galifrey by himself?

    By simply hacking the Matrix?

    I’m all good with everything else since as a kid in the eighties, I suspected there were previous versions of the Doctor that were kept secret. This confirmed a childhood theory and it was awesome.

    RorySmith @replies

    Got it.
    In the parallel universe that gave us Bad Wolf Bay and the other cybermen, where was the Doctor for that reality??

    She was there until something made here leave like maybe 10.2? We have the Judoon, Jack, and an alternate Doctor. Does this hint at Rose and even 10.2 returning?


    Please be so!

    RorySmith @replies

    Very seriously digging on prequel to the Whoniverse. I wanted this since I was 12

    The idea that the first Doctor was not the first version of the one we know as the Doctor but a suppressed in memory version and we accepted the rules. Those rules Matt screamed about. Yes lets go back more!!!

    The Valeyard was a first pick but to go further in the past than ever is on the plane with Omega.

    The Doctor and Rassilon were in the same realm with Omega.

    Chris. Do it!

    RorySmith @replies

    First episode this season watched on normal television. Normal means on BBC America with adverts. Lol

    I liked it and my Wife even enjoyed this one. Very rare. I liked how they danced around the delicate relationship between the two inventors but carefully left out the fact they both were left with memories of being in the TARDIS. I did not like the generic arachnid alien threat because it’s done over so many times in Who. Get on with it!


    RorySmith @replies

    Read most of previous posts. Wow.

    My only serious gripe about this episode is the  similarity with the classic The Time Machine.
    Utopian dome, former human morelock creatures, and a selfish antagonist.

    Anyone else see that?

    RorySmith @replies

    Also got an “Army of Ghosts” vibe on this one.

    RorySmith @replies

    Well crap.
    I knew who Missy was.
    I saw every reveal coming.
    This just punched me in the face and made me squeal like a five year old.
    I want more.

    Also, hello friends! Good to see yall here!

    RorySmith @replies

    Warming is real. I expected fall temps already but hitting 90s f. Not happy. I’m eastern US

    @syzygy I have had many contacts trying to get information from me  however, what’s your story?


    RorySmith @replies

    Great pioneers can’t live forever.

    New pioneers must push forward.

    RorySmith @replies

    Just now watched this due to traveling. Despite many criticisms, I really liked this one. Lots of deep meaning and all in jeopardy from a gremlin. That is the creature most associated with aircraft failure in pop culture.

    RorySmith @replies

    I think to round out the race, gender, orientation of companions being exploited; they should end up on a “Logan’s Run” world where Graham is not supposed to be alive at his age.

    Also, living in the US South today is refreshingly more open. Unfortunately there are a few bad seeds but we are often judged by them or those in the past. Strangely, I feel discrimination where I am now in a Northern state just because of my Southern accent.

    This story is a slice of how we as a people have found ways to divide ourselves and the amazing people that fight to bring us back as one.

    RorySmith @replies

    I phrased my statement in a poor way. The adds were repetitive having the same over and over. The US is infested with advertisements and it needs regulation. The feminism agenda was from the comic-con panel they showed bits of. Nearly every question was directly related to this politicaly popular push. I personally love the idea of a female Doctor. I was ready a long time ago. Most of my life has gone quite comfortably with women doing any job or activity they wanted weather or not it was a male dominated thing before. I personally have not seen this perceived oppression against the female gender. In the US and UK it seems as if the media never acknowledged that women have had equality for some time. Sure there are a few examples here and there but as an overall movement, I don’t get it.

    As far as the show is concerned, when Jodie said “I’m the Doctor “, I was like yes, yes you are.

    RorySmith @replies


    I made a mistake. I decided to watch this on BBC America at 8pm EST for the added content. That meant more commercials than show. Tell me again how TV commercials work in the UK?The worst part was how they very specifically pushed the female agenda. This is sad because it feels artificial and pushy. Most people I know have no ill respect for women doing anything. There are a tiny few but they are foolish anyway. I’m glad the show didn’t go deep on the subject and just let Jodie be the Doctor.

    The new Predator movie is coming out so this was a good warm up. Lol

    I loved the visuals and it had me checking out photos and maps of Peaks  park. I really loved the ominous background music and the theme made me very happy. This was a very good character introduction and I already feel for each one. If Chris keeps this quality up, it will be fantastic.

    The many references to previous Doctors was also a great treat. The crane scene was a  callback to the fourth’s demise. The many “sorrys” in reference to 10.

    RorySmith @replies

    Now I am restricting myself from spoilers this go around. I love the teaser and the lack of episode footage for a change. I want fresh eyes. My coworker that has yet to figure out who Missy is has inspired my need to not know anything. I also see some resemblance in the new screwdriver to a wasp’s body. Maybe another trip to that era? Hmmm

    RorySmith @replies

    A light to the whoniverse today.

