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    Hudsey @replies

    Hello @craig and all

    its been too long – really glad we have the Doctor back, and also that I can read all of your speculations on this forum again..

    I think for an opener it was great – the main plot was a bit too familiar but let’s face it, this was all about setting up the characters. Jodie W seems to have slotted in remarkably quick, it was the companions I was struggling with a bit. But, it is early days.

    The theme music and feel of the visuals at the end seems very much like old Who – I cant wait to see the new start sequence next week. I also hope they reduce the new Tardis interior in size to be a bit like the small and minimalist view that many of the old Who doctors had. The most recent Tardis control room seemed  too big to me – there are lots of other rooms for books and chalkboards! The control room just needs the controls in my view…

    The ensemble cast preview looked wide and impressive, i wonder if we will get any old faces at all?

    Best wishes to you all – thanks Craig for all your efforts to maintain the forum


    Hudsey @replies

    Happy as Larry. My only regret is that I found out by other media based means before seeing the BBC official reveal. After all the gender swapping timelord references over the last couple of series it would have been wrong to NOT have the Doctor regenerate into a woman at this point. I’m sure she will be interesting to watch, she is a great actress. But who is the companion to be? I wonder if Kris Marshall will be involved after all? I can see him playing a confused and funny ‘everyman’ character, asking all the questions the audience want to hear, and no doubt being at the receiving end of the Doctor’s responses.

    Oh, also can’t wait for the regeneration scene!


    Hudsey @replies

    Thanks for all the theories Puro, I hope you feel able to come back and share many more with us soon. All the best.

    Hudsey @replies

    @geronimo please stick around, that was a very unusual and isolated incident I feel, and @purofilion has apologised (and seemingly been banned)

    hope to see you both back on here again soon!

    Hudsey @replies

    Great shout out to you at the other place @phaseshift ! Well deserved for a brilliant bonkers theory!

    Hudsey @replies


    inverse Donna? That would fit the fact that the Doctor didn’t really remember the earlier Claricles either, maybe he realises he soon won’t remember the later ones either – as further time passes in his own timeline from the trensalore incident?

    Hudsey @replies


    spot on about mercy and forgiveness methinks, after all – the Doctor did also leave a confession dial when he thought It was his last day. Isn’t confession about being forgiven in return too? Allowing Missy to forgive him after he has gone, allowing her to move on perhaps? Seems forgiveness could be on his mind..

    Just on the Claradox. It occurred to me that entering the Doctor’s time stream allowed Claricles to spread throughout his timeline – his ‘natural’ timeline of his first set of regenerations. But I think a reason why The Doctor is growing sadder around Clara is because he has realised there can’t be any more Claricles the next time she dies. He is in a new cycle of regenerations, which she didn’t enter. He hates goodbyes.  This time when she dies it will be for the last time. In the other Claricles when they died, she seemed to gain her memories of her other selves just for a moment (‘run you clever boy, and remember’). I think she may have one heck of a collective memory at her final death, which will be difficult for both of them to go through – and the Doctor will be left alone again.. 🙁

    Hudsey @replies

    While for a younger audience this perhaps wasn’t the greatest episode, for those of us old enough to remember the doctor’s monologues of old – this was one of the best in my opinion. .. I salute you Mr M. but to theories.. Apologies in advance. I may not quote properly ( a tad tipsy)..

    ‘Clara gets in your head’… Along with those funny looks she has been getting all series.. And also the heavy reference to the ‘bootstrap loop’..

    I think we have been thinking about Claricles and a Clara prime – but they are not not timey wimey enough. There is no Clara prime, she is a bootstrap (is that the right term?) loop. The doctor knows this, he’s realised that Clara appears in his timeline as a paradox, perhaps he feels he has to stop her reappearing in his timeline? Perhaps each time she dies, she then comes back? It’s like limbo.. I think he may want to free her from this.. As Sting would say.. ‘You love someone, set them free?!’ – cheesy reference, sorry. Also, she is changing – becoming more like him.  What happens when the bootstrap paradox coils around you -like a never ending serpent? You get strangled? You cause a bootstrap paradox collision?