    I realized a coworker had a Tardis plate frame on her car. I had no idea she was a fan. She is a unique young lady about 28 and petite with lots of ink and blue hair. She just recently had a baby and stopped watching the show at Deep Breath. I encouraged her to keep going without saying anything spoilery. She will see the previous master, the death of Clara, and the reveal of Jodie. I envy that.

    RorySmith @replies

    My opinion as a very snarky cynic; I loved it.

    I feel like they did us right and gave us a good view of the Doctor’s impact on the universe.

    I am eager to see Jodie take on this role because she seems so happy in this awesome imaginary world of impossibilities.

    RorySmith @replies

    I finally watched the Black Mirror episode with Jodie. I like her accent quite well. I did in Broadchurch but in this episode she is more natural. It’s hard to guage how she will pull off a Doctor but I feel better after seeing her in so many roles. Bring on Christmas!

    RorySmith @replies

    So after seeing the bad reviews of Valarian, I waited for the rental.

    This movie is pretty good.  It would isolate anyone not familiar with the complex genre that this is baded on. We whovians though would connect quickly.

    RorySmith @replies

    The first Doctor’s first reaction to meeting himself and it’s spoiled in a tweet.

    BBC might as well tweet the regeneration now.

    RorySmith @replies

    Coordinating with the Tardis is a smooth move. It looks so Jodie and so Who at the same time.

    RorySmith @replies

    After a rewatch of Broadchurch, I feel good.

    Im ready.

    RorySmith @replies

    We had facilities that catered to mental health but over the years they started to change to drug treatment because that is where the money was. My Daughter had problems and we had to fight to find help for her. They have shut down so many mental health facilities that it almost makes you wonder what the elite want control of.

    RorySmith @replies

    I decided to visit this forum and shake the dust off. I wanted to see how this site held up to various devices and the ultimate test, the oldest devices.

    I am currently typing on a Dell Inspiron 2650. It is almost 15 years old.

    I love that this forum is stripped down to the necessities so this isn’t unbearable.

    RorySmith @replies

    Dalek is a fantastic episode. The story arc is amazing when it’s revealed in series 3.

    RorySmith @replies

    @Thane 15 Very well stated. I agree with you and many years ago I would not have.  I still have some values that would be labeled conservative but as you said, lables are a problem. That is an understatement with politics and race topping that as a problem. We have been raised in a propaganda culture where pride in country is blind to the achievements of other nations and the mistakes of our own. I only woke to this revelation in the last few years. Now back to healthcare. Big pharm has a huge grip on our government. They donated $500 million to the DEA to combat canibis production. This has been proven fact. Police have recently gone crazy trying to find and prosecute anyone suspected of having it. Oh and our police, what you hear about that is true. They have always been this bad but the fact everyone has a camera in hand these days has made it more transparent.

    I don’t normally enjoy discussion of these topics but with you guys it is different. Thoughtful and intelligent conversation is rare these days.

    RorySmith @replies

    Lol autocorrect. Libertarian not librarian.

    I work for an automotive manufacturer. I also work in a shop selling auto parts.

    In the states, you can go to your physician and be sent to the nearest hospital for testing. You then get a bill from the physician, the hospital, the laboratory, the lab physician, the admiting physician and even a third party lab if it was sent for further exam. It’s a con job and it literally bankrupt me. We are searching for a full service doctor now to avoid this. Even though insurance pays or discounts these charges, you still end up with thousands in bills. A person without insurance is often charged much less. This negates the actual need for insurance at all but thanks to Obamacare you will be fined for it. This proves that large corporations run my country by enacting legislation that makes you pay them.

    I would rather be a UK citizen and bring my family back to our homeland but that’s not cheap. I have actually researched it and discovered that many Americans are doing this.

    RorySmith @replies

    Taxation without representation is still a problem in the US. We have taxes on everything and then there are fees/fines for everything else. Our tax money is rarely spent on what we are told it’s supposed to be for.  The waste is unbelievable. Then there is how tax is calculated. It is not a fair or flat tax.

    I pay little federal tax myself due to my income but where I live has a very high sales/duty tax and it tskes a toll on big purchases.

    Tax on automobiles is insane. You pay a sales tax each time it is sold so for a used car with several owners, the amount of tax can exceed its original value.

    Our newest debacle is healthcare. We pay insurance companies through taxes so they can sell insurance to high risk people. That is NOT healthcare. It only serves to make the insurance investors more wealthy. I say skip the insurance altogether and make medical care affordable and minor care free like the UK.



    RorySmith @replies

    Oh that tea. 😂

    It bothers me to no end how my ancestors threw such a fuss over tax and property that they decided to create a government that takes more tax and property.

    I am a Librarian. We believe in being kind.

    We are a minority.

    RorySmith @replies

    It’s days like this that I question my ancestors’ lack of independence in the home land. No, they had to get sucked into the new world scam and then figure out how become free of taxation. Still waiting on it. 🤑

    side question, what if Americans invaded parliament and overthrow them? Would it be considered liberation or revenge?


    RorySmith @replies

    I was so jealous of my Sister when she went a few years ago. My Mom really enjoyed it too which surprised me. I was going to link some photos from my brother in law but he deleted them. He stuck out like a lost yank too lol.  They really enjoyed Cardiff though and will likely return. Too bad the DWE is gone but the locals there told my family that they hated all the tourist junk as they called it. We get that here where I live in East Tennessee so I understand.

    RorySmith @replies

    Thete are fandoms and then there are Whovians. We created the fandom.


    RorySmith @replies


    You give hope to humanity. Thank you because all of your love, care, and sacrifice will not be overlooked. Congratulations.

    RorySmith @replies

    I have learned a trick as to how to avoid trolls that keep talking about this decision.

    Any time I see the three words “female Doctor Who” put in that order, I disregard the poster.

    She the Doctor not Doctor Who


    RorySmith @replies

    Possible John Barrowman return. I’ll keep digging. That would be hilarious and awesome.

    RorySmith @replies

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>@DrBen</p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I never knew the word anglophile until my cousin explained it to me. She is a University English professor. She said our family tends to gravitate to our English roots despite being here since the 1600s. I was surprised because my whole life revolved around British culture.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I need to call her and get her reaction on Jodie.</p>

    RorySmith @replies

    To be honest, I’m ready for the Master to be gone for a long time. I’ve said this repeatedly but I want to see new twists and villains or even old ones we have yet to entertain in the new series.

    RorySmith @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave Yes! My thoughts exactly.

    RorySmith @replies

    My prediction is that in 20 minutes into the first episode of season 11; we will be confident that Jodie is our Doctor without doubt.

    RorySmith @replies

    After more time to stew on this it seems the simple feeding of attention to the haters is viral and wrong. This is not feminism. It is not a political agenda. It is an expected adjustment in a fictional TV programe to a fictional character that has flat out said we should expect anything from the actor playing the main character. Why is there a controversy?

    Don’t feed it.

    RorySmith @replies

    Furthermore, I hope she keeps her natural hair colour so we can end the ginger gag for good.

    Maybe she will have a regret and colour it blonde in memory of Marilyn Monroe.


    RorySmith @replies

    I have quite an opinion on all of this and it’s very negative towards the media.

    I was driving around on holiday today when my sister asked me via text who Jodie was.

    I told her she was the mum on Broadchurch and then it hit me. Cool.

    Now I’m seeing how the media is handling this by saying over and over how divided this is making us Whovians. I think this is bollocks.

    Yes there has been some negative comments but these news, I mean disinformation &&@@!, are trying to provoke a gender conflict. Any true Whovian would be ready and eager for this. The crap Mirror, Sun and even Cnet are pushing the divide.

    I personaly loved her in Broadchurch and she will attract more fans because she’s easy on the eyes. Sorry, personal opinion but I think she is attractive and has a good persona that pulls you into her character.

    @craig we are getting those one-post haters again. Lol

    RorySmith @replies

    I was banking on the wrong BC actress. Jodie will probably surprise us.

    Im still seeing Tennant as the Master.

    RorySmith @replies

    Olivia Coleman=Doctor

    David Tennant =Master

    They solve a kid’s murder on Adipose 3

    RorySmith @replies

    I have returned to Netflix after so many people suggested the many original series it has.

    Stranger Things is the epitome of my generation. I love this show.

    RorySmith @replies

    After a rewatch; I almost died noticing Jon Simm applying eye liner. Why did I miss that?


    RorySmith @replies

    I would like to congratulate everyone on the bonkerizing that came into fact. Many theories here played out exactly as we wished and sometimes I think the writers actually draw inspiration from this forum. I really mean that.

    We got Bill and Heather, Missy’s double suicide, the first Doctor and Nardole being a leader of sorts. Lots of good stuff for us to digest and ponder on for a few months.




    RorySmith @replies

    After a rewatch I had to laugh at the similarities between the ship and Spaceball One in the opening credits.


    RorySmith @replies

    I’d go for that.

    RorySmith @replies

    @lisa Read the comments. I’m Curt Smith.

    He gets sidetracked sometimes but he digs pretty deep.

    RorySmith @replies

    Considering that Bill was the Master’s companion longer than the Doctor’s; I think Missy will have been influenced by her and remember her. Remembering for a long time has been Moffat’s running arc. I now think we will see Clara and Danny’s story play out as well as Bill and Heather’s in the Christmas episode. I also think this may end the Master forever. I’m ok with that.

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