    How could he stop this? who would help her if he did? Perhaps the immortal lady who is looking out for the other companions? The knightmare? I know she used the spare immortality chip on the other chap…but… I think I saw in the black archive this week a Mya helmet? It was right behind Kate,in the same place where Clara stole the vortex manipulator. I think three Mya’s had their helmets sipped off in the Viking episode? I’m sure I saw the same helmet shape in the archive. If that had a chip- perhaps the doctor would stop Clara dying – to stop her appearing in his timeline as she would no longer die? He has to give her immortality and then banish her from his timeline to remove the bootstrap loop. It’s worse than her dying (a la Adric) it’s the worst fate ever for a companion. Eternally never travelling with the doctor.. But always alive.  Sorry it’s a dark theory..!

    by the way, I read this site way too much. Thanks for the great theories!

    Hudsey @replies

    I think the Doctor is dead, albeit an induced death to  allow him to enter the ghost state. His body will be in the suspended animation chamber, for Clara to open and save him. Guess that will make him an extra few centuries old?

    Hudsey @replies

    Really liked the doctor and Davros interactions… thought it was the end and redemption of Davros! But the doctor giving up regeneration energy to allow the dead liquidised Daleks to rise up and turn on the younger daleks???!! Er… What? Why would they do that? And how exactly are bits of slime supposed to destroy all the daleks when they can fly?? Why didn’t it all just turn into a huge firefight with all the daleks freaking out and exterminating everything?

    This could have been one of the greatest ever episodes but instead they played it too safe in my opinion and as a result nothing has really changed. Davros is still kicking about, he is still evil and will no doubt get away again.. The same with Missy –  and the doctor and Clara just go on as always as if nothing has happened.. Doesn’t feel like anyone’s character really developed as a result. And the confession dial is seemingly not important, albeit a link to a secret and a seed for a future story. Felt like they just put it in at the end. Just to keep us guessing probably.. It was a good episode, but felt sugary enough to be a xmas special and it didn’t live up to be anywhere near as good as some of the theories.. Bit of a shame really…

    Would have much preferred it if at least the regeneration energy had turned Davros into a young man, a revitalised Davros would have been at least a consolation and could have given his character somewhere to go?



    Hudsey @replies

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello All</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>It’s been quite a while since I posted but I’ve enjoyed your bonkers theories so much I had to post my own thoughts on what’s happening…</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Davros is the apprentice as noted in the title. The Doctor realises after meeting him as a child that he can’t kill him and cause such a huge paradox, and he knows rescuing him will likely result in him becoming the most evil dictator in the universe. Rock and a hard place, right? Also, the kids going to end up injured with a third eye etc. The doctor writing his confession dial is his way of attracting Missy (but not Clara – Missy has brought her along as insurance) but specifically Missy from the correct point in his time stream. I think he needs Missy to do what he can’t bring himself to do – ensure Davros ends up how he is and protecting the time stream. When she brings Clara that’s when he realises she is in the greatest danger ever, hence the hug. The doctor said he was ‘prepared’ – that means a fake tardis for the daleks  to destroy. But he will finish his chat to Davros and nip back to Skaro, determined to save Clara. He is emotionally distraught and is prepared to kill Davros and cause a huge paradox in order to save Clara.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Clara and Missy dead? No chance. Missy (and the slaved Clara) are moved in time by their vortex manipulators as they are shot. It’s another Missy insurance policy. However whatever protective technology designed to stop them being killed doesn’t fully work with a human. Missy needs to use some regeneration energy to heal herself but not fully regenerate. By being linked with the manipulators Clara is also regenerated, but she becomes ‘the witches familiar’ linked mentally and physically to Missy. They agree that Davros must end up as the Davros as we know him. Clara is now a bit ‘Mastery’. They use the manipulators to travel back to the meeting between the doctor and the child and they will step in to ensure the timeline is secured. They stop the Doctor killing him, little Davros gets injured in the process. They all leave. The doctor is never the same again as he has now become the person who was prepared to kill a child. Missy is Back to her old old self as she is jealous of Clara’s importance to the doctor. Clara is now a bit evil, and will have a telepathic link to missy for a future storyline.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>By the end of this series Clara will betray the doctor. She will become more ‘Mastery’ and in the end she will die somehow alongside Missy, they will both regenerate together locked in combat. Producing one consolidated new master. This bonkersness will in turn push the Doctor to seek out River Song as a shoulder to cry on for xmas :-)</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hudsey</p>

    Hudsey @replies

    So if Danny was able to come back from the afterlife to save the Afghan child, surely the matrix data slice was still working? If so, isn’t his consciousness still there, along with everyone else including Missy and Osgood? Also, wasn’t it mentioned in the 50th Osgood had a sister too? I can still see Osgood popping up somewhere, and Danny too – in order to give Clara her happy Xmas send off (and to go onto create Orson Pink!).. I think we won’t see Missy for some time though – but that it will be on Gallifrey!

    Hudsey @replies

    @phaseshift OMG your Floyd post is so dead on, can anyone get hold of Matt Smith to verify?!

    Hudsey @replies

    That was the best Christmas episode yet, I think. Tied up the loose ends nicely and also gave us a memory loss issue to think about for the future Doc. And what happened to the crack? Did it close? I wasn’t overly impressed with CapDoc’s first words or indeed his quick regeneration though. I was hoping for more of CapDoc for us to warm to seeing as we have such a long wait.. But I really liked SmithDoc’s closing speech. I do think though that it is a clean slate from now on, no more elements of this period of the show to continue such as River or the silence. With the exception of the search for gallifrey and Clara as a companion, I think we will see a completely new set of characters and stories from now on. I could even see Moffat moving on now. Perhaps a cameo from the paternoster gang to start a new cbbc show but, I think we are in for a completely new approach in 2014… I can’t wait!

    Hudsey @replies

    @chickenelly did the QE1 letter say that the queen was making the doctor her curator? Wow how did I miss that?

    Hudsey @replies

    Just realised that if/when gallifrey is found that the Master will be there won’t he? Just sayin’

    Hudsey @replies

    @tennantmarsters2013 blimey that’s an inspired theory, well done your bro – I wonder if the whole gallery is in fact the tardis and not just the under gallery? Certainly makes a better monument than the one on trenzalore!

    Hudsey @replies

    @timeloop, should also have said in my post that Matt Smith said that he liked being the 11th Doctor, because he ‘liked the number 11’. But the Moffat was insistent that the Doctor should never have a number. Clearly this makes things confusing as a reference point for the rest of us.. (How do you refer to a particular Doctor quickly if you can’t use a number?). But it certainly says to me that this is SM’s way of avoiding discussing the fact that he had to invent a new doctor in place of ecclestone to play the part. Once the story had been devised and refused by CE, he either had to go back to the drawing board or ‘cheat’ a bit. Renumbering the AG Doctors is the compromise he had to make for keeping the story he had in mind, and I guess he can’t come out and openly say the war doctor was created just because CE turned the role down. He also doesn’t want to invite criticism for confusing the numbering. I for one think we should all formally address them by the new numbers from now on… Hurt = 9, Ecclestone = 10, Tennant = 11, Smith = 12 and the wild eyed Capaldi = 13 (as he himself said in the film)… Means changing a lot of merchandise though, right? 🙂

    Hudsey @replies

    Hello all, what a weekend.. Just got back from the celebration at the excel. Just wanted to share that Moffat was asked explicitly about the ‘numbering’ of the doctors and he was adamant that Capaldi was the 13th incarnation. He also said that the Doctor never gives himself a number and that neither should we. In other words, the regeneration limit issue has to be resolved and it doesn’t matter at all whether John Hurt’s character calls himself the doctor or not in terms of how many regenerations are left. (Although Hurt did call himself the Doctot anyway, and the new profile pic officially puts him in the line up). I’m happy as Larry that ecclestone didn’t want to be involved.. We got john hurt instead 🙂 and a whole better story arc… By the way, Moffat also said that the Christmas special not only features Matt Smith’s best acting performance as the doctor – but perhaps the best EVER of any doctor performance! Praise indeed and setting the bar as high as it can go! Bring on the festive season!

    Hudsey @replies

    “No sir! All THIRTEEN!” I actually yelped at that point… and Tom Baker’s ‘future doctor’ scene at the end… Many more bonkers theories to be had methinks!

    Hudsey @replies
    Hudsey @replies

    @bluesquekpip I just ordered and confirmed my cinema tickets via the cineworld website (showing at Crawley) so book away people before the rush!

    Hudsey @replies

    The doctor talks about 900 years being his age. I thought in a Matt smith episode he had aged to older than that? Wasn’t that mentioned?

    Hudsey @replies

    @wolfweed all I can say is ‘where the hell you get these?’! Oh and thanks

    Hudsey @replies

    And what a mini trailer it is… No wonder it’s late, the attention to detail is extraordinary, even in HD! But I have to agree with #blenkinsopthebrave the wording appears to be of absolute importance! ‘lives’ in the plural seems a contradiction to usual reflections on the past as a singular voice ( perhaps a pre doctor life and a separate doctor life are the plurals he means?)’now the time has come to face all the choices I have made as the doctor’ feels like a true anthology kind of view and not just AG or new Who, but for me the killer is ‘the day I’ve been running from for all my life’ – as if he knew it was coming, as though he remembered it, but was hoping to avoid? – he remembers the encounter with an earlier version of himself(ves) Perhaps his whole life as the doctor is a paradox, an ‘impossible day’, perhaps running into impossible danger is a way of trying to avoid the destiny he has already seen.. I hate to say it, but it feels almost like a ‘restart’ of his entire timeline is now being hinted at to me.. But, the way this trailer looks and feels, I can’t wait, well done Moff!

    Hudsey @replies

    Loving your work @craig thanks!

    Hudsey @replies

    I’ve long thought the troughton doc transformation to pertwee doc wasn’t an actual regeneration, and that we actually had a ‘spare’ one. But then however the tennant doc regeneration I thought actually allowed us to catch up – it was just that he chose to dump the remaining energy into the amputated hand (which went onto become the meta-crisis doc). Surely if it went into grow into a whole other tennant it was enough regeneration energy and should count as a ‘proper’one? I think this is what Moffat was on about in the @shazzbot post. However I also think this is his way of making us look in another direction.

    My theory of john hurt being the original and true self of the doctor before his first regeneration into Hartnell doc still seems right to me, and I think the tennant doc in the anniversary episode is actually the meta-crisis doc. This is why smith doc cannot remember the experiences of the tennant doc in the anniversary episode, as those characters arg separate and distinct characters in parallel time streams. Smith doc (and all the regenerations from Hartnell onwards) simply cannot remember life as the john hurt character as the doctor has permanently buried the memories even to himself. Hence the references to this in the recent cyberman episode nightmare in silver.

    So what could john hurts character do that is so bad? Why would the doctor steal a tardis and run from his own people? Why is he seemingly the only time lord with a ‘granddaughter’ or living relative? Perhaps the doctor origin story will be bigger than we realise, perhaps explain if all galifreyans are time lords or whether only an elite few are bestowed such powers? Maybe there is a selection process that the doctor cheated at?

    Perhaps they do not actually have parents as such, but perhaps the doctor chose to ‘naturally’ reproduce and give birth to offspring that lead to Susan? Or maybe the opposite? Perhaps he initiated artificial creation of galifreyans to become time lords and he somehow stopped the natural birth cycles of time lords to stop them becoming too many – “for peace, for sanity” ?

    Hudsey @replies

    Hello folks

    My first ever post this, but before I give you my crazy theory on the 50th special I want to say thanks to you for such an entertaining forum. I’ve spent many an evening reading through stuff on here, keep up the good work.

    So my theory may be quickly dismissed by most as I think MS’s speech in the last episode gives a pretty good explanation that the John Hurt doctor ‘broke the promise’ of the nature of the doctor. That makes it sound as though the promise was made and then the JH doc broke it. But I think we have been deliberately misled on this point.. I think the JH doc is the first and original incarnation of the doctor, but he is the person that existed with his original name before he renamed himself as the doctor. In short, JH did something so bad that his conscience made him recreate himself, his whole personality again and to spend the rest of his days atoning for his sins. Becoming a doctor and fighting to help the innocent is his way of getting over whatever he did. Some time lords actually have a name and not a title, so choosing a title may be a way to reinvent oneself to the time lord community to be accepted again, like a purging of all the characteristics of the previous person.

    Some things that make me think I’m right…. Firstly, we have already done the time war. Rassilon almost restoring Galifrey next to Earth and failing kind of closes that whole thread in my eyes. Also, the time war was created by RTD and not Moffat. I think Moffat wants to take us somewhere completely new, and the start of the whole doctor who story must surely be the place to go for a 50th anniversary. Another big thing for me is how much classic who could get into the show if it is all time war and onwards… It needs to go further back to be a proper birthday for the character.

    If JH is the original identity of the doctor this could also mean something pretty amazing.. We could see the FIRST regeneration. IE John hurt into William Hartnell… Or at least that guy who is playing him in the upcoming doctor who drama. That much lauded programme would be a great cover story for getting a WH and Susan in a studio without rousing suspicion and to prevent a leak…. It would also mean we see the day he becomes the doctor.. Thus explaining the name of the episode!

    Well that’s my 2p worth. Sorry if someone has already suggested this, or indeed if something else in the doc’s history makes this impossible.

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